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'01 Chevy CavalierJohn NanceDetails
'ArrietaGreg Reynolds 
'Snow WonderGlen Morningstar 
'Tis the Last Dance Details
#11Mike RichardsonDetails
#17Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#18Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#20Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#21Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#22Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#24Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#25Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#26Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#27Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#28Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#28Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#29Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#3Erik HoffmanDetails
#3.2Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#3.3Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#3.4Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#3.5Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#5Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
#9Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
1 is 1 and all aloneFried de Metz HermanDetails
1 of 2John NanceDetails
10 for the 10 CommandmentsFried de Metz HermanDetails
10 O'Clock MixerAl BrozekDetails
10:45 to BungendorePeter FosterDetails
100Philippe CallensDetails
100th English Weekend, TheThomas GroßDetails
10th of January, The Details
11 for the 11 who went to HeavenFried de Metz HermanDetails
111Chris PageDetails
119Rob SibthorpeDetails
12 Bar Folk Dance BluesNeil StuartDetails
12 for the 12 ApostlesFried de Metz HermanDetails
13th of October, The Details
14th of October, TheCharles Cyril Hendrickson 
15 Minute IntermissionBrian DeMarcus 
15th of February, The Details
18 BeptemberToos Heesakkers 
18th of JanuaryRoger WhynotDetails
19 GlenaulinDeborah HylandDetails
19 Gone Away, Time to HayNicholas RockstrohDetails
1988Frieda Gratzon 
19th of January, The Details
1ABrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
2 for the Lilywhite BoysFried de Metz HermanDetails
2 Many LiesMichael BarracloughDetails
2 of 2John NanceDetails
2.22 or 22/2Trevor MonsonDetails
24 CaratHilary Herbert 
24/7Chris PageDetails
24th of AugustTom LehmannDetails
24th of OctoberDon LennartsonDetails
24th, Once More, TheTom LehmannDetails
25th of JanuaryTerry Elvins 
270 ReelBrian DeMarcus 
285-4673Mike Richardson 
28th of June, The Details
292-0489Gene Hubert 
29th FebruaryRoger Gifford 
2nd Hannover TripletHeiner FischleDetails
3 for LeatherVictoria YeomansDetails
3 for the RivalsFried de Metz HermanDetails
3 O'clock in the MorningGeof OwenDetails
3 of 2John NanceDetails
3-2-1 DanceDevin NordbergDetails
3-33Jo MortlandDetails
3-34Jo MortlandDetails
3:00 A.M. SaunterGeorge and Onie Senyk 
30 LivesRon T BlechnerDetails
31st of April, TheFried de Metz Herman 
32 SecondsTom CalwellDetails
34th of October, TheBob ArcherDetails
35 4 The RosensMichael BarracloughDetails
365 Kisses O'MoreDonna HuntDetails
39 and HoldingMarcie Van CleaveDetails
3D WaltzFried de Metz Herman 
3H HornpipeHilary Herbert 
3rd Hannover TripletHeiner FischleDetails
4 B ContraHeiner FischleDetails
4 for the Gospel MakersFried de Metz HermanDetails
4 into 3 will goAl GreenDetails
4 More YearsMichael BarracloughDetails
4 Star ContraDevin Nordberg 
4/4 TimePeter Stix 
42David WilkinsDetails
4X4X2Devin Nordberg 
5 for the Symbols at Your DoorFried de Metz HermanDetails
5 Leaf CloverMichael BarracloughDetails
5/4BW/UJim Sax 
50 Grades of HeyPeter FosterDetails
50 Not OutNeil StuartDetails
50 Years a ValentineMark Elvins 
55 in 99Erik Hoffman 
59 and CountingGeof OwenDetails
6 for the Six Proud WalkersFried de Metz HermanDetails
60th Birthday Dance, ADonna HuntDetails
66,6Taco Sikkema 
68 & 34Dudley Laufman 
7 for the Seven Stars in the SkyFried de Metz HermanDetails
7/24Chris PageDetails
75% Solution, ThePeter FosterDetails
8 for the Music MakersFried de Metz HermanDetails
80 Not OutPeggy Samuel 
8s & 7s & 3sRob SibthorpeDetails
8th of August Details
9 for the 9 Bright ShinersFried de Metz HermanDetails
9 Pin Details
99th FoolTed CraneDetails
A & A Polka, TheNicolas BroadbridgeDetails
A & E ContraHerbie GaudreauDetails
A and E Contradance, TheJeffrey SperoDetails
A and J's ReelKen Johnson 
A Huì HouSarah KaiserDetails
A La Mode de France Details
A Nutting We Will GoJack PutterillDetails
A to B via ZKeith WrightDetails
A-(S)hunting we will goKeith WrightDetails
A-1 ReelChris WeilerDetails
A-Hunting we will go  
A-Mewsing we will go  
A-Roundabout TenMark ElvinsDetails
A.G.M., TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
A.H.B.Terry ReevesDetails
A.O.'s No-NoMichael FuerstDetails
A1Rick MohrDetails
A2 CornersJoseph Pimentel 
AAA BreakdownFrieda Gratzon 
AADS ReelPhilippe CallensDetails
Aaron's ReelLeif HetlandDetails
Aase Narie's FavoriteSeth Tepfer 
AbackJohn CoffmanDetails
AbbessesAlan WinstonDetails
Abbey at EightyMark Elvins 
Abbey ReflectionTrevor MonsonDetails
Abbey, TheMichael BarracloughDetails
AbbeygateRon Coxall 
Abbot'sCam(m)y KaynorDetails
Abbots BromelyFrederick ParkDetails
ABCErik Hoffman 
ABC-threeErik Hoffman 
ABC-twoErik Hoffman 
Abcd No. 1 & No. 2Frieda Gratzon 
Abe's Skirt SwisherAbe KanegsonDetails
Aberdeen Details
Aberdeen AngusJohn CoffmanDetails
Aberdeen DaysAl Olson 
Aberdeen HazeAl OlsonDetails
Abergenny Details
Abergenny 2 Details
Abernethy HouseFried de Metz HermanDetails
AbnormalityDanika and Emma MurrayDetails
About She Goes Details
About the GardenKeith WoodDetails
Above and BelowGeof OwenDetails
Above DiamondsHilary Herbert 
AbracadabraJohn CoffmanDetails
Abraham Newland Details
Abram Circle Dance, The Details
Absent FriendJohn Wood (UK) 
Absolute Bacchanalia of Contra DancingFrieda Gratzon 
Absolute SwedishKeith WoodDetails
Absolute ZeroGeoff CubittDetails
AbsolutelyPam EidsonDetails
Absolutely Pulverized Nellie GrayMargot Gunzenhauser 
Academy Cotillion, The  
Academy DanceInga Morton 
AccelerationDon Flaherty 
AccelerationHeiner FischleDetails
Accept No SubstitutesBrian DeMarcus 
Accession, The Details
Accomplished Maid, The Details
Accord for PinewoodsGary RoodmanDetails
Accretion ReelChris PageDetails
Accumulator, The  
AceTom Hinds 
Ace of DiamondsDudley Laufman 
Across and AlongHans KrackauDetails
Across NottinghamCary RavitzDetails
Across Nottingham A & BCary RavitzDetails
Across the OceanJack BrownDetails
Across the OhioCary RavitzDetails
Across the Sea to IrelandKeith WoodDetails
Across the Stars I'll Find youColin Wallace 
Across the WaveCary RavitzDetails
Across the WayChris PageDetails
Act with AgilityBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Active Left. TheMyrtle Wilhite 
Active PassRosemary Lach 
Active-Eight OWendy Crouch 
ActivityInga Morton 
Ad AbsurdamJohn Garden 
Ad Vielle (Oddville)Erik WebergDetails
AdaPeggy Samuel 
Adam's AmbleLinda LeslieDetails
Adam's AppleJohn CoffmanDetails
Adam's BeginningErik Hoffman 
Adam's DanceJohn CoffmanDetails
Adam's Grandmother Details
Adaption ReelMogens Hansen 
AddictionDon Flaherty 
Addington Tunnel DanceMichael Barraclough 
Address, The  
Adèle's DelightAnn HigleyDetails
Adieu Mon Amis Details
Adieu, The Details
AdiosTom Hinds 
Adlington Ladies, TheTerry FarrellDetails
Admirable ButterflyMartha WildDetails
Admirable NelsonGeof OwenDetails
Admiral Mitchell's Waltz Details
Admiral Rodney's Delight  
Admiral Warren's Waltz Details
Admiralty all Alive Details
Admired Beauty, The Details
AdriftCary RavitzDetails
Adson's Saraband Details
Advancing Backwards, RapidlyColin Wallace 
AdventureHeiner FischleDetails
Adventure at Margate, An Details
Aegir AssemblyElsie Watson 
Afkes TientalCor HogendijkDetails
AfloatCary RavitzDetails
Africans, The Details
After 25 YearsElizabeth Goossen 
After Dinner MaggotGary RoodmanDetails
After SandyMelanie Axel-Lute 
After the SolsticeLisa GreenleafDetails
After the StormDavid SmuklerDetails
After You, SirHugh Rippon 
Afternoon in ParisRob SibthorpeDetails
Afton HeyPeter Stix 
Again Sweet RichardCharles BoltonDetails
AgateRosemary HuntDetails
Age of Asparagus, ThePeter Stix 
Aggie Weston's Jig  
Agreable Surprize, The Details
Ah ça ira Details
Ah! BelindaPat ShawDetails
Ah! Caira / Ah Ca Ira Details
Aimee's WishRobert Moir 
Ain't Dancing Grand?John CoffmanDetails
Ain't She Sweet  
Aintree CanterEthyl AndersonDetails
Aird of Coigach, The Details
AirdanceJohn MeechanDetails
AirpantsLisa GreenleafDetails
Airplane Mixer/DanceJonathan SouthardDetails
AJ ReelTed Hodapp 
Aka the TotterColin AndrewsDetails
Akeroyd(e)'s Padd Details
Al & Mark's QuadrupletAl Olson and Mark WidmerDetails
Al's AdvicePaul TylerDetails
Al's Bent HeydayAl Olson 
Al's Berlin Trip(let)Al GreenDetails
Al's CommissionAl OlsonDetails
Al's DayheyAl OlsonDetails
Al's Heyday No. 1Al OlsonDetails
Al's Heyday No. 2Al OlsonDetails
Al's Heyday No. 3Al OlsonDetails
Al's JubileeAl OlsonDetails
Al's Quadruplet # 1Al OlsonDetails
Al's Quadruplet # 2Al OlsonDetails
Al's Safeway ProduceRobert CromartieDetails
Al's WeathervaneAl Olson 
Alabama CharlieDon Flaherty 
Alabama Daisy ChainKen Alexander 
Alabama JubileeJoe LewisDetails
Alabama Jubilee SquareColin HumeDetails
Alabama Jubilee, RevisitedFrieda Gratzon 
Alabama ReelDon Flaherty 
Alamance ExpressGene HubertDetails
Alamo CircleTony SaletanDetails
Alamo IntroAl GreenDetails
Alamo SquareTom HindsDetails
Alamo SquareTed SannellaDetails
Alamo StyleHerbie Gaudreau 
Alamo TriadBob Marr 
Alan's ChoiceAlan WilsonDetails
Alan's TurnaboutDavid BrightDetails
Aland Island ContraDon ArmstrongDetails
Alarm, The Details
Alaskan HornpipeEd ButenhofDetails
Albany AssemblyVictor SkowronskiDetails
Albany ReelAl OlsonDetails
Albermarls March Details
Albert Farmer's Bonfire  
Albert Hall Pavan, TheJohn GardenDetails
Albert Memorial Square, ThePat ShawDetails
Albert Quadrille Details
Alberta Street ContraRich GossDetails
Albion Assembly, The Details
Albion JigRob SibthorpeDetails
Albion Queen Details
Alcuin's ContraJohn Garden 
Alden Biezen QuadrillePhilippe CallensDetails
Alder CoveBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Alderholt MillRosemary Hunt 
Alderman Wood Details
Alderman's Hat, The Details
AldfaerserfCor Hogendijk 
Aldridge's Hornpipe  
Alessandrian SchottischeRob SibthorpeDetails
Alex and CharlesVictor SkowronskiDetails
Alex is Where?Michael FuerstDetails
Alexander, The Details
Alexander, The Details
Alexander's Birth DayGary RoodmanDetails
Alexander's BirthdayGary RoodmanDetails
Alexander's Ragtime Hey Details
Alexander's Square  
Alexander's Swing TimeChris PageDetails
Alexandrina WaltzJohn Garden 
Alez Man de Suisse  
Algemeine Francaise, DieDon Armstrong 
AlgorhythmsOrly KrasnerDetails
Ali Grogan  
Ali's AllemandCharles BoltonDetails
AlicePhilippe CallensDetails
Alice in WonderlandDick ForscherDetails
Alice Marley Details
Alice Springs Long Eight Details
Alice's RestTom Hinds 
Alison's AttainmentKeith WoodDetails
Alison's ReelHenry Garfath 
All A-FlutterColin HumeDetails
All Aboard the LuggerClaire Kaley 
All Alive Details
All Alive Details
All Along the WatchtowerMogens Hansen 
All Around the PondChris Turner 
All Around the TownKeith WoodDetails
All at Home Details
All at SeaAudrey Laver 
All ChainPeter FosterDetails
All Down Piccadilly  
All Flowers of the Broom  
All Hail Virginia  
All in a Garden Green Details
All in Good CompanyJohn Garden 
All in Good TimeDiane Silver 
All Men are EqualColin Wallace 
All of a FlutterIan R. WhiteheadDetails
All of a SuddenInga Morton 
All of MeGene Macemon 
All of One MindValerie Webster 
All Right on the NightGeof OwenDetails
All Round the CircusBarry Grant 
All Saints' (Day)David AshworthDetails
All Seasons RoundRon Coxall 
All SeparateMogens Hansen 
All SquareInga Morton 
All Squared UpIan R. WhiteheadDetails
All Star CastGeof OwenDetails
All SummerKeith WoodDetails
All That JazzDon Flaherty 
All the EightsMichael BarracloughDetails
All the King's MenJohn CoffmanDetails
All the Nice Girls Love a SailorKen Alexander 
All the ThreesJohn MeechanDetails
All the Way HomeStew Shacklette 
All the Way to BeckenhamColin HumeDetails
All the Way to GalwayRich(k) CastnerDetails
All the Way to LouisvilleStew Shacklette 
All the Young FolkPat ShawDetails
All Things are Quite SilentVictor SkowronskiDetails
All Things Black and LurkingRosemary Hunt 
All Together, One After Another Details
All Who WanderBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
All WrightRob SibthorpeDetails
All You Can EatTed CraneDetails
Allan and TedLarry Jennings 
Allan WaterGeof Owen 
Allegra Non TroppoMike RichardsonDetails
AllegrettoRob SibthorpeDetails
Allemand Swiss Details
Allemande Cotillion, L' Details
Allemande MixerEd Potter 
Allemande XAl Olson 
Allemande XV  
Allen OrtepMichael FuerstDetails
Allen Ortep's BrotherMichael FuerstDetails
Allen Ortep's First ContraMichael FuerstDetails
Allen Ortep's SisterMichael FuerstDetails
Allenheads Details
Alley Croaker Details
AllfoursJohn Meechan 
Allgemeine Francaise, Die  
Allies, The Details
Alligator ReelLeda ShapiroDetails
Alligator Reel modHans KrackauDetails
Allison WonderlandBob GreenDetails
Allison's Dance and a HalfDonna HowellDetails
Allister Details
Allons Danser ToujoursBrian DeMarcus 
Allons-ySarah KaiserDetails
Alls Well that Ends Well Details
Allynn's Mountain ReelAllyn RiggsDetails
Almond JoyJim HemphillDetails
Almost All's Well Details
Almost Back Home AgainPhilippe CallensDetails
Almost Dancing SailorsAl Olson 
Almost EvilTed CraneDetails
Almost Heaven Waltz QuadrilleTom Hinds 
Almost Never Too LateTom Hinds 
Almost PerfectMichael FuerstDetails
Almost Sackett's HarborAl Olson 
Almost the SameStew Shacklette 
Almost ThereTom LehmannDetails
Alnwick FairRoland HigsonDetails
Alone at the EndAl OlsonDetails
Alone with YouGentry HarbisonDetails
Along Comes ChristmasIan Whitehead 
Alpha and Omega StarJohn MeechanDetails
Alpine ContraHenry Garfath 
Already TakenGary ShapiroDetails
Alsager ValentineGeoff ToddDetails
AlstroemeriaJan Dale 
Alterations Details
Alterations SwingColin HumeDetails
Alternate MistwoldGraham FosterDetails
Alternate TriosKen KernenDetails
Alternating CornersJim KitchDetails
Alternating CurrentJohn CoffmanDetails
Alternating CurrentsColin HumeDetails
Alternative Line-up, AnPhilippe CallensDetails
Althea Details
Alton AssemblyFiona Birchall 
Altrincham Bathing Machine Details
Alvestedetocht, DeCor HogendijkDetails
Always Drunk and Never Sober Details
Always on SundayGlen Morningstar 
Always PossibleDavid SmuklerDetails
Always TogetherPeter StevensDetails
Always TouchingMariah FabryDetails
AmadeusAntony HeywoodDetails
Amager SquareInge Aakilde 
AmalgamationJohn Wood (UK)Details
Amarillis Details
Amateurs and ActorsMichael BarracloughDetails
Amateurs and Actors Details
Amayesing WaysAlan DaviesDetails
Amazed Geneticist, ThePat ShawDetails
Amazing GraceBecky HillDetails
Amazing Return, TheKen Bonner 
Amazing Sarah WilcoxTom HindsDetails
Amazon, TheRon CoxallDetails
Amazonian Archers Details
AmbidexterityBryan SuchenskiDetails
AmbidexterityDavid SmuklerDetails
Amelia Details
America Details
America the Beautiful  
America with the Minuet  
American Airlines Flight 3672John NanceDetails
American BeautyRob SibthorpeDetails
American Eagle, The  
American GothicNathaniel JackDetails
American Hole, TheCor HogendijkDetails
American Hornpipe  
American Husband, ThePat ShawDetails
American Ladies Country Dance  
American SpringGlen Nickerson 
American Summer, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
American Threesome Details
Americans Cotillion, The  
Americans, The Details
Ames AmbleGeorge Lowrey 
Amesbury Details
Amethyst BrookBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Amethyst GirlVictoria YeomansDetails
Amethyst Pear, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Amethyst TripletFrieda Gratzon 
Amherst and WoosterChris WeilerDetails
Amhurst Assembly, TheColin HumeDetails
Amhurst Cocktail, AnFried de Metz Herman 
AmiabilityFried de Metz HermanDetails
Amicable SettlementTony SaletanDetails
Amorous Goddess, TheTom Cook 
Ampersand, TheDave Turner 
Amstrad ContraDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Amtrack SquareColin Hume 
AmyColin HumeDetails
Amy AbscondsTed HodappDetails
Amy Asked for a GypsyCharley HarveyDetails
Amy J, My LovePeter Stix 
Amy's FarewellDick ForscherDetails
Amy's HarmoniumCary RavitzDetails
An Other, WhirledChris PageDetails
An(ne)t(te')s in her PantsColin WallaceDetails
An(other) Improper NotionBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Anchor Man, TheDon and Madeline AllenDetails
Anchor Town FlingBrian DeMarcus 
Anchors AweighJean ButlerDetails
Ancient TreadsRay GoodswenDetails
And AlligatorsCary RavitzDetails
And Another ThingChris PageDetails
And Away We GoJim HemphillDetails
And Back in Time for TeaJohn Meechan 
And Good Day to You Too!Robert MoirDetails
And Now the FourcastGary RoodmanDetails
And she shall have musicFried de Metz HermanDetails
And There's MoreAudrey Laver 
And Thinking About Coffee CupsMichael FuerstDetails
Anderson Ferry ReelEric ConradDetails
Andes AnomalyCary RavitzDetails
Andrea's WaltzTom CookDetails
Andrew Cary Details
Andrew's Choice  
Andrew's FavourKen BonnerDetails
Andromeda's ChainsConnie CarringerDetails
Androscoggin PieRon T BlechnerDetails
Andy and Laurie's ReelMichael McKernanDetails
Andy Bear's Prickly PearDave Balestracci 
Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came, TheJohn Garden 
Angel's BreathKeith WoodDetails
Angel's FlightSue RosenDetails
Angel's MessageGeof Owen 
Angel's Touch, AnGreg Reynolds 
Angela's ConcertinaGeof OwenDetails
AngelicaWendy Crouch 
Angelina Details
Angelique Details
Angels from the Realms of GloryJohn Garden 
Angels UnawaresGraham ChristianDetails
Angelus ad VirginemJohn Garden 
Angenette's Fancy  
Angie's AstonishmentJohn CoffmanDetails
Angie's FancyFred BreunigDetails
Anglaise from Vienna #5 Details
Angle of IncidenceJohn CoffmanDetails
Angles DelightJohn Wood (UK) 
Angular MomentumGene HubertDetails
Angus CampbellDon ArmstrongDetails
Angus' HatJean Butler 
Ani's WaltzGary RoodmanDetails
Animal DanceRob SibthorpeDetails
Animals went in Two by Two, TheColin Wallace 
AnisetteLise DyckmanDetails
Anita's SquareTom Hinds 
Ankumation, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Ann and John's DelightTom Hinds 
Ann Arbor FourAl Olson 
Ann Arbor HornpipeGary RoodmanDetails
Ann Arbor OneAl Olson 
Ann Arbor ThreeAl Olson 
Ann Arbor TwoAl Olson 
Ann Frazer MacKenzie  
Anna Details
Anna ElizabethFried de Metz HermanDetails
Anna Maria Details
Anna Maria, The Details
Anna Other ContraMark Elvins 
Anna Turns FiveGary RoodmanDetails
Anna's ArrivalGary RoodmanDetails
Anna's DanceStew Shacklette 
Anna's Long ReelJohn RitchieDetails
Anna's ReelRick MohrDetails
Annandale ExchangeMichael BarracloughDetails
Anne's a Bride TonightDillon BustinDetails
Anne's AdviceHeiner FischleDetails
Anne's DilemmaGlen NickersonDetails
Anne's First FestivalColin HumeDetails
Anne's ReelJ.B. HylandDetails
Anne's VisitPhilippe CallensDetails
Annet's HornpipeCor HogendijkDetails
Annie Laurie Details
Annie's Fancy  
Annika's RoadTrevor Monson 
Annika's Waltz  
Anniseed Water Robin  
Anniversary AndreMark Elvins 
Anniversary BashJohn MorganDetails
Anniversary Bouquet  
Anniversary Capers Details
Anniversary Contra  
Anniversary DanceDon Flaherty 
Anniversary DancePaula KelleyDetails
Anniversary ReelTed SannellaDetails
Anniversary StampJohn Chatfield 
Anniversary SwingJohn NanceDetails
Anniversary, The Details
Anniversay DancePaula Kelley & Val MedveDetails
AnnwoodRob SibthorpeDetails
Anonymous Admirer, TheJohn MeechanDetails
Anonymous ContraRoger WhynotDetails
Another 30 YearsDon VeinoDetails
Another Antipodean AdventurePeter FosterDetails
Another Art and Nancy's FancyYonina Gordon 
Another Bloom 5Linda LeslieDetails
Another Chance for LoveJohn CoffmanDetails
Another Cure for the ClapsRich GossDetails
Another Dance I NickedMike RichardsonDetails
Another Dizzy Double DupleStew Shacklette 
Another Enid's WhirlaroundAlan DaviesDetails
Another Flirty AttemptMaria(o)n HepburnDetails
Another FlowHeiner FischleDetails
Another for the MoneyChris PageDetails
Another Hey WeaverMartha WildDetails
Another Hole in the WallJohn Meechan 
Another Jig Will DoMike RichardsonDetails
Another Knole ParkJohn SweeneyDetails
Another Last DanceErik Hoffman 
Another Mystery TripColin Wallace 
Another Nancy's FancyPat ShawDetails
Another New StartPhilippe CallensDetails
Another Nice CombinationTom HindsDetails
Another Nice SliceTom Hinds 
Another Orbit for LizBob GreenDetails
Another Part of the IslandDavid SmuklerDetails
Another Penny on the DrumNeil StuartDetails
Another Piece of CakeAl GreenDetails
Another RunaroundJohn CoffmanDetails
Another Safe ProductionPeter FosterDetails
Another Second Time AroundRobert CromartieDetails
Another Shade of GreenStew Shacklette 
Another Silly ContraTom Hinds 
Another SliceVarious authorsDetails
Another Slice of PinewoodsBob IsaacsDetails
Another Snake in the HeyCary Ravitz 
Another St George's DayLarry StoutDetails
Another StealErik Hoffman 
Another Sweet RichardKen SheffieldDetails
Another Swing into SpringLinda LeslieDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #1Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #2Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #3Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #4Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #5Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #6Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #7Ted CraneDetails
Another Ted's Triplet #8Ted CraneDetails
Another Three PointsColin Wallace 
Another Trip to GermanyPhilippe CallensDetails
Another UmbrellaHenry Garfath 
Another Wavy LineBob DalsemerDetails
Another Wavy OneIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Another WayAl OlsonDetails
Another Way to WhoopNick Hawes 
Another Way, Same ThingStew Shacklette 
Another Whirly ThingumajigColin Wallace 
Anspacher, The  
Anthem to a Pet FerretSargon de JesusDetails
Anthony's MemorialTed CraneDetails
Anti Attrition Details
Antic HayWendy Crouch 
AnticipationGeorge WalkerDetails
Antigallicum Dance, The Details
Antigonish Polka Numbers  
Antigonish ProblemRod Linnell 
Antinome Sicilian, The  
Antipodean, TheRon Coxall 
Antiquary, The Details
Anton's SurprisePat ShawDetails
Antonio's MaggotBob OlsonDetails
Ants MarchingRon T BlechnerDetails
AnxietyGraham FosterDetails
Any Excuse 'll do! Details
Any Kind of SettlementTom Hinds 
Any Old TymeGlen Morningstar 
Any Thing Details
Any WayStew Shacklette 
Anybody Seen My GirlKen AlexanderDetails
Anything You can doNeil StuartDetails
AnytimeStew Shacklette 
AOG ContraHenry Garfath 
Ap Shenkin Details
Ap Shenkin Details
Aphrodisial MeanderingsVictoria YeomansDetails
AphroditeMark ElvinsDetails
Aphrodite's IslandElsie Watson 
Apley House Details
Apley House RevisitedVictoria YeomansDetails
ApogeeChris PageDetails
Apollo and Daphne Details
Apollo's HuntGary RoodmanDetails
Apothecary ReelTed SannellaDetails
Appalachian Big Circle Details
Appealing ApeSarah KaiserDetails
AppelschotsCor Hogendijk 
AppetizerScott HiggsDetails
Appin's DanceJoseph Pimentel 
Apple Blossom  
Apple PickingSarah KaiserDetails
Apple Pie QuadrilleRon BeesonDetails
Apple Tree Square Details
Applein' Pair's Farewell, TheColin Wallace 
ApplejackRob SibthorpeDetails
Apples and ChocolateSue RosenDetails
Apples and CoconutMelanie Axel-Lute 
Apples in WinterHenry Garfath 
Apprentice, TheColin HumeDetails
ApproachesChris PageDetails
Apres Six Heures  
Apres-Ski (Rendezvous)Keith WrightDetails
April and Jerry's ContraTom Hinds 
April Assembly, AnMargaret Franklin 
April FoolStew Shacklette 
April Fool, TheSteve SchnurDetails
April Fool's #1Diane Silver 
April FoolsCarol Ormand 
April GoldJan Dale 
April LilacsFrieda Gratzon 
April NightsBob OlsonDetails
April Ramble, AnRosemary Hunt 
April Shower  
April ShowersFrieda Gratzon 
April ShowersColin Wallace 
April ShowersPenn FixDetails
April StrollJudith Veevers 
April's HornpipeRalph PageDetails
April's HornpipeGeorge Lowrey 
April's March  
April's SquareNeil StuartDetails
AqueousDon Flaherty 
Arabella Details
Arabella Details
Arboretum RoundaboutGeof OwenDetails
Arcade, TheKeith WoodDetails
Arcadian Fling, TheJim HemphillDetails
Arcadian Nuptials Details
Arcadian Nuptials, The Details
Arcata Dream #1 & #2Erik Hoffman 
Arch Duke Charles's Waltz, The Details
Arch in the Middle and the Ends Dive Thr Details
Arch Rivals, TheColin Wallace 
Archbishop, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Archbishop's Accomplice, TheKeith WrightDetails
Archer, TheAnna RainDetails
ArcheryFried de Metz HermanDetails
ArchesInga Morton 
Arches of Hancock, TheHeiner Fischle 
Arden Folk ContraJohn ChapmanDetails
Arden ReelFrieda Gratzon 
Ardrossan (Wink & Shove)Rob SibthorpeDetails
Are You 'Most Done?Russell OwenDetails
Are You Sure?Keith WrightDetails
Are You Sure?Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
Argeers Details
Argent and SableWendy Crouch 
Argent's at MorlandColin Wallace 
ArgumentsInga Morton 
Ariadne's ThreadJohn Garden 
ArithmancyRob SibthorpeDetails
Arizona BecketBob DalsemerDetails
Arizona Double Star Details
Arkansas ChainTony Parkes 
Arkansas LadyDon ArmstrongDetails
Arkansas Traveler Variation Details
Arkansas Traveller Details
Arky Grand Number 4Tom Hinds 
Arlington AssemblyPhilippe CallensDetails
Arlington Castle Details
Arm and a Leg, AnFried de Metz HermanDetails
Arm and a Leg, AnJohn CoffmanDetails
Armadillo on the Half ShellJohn NanceDetails
Armistice, The Details
Armong Dance  
Armstrong's Golden AnniversaryMark Elvins 
Armstrong's WaltzJohn ArmstrongDetails
Arnold's Bottle of Port Details
Arnold's CircleCor HogendijkDetails
Arnot ReelTed CraneDetails
Aroostook SpecialRod Linnell 
Aroostook Square  
Around AboutJack BrownDetails
Around AumsvilleFrieda Gratzon 
Around OneHugh Rippon 
Around OrøSeth Tepfer 
Around the BendJohn CoffmanDetails
Around the CornerPhilippe CallensDetails
Around the Corner Details
Around the HornJohn Nance 
Around the HornsNeil StuartDetails
Around the Rugged RockKeith WoodDetails
Around the SidesRoger Whynot 
Around the SoundCary RavitzDetails
Around the World in 80 WaysSarah KaiserDetails
ArrhythmiaDon Flaherty 
Arrival from HollandPat ShawDetails
Art and Nancy's FancyYonina GordonDetails
Art of Negotiation, TheAl Olson 
Artful Dodger, The  
Arthur a'Brose Details
Arthur's Night InClaudio BuchwaldDetails
Arthur's Party  
Artist's Touch, TheGlen Morningstar 
Artquake '95Erik WebergDetails
Arundel Street Details
As I roved out one MorningPat ShawDetails
As Quick as You Please Details
As Time Goes ByGeof OwenDetails
As Tiny Tim ObservedFried de Metz Herman 
ASBORob SibthorpeDetails
Ascending Star of AbingworthWendy Crouch 
Ascros Hornpipe, TheEric LimetDetails
Ash Grove, TheChris KermietDetails
Ash Grove, TheDudley Laufman 
Ash RidgeNeil StuartDetails
Ash-BoughsRob SibthorpeDetails
AshcanNick Hawes 
AshdaleRob SibthorpeDetails
Ashes to AshesLarry JenningsDetails
Asheville ExpressGene HubertDetails
Asheville PlaygroundCharley HarveyDetails
Ashford Anniversary, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Ashford Assembly, TheColin HumeDetails
AshlandJim Brooks 
Ashley House Details
Ashley's Flag Details
Ashley's HornpipeSylvan Harmer 
Ashley's Pride Details
Ashley's Ride Details
Ashley's StarBob DalsemerDetails
Ashokan BridgeDon Flaherty 
Ashokan FlirtationChris WeilerDetails
Ashoken HelloTony ParkesDetails
AshpodelMiss H. Munro (NZ) 
Ashthorpe Park Details
Ashton Polka Details
Ashuelot HornpipeRalph PageDetails
AshworthCharles BoltonDetails
Ask your Partner Details
Askance RomanceJohn Garden 
Asking for the RoadDorothy AttneaveDetails
Aspenden Hall Cotillon Details
AspireKeith WoodDetails
Aspiring Gypsy, TheAl Olson 
Assembly LineJim HemphillDetails
Assembly of Lovers Details
Associate ReelTed Hodapp 
Astley's Flag Details
Astley's Hornpipe Details
Aston Polka ContraJohn Findlay 
Astonished Archaeologist, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
Astoria LassFried de Metz HermanDetails
Astral NavigationRon T BlechnerDetails
AstrayCary RavitzDetails
Astres de Venus, Les Details
Astronomer, TheColin HumeDetails
Astronomer's Apprentice, TheGeof OwenDetails
Astrope Wells Details
At Home Details
At LastSargon de JesusDetails
At Marty's B-dayErik Hoffman 
At Nancy's HouseBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
At Rainbow's EndFried de Metz Herman 
At Sylvia's RequestDavid BatemanDetails
At the CrossroadsCarol Ormand 
At the DoubleDave Turner 
At the HopAl OlsonDetails
At the Market SquareElizabeth Goossen 
At the MeetingStew Shacklette 
At the Spencerville BallGeorge ChereponDetails
At the SwellCary RavitzDetails
At Your ServiceJohn CoffmanDetails
Athens Hill JigAndy ToepferDetails
Athol Brays Details
Athol House Details
Athole Brose Details
Athole House Details
Athole House Details
AthytisTaco SikkemaDetails
Atlantic HighwayIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Atlantic HornpipeLouise WinstonDetails
Atlantic Mixer Details
Atlantic Polka Quadrille  
Atlantic/Pacific MixerLinda LeslieDetails
Atom HeartSarah KaiserDetails
Atomic Nellie GrayRod Linnell 
Atonement ReelBill OlsonDetails
Atossa's GiftScott HiggsDetails
AttachmentAl OlsonDetails
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, TheBill SudkampDetails
Attleboro ReelLinda LeslieDetails
Auctioneer, The Details
Audenard Battle Details
Audrey and AndreaGary RoodmanDetails
Audri's WeddingMogens Hansen 
Aughton GreenTom CookDetails
AugustRob SibthorpeDetails
August Affair, TheColin Wallace 
August WeddingCarol Ormand 
Augusta Heritage ReelWendy GrahamDetails
Augusta Jubilee SquareColin Hume 
Augusta's Favorite Details
Auld Lang SyneCarmen GiuntaDetails
Auld Lang Syne Details
Aumsville Corn FestivalFrieda Gratzon 
Aunt Hessie's White Horse Details
Aunt Kit's ReelAntony HeywoodDetails
Aunt Kit's Reel 2Antony HeywoodDetails
Aurelia and Gallitea Details
Auretti's Dutch Skipper Details
Auretti's Dutch Skipper 2 Details
AuroraMary DevlinDetails
Aurora Waltz  
Austin ReelDale Rempert 
Automaton Chess Player, The Details
Autumn AirCary RavitzDetails
Autumn AmbleRon Coxall 
Autumn CascadeDan SeppelerDetails
Autumn ColoursGeof Owen 
Autumn Dream, AnJohn Wood (UK) 
Autumn GiftsBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Autumn GloryWendy Crouch 
Autumn GroveGary RoodmanDetails
Autumn in AmherstPhilippe CallensDetails
Autumn JoyDon Flaherty 
Autumn LeavesLinda LeslieDetails
Autumn MoonGary RoodmanDetails
Autumn on the HeathElsie Watson 
Autumn on the RiverGary Roodman 
Autumn ReelTed Sannella 
Autumn ReelGene Hubert 
Autumn RoseKeith WrightDetails
Autumn TapestryLoretta HolzDetails
Autumn TrailKeith WoodDetails
Autumn UnionSteve ZakonDetails
Autumn's GiftBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Autumnal QuadrilleJohn GoddardDetails
Avenstoke RambleSally Wilson 
Avenues and AlleywaysPeter FosterDetails
Avon Tyrell #2Michael Barraclough 
Avon TyrrellMark ElvinsDetails
AvoncroftPat ShawDetails
Avos Bay Details
Avos Circle Details
Avril's AllemandeDave Turner 
Aw, ShucksCarol KoppDetails
Awaiting OperationJack BrownDetails
AwakeningDon Flaherty 
Away in a MangerJohn Garden 
Away to the Camp Details
Away We GoHerbie GaudreauDetails
Away with FebruaryJenny BeerDetails
Awkward Quadrille Squad, The Details
Awsome Double Progression DanceDonna CalhounDetails
Axiom of Choice, TheEric ZornDetails
Aye Me Details
Aylesbury DuckHugh Rippon 
Aylesford Mill Details
AzaleaInga Morton 
Azure AsterCary RavitzDetails
B & C AGM  
B in the Bonnet, AFried de Metz Herman 
B More ComplexAl GreenDetails
B.C. SwingKen KernenDetails
B.C.Y. Details
B&BRobert CromartieDetails
Babes in the WoodGeof OwenDetails
Baby Boomer's BirthdayFried de Metz Herman 
Baby Evelyn's ReelRich GossDetails
Baby Rose, TheDavid KaynorDetails
Babylon IPat ShawDetails
Babylon IIPat ShawDetails
BacchanalDon Flaherty 
BacchanaliaNeil StuartDetails
Bacchus Defeat Details
Bach HumbugGary Roodman 
Bachelor MillBill LitchmanDetails
Bachelor MillJimmy ClossinDetails
Back from VermontDavid ZinkinDetails
Back HomeGeof Owen 
Back Home in Indiana  
Back in CirculationJim HemphillDetails
Back in the GrooveColin WallaceDetails
Back in the KitchenElsie Watson 
Back MountainDon Flaherty 
Back of the Change House Details
Back on the InterstateChrystal Gallacci JonesDetails
Back Road to BoltonLisa GreenleafDetails
Back Room SwingPenn Fix 
Back Row SitterJohn CoffmanDetails
Back the TrackGeof OwenDetails
Back to BackStew Shacklette 
Back to BackerFried de Metz HermanDetails
Back to DonegallRod LinnellDetails
Back to DublinBecky Hill 
Back to NatureErik Hoffman 
Back to PrescottAlan CheethamDetails
Back to Square OneNeil StuartDetails
Back to the Drawing BoardRon Buchanan 
Back to the PlowAl Olson 
Back up and PushDavid GilksDetails
Backseat ReelMogens Hansen 
BackslidingJim HemphillDetails
BackstitchAl OlsonDetails
Backtrack ContraGene Hubert 
Backward ButterflyAl OlsonDetails
Backwards AgainIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Backyard PianoSarah KaiserDetails
Bad Hair DayJohn CoffmanDetails
Bad Hair DecadeTom HindsDetails
Bad NewsSimone VerheyenDetails
Bad Prawn, TheNeil StuartDetails
Bad TimesAl OlsonDetails
Badajoz Details
Baden-Baden Polka  
Badenock Rant Details
Badger, Rat and ToadRay GoodswenDetails
Badlands ContraDon Flaherty 
Baffled Knight, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
Bag the BisonRob SibthorpeDetails
BagatelleAudrey Laver 
Bagpipes and BarbershopsSeth TepferDetails
BaileyDon Flaherty 
Bait and SwitchRyan SmithDetails
Baja CaliforniaKaty HeineDetails
Baker's Dozen, TheNeil StuartDetails
Baker's Gifts, TheSusan KevraDetails
Baker's RoundIrene WrightDetails
Baker's SquareSarah KaiserDetails
Baker's Wife, TheStew Shacklette 
Balance a Straw  
Balance and ChainTony Parkes 
Balance and CrossRick MohrDetails
Balance and Duck  
Balance and Pass OutJohn Michael Seng-Wheeler 
Balance and Star ThruHeiner FischleDetails
Balance and Swing ThroughPeter FosterDetails
Balance and ThinkGene HubertDetails
Balance BouquetAl Olson 
Balance for BubbaBob DalsemerDetails
Balance FourHerbie Gaudreau 
Balance Four in Line Details
Balance In and OutTed Sannella 
Balance in the BarnDon Armstrong 
Balance in the HeyLarry Edelman & Nancy Donahue 
Balance or BoxHenry Garfath 
Balance or BustJohn NanceDetails
Balance PointsReine WoniteDetails
Balance the Becket StarChris Turner 
Balance the BooksJohn CoffmanDetails
Balance the LineTom Hinds 
Balance the LinesLou ShapiroDetails
Balance the StarMcLain Family, TheDetails
Balance the StarDavid SmuklerDetails
Balance the Star CircleMcLain Family, The 
Balance Those LinesHerbie Gaudreau 
Balance to my LouBecky HillDetails
Balance YourselfGene HubertDetails
Balanced AmericaineMarilee StandiferDetails
Balanced OutMyrtle Wilhite 
Balanced Tern, AJoseph Pimentel 
Balancing ActSarah KaiserDetails
Balancing ActJohn SweeneyDetails
Balancing Act, APeter FosterDetails
Balancing B'sDon Armstrong 
Balancing BillyDon ArmstrongDetails
Balancing StarsJonathan SouthardDetails
Bale the Hay I & IITom Hinds 
Baling HayCarol Ormand 
Ball of Twyne, TheDavid StephensDetails
Ball of Yarn, TheNaomi Alexander 
Balle BecketSeth Tepfer 
Ballet des Manseaux Cotillion,  
Ballet Hollandoise, La Details
Balloon DanceAlan DaviesDetails
Balloon Factory, TheFiona Birchall 
Balloon, The Details
Balloon, The Details
Bally Croy Details
BalmereCor HogendijkDetails
Balsam BoogieBrian DeMarcus 
Balsam of Two-Lips Details
Baltic CrossingJohn Garden 
Baltimore Details
Baltimore Bob Bounces BackHenry Garfath 
Baltimore BreakdownBob DalsemerDetails
Baltimore FolksBob DalsemerDetails
Baltiorum Details
Baltioura Details
Baltish TurnCor HogendijkDetails
Balto ContraJerry Helt 
Balto-More Circle/ContraMargot Gunzenhauser 
Bamber BridgeTom CookDetails
Banana BreadBill PopeDetails
Banana SplitKeith WoodDetails
BananasBecky HillDetails
Band of FriendsGary RoodmanDetails
Band Wagon, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Bandit BobTed CraneDetails
Bandit ChrisTed CraneDetails
Bandit GailTed CraneDetails
Bane of Richmond, TheFred BreunigDetails
Bang a U-Ey!Don VeinoDetails
Bang to RightsSarah KaiserDetails
Bang Up Details
Bang Up Details
Banish MisfortuneJenna SimpsonDetails
Banish Moral SlopDan PearlDetails
Banjo in a Bear SuitBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Banjo MoonDon Flaherty 
Banjo TangoMichael BarracloughDetails
Banjo's MistressDavid SmuklerDetails
Banjos in LoveErik Hoffman 
Bank Holiday  
Bank ShotChris PageDetails
Banks of the CondaminePeter FosterDetails
Banks of the Dee Details
Banned in BostonTed CraneDetails
Banner of Friendship, The Details
Banosse Details
Banquet, The Details
Bantry Bay Details
Bantry-Bay Boy, The Details
Banwood ReelRob SibthorpeDetails
Baonopstekkes Details
Bar a Bar Details
Bar HarbourAl BrozekDetails
Barbados Details
Barbara Walton's DelightIrene CrewDetails
Barbara Woodhouse ReelMichael BarracloughDetails
Barbara, The Details
Barbara, The Details
Barbara's BecketCary RavitzDetails
Barbara's Birthday Waltz  
Barbara's ContraEd ButenhofDetails
Barbara's MaggotVictor SkowronskiDetails
Barbara's WaltzColin HumeDetails
BarbarellaTom ThoreauDetails
Barbarian EleganceJohn Garden 
Barbarini's Tambourine Details
Barbary Bell Details
Barbary Jig, The  
Barbecue NightsGeof Owen 
Barbury CastleAlan DaviesDetails
Barcarole Star Tri-Dille, The Details
Barcelona Details
Barcelona Dance, The Details
Bard, The Details
Bard's Legacy, The Details
Bare NecessitiesPat ShawDetails
Bare to the BoneLark-Aeryn SpeyerDetails
Barefoot in the Briarpatch QuickstepMike BoerschigDetails
Barham Camp Details
Barham Down Details
Barham Downs Details
BaridharaChris WeilerDetails
Barkeley SquareInga Morton 
Barley Cake Details
Barley Mow, The Details
Barley Reel Details
BarleylandsRob SibthorpeDetails
Barlow KnifeChris Kermiet 
Barn Dance Details
Barn Elms Details
Barn Mixer, TheStew Shacklette 
Barn Mixer, TheRick MohrDetails
Barnacle Waltz, TheDavid SmuklerDetails
Barnard CastleCharles BoltonDetails
Barnes CloseGeof OwenDetails
BarnestormingBruce RosenDetails
Barney's BusTed CraneDetails
Barnhurst ContraHenry Garfath 
Barnyard Reel, TheRon BeesonDetails
Baron Altradorf Details
Baron Crackenburg Details
Baron Steuben's Favorite  
Baroness Nagel's Fancy Details
Baroness, The  
Barrel of Sugar Details
Barrington ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Barry's Best Details
Barry's BoutadeRob SibthorpeDetails
Bartholomew Fair Details
Bartlett GardensScott HiggsDetails
Bartlett House Details
Bartlett House Revisited  
Bartlett PairsJohn NashDetails
Barton Springs AliveDale Rempert 
Bases LoadedScudder, Thoreau and SaxeDetails
Bashful BachelorJohn CoffmanDetails
Bashful Swain, The Details
Basket CaseDale Rempert 
Basket ChaseChris PageDetails
Basket Contra I & 2Tom Hinds 
Basket DanceJeff KaufmanDetails
Basket JoysFrances Hough 
Basket MixerDiane Silver 
Basket of GrapesJohn CoffmanDetails
Basket Quadrille  
Basket, The Details
Baskets Cotillion, The  
Baskets of BrewAl OlsonDetails
Basque Roads Details
Basque, Le  
Bass AckwardsTom CalwellDetails
Bass Ackwards ButterflyMariah FabryDetails
Bass DesiresSteven MéthotDetails
Bastille DayDavid SmuklerDetails
Bastille Day Reel #1 & #2Al Olson 
Bastille Day's EveMitchell S. FreyDetails
Bat in the WindowTom Hinds 
Bat's in the BelfryTerry GlasspoolDetails
Batavian Dance, The Details
Batavian HoleCor HogendijkDetails
Bated BreathSarah KaiserDetails
Bath Assembly Details
Bath Carnival Details
Bath Medley Details
Bath Races Details
Bath Toy, The Details
Bath Waltz Details
Bath Waltz, The Details
Bath, The  
Batja's BreakdownTom HindsDetails
Bats in the GrangeSteve Zakon 
Battering Ram, TheJohn GardenDetails
Battersea ProcessionalPat ShawDetails
Batteuse Country Dance, The Details
Battle of Jutland, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Battle of Leipsic, The Details
Battle of Prague Details
Battle of Prague, The Details
Battle of Salamanca, The Details
Battle of the BandsBetsy Gotta 
Battle of the Boyn Details
Battle of Waterloo, TheJohn Garden 
Battle of Waterloo, The Details
Baulk, The Details
Bavarian Waltz Details
Bavarian Waltz Details
Bawming DanceEthyl AndersonDetails
Bay Tram ShuffleRon Coxall 
Bayham Abbey Details
Bayswater BreakdownColin HumeDetails
Be Here NowRobert CromartieDetails
Be My HeroJohn CoffmanDetails
Be My HeroineJohn CoffmanDetails
Be My ValentineTed SannellaDetails
Be My ValentineKatja HunnDetails
Be My ValentineDon Flaherty 
Be QuickInga Morton 
Be Silent Pray! Details
Beach DancerAnnette MerrittDetails
Beach HutAudrey Laver 
Beach SpringLeslie LassetterDetails
Beachen Cliff Details
Beacon Batch  
Beacon ParkKen Bonner 
Beam Flower Details
Beaming BerylColin Wallace 
Beaming Bob GreenJohn CoffmanDetails
Bear HugRich GossDetails
Beastly Affair, AColin WallaceDetails
Beat Goes On, TheJanet Holland 
BeatriceErik Hoffman 
Beatrice Hill's 3-Hand Reel  
Beau's Retreat, The Details
Beauchamp SquareIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Beaus between BellesJohn Garden 
Beaus of Oakhill Details
Beaus of the Park, The Details
Beaute Cotillion, La  
Beauteous Grove Details
Beauties of Windsor, The  
Beautiful FieldsFried de Metz HermanDetails
Beautiful Valley, ThePhilippe Callens 
Beautious Grove Details
Beauty and MotionCarol Ormand 
Beauty and the BeesJohn CoffmanDetails
Beauty BayPenn Fix 
Beauty in Tears Waltz, TheBarry MouleDetails
Beauty of the Berkshires, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Beauty, The  
BeautyberryJoseph PimentelDetails
Beaux Delight, The Details
Beaux of Albany Details
Beaux of Oak Hill Details
Beaux of Tunbridge, The Details
Beaux Strategem, (The) Details
Beaver JigFried de Metz HermanDetails
Beaver Lake JigTed SannellaDetails
Beaver Slide Glide, TheJim HemphillDetails
Bebbington BelleMichael BarracloughDetails
Bebington Capers Details
Because it was thereChris PageDetails
Because of a CowRachel NevittDetails
Because we CareDavid SmuklerDetails
Because You AskedRich Jackson 
Because, Just BecauseRalph Sweet 
Becca's Wedding Invitation Details
Beck and CallColin HumeDetails
Beck and CallDavid SmuklerDetails
Beckenham BounceRob SibthorpeDetails
Beckenham MeltdownMark Elvins 
Becket 'o BloodHarry Brauser 
Becket Betrayed, AColin Wallace 
Becket BrigadeCarol Ormand & Peter StixDetails
Becket BrigadeMariah FabryDetails
Becket CircleAl OlsonDetails
Becket EyesCary RavitzDetails
Becket Full of Butterflies, AJim HemphillDetails
Becket GypsyJan HubardDetails
Becket in a MinuteBecky Hill 
Becket in the KitchenBecky Hill 
Becket MixerAl Olson 
Becket O MoreAl GreenDetails
Becket ReelHerbie GaudreauDetails
Becket to the FutureBob GreenDetails
Becket's ButterflyPaul RosenDetails
Becket's CrossingChris KermietDetails
Becketise the BabyJohn CoffmanDetails
Beckett's BasketChris Kermiet 
Beckett's CrossingChris KermietDetails
Beckett's ReelChris KermietDetails
Beckler's LamentPenn Fix 
Becky and Rick's ContraTom Hinds 
Becky's BecketDavid ZinkinDetails
Becky's BoulderDon VeinoDetails
Becky's BouquetRob SibthorpeDetails
Becky's JigMogens Hansen 
Becky's WaltzPeter FosterDetails
Bed of Roses, The Details
Bedford Jig, The Details
Bedggood SquareDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
BedlamDon Flaherty 
Bedlam at BellerbyGeoff ToddDetails
Bee Attitudes, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Bee BuzzDon Flaherty 
Bee in her BonnetJohn CoffmanDetails
Bee Whisperer, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Bee's Knees, TheMartha WildDetails
Beechen Grove's New HallCharles BoltonDetails
BeechsideTom CookDetails
Beehive FiveGeof OwenDetails
Beekeeper, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Bees in a BecketJohn CoffmanDetails
Bees in the ShowerJim KitchDetails
BeeswaxJohn CoffmanDetails
Beeswax LightJohn CoffmanDetails
Beetle in the Bed SheetsConnie CarringerDetails
Before the FallTom SiessDetails
Beggar Boy, The Details
Beggars Bush, The Details
Beggars' Delight, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Begin the Dance Details
Beginner's DreamMatt D. Troskey 
Beginner's LuckCharles BoltonDetails
Beginner's LuckTom LehmannDetails
Beginners Luck ContraCal CampbellDetails
Beginners' LuckEd BugelDetails
BegoniaInga Morton 
Béguinage SicilianEric LimetDetails
Behind Closed DoorsJohn CoffmanDetails
Behind in the HeyMyrtle Wilhite 
Behind You!Colin HumeDetails
Bel CantoSusan KevraDetails
Belcéle Details
Belfast Duck Details
Belgia Retriev'd Details
Belgian Barndance, TheColin Wallace 
Belgian ChocolateSargon de JesusDetails
Belgian Connection, TheColin HumeDetails
Belgian Waltz Details
Belgian's DelightChris PageDetails
Believe MeGreg Reynolds 
Bell of CreationPat ShawDetails
Bell Reel  
Bell Tower BoureeGary Roodman 
Bell's AngelsSteve Schnur 
Bella Moth, TheMartha WildDetails
Bellamira Details
Belle and the Sound Man, TheDonna HuntDetails
Belle of Amherst, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Belle of GreensboroGary RoodmanDetails
Belle of Northampton, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Belle of St JoPhilippe Callens 
Belle of the Ball  
Belle of the Ball Hornpipe  
Belle of the Ball, TheLoretta HolzDetails
Belle of Versailles, TheMark Richardson 
Belles about the Flat Bush, The Details
Belles of Auburn, (The)Roger KnoxDetails
Belles of BostonDavid KaynorDetails
Belles of Damariscotta  
Belles of Walthamstow, The Details
Bellisle's March  
Bells and BowsTom Hinds 
Bells of MontaguePenn FixDetails
Bells of New York, The  
Bells of Newport, The  
Belly Button Diversity ProjectJohn CoffmanDetails
Belmont BusPaul Tyler 
Belmont RompDan Pearl 
Belstead HouseColin HumeDetails
Belstead House 2Lena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Belt and BracesGeof OwenDetails
Belvedera Details
Belvedere House Details
Belvidere Dance, The Details
Belvoir CastleIan Whitehead 
Bemused Benthologist, TheBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Ben the Sailor Details
Ben YorkFrieda Gratzon 
Ben's BrillianceTony Parkes 
Ben's ConfusionCarolyn Parrott 
Ben's ReelSteve Schnur 
Ben's Spinoff #2Gene Hubert 
Ben's Spinoff #3Gene HubertDetails
Ben's Spinoff Version 3.2Ted Hodapp 
Beneath the StarsJim HemphillDetails
Beneficial TraditionDan PearlDetails
Beneficial Triplet, TheAl OlsonDetails
Benfleet BoatmanRob SibthorpeDetails
Benjamin's BeginningColin Wallace 
Benjamin's Birth DayGary RoodmanDetails
BenjoJo MortlandDetails
Bennett's Favorite Reel  
Bennett's Massanetta ReelEd MoodyDetails
Benson's Fireplace  
Bep's FavouritePhilippe CallensDetails
Berea Spring GypsyVarious authorsDetails
Berea TwelvesomeJohn RamsayDetails
Berely Square Details
Berkeley BalancesErik Hoffman 
Berkeley BindErik Hoffman 
Berkeley BlatherErik Hoffman 
Berkley Castle Details
Berkshire Bar-B-QIan BrantDetails
Berkshire Fool, TheSimon HillDetails
Berkshire Rant, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Berkshire Tragedy, ThePat ShawDetails
Berlin Allmand, The Details
Berlin ContraLinda LeslieDetails
Bermuda ButtercupJan Dale 
BernadanceCary RavitzDetails
Berry CastleSharon GreenDetails
Bertha's LandfallGene HubertDetails
Bertie's BirthdayAudrey Laver 
Beside the RiversideMichael BarracloughDetails
Bessfffang ReelLarry JenningsDetails
Best Be FourRob SibthorpeDetails
Best Foot ForwardGeof OwenDetails
Best IntentionsAntony HeywoodDetails
Best is yet to be, TheElizabeth Goossen 
Best KindGlen Morningstar 
Best of 38, TheAlf MatthewsDetails
Best of Company, TheJenna SimpsonDetails
Best of FriendsMartha WildDetails
Best Things in Life are Free, The Details
Betrayed Lover, ThePat ShawDetails
Betsy Bell Details
Betsy's DanceTony Parkes 
Betsy's StarTony ParkesDetails
Better Blend, AGene HubertDetails
Better Day Better Deed Details
Better is Dizze MaggotCor HogendijkDetails
Better Late than NeverMargot Gunzenhauser 
Better than Last TimeJohn NanceDetails
Bettina's WaltzRob SibthorpeDetails
BettineJeffrey SperoDetails
Betty Fair  
Betty Mac's ReelTony ParkesDetails
Betty Penny's Fancy Details
Betty's BearsTony ParkesDetails
Betty's CelebrationGary Roodman 
Betty's Choise  
Betty's FavoriteDon Armstrong 
Betty's Maggot Details
Betty's Night OutRich GossDetails
Betty's Night Out #2Rich GossDetails
Between the LinesCary RavitzDetails
Between the Sides and Forward SixTed Sannella 
Between Two (Rhwng Ddwy) Details
Betwixt and BetweenJohn CoffmanDetails
Bev's Becket A & BCary RavitzDetails
Bevis Mount Details
Bevy of Butterflies, ABob Isaacs and Chris PageDetails
Beware the Ides of MarchIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Bexhill Square  
Beyond the MistRich Blazej 
Bhetty's WaltzRob SibthorpeDetails
Bi-Coastal MarriageLeonard EllisDetails
Bi-Triska Deka-thon 2 ReelSeth TepferDetails
Bicentennial BeauxAl OlsonDetails
Bicentennial ReelTed SannellaDetails
Bicentennial Reel 2 Details
Bickerstaff's Prophesie Details
Bickleigh RambleNeil StuartDetails
Bicton ParkAudrey Laver 
BicycleDon Flaherty 
Bideford BridgeEddie UptonDetails
Big Band BlastLinda LeslieDetails
Big Bicep, TheJim HemphillDetails
Big Chit Chat, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Big Circle with HeyAl GreenDetails
Big Corral, TheVic SmelzerDetails
Big Day in Big Indian, TheWendy GrahamDetails
Big DipperFrieda Gratzon 
Big Dipper, (The)Stew Shacklette 
Big Easy, TheBecky HillDetails
Big Gooseberry SeasonWendy CrouchDetails
Big Heart, ABrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Big Hill MixerJohn Ramsay 
Big Ig's JigBrian DeMarcus 
Big John Details
Big John McNeilRalph PageDetails
Big John's BreakdownRalph Page 
Big LakeDon ArmstrongDetails
Big Mike's Triple DeckerJohn CoffmanDetails
Big Mountain ContraDiane Silver 
Big School CircleDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Big Set – Allemande, The Details
Big Set Mixer Details
Big ShmoozeBill OlsonDetails
Big Six-O, ThePeter Stephens 
Big Wheel, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Big Whoop, TheBill OlsonDetails
Big Winter Solstice MoonErik Hoffman 
Big YearnerRob SibthorpeDetails
Big-Eyed SusanAl OlsonDetails
BigamyCharles BoltonDetails
Bigger BoxesIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Bilk the Landlord Details
Bill and Fred TripletHeiner FischleDetails
Bill and JaneBurt Schwartz 
Bill BaileyMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Bill BaileyDuke MillerDetails
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come HomeDavid SmuklerDetails
Bill Bobstay Details
Bill of Rights  
Bill's Birthday ReelHenry Garfath 
Bill's BlunderBill Alkire 
Bill's GritsTom LehmannDetails
Bill's RantRon BeesonDetails
Billericay BanjoRob SibthorpeDetails
Billericay BounceRob SibthorpeDetails
Billingsdale PatternChip HendricksonDetails
Billy Bob's Favorite CustomerJohn CoffmanDetails
Billy Kings Bass Minuet Details
Billy's WaltzPeggy RoeDetails
Binary SystemChris PageDetails
Bingham's PieDavid SmuklerDetails
Binghamton CarouselLoretta HolzDetails
Bingo Details
Bingo!Jenny BeerDetails
Binsey PoplarsRob SibthorpeDetails
Bio IiaHarry Brauser 
Biorhythmic ReelGene Hubert 
Bird in the Hand, AKen Bonner 
Bird in the Hand, AMargot Gunzenhauser 
Bird in the Hand, ANikki Herbst 
Birdcage, The  
Birdie in the Cage Details
Birdie in the Cage and Seven Hands Round Details
Birds and BeesJohn CoffmanDetails
Birds and the Bees, TheRick MohrDetails
Birds of a FeatherFried de Metz HermanDetails
Birds of a FeatherBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Birds of a FeatherJohn CoffmanDetails
Birds of a FeatherElizabeth Goossen 
Birds on the CeilingNeil StuartDetails
BirdsongMariah FabryDetails
Birks of Abergeldie, The Details
Birmingham Back to BacksGeof Owen 
Birmingham'sGary NelsonDetails
Birnie Waltz Details
Birth and Death of a Star, TheAdam CarlsonDetails
Birth Night, The Details
Birthday at BrasstownSharon GreenDetails
Birthday at PinewoodsBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Birthday BranleGary RoodmanDetails
Birthday Cake, TheThomas GreenDetails
Birthday CanonJohn RamsayDetails
Birthday Contra SquareRod LinnellDetails
Birthday Dance, TheGene HubertDetails
Birthday FriendsLinda LeslieDetails
Birthday GallopAudrey HeritageDetails
Birthday GalopPeter FosterDetails
Birthday GreetingsGary RoodmanDetails
Birthday JubileeGary RoodmanDetails
Birthday of the Bard, TheCharles Bolton 
Birthday ReelHenry Garfath 
Birthday Special  
Birthday TreatJohn Garden 
Birthday Waltz, TheColin HumeDetails
Birthing DayAmy KahnDetails
Bishop (of Exeter), TheDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Bishop HanningtonWendy Crouch 
Bishop of Bangor's Jigg Details
Bishop of Chester's Jigg, The Details
Bishop Revisited, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Bishop, The Details
Bishop's Halloween, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
BishopstoneRoy le CroissetteDetails
Bishopthorne Palace PousetteAl GreenDetails
Bit Boring, ADavid MandelbergDetails
Bit Dodgy, AIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Bit of Give and Take, APeter FosterDetails
Bit of Woodland, The  
Bitter CreekDon Armstrong 
BittersweetVictor SkowronskiDetails
BlabbermouthJohn CoffmanDetails
Black Almain, The Details
Black and Grey Details
Black and Grey Details
Black Bart's BirthdayAlisa DodsonDetails
Black Beards of VernalsSeth TepferDetails
Black Bess Details
Black Bird in the NightDon Flaherty 
Black Boy Alley Details
Black Boy, The Details
Black Cat MixerMartha WildDetails
Black Cat, TheBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Black Dance, The Details
Black Diamond RunRob SibthorpeDetails
Black Dwarf, The Details
Black Eyed Milkmaid, The Details
Black Forest QuadrilleChip Hendrickson 
Black Forest, TheDon Armstrong 
Black Health Details
Black Hills JigHenry Garfath 
Black Jack Details
Black Jack Details
Black Jack's SuccessorInga Morton 
Black Joak Details
Black Joak Details
Black Joke Details
Black Knights and White CastlesDavid KirchnerDetails
Black Mary's HornpipeJohn OffordDetails
Black Mountain ReelTom HindsDetails
Black Mountain TripletGene HubertDetails
Black Nag, The Details
Black Nell Details
Black RobinDavid StephensDetails
Black SwanJohn CoffmanDetails
Black Swan Waltz QuadrilleKeith WoodDetails
Black Tower, TheEric LimetDetails
Black WalnutsAl Olson 
Black-Eyed SusanFried de Metz Herman 
Blackberry Cobbler QuadrilleSeth TepferDetails
Blackberry JamPeggy Hazell 
Blackberry MixerHenry Garfath 
Blackberry SorbetBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Blackberry TraceTom AndersonDetails
Blackbird PieJoseph PimentelDetails
Blackbird, (The)Inga Morton 
Blackbirds of Spring, TheAl OlsonDetails
Blackforest MedleyJohn Garden 
BlackheartSarah KaiserDetails
Blackheath Details
BlackheathKalia KilbanDetails
Blackmore GardensAudrey Laver 
Blackmore Gardens ContraColin HumeDetails
Blacksburg ExpressGene HubertDetails
Blackstone StreetAl OlsonDetails
Blackthorn ReelRoger KnoxDetails
Blackwell Hall Details
BlackwoodNeil StuartDetails
Blah Blah BlahJohn CoffmanDetails
Blair 'n' BrassColin Wallace 
Blandy MaryBarrie Bullimore 
Blank VerseFried de Metz HermanDetails
Blast #6Al OlsonDetails
Blathwayt's Favorite Details
Blaydon RacesWilliam ScottDetails
Blaydon Races Square  
Blazeing Star Details
Blazing Comet, The  
Bleak House  
Bleasdale CircleJeff Hoyle 
Bleck Jock Details
Bleeding Heart, The Details
Blenheim House Details
Blenheim Pound Details
Blessings of Peace, The Details
Bletchingley Square, TheColin Hume 
Blew Breeches Details
Blew Cap Details
Blind Beggar Details
Blind CatchChris PageDetails
Blind DateMelanie Axel-Lute 
Blind MaryKen SheffieldDetails
Bliss has no Street LightsAl Olson 
Blizzard Chimney Contra, TheGeoff CubittDetails
Blob's Reel, TheBill Sudkamp 
BlobsMarion RoseDetails
Bloom FiveAl OlsonDetails
Bloom of the Pea Details
Bloom OneAl Olson 
Bloomsberry Market Details
Bloomsbury Market Details
Bloomsbury Place Details
Blow away the morning Dew  
Blow the Candles OutJohn MeechanDetails
Blowing Stone, TheTom Hinds 
Blowsey Bellow  
Bloxholme, TheElsie Watson 
Blucher's Waltz Details
Blue and GoldElizabeth Goossen 
Blue and White Contra, TheLannie McQuaideDetails
Blue and Yellow SpaghettiAlan DaviesDetails
Blue BayouJonathan SouthardDetails
Blue Bell Reel  
Blue Bird Details
Blue Bonnets over the Border Details
Blue Bus Bounce, The  
Blue Circle Dance, TheHugh Rippon 
Blue CurtainsNaomi AlexanderDetails
Blue Eyed MaryJan Dale 
Blue EyesGordon BrooksDetails
Blue EyesInga Morton 
Blue FishKeith WoodDetails
Blue Hawaii  
Blue Heron WaltzTom AmesséDetails
Blue Jay ReelTom Hinds 
Blue KnickersMichael BarracloughDetails
Blue LemonadeWendy GrahamDetails
Blue Moon CloverSeth TepferDetails
Blue PersuasionChrystal Gallacci JonesDetails
Blue Petticoats Details
Blue Plate Special, TheMyrtle Wilhite 
Blue Primrose, TheKen SheffieldDetails
Blue Ridge BreakdownGene Hubert 
Blue RiverHeiner FischleDetails
Blue September SkyInga Morton 
Blue SpaghettiAlan DaviesDetails
Blue Stocking, The Details
Blue Tit at the Window, TheColin Wallace 
Blue-eyed PogoMartha WildDetails
Blue-Haired Girl, TheChuck RothDetails
Bluebell Hop, ThePam KallenderDetails
Blueberries and CreamFrieda Gratzon 
Blueberry HillFrieda Gratzon 
Bluebirds in BurlingameMartha WildDetails
Bluebirds on My ShoulderMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Bluebonnet WaltzFrieda Gratzon 
BluebonnetsJoseph Pimentel 
BluejayDavid Michael Cottle 
Bluemont ReelWarren HofstraDetails
Bluemont SpecialTom HindsDetails
Bluemount Reel #1 & #2Warren HofstraDetails
Blues DancesSeth TepferDetails
Blues TooErik Hoffman 
BlueshiftChris PageDetails
Bluewater Two StepEd PotterDetails
Blundel's Maggot Details
Blundering BluebottlesColin Wallace 
Blurring the LinesChris PageDetails
Blustery Day, ARon Coxall 
Blythe CompanyBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Boar's HeadKeith WoodDetails
Boat House ReelTom Hinds 
Boatman, The Details
BobMichael BarracloughDetails
Bob and Laura's 35thBob DalsemerDetails
Bob and Martha's Excellent AdventureJohn CoffmanDetails
Bob in the Bed Details
Bob of Dunblane Details
Bob's BeefJohn CoffmanDetails
Bob's BefuddlementLaura Mé SmithDetails
Bob's BirthdayMichael BarracloughDetails
Bob's BoogieBarb KirchnerDetails
Bob's BoomerangMike RichardsonDetails
Bob's BoomerangMike RichardsonDetails
Bob's DelightErik Hoffman 
Bob's FollyDerrick DennisDetails
Bob's Good and PlentyJohn CoffmanDetails
Bob's HaystackBob DalsemerDetails
Bob's High Quality BolognaJohn CoffmanDetails
Bob's J & LBob NicholsonDetails
Bob's New MixerBob Dalsemer 
Bob's Triplet #1Bob DalsemerDetails
Bob's ValentineChris RicciottiDetails
Bob's Your UncleJohn NanceDetails
Bobbing Joe Details
BobsledRick MohrDetails
Bodice and DoubletJohn GardenDetails
Bodmin Riding  
Body and SoleGeof OwenDetails
Bog BoogieAnna Rain 
Bohemian ContraHanny Budnick 
Bohemian Dance, The Details
Bohemian Waltz Details
Bohgenterzett Triolet 1810  
Boil the SapHenry Garfath 
Boil the SapRich Blazej 
Boil'd Goose with Snuff Sauce Details
Bois Cotillion, Les  
Bokma or BeerSimone VerheyenDetails
Bold Highlander, The Details
Bold Highwayman, TheRalph PageDetails
Bold Robber, TheColin Wallace 
Bole Hill DaisyNeil StuartDetails
Bolle Me OverBecky Hill 
Bolton or LincolnFried de Metz HermanDetails
Bolton's ReturnColin Wallace 
Bombast OneJohn SweeneyDetails
Bombasto Furioso Details
Bonaparte in a Knapsack  
Bonaparte's RetreatJoseph Pimentel 
Bonds of Harmony, TheFried de Metz Herman 
BonecrusherFried de Metz HermanDetails
Boney in the Dumps  
BonfireChris PageDetails
Bonn SquareRob SibthorpeDetails
Bonne Bouche Details
Bonner's FerryFrieda Gratzon 
Bonnets So Blue Details
Bonnie Ann's FancyAl OlsonDetails
Bonnie Cate Details
Bonnie Lass of Aberdeen Details
Bonnie Prince Charlie  
Bonnie ScotlandDennis Darke 
Bonnie's RantPhilippe Callens 
Bonny at MornAlan WinstonDetails
Bonny Breast Knot Details
Bonny Breast Knot Details
Bonny Charley Details
Bonny Cuckoo, TheGail TicknorDetails
Bonny Dundee Details
Bonny Grey-Ey'd Morn, The Details
Bonny Highland Laddie Details
Bonny JeanTed SannellaDetails
Bonny Kate of Perth Details
Bonny Lad Details
Bonny Lad and Bonny Lass Details
Bonny Lad, The Details
Bonny Laddy Details
Bonny Lads Details
Bonny Lads of Air, The Details
Bonny Lass of AberdeenLarry JenningsDetails
Bonny Lass of our Town Details
Bonny Lass, The Details
Bonny Lassy Take a Man Details
Bonny NellHeffer and PorterDetails
Bonny Sue Details
Bonsai KittenTed CraneDetails
Bonus RoundDon VeinoDetails
Boogaloo BugabooJohn CoffmanDetails
Boogie ValedictionColin Wallace 
BookendsRob SibthorpeDetails
BoomerangGene HubertDetails
Boomerang Effect, TheRoger AumanDetails
Boomps-A-TulipAl Brundage 
Boone Tavern ReelDon ArmstrongDetails
Boot, The Details
Booth's Hornpipe Details
BootleChris Turner 
Bootleg, One, Two or ThreeAl Olson 
Boots and Blades MazurkaJohn GardenDetails
Bora Dingo OasisSusan Kevra 
BordeauxGeoff ToddDetails
Border CrossingGeof OwenDetails
Border Minstrel, The Details
Bore la Bass Details
Bore, The Details
BoreaCor Hogendijk 
Bored of ApplesTom Hinds 
Boreham InterchangeRob SibthorpeDetails
Boring Meeting MaggotGary RoodmanDetails
Boris and Ines MixerHeiner FischleDetails
Born and BredGeof Owen 
Borne Races Details
BoroniaGeof OwenDetails
Borrow and Pay BackHenry Garfath 
Borrowdale Exchange Details
Bosbeek Christmas Mixer, TheAntony HeywoodDetails
Boscawen's Frolic Details
Bosco's BounceMark RichardsonDetails
Bosom-Booster, TheColin Wallace 
Boston '92Colin Hume 
Boston Assembly  
Boston Baked BeansAl OlsonDetails
Boston Baked Beans #2Al Olson 
Boston Baked Beans #3Al OlsonDetails
Boston Brown BreadAl Olson 
Boston Cream PieDon VeinoDetails
Boston Fancy Details
Boston March, (The) Details
Boston MidwifeNaomi AlexanderDetails
Boston Tea Party, TheJean ButlerDetails
Boston Two-Step Details
Boston' Delight  
Botany BayDick NewtonDetails
Bothersome Bug Becket, TheJim HemphillDetails
Bottle Brush, TheBernard BentleyDetails
Bottom of the NinthSeth TepferDetails
Bottoms UpFried de Metz HermanDetails
Bottoms UpGraham SpencerDetails
Bottoms Up 2John ChapmanDetails
Bottoms UptonTony SaletanDetails
Bouche à Bouche Details
Bounce-BackJohn CoffmanDetails
Bouncing BusterPeggy Hazell 
Bouncing BustlesColin Wallace 
Bound StatesChris PageDetails
Bouquet for a LadyJohn Wood (UK) 
Bouquet for BrendaFrieda Gratzon 
Bouquet ThreesomeTom Hinds 
Bouquet Waltz, The Details
Bourbon Hornpipe, The Details
BouréeCor HogendijkDetails
Bournemouth WavesPhilippe CallensDetails
Bouzer Castle Details
Bovine BlissErik Hoffman 
Bow & SwingLinda LeslieDetails
Bow BellsAileen WillsDetails
Bow is in the Clouds, TheMelissa TaggartDetails
Bow Legged CatJohn CoffmanDetails
Bow to the FiddlerAileen WillsDetails
Bow Vow Details
Bow Woman's Big MoveBill OlsonDetails
Bow's Fiddler is a Fiddler's Beau, TheMike RichardsonDetails
Bowdoinham ReelBill OlsonDetails
Bower of Roses, The Details
Bowers, TheSarah KaiserDetails
Bowery, The Details
Bowina's Farewell to LjouwertCor HogendijkDetails
Bowl of CherriesSue RosenDetails
Bowmen of Kent, The Details
Box Circulate IntroAl GreenDetails
Box or BalanceAl Olson 
Box the BugsAl GreenDetails
Box the Bugs No. 2Al GreenDetails
Box the Bugs No. 3Al GreenDetails
Box the CompassTony SaletanDetails
Box the Compass TripletMartha WildDetails
Box the Gnat ContraBecky HillDetails
Box the Gnat SquareSherry NevinsDetails
Box the Ocean Details
Box the WaveBrian DeMarcus 
Box'nswatLinda MroskoDetails
Boxer's RebellionJim HemphillDetails
Boxers at BolsterstoneColin Wallace 
Boxing DaySharon GreenDetails
Boxing DayDave Titus 
Boxing Day QuadrillePhilippe CallensDetails
Boxing Day Waltz ContraErik Hoffman 
Boxwood BillieDon ArmstrongDetails
Boxwood BillyDon ArmstrongDetails
Boy TroubleCharley HarveyDetails
Boys and Girls come out to play Details
Boys from (of) Urbana, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Boys from the NorthCor HogendijkDetails
Boys of Oakhill Details
Boys of Wexford, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
Boys' Night In, TheColin Wallace 
Brace YourselfScott HiggsDetails
Bracelet, TheInga Morton 
Bracken on the HeathFiona Birchall 
Brad and Kris ReelMartha WildDetails
Brad and Valerie's Excellent AdventureMike RichardsonDetails
Bradford QuadrilleTed Sannella 
Bradley!Ted HodappDetails
Bradstone Reel, TheJohn Reay 
Bradstow Reel, TheEddie UptonDetails
Brae Lads of Anandale, The Details
Braes of Auchtertyre, The Details
Braes of Dornoch Details
Braes of Kilmarnock, The Details
Braes of Kilsyth, The Details
Braes of Mar, The Details
Braes of Moneyhive, The Details
Braided RiverBob OlsonDetails
BrainstormScott Miller & Jonathan SivierDetails
Braintree HornpipeHerbie GaudreauDetails
BrainwashedJohn CoffmanDetails
Brainwashed BecketJohn CoffmanDetails
Bramble and GorseFiona Birchall 
Bramble Bush, ThePeggy Hazell 
Brambles, TheAl OlsonDetails
Brampton Moat Details
Brandenburg BridgeStew Shacklette 
Brandenburg Double DupleStew Shacklette 
Brandenburgh House Details
Brandy Details
Brandy Details
Brandy BubblesJohn MeechanDetails
Brandy MacFiona Birchall 
Brandy Sherbrooke Details
Brandy WharfElsie Watson 
Brandy's StarBill OlsonDetails
Brandywine, The Details
Branle in the BarnMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Brass KnockerJohn MeechanDetails
Brass Nuts Details
Brasstown Boogie ContraDonna Hébert 
Brasstown Gypsy, The  
Brattleboro BrassFried de Metz HermanDetails
Brave NewcomersTony Saletan 
Braye's Magott Details
Brays of Angus, The Details
Bread and WineMelissa TaggartDetails
Break a LegInga Morton 
Break DanceTom Hinds 
Break for 4 CouplesSeth Tepfer 
Break for 6 CouplesSeth Tepfer 
Break Number OneTom Hinds 
Break Number TwoTom Hinds 
Break TimeStew Shacklette 
Break-up is Hard to doBrian DeMarcus 
Breakdown à la KrausTony ParkesDetails
Breakfast SquareNeil StuartDetails
Breakfast with CoyoteBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Breaking the SpellBill PopeDetails
Breaking Through the Brozone LayerErik ErhardtDetails
Breaking TrailJim HemphillDetails
Breakup BreakdownCary RavitzDetails
BreakwaterJohn MeechanDetails
Breathing SpaceDavid SmuklerDetails
Breathless ContraSteve SchnurDetails
Brecon RevisitedBrian WedgburyDetails
Brenda's BrewColin Wallace 
Breslaw Waltz Details
Brexit StrategyPeter FosterDetails
Breydon Water  
Brian and MaryAlan DaviesDetails
Brian Boro Details
Brian Wedgbury's StrathspeyBrian WedgburyDetails
Brian's RambleNeil StuartDetails
Brian's ReelLes WootonDetails
Briarcliff ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Bribe, TheColin HumeDetails
Brick Makers, The Details
Brickfields, The Details
Bricklayer's Hornpipe Details
Bridal CircleMarilee StandiferDetails
Bridal Ring, The Details
Bride and Groom ReelMerri RuddDetails
Bride of the WindRod Linnell 
Bride's a Bonny Thing, TheDavid SmuklerDetails
Bride's Waltz, The Details
Bridesmaid, The Details
Bridge BayHal Rice 
Bridge of Athlone Details
Bridgecourt LaneFried de Metz Herman 
BridgegateMichael BarracloughDetails
Bridges of Königsberg, TheJohn GardenDetails
Bridges of New YorkFried de Metz Herman 
Bridges over MontpelierNils FredlandDetails
Bridget CruiseKen SheffieldDetails
Bridget's Christmas EveBob GreenDetails
Bridgewater Camp Details
Bridgwater BayHugh RipponDetails
Bridle Path, TheShirley Bunting 
Brief EncounterArthur MartinDetails
Brief EncounterMarjorie HendyDetails
Brief Encounter on the A2David BrightDetails
Bright and BeautifulColin HumeDetails
Bright and BreezyRobert MoirDetails
Bright as the MorningElizabeth GoossenDetails
Bright Copper KettlesKeith WoodDetails
Bright Golden HayesChris Turner 
Bright HorizonGlen Morningstar 
Bright MorningIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Bright Shiners, TheNeil StuartDetails
Bright Side, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Bright with JoyHilary HerbertDetails
Brighthelmstone Hot Bath Details
Brighton Bonnet, The Details
Brighton Camp Details
Brighton Express Details
Brighton SquareDick Playll 
Brighton Waltz Details
Brighton Waltz, The Details
Brimmer and May (Reel)Dan PearlDetails
Brimstone and TreacleColin Wallace 
Bring a ChairHilary HerbertDetails
Bring a TorchPat Wood 
Bring Back my BonnieMartha WildDetails
Bring Me FlowersGary Roodman 
Bring on the Dancing SearlsCharles Bolton 
Bringing in the MayNeil StuartDetails
Brisk and Airy Details
Brisk Young Lad, TheCor Hogendijk 
Brisk Young LadsMelanie Axel-Lute 
Bristol CourtMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Bristol Fair  
Bristol RubyHilary Herbert 
Bristol TurnsJohn NanceDetails
Britain, The Details
Britain's Glory Details
Britain's SuccessPete Coe 
Britains Glory Details
Britains Glory Details
Britains, The Details
British AirDavid Kaynor 
British Bucks, The Details
British Fair with 3 times 3 Details
British Grenadier(s), (The) Details
British Guards, The Details
British HeysAl OlsonDetails
British Olympian, TheGeof OwenDetails
British Retreat  
British Sailors Hornpipe, The Details
British Sorrow Details
British Toper, The Details
British White Feathers  
Brittans Success  
Brixham Reel Details
Broad in the BeamColin Wallace 
Broad WalkRob SibthorpeDetails
Broadstairs Barn-Dance, TheColin HumeDetails
Broadway TriangleGeof OwenDetails
Brocklesbury Hall Details
Broke Off Mountain ReelBarrie Bullimore 
Broken Brig of Stirling, The Details
Broken Chain, TheKen Alexander 
Broken Fiddle, The Details
Broken HeySeth TepferDetails
Broken Mirror, TheBill OlsonDetails
Broken SixpenceDon ArmstrongDetails
Broken StarGlen Morningstar 
Broken Windows Details
Broken Wrist, TheColin Wallace 
Bromely Assembly Details
Bromley Bells Details
Bromyard SquareColin HumeDetails
Bronti Waltz, The Details
Brook and Hilliar Details
Brookfield FancyHerbie GaudreauDetails
Brooklyn DandyDavid SmuklerDetails
Brookville Reel Details
Broom Hill JigHenry Garfath 
Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom Details
Broome Park HousePat SkeltonDetails
Broomstick JigJohn Wood (UK)Details
Brown Bag ReelDonna CalhounDetails
Brown Bag Reel, TheDonna McAllister 
Brown Bread Details
Brown Paper PackagesKeith WoodDetails
Brown University ContraLinda LeslieDetails
Brown-eyed Maid, (The)Glen Nickerson 
Brown-Eyed Mary  
Brown's Reel Details
Bruce Castle Cotillon Details
BrudmarschRob SibthorpeDetails
Brunswick Centenary, The Details
Brutus Details
Brynglass FarewellHilary HerbertDetails
Bryon's BoutadeFried de Metz HermanDetails
Bubba's DanceCarol Ormand 
Bubba's Dance #2Carol Ormand 
Bubbles in the Sand BoxConnie CarringerDetails
Bubbles in the TubJohn CoffmanDetails
Bubbles Incident, TheDon VeinoDetails
Bubbles MixerBob HowellDetails
Bubbling BobDon Flaherty 
Bucket, The Details
Bucketfull of ButterfliesColin Wallace 
Buckingham House Details
Buckley's Favorite Reel  
Bucks AssemblyLena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Bucks of EuropaPat Wood 
Bucks of Westmeath, The Details
Bucksaw ReelHerbie GaudreauDetails
Buckside KnoweColin Wallace 
Buddy's BecketDon ArmstrongDetails
Buena Vista  
Buff-Coat Details
Buffalo Gals Details
Buffalo Gap SquareColin HumeDetails
Buffalo Girls Details
Buffalo QuadrilleEd GilmoreDetails
Buffalo ReunionDavid MillstoneDetails
Buffalo StampedeTom Hinds 
Buffing the FloorDon Flaherty 
Buford's March Details
Bug Breakdown, TheJim HemphillDetails
BugabooChris PageDetails
Bugbees Hole Details
Bugle Horn, The Details
Bulldoze a DoeColin Wallace 
BullseyeJohn MeechanDetails
Bullstrode House  
Bully of the Town Details
Bulock's HornpipeColin HumeDetails
Bumbling Beadles, TheKeith WrightDetails
Bumbling in the ShowerEric SmithDetails
Bunch of Fives  
Bunch of Fives, TheColin HumeDetails
Bunchley's BransleVictor SkowronskiDetails
Bundle of Hey, AKen Bonner 
Bunessan BayJohn Wood (UK) 
Bunter's Delight, The Details
Bunters Joke, The Details
Buonaparte's Expedition Details
Buonapartes Defeat Details
Burgoyne's Defeat  
Burgundy's Flight Details
Burke LakeTom Hinds 
Burlesdon BurstRob SibthorpeDetails
Burlesdon TrotRob SibthorpeDetails
Burley Details
Burley Griffin BourréeJohn Garden 
Burley Mariners Details
Burlington House Details
Burn the Bellows Details
Burning Candle, TheHenry Garfath 
Burning the BaconSteve ZakonDetails
Burning the BaconSteve ZakonDetails
Burning the WoodDon Flaherty 
Burnished CopperVictoria YeomansDetails
Burr in the Fur, AInga Morton 
Burton WoodsKen Alexander 
Burtonwood JigRoland HigsonDetails
Bury Fair Details
Bury Volunteers Hornpipe, The Details
Bury WakesJeff Hoyle 
Bus Stop, TheBill OlsonDetails
Bush FireRon Coxall 
Bush PartyMogens Hansen 
Bushy Park Details
Busie Body, The Details
Buskin Details
Buskin II Details
Bust to BustMogens Hansen 
Busted Rib BreakdownNicholas RockstrohDetails
Bustlers, The Details
Busy as a BeeJohn CoffmanDetails
Busy BeesToos HeesakkersDetails
Busy Fellows, TheJohn GardenDetails
Busy LineCharles BoltonDetails
Busy LizzieInga Morton 
Busy TimeTom Hinds 
Busy, Busy, BusyColin HumeDetails
BusybodiesJohn CoffmanDetails
Busybody, The Details
But is it any Good?David GilksDetails
Butcher's Hornpipe Details
Butler's DanceAlan DaviesDetails
ButterGene HubertDetails
Butter her upJohn CoffmanDetails
Butter LipsMartha WildDetails
Butter'd Pease Details
ButterbumpJohn CoffmanDetails
Butterchurn, TheRon Coxall 
Buttercross, TheColin HumeDetails
ButtercupSarah KaiserDetails
Buttercup ReelGene HubertDetails
Buttercups and DaisiesJan Dale 
Buttered BeansRob SibthorpeDetails
Buttered Peas Details
ButterfieldRob SibthorpeDetails
ButterfingersGraham FosterDetails
ButterfliesCary RavitzDetails
Butterflies and ChaosRob SibthorpeDetails
Butterflies Gone WildJim HemphillDetails
Butterflies in CloverKeith WoodDetails
Butterflies in the BarnChris PageDetails
ButterflyDon Flaherty 
Butterfly BonanzaJim HemphillDetails
Butterfly Fly AwayPeter FosterDetails
Butterfly Hornpipe Details
Butterfly KissBob IsaacsDetails
Butterfly LoopDick WexelblatDetails
Butterfly MeadowBob OlsonDetails
Butterfly or the Puppets, The  
Butterfly ReelTed SannellaDetails
Butterfly RingsPeter FosterDetails
Butterfly SilverNeil StuartDetails
Butterfly WingsAnne WelchDetails
Butterfly, The  
Butterfly, TheColin Hume 
Butterfly's CaterpillarEd ShawDetails
Buttermilk BiscuitsDavid SmuklerDetails
Butternut SquashAl OlsonDetails
Butterscotch ContraRichard CastnerDetails
Buttock of Beaf Details
Button SoupBill PopeDetails
ButtonholesRob SibthorpeDetails
Buxom Betty Details
Buzz and Sally BeginGlen Morningstar 
Buzz the StarBrian DeMarcus 
Buzzard in the HeyMarilee StandiferDetails
Buzzards BayPat ShawDetails
By GeorgeGeorge WalkerDetails
By Hook or by CrookJohn CoffmanDetails
By the ByesAudrey Laver 
By the Sweat of your BrowMelissa TaggartDetails
By the WayIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Byard's LeapJohn MeechanDetails
Bye-byeAlex FunkDetails
Bye, Bye HaloJohn GallagherDetails
Bye, Bye, BaltimoreBob DalsemerDetails
Byland AbbeyDon ArmstrongDetails
ByzantiumGeof OwenDetails
C & B ReelLinda LeslieDetails
C & D's Wedding DanceFrances Hough 
C & M's ContraVictoria YeomansDetails
C & NPhilippe CallensDetails
C and J's JigAileen WillsDetails
C and J's JigRoger Whynot 
C.C.Steve Schnur 
C.J. MixerCal CampbellDetails
C.W. for Twenty YearsToos Heesakkers 
C# Major and MinorRon T BlechnerDetails
Cabin FeverAlice MorrisDetails
Cabin Fever Contra CureJim HemphillDetails
Cabinet of Monkies Details
Cabot School MixerTed SannellaDetails
CacaoBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Cactus WrenMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Cadger's Other CaperGary RoodmanDetails
Cadgers' CaperGary RoodmanDetails
Cadiz Dance, The Details
Caedmon CapersEddie UptonDetails
Caen Hill Flight, TheJohn Wood (UK) 
Caen Hill StaircaseTaco Sikkema 
Caernarvon Castle (Castell Caernarfon) Details
Caerphilly Fair (Ffair Caerffili)Margretta Thomas 
Caerphilly March Details
Café au LaitDon Flaherty 
CajolleryRob SibthorpeDetails
Cakemaker, TheJeff Hoyle 
Cakewalk, The  
Cal and IreneDan PearlDetails
Calabria Details
Calabria, The Details
Calais Sally Details
Calamitous Milkcrate CaperErik ErhardtDetails
Calaveras County ContraHenry Garfath 
Calder Fair Details
Calder Fair Details
Caledonia Reel, The Details
Caledonian Laddie, The Details
Caledonian LadyDon Armstrong 
Caledonian Quadrilles Details
Caledonian RoadChris Turner 
Caledonian, The Details
Caledonian's Galop, The  
Calico and Crinoline Details
Calico Girls, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
CaliforniaKen Alexander 
California BecketPeter FosterDetails
California CarouselMargot Gunzenhauser 
California CloverRick MohrDetails
California CloverleafMargot GunzenhauserDetails
California ContraTony ParkesDetails
California Dreaming #1Leonard EllisDetails
California Dreaming #2Leonard EllisDetails
California Dreaming #3Leonard EllisDetails
California FarewellCarol Ann Krug Graves 
California Gypsy Star, TheJim HemphillDetails
California Hay Ride  
California QuickieNick Hawes 
California Reel Details
California Star Boxing FleaGeoff CubittDetails
California SunshineGary Roodman 
California TwirlAl GreenDetails
California Twirl No. 2Al GreenDetails
California Twirl No. 3Al GreenDetails
California Twirlin'Janet LevatinDetails
California Twirlitzer, TheMichael BarracloughDetails
California(n) CloverRick MohrDetails
Californian PromenadeHeiner FischleDetails
Californian, TheHenry Garfath 
Call MeCary RavitzDetails
Call of the Pipes Details
Call the PlumberSarah KaiserDetails
CallbackHeiner FischleDetails
Caller Herring Details
Caller's Choice, TheLeif Hetland 
Caller's DelightRod Linnell 
Caller's Widow, ThePeggy HazellDetails
Caller's Wife, TheTed SannellaDetails
Calling All DancersInga Morton 
CalliopeColin HumeDetails
CalliopeJohn SweeneyDetails
Calliope ContraDon Flaherty 
Callison Hall JigDon ArmstrongDetails
Callthorpe Cozy ContraFiona Birchall 
Calm WatersRay GoodswenDetails
Calto Hill Details
Calvin Crest ContraDon ArmstrongDetails
Calypso and Telemachus Details
Calypso Dance, The Details
Calypso Quadrilles Details
Camberwell Details
Cambridge Hexagon II, TheColin HumeDetails
Cambridge Hexagon, TheColin HumeDetails
Cambridge ReelHugh StewartDetails
Cambridge Waltz I, The Details
Cambridge Waltz II, The Details
Cambro Britons 1, The Details
Cambro Britons 2, The Details
Cambro Britons 3, The Details
Cambro Britons 4 Details
Camden Y ContraRalph Page 
Camden's CapJohn CoffmanDetails
Camden's Cap and GownJohn CoffmanDetails
Camdentowne CowpathsFrieda Gratzon 
Camel TrainRob SibthorpeDetails
Cameron has got his Wife again Details
Cameron's Rant  
Cameronian Rant Details
Camille's QuadrilleWalter LenkDetails
Cammasia ReelShirley Bunting 
Cammy's La Bastringue  
Camp Harlam ReelMark WidmerDetails
Camp House ReelPat ShawDetails
Camp is Rolling, TheGlen Morningstar 
Camp of Pleasure, The Details
Camp Sertoma SlideDavid McMullenDetails
Camp Town Hornpipe Details
Camp WannadanceTom Hinds 
Campaign, The Details
Campbells Are Coming, (The) Details
Camphouse HornpipeGary RoodmanDetails
Camptown RacesJaap KrugDetails
Camptown Reel  
Can Doli  
Can of WormsBob IsaacsDetails
Can't be SureRon Coxall 
Can't Say GoodbyeJack BrownDetails
Can't WaitStew Shacklette 
Canadian Barn Dance Details
Canadian BreakdownRalph PageDetails
Canadian Lancers  
Canadian Pacific 8-4-3Rob SibthorpeDetails
Canadian Pacific C-4-4Rob SibthorpeDetails
Canadian Pacific Dream 1 & 2Keith WrightDetails
Canadian Set  
Candlelight Waltz QuadrilleDon Armstrong 
Candles in the DarkLoretta HolzDetails
Candy AppleDon Armstrong 
Candyman Rag  
Cannock ChaseCharles BoltonDetails
Cannon Hill PromenadePenn Fix 
Canon BarnsRob SibthorpeDetails
Canonbury RingJohn Wood (UK) 
Canopy, The Details
Cantaloupes Can't ElopeLeonard EllisDetails
Canterbury CanterMiss Ferguson (NZ) 
Canterbury Revel Details
Canterbury Waltz, The Details
Cantiga MinuetRob SibthorpeDetails
Canyon ContraDon Armstrong 
Cap ChatBill OlsonDetails
Cape Breton SquareRalph Page 
Cape Cod HalloweenLinda LeslieDetails
Cape Cod ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Cape Cod StarsLinda LeslieDetails
Cape Fear ContraBob DalsemerDetails
Cape Fear RiverDavid McMullenDetails
Cape Girardeau JiveJim HemphillDetails
Cape HolidaysLinda LeslieDetails
Cape LeeuwinKeith WoodDetails
Cape May DiamondMargot Gunzenhauser 
Cape May DiamondsDon Flaherty 
Cape Trafalgar Details
Caped CrusaderBob GreenDetails
Caper ye Gaily, like a CapercaillieColin Wallace 
Capering Caterers, TheColin Wallace 
Capers at Canterbury Details
Capers at ZeistLena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Capers in the SnowEllen Taylor 
Capital LadsGary Roodman 
Capitulation, TheMargot Gunzenhauser 
Capn Gilmours Fancy Details
Capo Volto Details
CapodannoRob SibthorpeDetails
Capper Fey Details
CappodociaRob SibthorpeDetails
Cappuccino ReelDon Flaherty 
CapreseSarah KaiserDetails
Capricious Lovers, The Details
Capricorn Waltz, TheCarolyn Parrott 
Capstan Fiddler, TheJean ButlerDetails
Capstan Reel,The  
Capstan, TheMargot Gunzenhauser 
Capt Fotheringham Details
Capt McDonald's Rant Details
Capt Wyke Details
Capt. Oakes' Whim Details
Captain Brisbane's Frolic  
Captain Catton's Maggot Details
Captain Cook's Country Dance Details
Captain Corbet's Maggot Details
Captain Fleming Details
Captain Hannam's Hornpipe Details
Captain Heaviside Details
Captain Hooks's Crocodile CasseroleJohn CoffmanDetails
Captain JackColin Wallace 
Captain Jolliffe's Fancy Details
Captain Kirk's HalibutJohn CoffmanDetails
Captain Macintosh Details
Captain Mackintosh Details
Captain Mackintosh Details
Captain Mackintosh's Strathspey Details
Captain Maitland Details
Captain McCann Details
Captain Peter’s MaggotGeof Owen 
Captain SmoothSarah KaiserDetails
Captain TightpantsRon T BlechnerDetails
Captain Tom Details
Captain White Details
Captain Wyke Details
Captain Wyke Details
Captain's Maggott Details
Captains TwoOnie Senyk 
Caraboo in America Details
Caravan CrossingBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Cardinals' Confusion, TheKeith WrightDetails
Cards on the TableJohn CoffmanDetails
Careless Sally Details
Careless Sally Details
Carey's Minuet Details
Caribbean ContraDon ArmstrongDetails
Carillon at Sneek, ThePat ShawDetails
Carillon de Chateau, LeKeith WrightDetails
CarinaAl OlsonDetails
Carina's VariationMichael FuerstDetails
Carl's Double NickelRich GossDetails
Carla's ContraCary RavitzDetails
Carla's Stellar DayWendy GrahamDetails
Carla's Stellar NightWendy GrahamDetails
Carla's StompDonna CalhounDetails
Carleton House Details
Carlisle Double Star, TheWalter Lenk 
Carlton Maggot Details
Carmen's HatKathy Anderson 
Carmen's ScarfPaul BallietDetails
Carnatic ClapdanceEthyl AndersonDetails
CarnivalPat ShawDetails
Carnival NightAudrey Laver 
Carnsallack Details
Caro Dolce Details
Caro Dolce Details
Caro Dolce Details
Carol O'Joseph Pimentel 
Carol of the BellsJohn Garden 
Carol's DelightTom Hinds 
Carol's Fault(s)Peter Stix 
Carol's Kiel TempestCarol David-BlackmanDetails
Carol's NeckAileen WillsDetails
Carol's ReelChris PageDetails
Carol's Triplet #4Carol Ormand 
Carole and Bill get a ToasterSeth TepferDetails
Carolina CrossingGene HubertDetails
Carolina FarewellPhilippe CallensDetails
Carolina RollawayGene HubertDetails
Carolina SwingGene HubertDetails
Caroline's Fancy Details
Caroline's SpecialGlen Morningstar 
Caroline's Stellar StompWendy GrahamDetails
CarouselDon FlahertyDetails
Carousel MescolanzaHeiner FischleDetails
Carousel Waltz, TheJohn GardenDetails
Carousel, TheBill WoldingDetails
Carousel, TheTom HindsDetails
Carpe DiemFried de Metz HermanDetails
Carpenter, The Details
Carpenter's Maggot Details
Carpet TacksLarry Jennings 
Carpet VectorsRobert CromartieDetails
Carpinteria Forever!Gary Shapiro 
Carré de DouzeEric LimetDetails
Carribbean ContraDon ArmstrongDetails
Carrie's DanceKaty HeineDetails
Carried AwayCary RavitzDetails
Carrot Cake and CandlesDonna HuntDetails
Carrot Fields of Antwerp, TheMargot Gunzenhauser 
Carrots Before BreakfastPeter ThompsonDetails
Carrots, Salmon, Marmalade & Sour CreamMelissa TaggartDetails
Carshalton GroveEllen Taylor 
Cart's ReelThelma ThompsonDetails
Cartwheel SquareGeof OwenDetails
Casanova's Big NightRyan SmithDetails
Casbah Queens, TheDavid McMullenDetails
CascadeColin HumeDetails
Cascade ContraKaty HeineDetails
Cascade of RollsLuke DonforthDetails
CascadesOrace Johnson 
Casino PolkaTony ParkesDetails
Caspian TernDavid Michael CottleDetails
Cassette ContraAl Olson 
Cassie's FancyFried de Metz Herman 
Cast a Bell  
Cast Away WaltzAlan WinstonDetails
Cast BackNeil StuartDetails
Cast of Stars, APeter FosterDetails
Cast Off ContraHeiner FischleDetails
Cast Up Details
CastawayJohn Wood (UK)Details
Castaways, TheColin Wallace 
Casterton CapersPhilippe CallensDetails
Casterton ContraColin Wallace 
Castigated NeighborBob GreenDetails
Castillian Dance, The Details
Casting PretoriaDon Armstrong 
Casting SixpenceDon Armstrong 
Casting StarsStew Shacklette 
Castle Bride  
Castle Down Details
Castle Durrow Details
Castle PointRob SibthorpeDetails
Castle Squares Contra  
Castner's ContraRich(k) CastnerDetails
Cat and Fiddle Details
Cat in Pattens, The Details
Cat in the Corner, TheAl Olson 
Cat in the WindowFried de Metz HermanDetails
Cat's CradleCharles BoltonDetails
Cat's CradleFrieda Gratzon 
Cat's Mew, TheTed CraneDetails
Cat's Smirk, TheTed CraneDetails
Catapult ContraJohn Garden 
CataractKeith WoodDetails
Catastrophe AvertedRon T BlechnerDetails
Catch a Falling StarMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Catch All EightMelanie Axel-Lute 
Catch and ReleaseCharley HarveyDetails
Catch and Release and CatchErik ErhardtDetails
Catch Club, The Details
Catch if you canJudy EricksonDetails
Catch me if you canJim HemphillDetails
Catch of the DayChris PageDetails
Catch PhraseCary RavitzDetails
Catch SomebodyLinda MroskoDetails
Catch the Contra BugJim HemphillDetails
CatchflyJan Dale 
Catching of Fleas Details
Catching of Quails Details
CatdancerColin HumeDetails
Catherine WheelKeith WoodDetails
Catherine Wheel, TheAnn Higley 
Catherine Wheel, TheColin Hume 
Catherine Wheel, ThePeggy Hazell 
Catherine's CallingJoseph Pimentel 
Catherine's Other QuiltTrevor MonsonDetails
Cats and More CatsMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Catterpillar TrailColin Wallace 
Caught from BehindTom LehmannDetails
Caught in a NetteKeith WoodDetails
Caught in an EggbeaterAl Olson 
Caught in the ActDonna CalhounDetails
Caught in the ActDonna McAllisterDetails
Caught NappingKeith WrightDetails
Cauldron, ThePeter FosterDetails
Caulking JigColin HumeDetails
Cavalier's Mazurka, TheJohn GardenDetails
Cavalier's Return, TheKeith WrightDetails
CavemanJim HemphillDetails
Cavendish Court  
Cavewoman #8Jim HemphillDetails
Cawsand Reel  
Cawstorphine Fair Details
Cayman Island ContraDon ArmstrongDetails
Cayman Island RevisitedDon Armstrong 
Cayuga ReelRoger KnoxDetails
CDS ReelTed SannellaDetails
Ceary Owen Details
Cecelia SwirlKamela Bogle 
Cecil Sharp HouseColin HumeDetails
CeciliaPat ShawDetails
CeciliaInga Morton 
Cecilian Circle  
Cecily CircleKen KernenDetails
Cedar HouseDon ArmstrongDetails
Cedar Street ShufflePenn FixDetails
Ceilidh ContraMark ElvinsDetails
Celandine, TheJan DaleDetails
Celebrated Opera Reel  
Celebrating 60Linda LeslieDetails
Celebrating 70Linda LeslieDetails
Celebrating in RehobothLinda LeslieDetails
Celebrating SixtyLinda LeslieDetails
CelebrationLinda LeslieDetails
Celebration DancePam WarrenDetails
Celebration FivesomeJanet PalmerDetails
Celebration of SpringFried de Metz HermanDetails
Celebration ReelRon Frohock 
Celebration Six TwoNeil StuartDetails
Celebration SpecialLena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Celebration SquareKeith WrightDetails
Celebration, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Celestial Butterfly, TheJim HemphillDetails
Celestial NavigationJohn CoffmanDetails
Celibacy ReelJane Sekulski 
Cell Phone JigGary KnoxDetails
Cellar DoorTimothy GrantDetails
Celt's New Dance, AGary RoodmanDetails
Celtic ConnectionsJeff Hoyle 
Celtic Knot, TheCorinne HolroydDetails
Celtic Spiral, TheJohn GardenDetails
Centennial ReelRick MohrDetails
Centennial, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
Centers Roll BackAileen WillsDetails
Central Bower, TheColin Wallace 
Centre of FriendsColin HumeDetails
Centre of the BridgeGeoff ToddDetails
Centrifugal HeyGene HubertDetails
Cerceau Cotillion, Le  
Cercle Cotillion, Le  
Ceremonial MirrorJonathan KingDetails
Cetacean CreationColin WallaceDetails
CetrariaJan Dale 
Ceylon! See Ya LaterAmy BrewerDetails
CFO ReelLarry JenningsDetails
Cha Cha ChathamMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Chain 'n' HeyJohn SweeneyDetails
Chain All EightKathy AndersonDetails
Chain and PromenadeAl GreenDetails
Chain and StarMargot Gunzenhauser 
Chain AwayJohn Wood (UK) 
Chain BreakGene Hubert 
Chain BridgeApril BlumDetails
Chain GangRob SibthorpeDetails
Chain Ladies ChainRon BuchananDetails
Chain of RocksSarah KaiserDetails
Chain on Both CornersTony Parkes 
Chain ReactionCal CampbellDetails
Chain ReactorTed CraneDetails
Chain SlingerJim HemphillDetails
Chain SwingerTom Hinds 
Chain the CornerChris PageDetails
Chain the Hey (Returns)Becky HillDetails
Chain the LadiesRichard WilsonDetails
Chain the LineRod Linnell 
Chain the Right TriangleChris PageDetails
Chain the SwainBecky Hill 
Chain the TriangleChris PageDetails
Chain them AllSeth Tepfer 
Chain them Right and LeftTed SannellaDetails
Chain Through the StarColin HumeDetails
Chaîne en Huit Details
Chained MenGene HubertDetails
Chains Across Details
Chains of LoveJohn CoffmanDetails
Chains of LoveColin Wallace 
Chainsaw OrbitJonathan KingDetails
Chainsaw ReelDon LennartsonDetails
Chairman's Excursion, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Chairman's Retreat, TheColin Wallace 
Chairman’s RevengeGeof OwenDetails
Chalet ShuffleMark ElvinsDetails
Chalfont House Details
Chalks Hornpipe Details
Chama River ReelMerri RuddDetails
ChampagneJenna SimpsonDetails
Champaign CocktailJonathan SivierDetails
Champion ChaseRob SibthorpeDetails
Champion, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Chance CreekColin Wallace 
Chance Dance ContraJim HemphillDetails
Chance Dance Scrambled EggsJim HemphillDetails
Chance Encounter, AMichael FuerstDetails
Chance EncountersGene HubertDetails
Chance, The Details
Chancellor of the ExchequerWendy Crouch 
Chanctonbury RingDick PlayllDetails
Chandlers' JigKeith WrightDetails
Change Alley Details
Change at PrestonRoger Whynot 
Change for the Good  
Change SidesIrene StephensDetails
ChangelingSharon GreenDetails
Changeling IntuitionJoseph PimentelDetails
Channel 4  
Chanukah HopSarah MasonDetails
Chaos CirclePeggy HazellDetails
Chaos in Room 6Ken BonnerDetails
Chaos in the CosmosRussell OwenDetails
Chaos on CambiePeggy Roe 
Chaos PieMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Chaos Set to Music  
Chapel AmbleNeil StuartDetails
Chapel HillMike JonesDetails
Chapel Hill ContraBeth OkunDetails
Chapel HouseLena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Chaplet,The Details
Chapter of Flowers, A Details
Charismatic MegafaunaLinda LeslieDetails
Charity Boy Details
Charlene's CelebrationGary RoodmanDetails
Charleton Kings, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Charley Stuart  
Charley's Spin Off #3Charley HarveyDetails
Charlie in the WindowBill OlsonDetails
Charlie is my DarlingColin Hume 
Charlie Over the Water  
Charlie PilzerMichael BarracloughDetails
Charlie's Free Flowing ElixirDon VeinoDetails
Charlotte Cotillion, Le  
Charlotte's DilemmaJenna SimpsonDetails
Charlton Lads, The Details
CharmDon Flaherty 
Charm BraceletMelanie Axel-Lute 
Charm City ContraPerry ShafranDetails
Charmed I'm SureOnie Senyk 
Charmer, The Details
CharmingPeggy Samuel 
Charming Betsy Details
Charming Maid Details
Charms of the Fair, The Details
Charter SquareKathleen ClarkDetails
Chase EightAl OlsonDetails
Chase Me !Colin HumeDetails
Chase OneAl OlsonDetails
Chase RamblerArthur MartinDetails
Chase Round CannockGeoff ToddDetails
Chase the DoldrumsFrieda Gratzon 
Chase the Lady  
Chase the Squirrel  
Chase TwoAl OlsonDetails
Chased by ButterfliesJim HemphillDetails
Chasin Around th BasinJim HemphillDetails
Chasing AaronChris PageDetails
Chasing ButterfliesJim HemphillDetails
Chasing ChickensJim HemphillDetails
Chasing FireGrant GoodyearDetails
Chasing Frog  
Chasing the HensRachel GoodwinDetails
Chasing the LByron RickerDetails
Chassard Hornpipe  
Chateau du Loy, Le  
Chatham HarbourChris Turner 
Chatsworth House Details
Cheat Lake GypsiesVarious authorsDetails
Cheat Lake TwirlAndrew SwaineDetails
Cheat or Swing Details
Cheat the Lady  
Chebeague Stars StrollJohn McIntireDetails
Cheechako ReelBrian DeMarcus 
Cheekbone CityJohn SweeneyDetails
Cheeky Jack TarRay GoodswenDetails
Cheerful Girl  
Cheerily and Merrily Details
Cheers for the Happy PairPam StallworthyDetails
Cheery BeggarRob SibthorpeDetails
Cheery O'LearyDavid ZinkinDetails
Cheese Grits with JalapenoSeth TepferDetails
CheeseburgerJohn CoffmanDetails
Cheesewring, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Chelmsford Assembly Details
Chelmsford Circle, ThePeggy Hazell 
Chelsea Reach Details
ChelwaterRob SibthorpeDetails
ChelweaverRob SibthorpeDetails
Chere's MomJohn NanceDetails
Cherish the LadiesTom Hinds 
Cherish the LadiesDon Flaherty 
Cherokee KerfluffleMartha WildDetails
Cherokee ShuffleDavid KaynorDetails
Cherokee SwingMark WidmerDetails
Cherries and Berries  
Cherries and ChocolatesMiriam NewmanDetails
Cherry BlossomGeof Owen 
Cherry Garcia Ice CreamJohn NanceDetails
Cherry Picking SwingLuke DonforthDetails
Cherry StonesJudy LinesDetails
Cherry Tree, The  
Cheshire Cat, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Cheshire CheeseRoland HigsonDetails
Cheshire CountyKen Bonner 
Cheshire HornpipeRalph PageDetails
Cheshire IIAl BrozekDetails
Cheshire Round Details
Cheshire Rounds Details
Chesleigh HouseElsie Watson 
ChessColin HumeDetails
Chess Dance, TheJohn GardenDetails
Chester Jigg Details
Chester Ladies  
Chester Races Details
Chestnut Details
ChestnutCécile Laye 
Chestnut (Variation)Cor HogendijkDetails
Chestnut FarewellGary RoodmanDetails
Chestnut SquareErnst van Brakel 
Chevey Chase  
Cheviot RantGeorge MitchellDetails
Chew Chew CharlieBill OlsonDetails
ChezMogens Hansen 
ChicagoTrevor MonsonDetails
Chicago ChallengeAl OlsonDetails
Chichester Bells Details
Chichester House ReelSteve Zakon 
Chickadee SplitJoseph Pimentel 
Chickaloon ReelBrian DeMarcus 
Chicken BingoMartha WildDetails
Chicken on a LeashJohn CoffmanDetails
Chicken RunNeil StuartDetails
Chicken SoupDon Flaherty 
Chicks are Here, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
ChicoryCary RavitzDetails
Chigwell RowPat ShawDetails
Child with TeaCor HogendijkDetails
Child's Christmas in Berkeley, ASharon GreenDetails
Childe Harold Details
Childgrove Details
Childgrove Country BreakdownMogens Hansen 
Childgrove CuddleMariah FabryDetails
Children, Go where I send TheeMike RichardsonDetails
Childwall ChimesKathleen FreemanDetails
Chili Pepper No. 1Steve SchnurDetails
Chili Pepper No. 2Steve SchnurDetails
Chili Pepper No. 3Steve SchnurDetails
Chili Pepper No. 4Steve SchnurDetails
Chime BellsTod WhittemoreDetails
Chimes of DunkirkDudley LaufmanDetails
China Ruby ReelJohn Chapman 
China Tea Pot  
Chinese BreakdownBarry MouleDetails
Chinese BurritosTom Hinds 
Chinese FandangoHilary HerbertDetails
Chinese New YearChris PageDetails
Chinese Shoe Breakdown, TheGene HubertDetails
Chinese Wedding, TheAl Olson 
Chingford CelebrationJohn Wood (UK)Details
ChinookKeith WoodDetails
Chintimini's ShadowBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
ChipotlesDale Rempert 
ChippendaleJohn Carroll 
Chippendale OrnamentLarry JenningsDetails
Chippenham ChaserColin HumeDetails
Chippenham CheerioColin Wallace 
Chippenham SquareColin HumeDetails
Chipping LaneBrian WedgburyDetails
Chips and HamNeil StuartDetails
Chirping of the Larke, The  
Chirping of the Nightingale  
Chiverian Quadrilles Details
Chloe Camille de MonchyJohn RitchieDetails
Chloe's Farewell Details
Chocolate Equation, TheBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Chocolate for BreakfastBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Chocolate Frog, TheFiona Birchall 
Chocolate in the Peanut ButterChris PageDetails
Chocolate is the AnswerBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Chocolate MooseBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Chocolate Round O, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Chocolate SmoothieJim HemphillDetails
Chocolate SwirlsDale RempertDetails
Choice MorselsFried de Metz HermanDetails
Choose the WayAl OlsonDetails
Choosy Chappies, TheColin Wallace 
Choreographer's Fancy, TheJohn GardenDetails
Chorus Jig Details
Chorus Jig Details
Chorus of Crocus, AJan Dale 
Chris & Lisa Found Each OtherGrant GoodyearDetails
Chris Kermiet's Lemon-Dill DressingChris Kermiet 
Chris's CarouselChris WestwickDetails
Chris's TriangleJulie TissingtonDetails
Chrissemas DayFried de Metz HermanDetails
Chrissie Stars AgainCary RavitzDetails
Chrissie's ContraCary Ravitz 
Chrissie's StarsCary RavitzDetails
Christ-Church Bells in Oxon Details
Christchurch Bells Details
Christchurch Bells (Feuillet) Details
Christening, The Details
Christian BridgeEric LimetDetails
Christian's JigMike SchuhDetails
ChristinaNaomi AlexanderDetails
ChristineGary RoodmanDetails
Christine, Come Dance with usAlan DaviesDetails
Christine's ConundrumColin HumeDetails
Christmas '96Martha WildDetails
Christmas Apple BlossomGeof Owen 
Christmas at ZeistPhilippe Callens 
Christmas BeckettChris Turner 
Christmas BellsRob Sibthorpe 
Christmas Bows and BellsIrene and Keith WrightDetails
Christmas Cheer Details
Christmas CheerPat Wood 
Christmas Course QuadrillePhilippe CallensDetails
Christmas Crackers  
Christmas Dance 2005Rick KaufmanDetails
Christmas Eve Details
Christmas Eve QuadrilleTom HindsDetails
Christmas FrolicsKeith WrightDetails
Christmas GreetingsMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Christmas Hornpipe Details
Christmas HornpipeDavid SmuklerDetails
Christmas Hornpipe Details
Christmas HornpipePeter FosterDetails
Christmas HornpipeColin HumeDetails
Christmas is Coming  
Christmas MixerChris KermietDetails
Christmas Rose, TheKeith WrightDetails
Christmas ShoppingInga Morton 
Christmas StarsChris PageDetails
Christmas TreeRob SibthorpeDetails
Christmas Tree, The Details
Christmas Waltz, TheColin Hume 
Chrokee SwingMark WidmerDetails
Chronometric Quartet, TheColin Wallace 
ChrysalisBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
ChrysalisDon Flaherty 
Chrystal SaylorChrystal Gallacci JonesDetails
Chuck the BudgieRick MohrDetails
Chuck Ward's WhirlFried de Metz Herman 
Chug, The  
Chugwater ContraHenry Garfath 
Church Farm Gallop  
Church in the HighlandsFried de Metz HermanDetails
Church St  
Churchill GardensRob SibthorpeDetails
Churn OutGlen Morningstar 
Churning the CheeseColin Wallace 
Chyredon ChaseAlison Matthews 
Cicilian Circle  
Cincinnati Hornpipe Details
Cincinnati RagRob SibthorpeDetails
Cincinnati Reel Details
Cincinnati SwingGene Hubert 
Cinco de MayoDon Flaherty 
Cinderella Waltz  
Cindy's WeddingBob Weinstock-Collins 
CinerariaInga Morton 
Cinnamon TreeDon Flaherty 
Cinquanti è Pin Details
Cinque TerreaDon Flaherty 
CinquefoilShirley Bunting 
Circadian RhythmsLynn AckersonDetails
Circassian Circle, The Details
Circassian ContraCharles BoltonDetails
Circassian SquareCharles BoltonDetails
Circe's CharmCharles BoltonDetails
Circle 3 and Under the ArchHugh Rippon 
Circle ¾ No. 1Al GreenDetails
Circle ¾ No. 2Al GreenDetails
Circle ¾, Pass ThruHeiner FischleDetails
Circle ContraRod LinnellDetails
Circle DoStew Shacklette 
Circle for BethKen AlexanderDetails
Circle for SimonePhilippe CallensDetails
Circle Four and Split those TwoTed SannellaDetails
Circle HornpipeJim BillsonDetails
Circle Left, Moir or LessColin Wallace 
Circle Line to Sloane SquareColin AndrewsDetails
Circle Line, TheJohn Wood (UK)Details
Circle Mixer Details
Circle MixerHeiner FischleDetails
Circle Mixer Details
Circle of ConfusionColin Wallace 
Circle of DelightDon Flaherty 
Circle of FriendsJim Kitch 
Circle of FriendsSteve ZakonDetails
Circle of FunLinda LeslieDetails
Circle of LoveSusan KevraDetails
Circle of NineJudith Veevers 
Circle of TraditionFried de Metz HermanDetails
Circle on the CuspDrew Tronvig 
Circle Sarabande, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Circle Three & Balance FourAbe Kanegson 
Circle Three QuartersTony Parkes 
Circle Three-Quarters, Pass ThroughTed SannellaDetails
Circle to a CircleGene HubertDetails
Circle to a Line ContraHeiner FischleDetails
Circle to Don  
Circle to the MiddleTed SannellaDetails
Circle Waltz Details
Circle WaveShirley Bunting 
Circle, The Details
CirclesColin Wallace 
Circles and StarsAl GreenDetails
Circles of FourInga Morton 
Circles of SilverTrevor MonsonDetails
CircletKeith WoodDetails
Circling the MoonTed CraneDetails
CircuitousKeith WoodDetails
Circul'eight'Jack BrownDetails
Circular Affair, AJim HemphillDetails
Circular HeysRoger Gifford 
Circular LogicChris PageDetails
Circular MirrorsJohn SweeneyDetails
Circular SawInga Morton 
Circulating SixpenceEd BugelDetails
Cistern, The Details
Citronella MorningBill OlsonDetails
City and Country WaltzFried de Metz Herman 
City BranleCathy LesurfDetails
City of LightSusan Kevra 
City of Paris  
City of Philadelphia  
City of Washington  
City Stages SquareSusan KevraDetails
City Volunteers, The Details
Civil Engineer, TheVictor SkowronskiDetails
Civility Details
CJ's DelightAmy KahnDetails
CK Circle DanceDon TheykenDetails
Claire-Voyant, TheColin Wallace 
Clam ChowderLinda LeslieDetails
Clam Digger PromenadeLinda LeslieDetails
Clan Alpine Strathspey, The Details
Clandestine Clan DanceInga Morton 
Clansmen's Circle, The  
Clap of Thunder, ASharon GreenDetails
Clap Waltz, TheJohn GardenDetails
Clapham Frolick Details
Clapham JunctionRob SibthorpeDetails
ClaptrapPeggy HazellDetails
Clarance HousePat ShawDetails
Claremont House Details
Clarence of the West HighlandsCharlene Thomson 
Clarissa Details
Clarity Number One and TwoMogens Hansen 
Clark(e)'s ReelBill YeomansDetails
Clasemont Details
Class III RapidsBrian DeMarcus 
Classic ContraPete CampbellDetails
Claudia in the TubDavid ZinkinDetails
ClaygateRob SibthorpeDetails
ClayMatesBob DalsemerDetails
Clayton's CowDon PrimroseDetails
Clean as a WhistleBob IsaacsDetails
Clear Lake Contra - RevisedLee GugertyDetails
Clear the AisleSarah KaiserDetails
Clear the DeckRich Blazej 
Clear the WayAl Olson 
CleopatraSarah KaiserDetails
Cleric's Delight, TheKeith WrightDetails
Clerics' Farewell, TheKeith WrightDetails
Clevedon Sicilian IIPat ShawDetails
Clevedon Sicilian, ThePat ShawDetails
Clever CornersMae FraleyDetails
Cliff Park Barn Dance  
Cliffs of Albion, The Details
Clifftop SpecialBrian DeMarcus 
Clifton Springs Details
Clifton Walkway, TheAudrey Laver 
Climbing up the Golden StairsDon ArmstrongDetails
ClintoniaFried de Metz HermanDetails
Clints and GrikesHilary Herbert 
ClipperDon Flaherty 
Clock in the Window, TheMasha GoodmanDetails
Clockleboat Jig  
Clockmender's Jig,TheColin AndrewsDetails
Clocks go Back Tonight, TheColin HumeDetails
Clocks go Forward Tonight, TheColin HumeDetails
Clockwise CapersMaria Taylor 
Clog DancePat ShawDetails
Clopton BridgeJohn ChapmanDetails
Close EncountersFiona Birchall 
Close Encounters of the Contra KindAl Olson 
Close Enough for Government WorkRich Blazej 
Close FriendsMike Richardson 
Close FriendsSimone Verheyen 
Close HarmonyColin HumeDetails
Closed ShopHenry Garfath 
Closing ThymeColin HumeDetails
Clothespins and Rubber ChickensErik WebergDetails
Cloud ShadowsGene HubertDetails
Clouds FormingGene Hubert 
Cloudy SkiesGeof OwenDetails
Clout, The Details
Cloved Orange, TheJohn Garden 
Clover Chain, TheAl Olson 
Clover CirclePhilippe CallensDetails
Clover HillRob SibthorpeDetails
Clover WineKen Alexander 
CloverfieldSarah KaiserDetails
Cloverleaf Waltz, TheJohn GardenDetails
CloverleavesMadeleine SmithDetails
Clowance in the RainPeggy Samuel 
Clueless in SeattleTony MatesDetails
Cluster ContraDon Flaherty 
ClusterphobiaFried de Metz Herman 
Clutching at StrawsGeof OwenDetails
Co-Op Contra, TheFrieda Gratzon 
Co-Star, TheNeil StuartDetails
Coach and Horses  
Coach Box, The Details
Coachman's Puzzle, TheJohn GardenDetails
Coal Country ContraRon BuchananDetails
Coast to CoastOrly Krasner 
Cobalt and GalenaCarol Ormand 
Cobbler's Hornpipe, TheJenny BeerDetails
Cobbler's Hornpipe, The Details
Cobbler's JigBrian WedgburyDetails
Cobbler's Jigg Details
Cobbs Hill ReelEd ButenhofDetails
Cobo ContraLannie McQuaideDetails
Cocarde Blanche Details
Cocheco HornpipeMal HaydenDetails
Cock and Bull Details
Cock Ey'd Brown Details
Cock o' the NorthJeff Hoyle 
Cock-Eyed Octopus, TheColin Wallace 
Cockadobby HillFiona Birchall 
Cockeyed Hey No. 1Al OlsonDetails
Cockeyed Hey No. 2Al OlsonDetails
Cockeyed SusanAl OlsonDetails
Cockle ShedsRob SibthorpeDetails
Cockle Shells Details
Cockle-ButtonsDave MartinDetails
Cockleboat JigJohn SmartDetails
Coconut Cream PieLynn AckersonDetails
CoconutsIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Codman HallFried de Metz Herman 
Coeur d'Alène ContraRoger DiggleDetails
Coffee Break  
Coffee Grinder, TheJim HemphillDetails
Coffee HousingWendy Crouch 
Coffee TimeStew Shacklette 
Cofio y CymruKeith WoodDetails
CogsPat SkeltonDetails
Cogs and WheelsColin AndrewsDetails
Coke the FloorManan RoseDetails
Colchester StarColin Hume 
Cold and Raw 1 Details
Cold and Raw 2 Details
Cold AugustTed CraneDetails
Cold ComfortGary RoodmanDetails
Cold Frosty MorningDoug ProtsikDetails
Cold TurkeyTom Hinds 
Cold Weather WaltzFried de Metz HermanDetails
Cole Country RevisitedDavid ColestockDetails
Coleman's MarchTed CraneDetails
Coleman's ReelGeoff CubittDetails
Colin Hume.comColin Wallace 
Colin's BackColin HumeDetails
Colin's BMXTrevor MonsonDetails
Colin's Carnival RideRick MohrDetails
Colin's ColoopsColin WallaceDetails
Colin's ShirtColin Hume 
Colin's TambourineColin HumeDetails
Coll Taylor's Waltz Details
Coll(i)(y)er's Daughter, The Details
Collaboration, ThePaula Kelley & Val MedveDetails
Collective ResponsibilityGeoff ToddDetails
Collective, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
College Hornpipe Details
College Hornpipe Details
College Hornpipe, (The) Details
College Hornpipe, The Details
College Street ReelHilton Baxter 
Collier's DaughterJames AlexanderDetails
Collier's Daughter, The Details
Collier's Daughter, The Details
Collier's Daughter, The Details
Colliggi, The Details
Colly Flower Cotillion, TheKen Sheffield 
Cologne Polka  
Colonel Greville's Waltz Details
Colonel John Irwin Details
Colonel McLeod's Reel Details
Colonel Norman Vaughan's ReelBrian DeMarcus 
Colonel North's Contra InsurgencyErna-Lynne BogueDetails
Colonel Robinson's Quick Step Details
Colonel Wemyfs Details
Color Outside the Lines (East End Hey)Seth TepferDetails
Colorado and All ColoradoBob GreenDetails
Colorado Contra CornersDevin Nordberg 
Colorado Mountain SkyDon Armstrong 
Colorful CornerTom ThoreauDetails
Colors and ComputersOnie Senyk 
ColteromPat ShawDetails
Columbia ContraGene Hubert 
Columbia, ThePenn Fix 
Columbian ReelColin Wallace 
Columbine's Dance Details
Columbus AnniversaryFred Todt 
Columbus Cotillion  
Columbus DayAl OlsonDetails
Columbus Rekindling, AJoseph Pimentel 
Combi HornpipeCor HogendijkDetails
Come along Joan Details
Come and See meAileen WillsDetails
Come Back to SorentoColin HumeDetails
Come Brave Boys Details
Come Fly with WendyColin Wallace 
Come from the Devil Details
Come Haste to the WeddingRalph SweetDetails
Come into my ArmsJacob Bloom 
Come Join the DanceJim Kitch 
Come Join the DanceElizabeth GoossenDetails
Come Let us all be Merry Details
Come Let us be MerryRob SibthorpeDetails
Come Let's Be Merry Details
Come Sweet LassTom CookDetails
Come TogetherGeof OwenDetails
Come What MayJohn CoffmanDetails
Come with meRick MohrDetails
Come with mePeggy Samuel 
Come with Voices SingingJoseph PimentelDetails
Come, My Love  
Comeback ContraMartha WildDetails
Comet ContraHerman HeynDetails
Comet ContraDon Flaherty 
Comet Trail, ThePete GrassbyDetails
Comet Waltz, The Details
Comet Waltz, The Details
Comet, The Details
Comet, The Details
Comet, The Details
Comets Tail, The Details
Comfort DeluxeRick MohrDetails
Comical Fellow, The Details
Comical Joke Details
Coming and GoingGary RoodmanDetails
Coming D'rectlyValerie Webster 
Coming HomeAl Olson 
Coming HomeDon Flaherty 
Coming Home from ToohollieJanet ShepherdDetails
Coming Home to TohollieJanet Shepherd 
Coming of AgeColin Wallace 
Coming Round the Mountain Details
Command of EnglishPeter Stix 
Commemoration, The Details
Comment vous Portez vous Mademoiselle Details
Commissary, The Details
Commodore's Return Details
Common CourtesiesChris PageDetails
Common Decency Rag, TheDavid SmuklerDetails
Common Tern, TheLarry JenningsDetails
Communist PlotJohn CoffmanDetails
CompanionlessSharon GreenDetails
CompanionsVictor SkowronskiDetails
Companions at 75Graham FosterDetails
Company ManJohn CoffmanDetails
Compass AkimboRob SibthorpeDetails
Compass, TheColin Wallace 
Compleat Tangler, TheColin Wallace 
Complementary ContraGene Hubert 
Completely ImproperAlan Gedance 
Complexity and ConfusionLynn DouglasDetails
Compliments to the WhitfieldsDave TurnerDetails
Composition 24Greg Frock 
Compost Pile BreakdownGene HubertDetails
Compulsory FiguresErna-Lynne Bogue 
Con-sequenceEllen Taylor 
Con's MaggotCor HogendijkDetails
Conceal'd Health, A Details
Concentrated MindsGeof Owen 
Concentric CirclesJim Kitch 
Concertina ChairTed CraneDetails
Concertina Man, TheNeil StuartDetails
Concord MarchTony Parkes 
ConcordanceTed SannellaDetails
Concordia ReelLou ShapiroDetails
Cone 10Peter Stix 
Coney Walk, The Details
Confess Details
Confused MemoriesHeiner FischleDetails
Confused Sir?Ray GoodswenDetails
Confusion IllusionTom Hinds 
Confusion SayCam(m)y Kaynor 
CongratulationsSimone VerheyenDetails
Congratulations UllaErni NeistrupDetails
Congress Minuet  
Congress of BunkbedsJohn CoffmanDetails
Congresswoman, TheJenna SimpsonDetails
Coniston SquareColin Hume 
Conjuring L'AmourJohn Garden 
Connaught GardensAudrey Laver 
Connect the DotsBob Isaacs 
Connecticut Contra, TheDon ArmstrongDetails
Connecticut River FantasyChris RicciottiDetails
Connection Details
Connectrix, TheRick MohrDetails
Connie's ContraBob DalsemerDetails
Connie's HeyDon TheykenDetails
Connoisseur's ContraMadeleine SmithDetails
Conquerors of Algiers, The Details
Conquest of Corsica Details
Consensual Madness Details
Consider HydrogenMartha WildDetails
Consider-EightWendy Crouch 
Conspiracy of Women, ACarl DreherDetails
Constant Billey Details
Constant ContraMitch PingelDetails
Constant Couple, TheJohn Wood (UK) 
Constant HeyGlen Morningstar 
Constant Leander Details
Constant Lover, The Details
Constant Nymph Details
Constellation SquareDon WardDetails
Constitution Cotillion,The  
Constitution Hornpipe Details
Constitution of America  
Contemporary California ReelChris PageDetails
Contented Shepherd, The Details
Contest, The Details
Continuous and Mostly DifferentiableDavid MandelbergDetails
Contra 101Grant GoodyearDetails
Contra Bass JoeJohn CoffmanDetails
Contra CanonChris PageDetails
Contra Carol, AJoseph Pimentel 
Contra ClockwiseDonna McAllister 
Contra Clockwise #1Donna CalhounDetails
Contra CloversCary RavitzDetails
Contra CockaigneDevin NordbergDetails
Contra ComplicationsMark ElvinsDetails
Contra ConnectionDale Rempert 
Contra Connection, ThePeter Baker 
Contra CornerYoyo ZhouDetails
Contra Corners ThreesomeTony SaletanDetails
Contra Corners Triplet #1, 2, 3Diane Silver 
Contra CurrentsCary RavitzDetails
Contra DanceMark Elvins 
Contra Dancing is FunInga Morton 
Contra FlowMark ElvinsDetails
Contra for BarrieMogens Hansen 
Contra for CulverMark Elvins 
Contra for LindaGrant GoodyearDetails
Contra for MargieTed SannellaDetails
Contra Good TummasJeff KaufmanDetails
Contra HeritageMelanie Axel-Lute 
Contra in a BoxJohn MeechanDetails
Contra MadnessGene Hubert 
Contra Matrix Resolution, TheChris PageDetails
Contra MixerHenry Garfath 
Contra Number OneNeil StuartDetails
Contra Number One AgainNeil StuartDetails
Contra on the BeachHeiner FischleDetails
Contra PrimerMelanie Axel-Lute 
Contra Quad No. 1Frieda Gratzon 
Contra RoyaleChris Turner 
Contra SonicMichael BarracloughDetails
Contra SquareTed Sannella 
Contra StarsKen BonnerDetails
Contra-accordiansScott HiggsDetails
Contra-CordiansScott HiggsDetails
Contra-IndicatedPeter Stix 
Contra-IndicationsMark ElvinsDetails
Contraband HeyAl OlsonDetails
ContrablendCary RavitzDetails
ContradictionDon Flaherty 
ContradictionBob DalsemerDetails
ContrafluenceTed CraneDetails
ContraindicatedKeith WoodDetails
ContranellaDonna CalhounDetails
ContrapositiveCarol Ormand 
ContraptionKeith WoodDetails
ContraQuad (Reel)Seth TepferDetails
Contrarian CornersMike SchuhDetails
ContrarotationDon ArmstrongDetails
Contrary Contra, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Contrasations One and TwoAl Olson 
ContrasonicMichael BarracloughDetails
ContraventionTed SannellaDetails
Contre QuintainJohn Garden 
Contredance de Paris Details
Contry CousinsDon Armstrong 
Contry Dance  
Conundrum, TheRod HordleyDetails
Convention, The Details
Convertible Sofa, TheAl OlsonDetails
Convolution 1` & 2Merri RuddDetails
Conway CastleTed HarndenDetails
Cook and the Mimic, TheNeil StuartDetails
Cook's FallsTed CraneDetails
Cook's Falls ProTed CraneDetails
Cook's Feet, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Cookie Man, TheSue RosenDetails
Cookies and CreamCary RavitzDetails
Cookoo's NookGeof OwenDetails
Cookow, The Details
Cool and Cozy 1 & 2Diane Silver 
Cool BreezesVictor SkowronskiDetails
Cool MoonNaomi Alexander 
Cool NovemberJohn MeechanDetails
Cool Whip (Dairy Whipped Topping)Marilee StandiferDetails
Cool Your JetsJohn CoffmanDetails
Coomber's QuadrilleMark ElvinsDetails
Coos Bay Contra  
Copecrest Contra Details
Copenhagen CarnivalInga Morton 
Copenhagen Hornpipe, The Details
Copenhagen Interpretation, TheMicah SmuklerDetails
Copenhagen MixerInge AakildeDetails
Copenhagen Waltz Details
Copenhagen Waltz, The Details
Copper ElephantSarah KaiserDetails
Coppett CottageGeof Owen 
Copy CatOnie Senyk 
Copycat Swing, TheHilary HerbertDetails
CoralRob SibthorpeDetails
Coral-ationGeof Owen 
Coray's Silver JubileeCarol OrmandDetails
CordialityCharles BoltonDetails
Coreja WalsCor HogendijkDetails
Corelis Gavot Details
Corelli's GavotKen SheffieldDetails
Corelli's MaggotCathy and John MillarDetails
Cores in Common was the Cause, of CourseColin Wallace 
Corinet, The  
Corinthian Hornpipe Details
Coriolus EffectMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Corkscrew Jig, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Corn CirclesGeof OwenDetails
Corn Rigs Details
Corned Beef QuadrilleBurt Schwartz 
Corner and BackAlex FunkDetails
Corner Chain, AOnie Senyk 
Corner House, The Details
Corner StarThomas ChristopherDetails
Corner TripletLinda LeslieDetails
Corners at DawnPeter Stix 
Corners in ContainmentMarilee StandiferDetails
Corners in Marstons MillsLinda LeslieDetails
Corners Out!Colin Wallace 
CorniceRob SibthorpeDetails
Cornish Floral DanceFried de Metz Herman 
Cornish Six-Hand Reel Details
Cornish Three Hand Reel  
Cornish WaltzJ. Francis CarterDetails
Cornplanter, The  
Coronado QuadrilleDon ArmstrongDetails
Coronation Dance Details
Coronation Day, The Details
Corporal Trim  
Corporation, The Details
Corridor of Uncertainty, TheColin Wallace 
Corris Whim Details
Corsair, The Details
Cortland FancyDavid SmuklerDetails
CorydonFried de Metz HermanDetails
CorylusFried de Metz HermanDetails
Cosack, The Details
Cosmic ContraJim HemphillDetails
Cosmic HighwayDavid Gilks 
CosmosCary RavitzDetails
Costume, The  
Costumer's Delight, ThePhilippe Callens 
Cosy ContraJohn GardenDetails
Cosy NellaOrace JohnsonDetails
Cotee River ReelDon Armstrong 
Coterie, The  
Cotery, The Details
Cottage Waltz, The Details
Cottagers, The Details
Cottey House Details
Cotton Arkwright's Reel Details
Cotton Eyed Joe Details
Cotton ReelsVictoria YeomansDetails
Cottontail RagSteve SchnurDetails
CottonwoodBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Cottonwood CanyonBob Proctor 
Cottonwood ContraJerome GrisantiDetails
Cottonwood ReelGene Hubert 
Coughton CourtTom CookDetails
Could BeBarbara Coole-RichmanDetails
Count Leon Details
Count Platoffs Waltz Details
Count Tallard Details
Count the DustMelissa TaggartDetails
Count Wartensleben Details
Counter Clock-WeissDon VeinoDetails
Counter FlowGene HubertDetails
Counter RevolutionJim HemphillDetails
CounterbalanceJohn CoffmanDetails
CounterespionageInga Morton 
CounterweightJohn CoffmanDetails
Countess Craven's Waltz Details
Countess of Carnarvon's Strathspey Details
Countess of Gosford's Fancy Details
Countess of Moira's Lilt Details
Countess of Pembroke's Fancy Details
Countess of Powis's Fancy Details
Countess of Sutherland, The Details
Countess of Sutherland's Reel Details
Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy Details
Counting SheepMargot Gunzenhauser 
Countless MomentsRob SibthorpeDetails
Countr(e)y Coll, The Details
Country Attorney, The Details
Country Bumkin Details
Country BumpkinMichael BarracloughDetails
Country BumpkinMichael BarracloughDetails
Country Capers  
Country Clover  
Country Coll, The Details
Country Courtship Details
Country CousinsDon Armstrong 
Country DancePat ShawDetails
Country Dance RomanceDavid SmuklerDetails
Country Doctor's ReelVarious authorsDetails
Country Doctor's Reel (Variation)Merilee KarrDetails
Country FairTed SannellaDetails
Country Farmer 2, The Details
Country Farmer, The Details
Country FayreGreg Reynolds 
Country FrolicsKeith WrightDetails
Country GardenWendy Crouch 
Country Garden, The Details
Country LifeStew Shacklette 
Country of Marriage, TheSusan KevraDetails
Country Wedding, The Details
Countryman's HatIrene CrewDetails
County Coll Details
County RouteRob SibthorpeDetails
Coupez par deux, quatre, six Details
Couple for All SeasonsToos HeesakkersDetails
Court JesterShirley Bunting 
Courteous ExpressGene HubertDetails
Courteous Greeting I & II, TheAnn Higley 
Courtesies to the GentsSargon de JesusDetails
Courtesy BreakChris PageDetails
Courtesy, TheWil van den BergDetails
Courtly Acrostic, AJohn Garden 
Courtship Polka, TheJohn GardenDetails
Courtyard AssemblyJohn StapledonDetails
Courtyard HouseFried de Metz Herman 
Cousin Gizmo's ContraTom Hinds 
Cousteau ReelRob SibthorpeDetails
Covalent Square, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Covent GardenColin HumeDetails
Covent Garden Row Details
Coventry CarolJohn Garden 
Covering the CracksColin Wallace 
Covet Thy NeighborPeter Stix 
Cowboy SquareIan Whitehead 
Cows are WatchingVarious authorsDetails
Cows are Watching VariationCary RavitzDetails
Cox Heath Details
Cozy Clover SwingOrace Johnson 
Crabapple LaneGary Roodman 
Crackenberg Castle Details
Crackers!Colin Wallace 
Cracknels, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Craftsman, The Details
Craggy GardensBecky Hill 
Cranberries and KumquatsElsie WatsonDetails
Cranberry Coffeehouse CelebrationCharlene Thomson 
Cranberry MuffinsTed CraneDetails
Cranbourn Lodge Details
CranbrookMike MossmanDetails
Cranbury HeyEd PotterDetails
Cranbury ReelEd PotterDetails
Crane's DancePamela GoddardDetails
CranfordFiona Birchall 
Cranky IngenuityBill OlsonDetails
Crash LandingVarious authorsDetails
Crashing WavesJim HemphillDetails
Crawford's Waltz, The Details
Crazy Daisy MixerDon Armstrong 
Crazy Daisy, TheGene HubertDetails
Crazy Dance of Sauvagnat, TheEric LimetDetails
Crazy EightsTom Hinds 
Crazy EightsRoger DiggleDetails
Crazy FootDon Flaherty 
Crazy for Cape ContraMariah FabryDetails
Crazy Jane Details
Crazy Little ThingKeith WoodDetails
Crazy MarieSol WeberDetails
Cream Coloured PoniesKeith WoodDetails
Cream Pot Details
Cream Tea on SundayFiona Birchall 
Creamed PossumJohn NanceDetails
Crepes with RicottaErik ErhardtDetails
Crescent MoonDon Flaherty 
Cressons, TheGary Roodman 
Crestwood Reel  
Crewe CornerPat WoodDetails
Cricket, The Details
Cricket's DelightKent KoeningerDetails
Crickets at NightJohn NanceDetails
Cricklepit Waltz, TheDennis DarkeDetails
Crimson VelvetGary Roodman 
Crinkle's ContraPeter Stix 
Crinkum-CrankumMark Richardson 
Crisp Apple StrudelsKeith WoodDetails
Criss Cross (Reel)Margot GunzenhauserDetails
Criss-Cross (Reel)Herbie GaudreauDetails
Criss-Cross HeysBob Isaacs 
CrisscrossPeter FosterDetails
Croatian Waltz  
Crochet Hook, TheMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Crockett's Walk Details
Crocks in the CornerGlen Morningstar 
Croen Y Ddafad Felan (Welsh)  
Croft's OriginalDavid StephensDetails
Crofter's Circle, The  
Crondall Hundred, TheFiona Birchall 
Crook County ContraHenry Garfath 
Crook's PeakAlan Davies 
Crooked S Details
Crooked StileRickey Holden 
Crooked Stogie ReelHarry BrauserDetails
Crooked Stovepipe, The Details
Crooked Tree, TheNeil StuartDetails
Crop the Croppies Details
Crop the Croppies Details
Crosbey-Square Details
Cross and ChainTom Hinds 
Cross CurrentsInga Morton 
Cross EyedJim HemphillDetails
Cross GarteredJohn Garden 
Cross HandsKenneth and Sibyl Clark 
Cross Hands Four Details
Cross HeyCary RavitzDetails
Cross My HeartJenna SimpsonDetails
Cross over the WaterDon BellDetails
Cross PurposesJohn CoffmanDetails
Cross PurposesChris PageDetails
Cross RoadsKeith WoodDetails
Cross RobinCary RavitzDetails
Cross the DivideJack BrownDetails
Cross the GirlsStew Shacklette 
Cross the SquareInga Morton 
Cross the WayJim YorkDetails
Cross Trail ExpressGene HubertDetails
Cross Trail Through VariationTony ParkesDetails
Cross-FireIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Cross-hand Polka  
Cross-Over Jig, TheJohn RitchieDetails
Cross-stitchesInga Morton 
Crossed KeysBetty WardropperDetails
Crossed LinesKeith WoodDetails
Crossed PurposesIan A. EngleDetails
Crossed the LineJohn CoffmanDetails
Crosses and NoughtsJohn Wood (UK)Details
Crossin' CanonColin Wallace 
Crossing HeysInga Morton 
Crossing SixStew Shacklette 
Crossing the BarShirley Bunting 
Crossing the BridgeFried de Metz HermanDetails
Crossing the DykeCor HogendijkDetails
Crossing the LineBarry Grant 
Crossing the QuinnipiacJim GregoryDetails
Crossing the RubiconHilary HerbertDetails
Crossing, TheGeof OwenDetails
Crosskeys BridgeLoretta HolzDetails
CrosspatchGeof OwenDetails
CrossroadsKeith WoodDetails
Crossroads ContraPeter Baker 
Crossroads, TheSascha GlimmannDetails
CrosswalkCary RavitzDetails
CrosswalkMartha WildDetails
Crossways ContraMargot Gunzenhauser 
Crow FlightRick MohrDetails
Crowcombe 274John ChapmanDetails
Crowded Hall, TheLarry Jennings 
Crowded ReflectionsEd ShawDetails
Crowlink Walk, The  
Crown and Pinion Details
Crown Prince, The Details
Crown Prince, The Details
Crown the YearFried de Metz Herman 
Crowning Touch, TheAl OlsonDetails
Croydon Fair Details
Crumbs in the DiaperSusan Elberger 
Crunchy BeesMartha WildDetails
Crunchy CheeseCarol Ormand 
Crunchy Nut DelightNeil StuartDetails
Crusty Old SaltRoger Diggle 
Crystal Eyes for YouBob GreenDetails
Crystal Lake CaperGeorge Lowrey 
Crystal PoolTom Hinds 
Crystal SpringOrly KrasnerDetails
Crystal Waltz, ThePeggy HazellDetails
Cubett's ArrowMark Elvins 
Cubitt? Quadruplet!Colin Wallace 
Cuckfield Place Details
Cuckkoo Dance, The Details
Cuckold's Point Details
Cuckolds All A Row Details
Cuckoo, The Details
Cuckoo's NestJim Kitch 
Cuckoo's Nest, The Details
Cuckoo's NookGeof OwenDetails
Cuckow Details
Cuckow, The Details
Cuirassers Details
Culford Heath Camp Details
Cultural Capital QuadrillePhilippe CallensDetails
Culver City ContraJames HutsonDetails
Culver Lodge Details
Culver Lodge Details
Cumberland ContraJohn SweeneyDetails
Cumberland Galopede Details
Cumberland Long Eight Details
Cumberland Reel Details
Cumberland Reel, The Details
Cumberland Reel, The Details
Cumberland Reel, The Details
Cumberland Square Eight, The Details
Cumbertwelve 1 & 2Eric LimetDetails
Cumbriana JonesColin Wallace 
Cup of JoeSarah KaiserDetails
Cup of JoeRick MohrDetails
Cupid Disarm'd Details
Cupid Disarm'd 2 Details
Cupid in Armour Details
Cupid in Ireland Details
Cupid's Arrows Details
Cupid's Bow Details
Cupid's Bridge Details
Cupid's Crusty LipsJohn CoffmanDetails
Cupid's GardenHeffer and PorterDetails
Cupid's Garden Details
Cupid's HeyJim HemphillDetails
Cupid's QuiverColin Wallace 
Cupid's RevengeJenna SimpsonDetails
Cure for the Claps, TheBob Isaacs 
Cure for the Heart Ache Details
Curly CuesErik HoffmanDetails
Curly Haired GirlTom Hinds 
Curly QuesErik HoffmanDetails
Current EventsEric ZornDetails
Currie MountainMary PughDetails
Curry HillRob SibthorpeDetails
Curtissy TurnColin Wallace 
Curves and WaysChris PageDetails
Cut Away 2, 4, 6 Details
Cut to the ChaseBill Baritompa 
Cut to the QuickColin Wallace 
Cut-Out Jig  
Cutty SarkRob SibthorpeDetails
Cutty Wren, TheJohn Garden 
CVI CVII CVIIIHenry Garfath 
Cycling MayCor HogendijkDetails
CycloneChris PageDetails
Cygnus WaltzKeith WoodDetails
Cymro o b'e or The Welsh Question Details
Cynthia's DelightAlan DaviesDetails
Cynthia's Reel  
Cynthia's WaltzGene MacemonDetails
Cyril's MaggotCarolyn Parrott 
CyzrabaraVictoria YeomansDetails
Czech Dance  
D+ Petronella LinearLuke DonforthDetails
D10V3Al Olson 
D2V2Al OlsonDetails
D39Al Olson 
D47Al Olson 
D62V4Al OlsonDetails
D63V2Al Olson 
D63V3Al Olson 
D63V4Al OlsonDetails
D74V1Al Olson 
D77V8Al Olson 
D78V1Al Olson 
D80Al Olson 
D88V1Al Olson 
D88V2Al Olson 
D91Al Olson 
Dabney Hall (Contra)Gene HubertDetails
Dacre's Double ProgressionDacre Hancock 
Dacw Fuwch  
Dad's Day DanceStew Shacklette 
Dad's Lancers MixerMartha WildDetails
Daddy's Little GirlChart GuthrieDetails
Daff 93Mogens Hansen 
Daffie's BecketJohn GallagherDetails
Daffodil ExpressGene HubertDetails
Daffodil, The Details
DaffodilsDave KerridgeDetails
Daffodils in the SunElizabeth Goossen 
Daffy's BecketJohn GallagherDetails
DahliaBrian WedgburyDetails
Dainty Fine Bride, The Details
Daisied Mead, The Details
Daisy ChainPeter FosterDetails
Daisy ChainCary RavitzDetails
Daisy ChainPeggy Hazell 
Dal Caro's Hornpipe Details
Dale HeyJeff Hoyle 
Dale StreetJohn CoffmanDetails
Dale's Scatter PromenadeSue Reeves 
Dalkeith Palace  
Dallas RouteBuck BennyDetails
DallianceJim HemphillDetails
Dalliance at the DeliJim HemphillDetails
Dalliance Disarm'dColin Wallace 
Dalmatian ShoresTerry Glasspool 
Dam It Details
Dam RobinsJames WilliamsDetails
Dam RobinsMartha WildDetails
Dame Francoise Cotillion, La  
Damen vor HerrenJohn Garden 
Damian's DanceDon Armstrong 
Damme Details
DampierJames AlexanderDetails
Damsel in DistressHilary HerbertDetails
Damson WalkBernard BentleyDetails
Dan and Glenn's Practice Wedding ContraCarol Ormand 
Dan's Delight Details
Danbury DazeRob SibthorpeDetails
Danbury HeightsRob SibthorpeDetails
DanceLarry JenningsDetails
Dance 'til You DropColin Wallace 
Dance All DayJim HemphillDetails
Dance All NightRick MohrDetails
Dance all Night Details
Dance and DreamCary RavitzDetails
Dance Basse Details
Dance Camp DilemmaBill PopeDetails
Dance DeamerJim KitchDetails
Dance f.k.a. Roll in the Hey, TheDale Rempert 
Dance for Andreas, ASeth Tepfer 
Dance for Dan, ABill OlsonDetails
Dance for Diane, AKen Bonner 
Dance for Ever Details
Dance for FloydAlex FunkDetails
Dance for JoyFried de Metz HermanDetails
Dance for Mars, ATom SeniorDetails
Dance for Stan, ABill OlsonDetails
Dance for SueNikki HerbstDetails
Dance for the Four ApostlesRob SibthorpeDetails
Dance for Val, AColin HumeDetails
Dance FreakJohn CoffmanDetails
Dance Gypsy, TheGene HubertDetails
Dance Gypsy, TheJacob BloomDetails
Dance Gypsy's HoneywoonDonna HuntDetails
Dance in MayStew Shacklette 
Dance in the CircleRose FoxDetails
Dance in the CloudsDon Flaherty 
Dance in the Forty Thieves Details
Dance in the HallwaysBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Dance in the ShadowsColin Wallace 
Dance Kentucky UnhingedCary RavitzDetails
Dance Named Robert, ASue DupreDetails
Dance No EvilDon VeinoDetails
Dance Number 5373524 Details
Dance Number 6493207 Details
Dance of a LifetimeJoseph PimentelDetails
Dance of Deception, TheMyrtle Wilhite 
Dance of Diamonds, JuniorFrieda Gratzon 
Dance of the HoneybeeJohn CoffmanDetails
Dance of the Lakes, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Dance of the Little Birds  
Dance of the Midnight HagsRob SibthorpeDetails
Dance of the Pantomime CowRob SibthorpeDetails
Dance One, Pass TwoAl OlsonDetails
Dance or not to Dance, ToFried de Metz Herman 
Dance SessionsTed Hodapp 
Dance Symmetry ACary RavitzDetails
Dance Symmetry BCary RavitzDetails
Dance the FishesKeith WoodDetails
Dance the FishiesKeith WoodDetails
Dance the LoveMariah FabryDetails
Dance to Agnes. ASeth Tepfer 
Dance to the Music of TimeAntony HeywoodDetails
Dance to Your Daddy  
Dancer's Duty, TheChris PageDetails
Dancer's SurpriseEd ShawDetails
Dancer's SurpriseGene Hubert 
Dancie Dings Details
Dancing Across the AtlanticLoretta HolzDetails
Dancing AgainJonathan SouthardDetails
Dancing Aitkins, TheJoyce EmersonDetails
Dancing and the Road to HellMike RichardsonDetails
Dancing AntsSharon RempertDetails
Dancing at the Deep EndGeof OwenDetails
Dancing at the Rest StopBill OlsonDetails
Dancing BabiesFried de Metz HermanDetails
Dancing BearBecky HillDetails
Dancing BearsBrian DeMarcus 
Dancing Betty, TheBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Dancing Chancellor, TheAntony HeywoodDetails
Dancing CoupleToos HeesakkersDetails
Dancing Dogs, TheJ & D Wickens 
Dancing DolphinsRon CoxallDetails
Dancing Doris  
Dancing Dutch, ThePat ShawDetails
Dancing Fiddler, TheColin Wallace 
Dancing Hearts Details
Dancing Hey to HeyAl Olson 
Dancing HomeAlan DaviesDetails
Dancing in DurhamDavid ColestockDetails
Dancing in my BonesJohn CoffmanDetails
Dancing in the MeadowJohn GardenDetails
Dancing in the SpringtimeTom SiessDetails
Dancing Life, ATom LehmannDetails
Dancing Master, TheKeith WrightDetails
Dancing Musicians, TheShirley Bunting 
Dancing on IceMike MossmanDetails
Dancing on the EdgeErik WebergDetails
Dancing on the LeveeStew Shacklette 
Dancing OwlApril Blum 
Dancing Plow, TheAl Olson 
Dancing RabbitsJim HemphillDetails
Dancing RaindropsGene Hubert 
Dancing Red ShirtFred FreuthalDetails
Dancing SailorsTed SannellaDetails
Dancing Sailors, TheEd ShawDetails
Dancing Shiv'ahRose FoxDetails
Dancing Slugs  
Dancing SpellCary RavitzDetails
Dancing the BabyPat ShawDetails
Dancing the Winter AwayJim Kitch 
Dancing Through the DecadesDonna HuntDetails
Dancing to PretoriaRalph PageDetails
Dancing to the StarsSarah KaiserDetails
Dancing Water  
Dancing Wife, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Dancing with AmyBill OlsonDetails
Dancing with FriendsElizabeth Goossen 
Dancing with MikeLinda LeslieDetails
Dancing with SharonColin HumeDetails
Dancing Years, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Dancy NancyKaty HeineDetails
DandelionInga Morton 
Dandelion ExpressGene HubertDetails
Dandies Hornpipe Details
DandyMogens Hansen 
Dandy Hobby Horse, The Details
Dandy, The Details
Daniel Cooper Details
Daniel Cowper Details
Daniel's DanceJudith Veevers 
Daniel's ReelJohn Wood (UK)Details
Danish Connection, TheColin Hume 
Danish DelightsTom Hinds 
Danish Double Quadrille Details
Danish Double QuintetColin Wallace 
Danish Loom, TheLinda LeslieDetails
Danish PastryInga Morton 
Dannish Waltz  
Danny's BBQJohn CoffmanDetails
Danny's Red ShoesBob DalsemerDetails
Dano's Café  
Danse du CastorDudley Laufman 
Danse Galante, La Details
Danse Joyeuse  
Danse NoelPat Wood 
Danse pour Corinne, LeBrian DeMarcus 
Danske DelightsMary Devlin 
Daphne Details
Daphne, The Details
Daphne's Delight Details
Dapper Harry Details
Dar Treck ACary RavitzDetails
Dar Trek (for Darlene)Cary RavitzDetails
Dar Trek BCary RavitzDetails
Dar Trek VoyagerCary Ravitz 
Darby O'Ghill, TheDudley Laufman 
Dargason Details
Dargason 21John SweeneyDetails
Daring DamselJohn Garden 
Daring Diane (seeworthy Seaman)Glen Morningstar 
DariusPaul CollacottDetails
Dark BlueStew Shacklette 
Dark EyesBrian DeMarcus 
Dark GreenStew Shacklette 
Dark Side of the MoonDon VeinoDetails
Dark VanessaMartha WildDetails
Darkly ToastedPeter Stix 
Darlene's (Delirious) DreamCary RavitzDetails
Darling GrizzPeggy Hazell 
Darling Karla's StarDavid ZinkinDetails
Darling Nellie Gray Details
Darlinghurst DashRob SibthorpeDetails
Darlington RantDave Turner 
Darren's Dance  
Dart MeetAlan DaviesDetails
Dartford Camp Details
Dartford Camp 2 Details
Dartford CrossingRon Coxall 
DartingtonNaomi AlexanderDetails
Dartmoor Rambler, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Daryl's PromenadeBecky HillDetails
DashbackGene Hubert 
Dasher, The Details
Dashing DragoonJohn Garden 
Dashing White Lieutenant, TheTony SaletanDetails
Dashing White Sergeant Details
Dashing White Sergeant 2Mark BerryDetails
Dashing White what?Karen MissavageDetails
Dating Game, TheChris Turner 
DaughettBob LilleyDetails
Dauntless DorothyFried de Metz HermanDetails
Dave Found the Missing Coffee CupMichael FuerstDetails
David Circle, TheGary RoodmanDetails
David Comes to TownBill OlsonDetails
David K's ReelMark WidmerDetails
David on FridaysEric SmithDetails
David's CirclePeggy Hazell 
David's Daily DoubleJohn CoffmanDetails
David's DelightDavid WildyDetails
David's DilemmaBill OlsonDetails
David's Good ManDavid SmuklerDetails
David's Guiding StarSteve ZakonDetails
David's QuadrilleDon Armstrong 
David's Speed TrapTed CraneDetails
David's Triplet #1David SmuklerDetails
David's Triplet #1.5Linda LeslieDetails
David's Triplet #3David SmuklerDetails
David's Triplet #4David SmuklerDetails
David's Triplet #5David SmuklerDetails
David's Triplet #6David SmuklerDetails
David's Triplet #7David SmuklerDetails
David's Waltz Details
Davids RambleBert EcclesDetails
Davis's Frolick Details
Davy Jones' Jig  
Davy's Locker Details
Dawn CallsKeith WoodDetails
Dawn Dance 99Linda LeslieDetails
Dawn Dance, TheDon TheykenDetails
Dawn TreaderDon Flaherty 
Dawn's Early LightJonathan SouthardDetails
Dawn's Gypsy DanceGrant GoodyearDetails
Dawstone ParkHazel Moir 
Day After, TheTom Hinds 
Day Before, TheAndrew RannieDetails
Day Before, TheTom Hinds 
Day Trip to BognorErnst van Brakel 
Day, The Details
DaybreakBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Daybreak ReelMichael McKernanDetails
Days AwayGeof Owen 
DaytonPaul RosenDetails
DazzleDon Flaherty 
De Martelly, (The)Dudley LaufmanDetails
De NovoBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
De Vijfde Beste  
De Wortel van MortselMargot Gunzenhauser 
De-Luxe HamburgerColin Wallace 
De'il Take the War(r)(s) Details
De'il's Dead, The  
Dead Cat BouncePaul Rosen 
Dead or LiveDon Flaherty 
Deadwood ReelHenry Garfath 
Dean's ValentineMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Deanna's Dance A and BCary RavitzDetails
Dear AbbyGary RoodmanDetails
Dear HilaryJohn RitchieDetails
Dear Papa and dear Mama IPat ShawDetails
Dear Papa and dear Mama IIPat ShawDetails
Dearest DorieFried de Metz HermanDetails
Deawn Match, APeggy Hazell 
Debbie's Dance HallJim Sax 
Debbie's JigTaco Sikkema 
Deborah in a Wig Details
Deborah's DreamRick MohrDetails
Debra's Dance ACary RavitzDetails
Debra's Dance BCary RavitzDetails
DecadeCary RavitzDetails
Decade in the GoveTed CraneDetails
Decanter, The Details
December DaydreamsJudith Veevers 
December DazeColin Wallace 
December JigTed Hodapp 
December JoyDon Flaherty 
December RoseColin HumeDetails
December WaltzFried de Metz HermanDetails
Decemvirate, The Details
Decimal Square, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Deck of TriscuitsBob GreenDetails
Deck the HallEllen Taylor 
Deck the HallsDon Flaherty 
Deck the HallsJohn Garden 
Declaration of independenceVarious authorsDetails
Dee's Sicilian  
Deeds not WordsHazel MoirDetails
Deep in the Heart of Texas Details
Deep WaterBarb KirchnerDetails
Deep Well, TheKathy Anderson 
Deer Park Lancers Details
Deeside MeadowsDavid and Kathryn Wright 
Deirdre's DelightErik Hoffman 
Del Caro's Fancy Details
Delaware BlizzardTed CraneDetails
Delaware BubblesRob SibthorpeDetails
Delaware SnowstormTed CraneDetails
DeliaEllen TaylorDetails
Delicate Balance, ADavid SmuklerDetails
Delice Cotillion, La  
Delicious Dinner DuoÆgle HoekstraDetails
Delight if the Kentish CountrysidePhilippe Callens 
Delight of Sudbury Details
Delight of the Men of LlayPat Shaw 
Delight, The  
Delighted Dentrologist, TheJonathan OgleDetails
Delightful Play, AJohn GardenDetails
Delinquent DolphinsColin Wallace 
Delphine vor FlensburgEllis RogersDetails
Delphiniums and DaisiesTanya RotenbergDetails
Delvin House Details
Demented Seagull, (The)Geoff ToddDetails
Democratic Hornpipe  
Demon Barber of Oak Hill, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Demon's MaggotJohn SweeneyDetails
Demon's RantEddie UptonDetails
Denis' DelightCharles BoltonDetails
Denis's DeviceKeith WoodDetails
Denise's ContraTom Hinds 
Denise's Double DilemmaColin Wallace 
Denmark in JulyDon ArmstrongDetails
Dennington Bell  
Dennis' 50 Years of EntrancementSeth TepferDetails
Dennis' DelightPeggy Hazell 
Denny's Hornpipe Details
Dental DelightsColin Wallace 
Denver Wagon Wheel, TheChris Kermiet 
Deodar, TheBernard BentleyDetails
Departure, The Details
Der Calber  
Derby DaySarah KaiserDetails
Derby Hornpipe  
Dermot O Doddipoles Jig Details
Derry Down Derry (Cumberland) Details
Dervish GirlJoseph Pimentel 
Des Plaines ReelMichael BarracloughDetails
Des RememberedNaomi Alexander 
Desborough Doddle Details
Desert StompTom Hinds 
Designing Woman, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Despairing Lover, The Details
DetourKeith WoodDetails
Detour, TheSharon McKinleyDetails
Devastated NewbieDavid MandelbergDetails
Devastated Newbie 2David MandelbergDetails
Devil among the Fiddlers Details
Devil among the Tailors, The Details
Devil among the Taylors, The Details
Devil and no Devil Details
Devil in ChelmsfordRob SibthorpeDetails
Devil in Dublin, The Details
Devil in the Bush Details
Devil Made Me Do ItDon Flaherty 
Devil to Pay, The Details
Devil's a Queer Pig, The Details
Devil's a Swinger, TheDon VeinoDetails
Devil's Backbone, TheWilliam WatsonDetails
Devil's Becket, TheBecky Hill 
Devil's DervishAl OlsonDetails
Devil's Dream Details
Devil's Dream (48 bar)Ken Bonner 
Devil's Dream 2, The Details
Devil's Dream 3, The Details
Devil's Dream 4, The Details
Devil's Dream 5, The Details
Devil's Dream 6, The Details
Devil's Dream 7Harold DowningDetails
Devil's Dream 8, The Details
Devil's Duty, TheAl OlsonDetails
Devil's Dyke, TheDick Playll 
Devil's Hornpipe, TheHenry GarfathDetails
Devil's Interval, TheNeil StuartDetails
Devil's MaggottDiane SchmitDetails
Devil's Mill, TheJohn GardenDetails
Devil's NightmareTom Hinds 
Devil's NightmarePeter FosterDetails
Devil's Own Jig, TheMal Hayden 
Devil's Pleased, The Details
Devil's Scoliosis, TheLuke DonforthDetails
Devilish Delight of Doctor Dennard, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Devilish ReelTed SannellaDetails
Devin's Hodgepodge 2Devin Nordberg 
Devin's SettlementTom Hinds 
DeviousDon Flaherty 
Devon FancyPat Wood 
Devon JigIrene HarcourtDetails
Devonian Double Circle, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Devonshire Girl, The Details
Devonshire House Details
Devonshire Waltz, The Details
DevotionBob OlsonDetails
Diabolical Reel Details
Diadem, The Details
Diagonal DangerGene HubertDetails
Diagonal Dilemma, TheGene HubertDetails
Diagonal DiscoveryGene HubertDetails
Diagonal Mad Robin V4Carl DreherDetails
Diagonal MarchTed Sannella 
Diagonal ReelMae FraleyDetails
Diagonal SurpriseAl OlsonDetails
Diagonal WavesRick Mohr 
Diagonally-ChallengedColin Wallace 
DiagonellaChris PageDetails
Diamond CelebrationBrian WedgburyDetails
Diamond ClustersJohn Wood (UK)Details
Diamond ContraHenry Garfath 
Diamond DanceAl Olson 
Diamond Frolic, TheClaire Kaley 
Diamond GypsyLoretta Holz 
Diamond HallPete Coe 
Diamond in the Sky, AHilary Herbert 
Diamond JubileeJim HemphillDetails
Diamond Jubilee in MansfieldBob GreenDetails
Diamond KnotKeith WoodDetails
Diamond MineGeof OwenDetails
Diamond Ring, TheMadeleine SmithDetails
Diamond SquareFried de Metz HermanDetails
Diamond, The  
Diamonds are a Girl's Best FriendJanet Palmer 
Diamonds are a Girl's Best FriendMelanie Axel-Lute 
Diamonds are for EllyToos Heesakkers 
Diamonds are for NEFFAChris PageDetails
Diamonds are ForeverKeith WoodDetails
Diamonds for (N)EFFAKeith WoodDetails
Diamonds for MedwayKeith WrightDetails
Diamonds for Weoley HilGeof OwenDetails
Diana's DayKeith WoodDetails
Diana's MaggotDavid MacemonDetails
Diana's WorshippersWendy Crouch 
Diane's DanceEric Zorn 
Diane's DreamCary RavitzDetails
Diane's WaltzPeter FosterDetails
Dianne's DanceCary RavitzDetails
Diaper Blues, TheSeth TepferDetails
Dibdin's Fancy Details
Dick Sands' Hornpipe  
Dick Squire's JigMichael BarracloughDetails
Dick Witt's Circle MixerDick WittDetails
Dick's Alternate MaggotGary RoodmanDetails
Dick's GoodbyeLiesbeth KrijgsmanDetails
Dick's Maggot Details
Dick's No-Name Reel Details
Dickey Dwindle Details
Dicky Box, The Details
Did You See the Saw?Inga Morton 
Die Lustbarkeit Details
Die Weiber Jagt Details
Die, Boromir!Martha WildDetails
Diet of Dancing, AErnst van BrakelDetails
DifferencesInga Morton 
Different ApproachesAl Olson 
Different Journey, AGlen Nickerson 
Different Slant, ABill PopeDetails
Different Vintage, AAl OlsonDetails
Different Way Back, ALarry JenningsDetails
Different Way ForwardSeth TepferDetails
Differential ReelHenry Garfath 
Dig for the Oyster Details
Digging DutchmanMargot GunzenhauserDetails
Digging Dutchman, TheDick Atlee and Joan FarwellDetails
Diligent, The  
Dillie, DillieStew Shacklette 
DILLYDon Flaherty 
Ding DongRob SibthorpeDetails
Ding Dong Bell Details
Ding Dong Daddy  
Ding Dong MerrilyEllen Taylor 
Ding Dong Merrily on HighDave Martin 
Ding Dong Merrily on HighJohn Garden 
Ding dong to the Camp Details
Ding, Dong. The Witch is DeadMartha WildDetails
Dini's WaltzJaap KrugDetails
Dining Room EtiquetteMelanie Axel-Lute 
Dinkie EllaRob SibthorpeDetails
Dinner at 6:30Ted CraneDetails
Dinner Party, TheNeil StuartDetails
Dinton DelightJoan WinsorDetails
Diogenis Details
Dip and DiveTom HindsDetails
Dip and Dive Details
Dip and Dive All EightTed SannellaDetails
Dip and Dive Contra Details
Dip for the Oyster, Dive for the Clam  
Dipper, The  
Dipping & Diving in the BrewAl OlsonDetails
Dipping and DivingLinda LeslieDetails
Director, TheMichael Barraclough 
Dirty DishesErik Hoffman 
Dirty Rotten Double CrosserDon VeinoDetails
Disappearance, TheAl Olson 
Disappearing ActBarry DupenDetails
Disappointed Widdow, The Details
Disbanded Officer, The Details
DiscombobulationJim Kitch 
Disenchanted Plaice, TheColin Wallace 
Dishrag Dance Details
Dissembling Love Details
Distant HillsTom CookDetails
Distant RelationsNeil StuartDetails
Distracted Deacon, TheKeith WrightDetails
Disturbed by InsectsInga Morton 
Dithering DolphinsColin Wallace 
DittoHilary Herbert 
Ditto's BirthdayTed SannellaDetails
Dive for the DolphinTom CalwellDetails
Diver's DelightJohn SweeneyDetails
Divergent DetourSarah KaiserDetails
DiversionsEllen Taylor 
Diversity HeyDon Armstrong 
Divided StarDon ArmstrongDetails
Diving Ducks ReduxMartha WildDetails
Divorcee's JigDuke MillerDetails
Dixie Becket I & IIHeiner FischleDetails
Dixie ContraKen Bonner 
Dixie DiamondCary Ravitz 
Dixie Doo-DahJohn SweeneyDetails
Dixie FoursomeJohn MeechanDetails
Dixie Gal, TheRobert Cromartie 
Dixie Grand SquareTom Hinds 
Dixie ReelBill WoldingDetails
Dixie Style Contra modEd ButenhofDetails
Dixie SupertwirlPeter FosterDetails
Dixie TwirlHerbie GaudreauDetails
Dixie Twirl ReduxMartha WildDetails
Dixieland SquareTom Hinds 
Dixieland SquareRuth Stillion 
Dixon SixsomeDavid KettlewellDetails
DizzyMogens Hansen 
Dizzy DanceGene Hubert 
Dizzy Double DupleStew Shacklette 
Dizzy Dozen, TheAudrey Laver 
Dizzy MixerJan D'HongersDetails
Dizzy YzzidDavid MandelbergDetails
DMDF ReelLarry Jennings 
Do it to itGeorge and Onie Senyk 
Do It!Orace Johnson 
Do Make WavesBill OlsonDetails
Do Paso ContraHenry Garfath 
Do Ron RonKathy AndersonDetails
Do Sa Do & Face the Sides QuadrilleGrant LoganDetails
Do Si AllJohn SweeneyDetails
Do si do and face the sidesTed SannellaDetails
Do Si Do Eight  
Do Si Doe BayMike RichardsonDetails
Do Si ThreeChart GuthrieDetails
Do Si ThreeLinda LeslieDetails
Do SomethingInga Morton 
Do What the Twos Say  
Do What's RightChris PageDetails
Do You Fancy Portland?Inga Morton 
Do-Si-DidChris PageDetails
Do-si-do RightRod LinnellDetails
Do-Si-Do RightPhilippe Callens 
Do-si-dos for Dozy DodosColin Wallace 
Docey Three  
Dockin' , TheAileen WillsDetails
Docklands JubileeHenry Garfath 
Doctor Bending's SerpentSharon GreenDetails
Doctor Cogan's Fancy Details
Doctor Doolittle's DanceFried de Metz HermanDetails
Doctor Fauci's MaggotDavid SmuklerDetails
Doctor Fauster's Tumblers Details
Doctor Faustus's J(i)(u)gg Details
Doctor Lushington Details
Doctor Macky Details
Doctor Morris's FancyDavid SmuklerDetails
Doctor WhoTom Hinds 
Doctor WhoRichard SauvainDetails
DodecanellaLuke DonforthDetails
Dodge City CircleKen AlexanderDetails
Dodgy DancingColin HumeDetails
Doe RunStew Shacklette 
Doe ValleyStew Shacklette 
Doe Valley DownfallStew Shacklette 
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose its FlavourGene Macemon 
Dog Branch ReelBob DalsemerDetails
Dog Branch ReelBob DalsemerDetails
Dog Branch Reel Variation 1William WatsonDetails
Dog Branch Reel Variation 2William WatsonDetails
Dog Day DanceSargon de JesusDetails
Dog Days of SummerStew Shacklette 
Dog Days, TheTom Cook 
Dog GoneStew Shacklette 
Dog Leg ReelRon Coxall 
Dog's Breakfast, TheDavid KaynorDetails
Dogleaf Reel, TheLisa GreenleafDetails
Dogleg Left - Par FiveMerle Breeding 
Dogmersfield HouseFiona Birchall 
Doin' TimeGary ShapiroDetails
Doing the DishesInga Morton 
Doldrum, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
Doll Tearsheet's Rant Details
Dolly Mixtures  
Dolphin in Broadstairs, AMadeleine SmithDetails
Dolphin-Friendly SausagesColin Wallace 
Dolphin's F8, TheJohn SweeneyDetails
DolphinariumRob SibthorpeDetails
Dolphiniums & DaisiesBob GreenDetails
Dolphins in the SoundTrevor MonsonDetails
Dominant DamselsColin WallaceDetails
DominoRon Coxall 
Domino FiveDerek HaynesDetails
Don at Alden BiezenPhilippe CallensDetails
Don Bosco HornpipeHeiner FischleDetails
Don Cossack Waltz, The Details
Don Cossack, The Details
Don Felix Details
Don Fisco  
Don Giovanni Details
Don Tremaine's ReelDon Armstrong 
Don's Dance #1Don WardDetails
Don's MescolanzaDon ArmstrongDetails
Don's PartyKeith WoodDetails
Don's ReelDon Flaherty 
Don't Ask, Don't TellJohn CoffmanDetails
Don't Badger the SettDavid BrightDetails
Don't be HastyEllie and Chava HallDetails
Don't Blame MePeter FosterDetails
Don't Forget UsWalt ColeDetails
Don't Get Caught  
Don't Get ConfusedInga Morton 
Don't Go YetGary RoodmanDetails
Don't Just Do Something, Stand ThereChart GuthrieDetails
Don't Let GoPaul RosenDetails
Don't Let Her GoDevin Nordberg 
Don't Look BackAlex FunkDetails
Don't Look Now, butColin Wallace 
Don't Pass Me ByAl Olson 
Don't Push ItGeof Owen 
Don't Push me too FarRon Charles 
Don't Stop NowDavid MandelbergDetails
Don't Wander Off, DearColin Wallace 
Don't Wave GoodbyeKen Bonner 
Don't Wrangle Miss! Details
Donawert Pass Details
DoniadummerCor HogendijkDetails
Donkey Brays, ThePat ShawDetails
Donna and Chris HeartthrobDon Flaherty 
Donnie's Farewell to LondonPat ShawDetails
Donop, The  
Donut Formation DanceErik ErhardtDetails
DoodlingNaomi AlexanderDetails
Door is not Closed, TheKen SheffieldDetails
Doorbells and SleighbellsKeith WoodDetails
DopecaJohn SweeneyDetails
Dora's ProgressionGeof OwenDetails
Dorchester DelightSharon McKinleyDetails
Dorchester MarchDon ArmstrongDetails
Dordonian National PolkaJohn Garden 
Doreen's Delight  
Doreen's DilemmaJudith Veevers 
Dorna LoonBrian DeMarcus 
Dorothy's DelightClaire Kaley 
Dorset Apple CakeRosemary HuntDetails
Dorset Five-handed Reel, The  
Dorset Four Hand Reel Details
Dorset Four-SetColin Wallace 
Dorset GoldRosemary Hunt 
Dorset HeathJan Dale 
Dorset Knot, TheAnn Higley 
Dorset Long SquareJohn Wood (UK) 
Dorset Ring DanceJohn ReayDetails
Dorset Triumph Details
Dorset Twelve-Hand Reel Details
Dorset Waltz, The Details
Dorsett Exchange, TheJim HemphillDetails
Dosedo and Face the SidesGrant LoganDetails
Dosi DudeDon VeinoDetails
Dosi What?John SweeneyDetails
Dosido and ArchInga Morton 
Dosido and Dip and DiveInga Morton 
Dosido and Face the SidesTed SannellaDetails
Dosido and Star BreakRussell OwenDetails
Dot, Dot, Dance  
Double ArchesGene Hubert 
Double Balance SurpriseGene Hubert 
Double BendTom CookDetails
Double BoomerangGene HubertDetails
Double BraidDale RempertDetails
Double CaliforniaElsie Watson 
Double Cat BounceChris PageDetails
Double CelebrationGeoff ToddDetails
Double CelebrationToos HeesakkersDetails
Double Celebration 2Seth Tepfer 
Double Change Sides Details
Double ChocolateJim KitchDetails
Double Chocolate for ReneeJoseph Pimentel 
Double CrossRuth Graham and Luke RaleyDetails
Double Cross, TheHilary HerbertDetails
Double Crossed Again! (V2)Don VeinoDetails
Double CrossingInga Morton 
Double DareCarol Ormand 
Double DateSarah KaiserDetails
Double DealJim Kitch 
Double DeceptionGene HubertDetails
Double DelightEd and Marjorie PotterDetails
Double DelightJim Kitch 
Double DiamondColin Wallace 
Double DingleFried de Metz HermanDetails
Double DipJonathan SouthardDetails
Double DipTed SteeleDetails
Double Do-si-doAlf Matthews 
Double Dolphin HeyJonathan KingDetails
Double DoseRoger Diggle 
Double DotSheila ScottDetails
Double DreydlTony SaletanDetails
Double DuetGary RoodmanDetails
Double DupleStew Shacklette 
Double ExpediencyGene HubertDetails
Double FlutterColin Hume 
Double HappinessTed SannellaDetails
Double Hat SyndromeJohn CoffmanDetails
Double HeyJanet Holland 
Double Hey Contra Details
Double Hey FeverKen Bonner 
Double Hot FudgeRoger DiggleDetails
Double Hot Fudge upside downRoger DiggleDetails
Double InterchangeRob SibthorpeDetails
Double JoyChris PageDetails
Double JubileeGary RoodmanDetails
Double La Violette  
Double Lead Through Details
Double Mini Roundabout  
Double Mud PigRick MohrDetails
Double or QuitsJohn KinchDetails
Double Pass Through Details
Double Pass Thru MessHeiner FischleDetails
Double PlayJohn CoffmanDetails
Double Plow, TheAl Olson 
Double Quadrille (Danish) Details
Double Rainbow, TheJacob BloomDetails
Double RoundsElizabeth Goossen 
Double Rule of Three, AChris PageDetails
Double S Reel  
Double Sashay  
Double Schottische Details
Double Scotch Reel  
Double Silver Jubilee Details
Double SorrowAl Olson 
Double Speed HornpipeCor HogendijkDetails
Double Star  
Double Star ThroughColin HumeDetails
Double SwingNick HawesDetails
Double Swing MixerCary Ravitz 
Double Swing ThroughColin HumeDetails
Double TakeTom Hinds 
Double TakeColin Wallace 
Double TakeBeryl JukesDetails
Double the Cape Details
Double TopCharles BoltonDetails
Double TroubleColin HumeDetails
Double TroublePeter FosterDetails
Double UpFried de Metz Herman 
Double V Reel Details
Double Variation ReelNicholas RockstrohDetails
Double VisionJohn CoffmanDetails
Double VisitPhilippe CallensDetails
Double Weave Waltz Mixer  
Double WhammyGene HubertDetails
Double WheelHeiner FischleDetails
Double WhirlCary RavitzDetails
Double YolkJohn CoffmanDetails
Double Your PleasureLarry SmithDetails
Double-Through SquareColin Wallace 
Double, Double, Toil and TroubleDonna CalhounDetails
Doublecross, TheJim KitchDetails
Doubling BackChris PageDetails
Doubly Good IdeasMichael FuerstDetails
Doubtful ShepherdRalph PageDetails
Doubtful Shepherd, The Details
Doubting Thomas, TheHeiner FischleDetails
Douglass' Favorite Details
Douglass' Hornpipe  
Dove's Figary 2Don BellDetails
Dove's Figary LightDon BellDetails
Dovecote, TheElsie Watson 
Dover Castle Details
Dover Cliffs Details
Dover DelightFried de Metz HermanDetails
Dover Pier Details
Doves in the GardenGene Hubert 
DovetailGary RoodmanDetails
Doway Details
Dowdy, The Details
Down and OutStew Shacklette 
Down and OutDon LennartsonDetails
Down Back o't' Shoddy Details
Down but not outCarol OrmandDetails
Down but not OutAlex FunkDetails
Down by the BayTom CalwellDetails
Down by the RiversideMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Down EastOnie Senyk 
Down East Breakdown  
Down in MontereyErik Hoffman 
Down in the NettlesPat ShawDetails
Down on the CornerCarol Ormand 
Down on the FarmAileen WillsDetails
Down the AisleMariah FabryDetails
Down the ChimneyGeof Owen 
Down the HallPeter FosterDetails
Down The OceanBob DalsemerDetails
Down the Plug-HoleColin Wallace 
Down the RoadRob SibthorpeDetails
Down the Sides and Up the Middle  
Down TownColin Hume 
Down Yonder Details
Down Yonder in the P.A. - P.A. PatchErik Hoffman 
Downfall of Paris Details
Downfield House  
Downhill RaceInga Morton 
DownhouseRob SibthorpeDetails
DownstreamJohn CoffmanDetails
Downtown Stroll #2Linda LeslieDetails
Downtown TrainSarah KaiserDetails
Dr (Professor) Martin's Maggot Details
Dr Bluhm's DelightRick MohrDetails
Dr Brown's PrescriptionDavid KirchnerDetails
Dr Johnson's JauntColin Wallace 
Dr Pope's Jigg Details
Dr SwingloveNicholas RockstrohDetails
Dr Vincent's DelightCharles BoltonDetails
Dr WhoRichard SauvainDetails
Dragon HallPat Wood 
Dragon of SilenceRob SibthorpeDetails
Dragon RideFiona Birchall 
Dragon's Tale, APenn Fix 
Dragonfly DreamsColin Wallace 
Dragonfly View ReelSeth TepferDetails
Dragonfly, TheAndrew Swaine 
Dragoon's March Details
Drake's CircusColin AndrewsDetails
Drake's DrumJean ButlerDetails
Drama in Middle SchoolJohn CoffmanDetails
Draper's Garden LightDon BellDetails
Draper's Maggot Details
Drapers Gardens Details
Draw Cupid Draw Details
Draw the Sword, Scotland Details
Draycot House Details
Draycot House Details
Draycot Lodge Details
Dream Lake Details
Dream of SpringCary RavitzDetails
Dream Residue ContraAlex FunkDetails
DreamingCary RavitzDetails
Dreaming DragonsColin Wallace 
Dreaming of DolphinsDon VeinoDetails
Dreaming Tim JarvisJohn CoffmanDetails
Dreams of MirthBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Dredger, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Dredging Machine, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Dressed Ship, The Details
Drew's DeliteBurt Schwartz 
Dreyfus Gardens Details
Driffield DrifterAl GreenDetails
Driffield Hey StackAl GreenDetails
Drifter, TheRon Coxall 
Dripping Tap, TheGeof OwenDetails
Drive the Cold Winter AwayJohn GardenDetails
Drive the Monsieur from Flanders Details
Driving to OleanDavid SmuklerDetails
Dropping in for a SwingPeter FosterDetails
Drops of Brandy Details
Drops of Brandy Details
Drops of DewMiss H. Munro (NZ) 
Drops of Water Details
Drops of Whisky Details
Drowned Hall, TheHeiner FischleDetails
Druid ReelBecky HillDetails
Druid's Ring, TheJan D'HongersDetails
Druids CirclePeggy Hazell 
Druids, The Details
Drummer, The Details
Drummer, The Details
Drunken Patriot, The Details
Drunken Sailor  
Drury Lane  
Dryden LakeTed CraneDetails
Du Quoin RacesOrace JohnsonDetails
Dualling WagtailDawn WinskillDetails
Dublin Bay Details
Dublin BoundBecky HillDetails
DubrovnikDavid StephensDetails
Dubuque Country DanceFrieda Gratzon 
Duchess of Athol's Strathspey,  
Duchess of Bedford's Strathspey, The Details
Duchess of Cumberland Details
Duchess of Devonshire, TheIgnatius Sancho 1779Details
Duchess of Gloucester, The Details
Duchess of Grafton Details
Duchess of Hamilton's Rant, The Details
Duchess of Kent, The Details
Duchess of Manchester's Fancy Details
Duchess of Oldenburgh's Waltz Details
Duchess of York Street, TheSue DupreDetails
Duchess of York's Fancy, The  
Duchess of York's new Waltz, The Details
Duchess of York's Reel Details
Duchess of York's Waltz Details
Duchess Sarabande, ThePat ShawDetails
Duchesse, The  
Duck 'n DiveMogens Hansen 
Duck for the OysterNibs MatthewsDetails
Duck RaceAudrey Laver 
Duck Returns, TheErik Hoffman 
Duck SoupBob Proctor 
Duck SoupDavid KirchnerDetails
Duck the Possum and Turn His HideChris Kermiet 
Duck Through & SwingTony ParkesDetails
Duck to the CenterNorman EpsteinDetails
Duck!John SweeneyDetails
Ducking and WeavingMark ElvinsDetails
Ducks and DrakesMelanie Axel-Lute 
Ducks and Drakes Details
Ducks on the PondGeof Owen 
Dud's DelightSusan English and Dave SeboltDetails
Dud's ReelDudley BriggsDetails
Dudd's ReelRalph PageDetails
Dudley DanceRob SibthorpeDetails
Dudley's ReelGary RoodmanDetails
Dudmason('s) Hall Details
Duffie's BecketJohn GallagherDetails
DUI #4Gary ShapiroDetails
Duke and Duchess of Lancaster, TheTom CookDetails
Duke and Duchess of York, TheBill JohnstonDetails
Duke Angouleme's Fancy Details
Duke d'Aumont's Delight Details
Duke de Beri Details
Duke of Athols Rant, The Details
Duke of Clarence Details
Duke of Clarence's Waltz Details
Duke of Cornwall's DelightColin AndrewsDetails
Duke of Cornwall's Reel, The Details
Duke of Edinburgh's Delight, The Details
Duke of Ellington's Waltz, TheBob GreenDetails
Duke of Gloucester's March, The Details
Duke of Gloucester's March, The Details
Duke of Kendal, The Details
Duke of Kent's Waltz (The) Details
Duke of Kent's Waltz LightDon BellDetails
Duke of Leinster, The Details
Duke of Sussex's Waltz Details
Duke of Wellington, TheRon Coxall 
Duke of Wellington's visit to Bath Details
Duke of York at Berlin, The Details
Duke of York's Cotillion  
Duke of York's Fancy, The  
Duke of York's Waltz, The  
Duke's ContraDuke MillerDetails
Dulcimer LadyJim KitchDetails
Dull Sir John Details
Duluth StompLloyd YesbergerDetails
Dulwich DipperRob SibthorpeDetails
Dumbarton Drums Details
Dumbarton Drums Details
Dumfries House Details
Dummer Reel Details
Dummer's Reel Details
Dumps, The Details
Dun, The Details
Dunant House HornpipeJaap KrugDetails
Dunant House WaltzColin HumeDetails
Duncan Davidson Details
Dundee Hornpipe  
Dung RacesTaco SikkemaDetails
Dunham OaksBrian WedgburyDetails
Dunkirk Details
Dunois Quadrilles Details
Dunrobin Details
Dunrobin Castle Details
Dunsmuir Waltz, TheBruce HamiltonDetails
Dunwich HeathCharles BoltonDetails
DuQuoin RacesOrace JohnsonDetails
Durand(g)'s Hornpipe Details
Durgin BridgeBill Cochran and Al OlsonDetails
Durham Rangers Details
Durham RevisitedDavid ColestockDetails
Durham Stable Details
Durley Square WaltzRob SibthorpeDetails
Dust DevilsKeith WoodDetails
Dust to DustAl OlsonDetails
Dusty Miller 2, TheClement WeeksDetails
Dusty Miller, TheJames AlexanderDetails
Dutch Apple ReelDavid ColestockDetails
Dutch ComfortCor HogendijkDetails
Dutch ContraJaap KrugDetails
Dutch CrossingErnst van BrakelDetails
Dutch DiamondPeter AndréDetails
Dutch Diamond (Ruit)Antony HeywoodDetails
Dutch Dollars Details
Dutch Have Taken Holland, The Details
Dutch House, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Dutch Kipper, TheColin Wallace 
Dutch Lass, The  
Dutch Pins Details
Dutch RantJaap KrugDetails
Dutch ReminiscenceTom CookDetails
Dutch RoundaboutCor HogendijkDetails
Dutch SilverNeil StuartDetails
Dutch Skipper, The Details
Dutch Skipper, The Details
Dutch TreatFried de Metz HermanDetails
Dutch TreatStew Shacklette 
Dutch WindmillsRosemary Hunt 
Dutchess of Bedford's Delight Details
Dutchess of Bedford's Waltz Details
Dutchess of Bedford's Waltz, The Details
Dutchess of Brunswick, TheAaron ThompsonDetails
Dutchess of Marlborough's Reel Details
Dutchess of Middlesex, The Details
Dutchess of York's Fancy Details
Dutchman, The Details
Duval's Lancers Details
Dynamic AppealGene HubertDetails
Dynamic Duo, TheKeith WrightDetails
Dyslexic's Nightmare, TheErik Hoffman 
Dyson with DeathColin WallaceDetails
DzzydncrKatherine KuykendallDetails
E & KHugh StewartDetails
E and D WaltzColin HumeDetails
E.J.M.J.F. in CincinnatiMichael FuerstDetails
E.O.N.S.Heiner FischleDetails
E.P.N.S.Hilary HerbertDetails
E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment)Frieda Gratzon 
E.Z.'s MixerEric ZornDetails
E16V1Al Olson 
E30V1Al Olson 
E30V2Al Olson 
E46Al Olson 
E50Al Olson 
E51V3Al Olson 
E6Robert CromartieDetails
E62Al Olson 
E63Al Olson 
E64V4Al Olson 
E67V2Al Olson 
Eagle Creek Confederate #3Myrtle Wilhite 
Eagle Creek YankeeGeorge Lowrey 
Eagles on the WingDon Flaherty 
Ealing School Details
Earl and SquirrelChris WeilerDetails
Earl Dalhousies, The Details
Earl Morias Waltz Details
Earl of Chelsea, TheChris Turner 
Earl of Essex Measure, The  
Earl of Mansfield  
Earl of Morton Details
Earl Wellington Details
Early Autumn BreakdownGene HubertDetails
Early Autumn ExpressGene HubertDetails
Early BirdInga Morton 
Early Bird SpecialTom CalwellDetails
Early Bird's MaggotJackson WooleyDetails
Early BirdsRob SibthorpeDetails
Early Evening JigTom Hinds 
Early ExitJim HemphillDetails
Early Frost, AnPhilippe CallensDetails
Early in the EveningHeiner FischleDetails
Early MorningStew Shacklette 
Early One MorningErnst van BrakelDetails
Early one Morning 2Scott HiggsDetails
Early Spring BlossomColin HumeDetails
Earth AdoredJoseph Pimentel 
Earth and SkyRick MohrDetails
Earth DayMaggie Jo SaylorDetails
Earthshine ReelJim HemphillDetails
Ease About MixerGene HubertDetails
Ease About Thing(s)Cis HinkleDetails
Ease and EleganceFried de Metz HermanDetails
Ease of CirclesGene HubertDetails
Easier than PieBill BoyerDetails
Easily Led Lad, TheJim HemphillDetails
East Boldon Jig  
East End HeySeth TepferDetails
East Hill BreakdownRod Linnell 
East Hill ReelRod Linnell 
East Indian Details
East Litchfield VolunteersJim GregoryDetails
East Meets WestHerbie GaudreauDetails
East Meets WestMartha WildDetails
East of the SunGeof OwenDetails
East QuantockKen Alexander 
Eastbound for EastbourneColin Wallace 
Eastbourne FrolicHilary HerbertDetails
Eastbourne GroveRob SibthorpeDetails
Eastbourne Rover, TheKevin PrigmoreDetails
Eastbourne SquareColin Hume 
Eastcoast JigTaco Sikkema 
Easter Chick, TheKen AlexanderDetails
Easter Eve Details
Easter Hunt, The Details
Easter MeetColin Hume 
Easter MornErna-Lynne BogueDetails
Easter MorningInga Morton 
Easter Parade  
Easter RambleColin Hume 
Easter SaturdayBarry GrantDetails
Easter StarsHeiner FischleDetails
Easter SunriseGeof Owen 
Easter Thursday Details
Easter Tuesday Details
Eastern Hall  
Eastwell Park Details
Eastwood SquareRob SibthorpeDetails
Easy as PieTom LehmannDetails
Easy CastingHeiner FischleDetails
Easy Circle of FunLinda LeslieDetails
Easy Come, Easy GoJohn CoffmanDetails
Easy Does itRalph PageDetails
Easy Does ItInga MortonDetails
Easy Does it QuadrilleTed Sannella 
Easy FivesKathy & Maurice Gamble 
Easy GoingNaomi Alexander 
Easy HeyMogens Hansen 
Easy LivingAl OlsonDetails
Easy OneStew Shacklette 
Easy PeasyDiane Silver 
Easy Quadrille  
Easy Quadrille VariationDavid SmuklerDetails
Easy StreetBob IsaacsDetails
Easy Twelve ReelBrian ScowcroftDetails
EasynellaHeiner FischleDetails
EasynellaPeter FosterDetails
Eat Dance and be MarriedJacob BloomDetails
Eat, Drink and be MerryCharles BoltonDetails
Eb's Dance / SquareHugh Rippon 
Ebb and FlowCor HogendijkDetails
Ebb and FlowChris PageDetails
Ebb and FlowRobin BurkeDetails
ECD DreamingLinda LeslieDetails
Echo Summit SquareCarol Ormand 
Echoes of the SummitErik Hoffman 
Echoes of WaverleyNeil StuartDetails
Echos of West ElcanGary Roodman 
Eckel Reel Details
Eclipse of the MoonInga Morton 
Eclipse, TheSusan Kevra 
Ed's ReelEd ButenhofDetails
Ed's SquareTom Hinds 
Eda's SecretJohn Ritchie 
Eddies and RipplesAudrey Laver 
Eddies in the WaterDevin Nordberg 
Eddowes QuadrilleDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Eddy FiveAl Olson 
Eddy OneAl Olson 
Eddy ThreeAl Olson 
Edelmann's ReelMogens Hansen 
Edelsüss - Wonderful Eyes in SkyumSeth Tepfer 
Eden's DoorDon Flaherty 
Edgewood ReelBecky Hill 
Edgworth Bumpkins Details
Edgy Knitter (The)John CoffmanDetails
Edinborough Castle 2 Details
Edinbourough Castle Details
Edinburgh Races Details
Edinburgh Rock  
Edinburgh Snake, TheBob ArcherDetails
Edmonton Assembly, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Edmonton Frolick Details
Edna's ReelPenn Fix 
Edwin and Emma Details
Edwin's MaggotFried de Metz HermanDetails
Eeyore's ExcuseMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Egg WhiskRob SibthorpeDetails
Egg-Timer, TheKeith WrightDetails
Eggbeater, TheBill OlsonDetails
Egham Races Details
Ehrenberg SlideTed Hodapp 
Eight Bells, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Eight by EightColin Wallace 
Eight Chain ExpressGene HubertDetails
Eight Count SpecialHerbie GaudreauDetails
Eight Days of DancingDavid McMullenDetails
Eight Divided by ThreeNeil StuartDetails
Eight for the Music MakersFried de Metz Herman 
Eight is not EnoughDonna HuntDetails
Eight of CupsSarah KaiserDetails
Eight of HeartsRob SibthorpeDetails
Eight SpidersHilary Herbert 
Eight-Leaved Clover, TheColin Wallace 
Eighteenth of January, TheRoger WhynotDetails
Eightfold WayRon Coxall 
Eighth Day PolkaGene Hubert 
Eighth of April, TheTom Hinds 
Eighth of JulyGeoff ToddDetails
Eighth of July, 1994, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Eighth of May, The  
Eighty EightHeiner FischleDetails
Eileen Watt's Reel for ContraMartha WildDetails
Eileen's a DearTom CookDetails
Eileen's PearlsHenry Garfath 
Eire-BornColin Wallace 
El PasoRon Johnson 
ElaineColin Wallace 
ElaineChris Turner 
ElangeniIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Elbow GreaseInga Morton 
Elbow Hook MixerTed SannellaDetails
Elbow SquareMargot Gunzenhauser 
Elbow SwingRaymond Smith 
Elderberry BubblegumColin HumeDetails
Eleanor's ElaborationsGeof OwenDetails
Eleanor's MixerChris PageDetails
Eleanor's ReelBill OlsonDetails
Election '83  
Election, The Details
Electronic Speed ControlJohn CoffmanDetails
EleganceRob SibthorpeDetails
Elegance and Simplicity Details
Elegant Dancer  
Elegant Mrs MalloryOnie Senyk 
Elegant Simplicity Details
Elegant Trogon, TheKathy AndersonDetails
Elegant WhimsyGrant GoodyearDetails
ElegyColin HumeDetails
Elephant Dance, The Details
Elephant DreamsTed Hodapp 
Elephants Stairs  
Eleven for the eleven who went to HeavenFried de Metz Herman 
ElevensesPeter FosterDetails
Elfrida Details
Elgar Singing Quadrilles  
Elipse EclipseSarah KaiserDetails
Elixir, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Eliza Doolittle DayDavid SmuklerDetails
Eliza, The Details
ElizabethColin HumeDetails
Elizabeth "R"Colin Wallace 
Elizabeth WaltzColin Hume 
Elizabeth's TriadFried de Metz HermanDetails
Elizabeth's TriangleWendy Crouch 
Elizabethan GypsyBill BaritompaDetails
Elkenrother QuadrilleEllis RogersDetails
Ella Rosenberg Details
Ella's Favorite Details
Ellen's CircleEllen Taylor 
Ellen's Green JigRoy DommettDetails
Ellen's YarnsRick MohrDetails
EllieCharlene Thomson 
Ellie's Pumpkin ShowBill OlsonDetails
Ellin a Roon Details
Elm City ReelDon PrimroseDetails
Elmore Lands Details
Elopement, The Details
Elopement, The Details
Elsden Circle Dance Details
Elsie Marley  
Elsie's SpecialAlan WilsonDetails
Eltham Assembly Details
Elverton Grove Details
Elverton Grove RevisitedGeof OwenDetails
ElviraLoretta HolzDetails
Ely Court Details
Ely Minster Details
Ely Waltz, TheColin HumeDetails
Ely-Copter DanceRob SibthorpeDetails
Embarrassing Moment, AnIan R. WhiteheadDetails
EmbraceDon Flaherty 
Embraceable ReelMelanie Axel-Lute 
Emerald & GoldWendy Crouch 
Emerald IsleGary RoodmanDetails
Emerald TripletFrieda Gratzon 
Emergency JigInga Morton 
Emeric and Marie's WeddingInga Morton 
Emily and Jerry Tie the KnotErik HoffmanDetails
Emma & KendallFrederick ParkDetails
Emma Turns ThreeGary RoodmanDetails
Emma's CommencementAlan Simpson-VlachDetails
Emma's SongJohn Garden 
Emma's WaltzColin HumeDetails
Emma's WaltzRose FoxDetails
Emotional BalanceJohn CoffmanDetails
Emperor of Hayti, The Details
Emperor of Russia's Waltz, The Details
Emperor of the Moon, The Details
Emperor, ThePat ShawDetails
Empress Waltz Quadrille, TheJack SankeyDetails
Emptied Crack, TheAl OlsonDetails
EnchantedCary RavitzDetails
Enchanted Forrest, TheCary RavitzDetails
Enchanted Place, AnAntony HeywoodDetails
Enchanted Wood, The  
EnchaNTmeNTKeith WoodDetails
Enchantress, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
End GameDon LennartsonDetails
End is the Beginning, TheDavid ZinkinDetails
End of SummerOnie Senyk 
End of the EightiesEmma RannieDetails
End of the LineNicholas RockstrohDetails
End of the SeasonInga Morton 
End of the White NightsInga Morton 
End of the YearGeof OwenDetails
Endless SummerSeth TepferDetails
Ends Cast InOnie Senyk 
Ends Turn InEd GilmoreDetails
Ends Turn In ContraHerbie Gaudreau 
EndwellLoretta HolzDetails
Enfield ChaseJohn Wood (UK) 
Enfield Common Details
Enfield Wash Details
Engaging Engineer, TheSharon GreenDetails
Engine of GreedJohn CoffmanDetails
English Air, AnPat ShawDetails
English Breakfast TeaColin HumeDetails
English Connection, The Details
English Country Waltz ContraFried de Metz Herman 
English Epiphany, AnBob GreenDetails
English Fleet, The Details
English Gentleman, TheElsie Watson 
English Heroes in Spain, The Details
English Pasby Details
English Poacher, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
English Sisters, The Details
Englishman in Paris Details
EngrenagesRob SibthorpeDetails
Enid's DelightPhilippe CallensDetails
Enid's Other DelightPeter FosterDetails
Enjoy Yourself  
EnjoymentFried de Metz HermanDetails
EnnaRob SibthorpeDetails
Enrichez VousAntony HeywoodDetails
Enrico Details
Enrico Details
Enrico Details
Enrico Details
Ensign RagJean ButlerDetails
Entangled in Monte CarloLuke DonforthDetails
Entangled in the BramblesAudrey Laver 
Entering BecketDavid SmuklerDetails
Enterprise and Boxer, (The)  
EntertainerRob SibthorpeDetails
Entirely New OppositesInga Morton 
EntrancedCary RavitzDetails
EphervescenceDon VeinoDetails
EpiphanySarah KaiserDetails
Epping Forest Details
Epping Hunt Details
Epping Hunt 2 Details
Epsom New Wells Details
Epsom Wells Details
Equal OpportunityJeffrey SperoDetails
Equal Opportunity Waltz ContraBecky Hill 
Equal SharesKen Bonner 
Equal Turn, TheTom HindsDetails
Equal TwirlTom Hinds 
Equatorial EquationsColin Wallace 
Equestrian, The Details
Equinoctial ContraInga Morton 
EquinoxJim KitchDetails
Equity ReelChris Bischoff 
Equivalent ExchangeBryan SuchenskiDetails
Eric on MondaysCam(m)y Kaynor 
Eric's AnswerEric Rounds 
Eric's Becket(t)Marianne TaylorDetails
Eric's Complex ConjugateEric ArnoldDetails
Eric's Date on the BayCharlie FentonDetails
Eric's Doublet #2Eric ConradDetails
Eric's FiddleAileen WillsDetails
Eric's ReelDon Armstrong 
EricaInga Morton 
Erie Canal MemoriesTerry GlasspoolDetails
Erik the man I love: a Pinewoods bromancErik ErhardtDetails
Erik's Second DateWilliam WatsonDetails
Erin's EncoreJohn CoffmanDetails
ErkenwyneRob SibthorpeDetails
Ernie's ReelEric Hollman 
EroicaBernard BentleyDetails
Errol on the GreenPat ShawDetails
Escape from Los AngelesWarren BlierDetails
Escape from P.H.S.Alan Davies 
Escape to S.B.L.Alan Davies 
Escaped from the HurricanePhilippe Callens 
Escher's StaircaseKeith WoodDetails
Escort to LeicesterFred and Sheila WardDetails
Esmeralda's RevengeBeth ParkesDetails
ESPColin Wallace 
EspanaTom HindsDetails
Espanadas, Las Details
Espandy Details
EsperanzaEric ZornDetails
Esperanza JubileeAl OlsonDetails
EssentialsBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Essex Building Details
Essex BywaysJohn Wood (UK)Details
Essex FarriersRob SibthorpeDetails
Essex QuadrilleTony Parkes 
Essex ReelTony Parkes 
Esty's Natal ReelMerri RuddDetails
Eternal BeauAlan DaviesDetails
Eternal Bond, TheDan PearlDetails
Eternal Triangle, TheColin Wallace 
Ethel's DanceRon CoxallDetails
Ethyl's Mixed CouplesKathleen FreemanDetails
Etica ReelKeith WoodDetails
Etna StarFred BreunigDetails
Etoile du SoirDonald Lamond 
EuphoriaJohn NanceDetails
EurekaKeith WoodDetails
Eva Bakes a Patty-CakeFred FreuthalDetails
Eva Three StepHugh Rippon 
Evans's Delight Details
Eve in the GardenBob GreenDetails
Eve's EveColin Wallace 
Eve's WaltzTerry Glasspool 
Even Handed LändlerJohn Garden 
Even Heaven Knows a Hey No-NoMichael FuerstDetails
Evening Brush, The Details
Evening GloryAlan DaviesDetails
Evening SongRob SibthorpeDetails
Evening StarInga Morton 
Evening Star, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Evens Chance, TheJeff Hoyle 
Evens Steven(son)Neil StuartDetails
Event HorizonDevin Nordberg 
Ever Expanding Circle, TheLeonard EllisDetails
Ever Happy Details
Ever-Deceasing CirclesColin Wallace 
EvergreenOrly KrasnerDetails
Eversley CelebrationsMargaret Franklin 
Every Dove FallenJohn CoffmanDetails
Every Grain of SandJohn CoffmanDetails
Every Lad his Lass Details
Every Second CountsJim KitchDetails
Every Which Way (31 & 32)Ted CraneDetails
Everyone's a StarGeoff CubittDetails
Everything FitsTed CraneDetails
Evil Cabal, TheAl OlsonDetails
Evil DianeCary RavitzDetails
Evil DuaneErik WebergDetails
Ewel Waltz, The Details
Ex-Patriot's JigRobert CromartieDetails
Examine Your SolesFried de Metz HermanDetails
Excel-a-brationTed SannellaDetails
Excel-a-bration IIPhilippe CallensDetails
ExchangeRob SibthorpeDetails
Exchange Swing, TheJohn SweeneyDetails
ExchangesThomas ChristopherDetails
Excretion ReelDavid Kaynor 
Excuse Me Details
Exe Setter's Ball, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Exemplary Dance #1 to 7  
Exercise ALarry JenningsDetails
Exercise BLarry JenningsDetails
Exercise CAl OlsonDetails
Exercise EAl Olson 
Exercise FLarry JenningsDetails
Exercise GLarry JenningsDetails
Exercise in AccommodationLarry Jennings 
Exeter Ladies Details
Exile, The Details
Exit 28Al BrozekDetails
Exit 33Chrystal Gallacci JonesDetails
Expanding the Ever-Expanding CircleChris PageDetails
Expecting Someone Else?Colin Wallace 
Expedition, The Details
Experimental Session No. 3Al OlsonDetails
Experimental Session No. 4Al OlsonDetails
Experimental Session, TheAl OlsonDetails
ExposedDavid SmuklerDetails
Express ContraHenry Garfath 
Express from Portsmouth Details
Express, The Details
Expressway ExpressCarol OrmandDetails
Extended PlayPhilippe CallensDetails
Extra Helping, AnRon T BlechnerDetails
ExtractinStew Shacklette 
Exwood UnitedAntony HeywoodDetails
Eye of the Storm, TheDan PearlDetails
Eye to EyeGeoff CubittDetails
Eye-2-EyeColin Wallace 
Eye's Habit, TheJonathan SivierDetails
EyebrightJan Dale 
Eyeful Tour, ThePeter Stix 
Eyes Have It, TheBecky HillDetails
Eyes RightJohn Wood (UK) 
EZ Mixer  
EZ-1Don ArmstrongDetails
EZ1Henry Garfath 
EZPZMichael BarracloughDetails
EZPZ2Michael BarracloughDetails
F & B, P & ATom CookDetails
F N ContraHeiner FischleDetails
F-LockJohn SweeneyDetails
F.J.'s FancyJune Perry 
Fabulous 4&1/2Gene Hubert 
Fabulous Couple, TheLinda LeslieDetails
Face the ArchColin Hume 
Face the MusicFried de Metz HermanDetails
Face the MusicBill OlsonDetails
Face UpMogens Hansen 
Facing In and OutInga Morton 
Faded HopesMichael Barraclough 
FailteRob SibthorpeDetails
Fain I Would Details
Fair African, The Details
Fair African, The Details
Fair American, The Details
Fair and Softly Details
Fair and SquareJohn CoffmanDetails
Fair CassandraSarah KaiserDetails
Fair Christabel Details
Fair Emigrant, The Details
Fair ExchangeCharles BoltonDetails
Fair Hand SquareColin Wallace 
Fair JeniHilary Herbert 
Fair Jenny's JigBecky HillDetails
Fair Ladies Palmer, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Fair MaidGreg Reynolds 
Fair Maid of BallydooDan Seppeler 
Fair Maid of Bideford, The  
Fair Maid of Wickham, The Details
Fair Maid, TheCary RavitzDetails
Fair Maids of FairfordElsie Watson 
Fair Maids of FranceJan Dale 
Fair One let me in, TheScott HiggsDetails
Fair Phillis Details
Fair PlayJenna SimpsonDetails
Fair Quaker of Deal 2 Details
Fair Quaker of Deal, The Details
Fair Rosalind, TheValerie Webster 
Fair ShareKaty HeineDetails
Fair TradeErik ErhardtDetails
Fair Wind Home, ARick MohrDetails
Fair-Haired CassidyMark Richardson 
Fairfield ConnectionDavid SmuklerDetails
Fairfield FancyDick ForscherDetails
Fairfield FlurryFrieda Gratzon 
Fairfield Graces Three, TheFrieda Gratzon 
Fairfield MixerFrieda Gratzon 
Fairground, TheDave Martin 
Fairies Revels, The Details
Fairisle FancyColin AndrewsDetails
Fairly Nicked from NickDon VeinoDetails
Fairport Harbo(u)rPaul BallietDetails
FairweatherMary DevlinDetails
Fairwell to MaineShirley Bunting 
Fairy Dance  
Fairy Dance, The Details
Fairy Dance, The Details
Fairy Prince, The Details
Fairy Prince, The Details
Fairy Revels Details
Fairy Revels Details
FaithJohn NanceDetails
Faith, Hope and Charity  
Faithful Charlie FraserBernard Bentley 
Faithful Penny, TheGeoff ToddDetails
Faithful Shepherd, The Details
Faithful Swain, The Details
Faithful Villager, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Faithless GypsyJim Kitch 
Faithless Nancy DawsonAnna BidderDetails
Fajitas and MargaritasDale Rempert 
Fal lal la Details
Falcon Ridge DriftPeter Stix 
Falklands Quadrille, The  
Fall BackDavid SmuklerDetails
Fall Down CatJohn CoffmanDetails
Fall Festival MixerConnie CarringerDetails
Fall of Leipsic, The Details
Fall of Paris  
Fallen LeavesDudley LaufmanDetails
Fallen Oaks  
Fallen Timber ReelRalph Page 
Falling in Love AgainKen BonnerDetails
Falling in Love with KenNeil StuartDetails
Falling LeavesDon Flaherty 
Falling MasonryJohn KirkpatrickDetails
False and True Details
False Friend, The Details
False Start  
False Start Righted, AColin Wallace 
Familiar QuotationsSharon GreenDetails
Familiar SceneryJohn NanceDetails
Family ChangeAl OlsonDetails
Family ContraSherry NevinsDetails
Family Contra in the CastleSeth TepferDetails
Family ReunionCris Miller 
Family RevisitedStew Shacklette 
Family TreeGene HubertDetails
Family Waltz Details
Fan in the DoorwayGene HubertDetails
Fancy CirclesInga Morton 
Fancy Meeting You !Colin Hume 
Fancy Minuet  
Fancy Passings #1Bob NicholsonDetails
Fancy Passings #2Bob NicholsonDetails
Fancy Passings #3Bob NicholsonDetails
Fancy Tag, AKen Bonner 
Fancy-Free FlirtingJohn GardenDetails
Fancy, The Details
Fandango, The Details
Fanny Dashwood's ComeuppanceDavid SmuklerDetails
Fanny of Timmol Details
Fanny PowerKen SheffieldDetails
Fanny Power 2John GoddardDetails
Fanny's Fancy Details
Fantail AlleyNeil StuartDetails
Fantasy ContraDevin Nordberg 
Fantini's WelcomeVictoria YeomansDetails
Fantocini, The  
Far AwayGary RoodmanDetails
Far from HomeElizabeth Goossen 
Far, Far From HomeMelanie Axel-Lute 
Farandole Details
Farandole Details
Farandole, The  
Faraway PlacesKeith WrightDetails
Fare Thee WellColin WallaceDetails
FaretheewellSarah KaiserDetails
Farewell MarcellinaJohn CoffmanDetails
Farewell Marian Details
Farewell Marian AgainDon BellDetails
Farewell Sicilian No. I & IIEric LimetDetails
Farewell Sir Isaac of DevonFrieda Gratzon 
Farewell to BelgiumPhilippe CallensDetails
Farewell to BoxtelTaco SikkemaDetails
Farewell to BudeJohn Wood (UK)Details
Farewell to ChorleyKen Alexander 
Farewell to InnocenceBob OlsonDetails
Farewell to MainShirley Bunting 
Farewell to Penhele  
Farewell to PlymouthEarl GaddisDetails
Farewell to the ShoreDan SeppelerDetails
Farewell to TitusvilleDavid Zinkin 
Farewell to WightmanLynn FrederickDetails
Farewell to XCarolyn and Maurice Dunnett 
Farewell, The Details
Farinellis Maggot Details
Farisee's Fear  
Farmer Clarke's Frolic Details
Farmer Roy's DaughterJohn CoffmanDetails
Farmer, ThePat ShawDetails
Farmer's Bride, TheBill PopeDetails
Farmer's GallopLiam Robinson
Farmer's GallopAxel RöhrbornDetails
Farmer's Jig Details
Farmer's Joy, TheJoseph PimentelDetails
Farmer's Quadrille  
Farmers QuadrilleAdele EnglandDetails
Farmers' DancePat ShawDetails
Farmers' Fancy Details
Farnicle Huggy Details
Farnworth FlingMichael Barraclough 
FARTing AroundJeff KaufmanDetails
FascinatorSarah KaiserDetails
Fast Forward PolkaJohn Garden 
Fast FriendsGary RoodmanDetails
Fast HandsDiane SilverDetails
Fast LivingDavid KirchnerDetails
Fast Packet, TheBob LilleyDetails
Fast RunStew Shacklette 
Fast WomenColin Wallace 
Fasten Your Seat BeltsStew Shacklette 
Fat Bear's ReelJeff KaufmanDetails
Fatal AttractionCary RavitzDetails
Fatal Kiss of the Ice Princess, TheTimothy GrantDetails
Father Connelly's JigRob SibthorpeDetails
Father's DayGary RoodmanDetails
Fault in Our Stars, TheRyan SmithDetails
Faux ProsTed CraneDetails
Favorite Dance  
Favorite Guaracha Dance, The Details
Favorite Rustic Reel  
Favorite Scotch Hornpipe  
Favourite de la Reine, La Details
Fawkes' FollyGeof OwenDetails
Fay-Mous Mark IIGeoff ToddDetails
Fazakerley RoundaboutEthyl AndersonDetails
Fearful SymmetryJonathan SivierDetails
Feast of Roses, The Details
Feathers, The  
February FlowerFried de Metz HermanDetails
February FrolicColin Wallace 
February MixerHeiner FischleDetails
February SunNeil StuartDetails
Federal Cotillion, The  
Feel the ForceDiane Silver 
Feeling Gravity's PullDon VeinoDetails
Feet in FlightDale RempertDetails
Feet of EnduranceGeof OwenDetails
Fegy DickRob SibthorpeDetails
Feisty MarieSol WeberDetails
Felicitations of Rapid MotionElizabeth Goossen 
FelicityColin HumeDetails
FelicityGeof OwenDetails
FelicityBill PopeDetails
Felix's Name DayMichael CiconeDetails
Felton FalloutErik Hoffman 
Felton Rag, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Female Bigamist, TheColin WallaceDetails
Female Racer, The Details
Female Sayler, The Details
Female Soldier, The Details
Female Volunteers Details
Female Volunteers, The Details
Fennel, The Details
Fenny BentleyGeof OwenDetails
FenterlarickJoyce WalkerDetails
Fermat's FarewellJonathan SouthardDetails
Ferne Hill Details
Fernigan'sNick Hawes 
Ferris Wheel Enigma, TheSusan Kevra 
Ferris Wheel, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Ferry DanceJoanne Thomson 
Ferryman, TheCor Hogendijk 
Ferrytown ShuffleMargot Gunzenhauser 
Festing's Minuet Details
Festival ContraPhilippe CallensDetails
Festival ExpressGene HubertDetails
Festival JigTed SannellaDetails
Festival SquareStan ChartDetails
Festive Coquette, TheMelanie Axel-Lute 
Festive Jigg, The Details
Fetchin' GretchenJeffrey SperoDetails
Fête ChampêtrePhilippe Callens 
Fever Mixer, TheAl OlsonDetails
Fever WeaverErna-Lynne Bogue 
FickleLoretta HolzDetails
Fickle Finger of FateDon LennartsonDetails
Fickle Polly Details
Ficklesome Follower, TheColin Wallace 
Fiddle Bow Reel  
Fiddle Camp FrolicMartha WildDetails
Fiddle Dee DeeAlbert A. BlankDetails
Fiddle FaddleJim YorkDetails
Fiddle Faddle Details
Fiddle Hill Jig (The)Ralph PageDetails
Fiddle TalesCary RavitzDetails
Fiddle-Stick VicColin Wallace 
FiddleheadsTed SannellaDetails
Fiddleheads' FancyTony Parkes 
Fiddler and her Beau, TheLarry JenningsDetails
Fiddler of Dooney, TheJonathan SouthardDetails
Fiddler of the DayDavid McMullenDetails
Fiddler on the MountJohn StapledonDetails
Fiddler's ElbowBernard ChalkDetails
Fiddler's FancyJean ButlerDetails
Fiddler's FancyCarol Ormand 
Fiddler's FancyPhilippe CallensDetails
Fiddler's FeatDan BlimDetails
Fiddler's GreenPat Wood 
Fiddler's Hat Details
Fiddler's Picnic, TheFrieda Gratzon 
Fiddler's SurpriseTony ParkesDetails
Fiddler's Surprise Contra, TheDonna Hébert 
Fiddler's Wife, TheAlan WinstonDetails
Fiddlers' FlingCary RavitzDetails
Fiddlers' FrolicCary RavitzDetails
Fiddles on FireJohn MeechanDetails
FiddlesticksHenry Garfath 
Fiddling Frog ContraLeonard EllisDetails
Fiddling with the StarsAl OlsonDetails
Fidelity ReelBill Wellington 
Fidget Details
Fidgetina's Waltz Details
Fidgety FeetMark RichardsonDetails
Fidler's Morris Details
Field End  
Field GoalSarah KaiserDetails
Field House MouseJohn CoffmanDetails
Fields of CloverGlen Nickerson 
Fiery AngelsGeof OwenDetails
Fiery Skipper #1 & #2Martha WildDetails
Fife Hunt, The Details
FifteenMike Richardson 
Fifth AnniversaryInga Morton 
Fifth Column Reel  
Fifth Dimension, TheColin HumeDetails
Fifth Figure Overacker SuiteAileen WillsDetails
Fifth Monday ReelHenry Garfath 
Fifth of April, TheDavid and Kathryn Wright 
Fifth of August, The Details
Fifth of March, TheElsie Watson 
Fifth of the YearErik Hoffman 
Fifth Piece, TheChris PageDetails
Fifty-FiftyKeith WrightDetails
Fifty/FiftyFried de Metz HermanDetails
Fig for Bonaparte, A Details
Fig Leaf JigRon Coxall 
Figaro Details
Fight about the Fire Details
Figure Eight Details
Figure EightTom HindsDetails
Figure Eight No. 1 Details
Figure Eight SpecialGene HubertDetails
Figure of Eight Details
Figure Seven Details
Figure Six MixerMargot GunzenhauserDetails
Filbert and FigsElsie Watson 
FiligreeRosemary LachDetails
Filing Anomaly, TheAndrew SwaineDetails
Final ArrangementTom Hinds 
Final Contra, TheDave Turner 
Final MeasureRob SibthorpeDetails
Final SwingPeter FosterDetails
Finale Details
Find the LadyPeggy HazellDetails
Find Your ManMike Clark 
Finding FireCary RavitzDetails
Finding the LamppostDavid SmuklerDetails
Finding Your BalanceJohn SweeneyDetails
Fine Companion, The Details
Fine Companions Waltz, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Fine DameSimone VerheyenDetails
Fine FellowJohn CoffmanDetails
Fine Fiddler, TheGary Roodman 
Fine Howdy Do, ARoberta KogutDetails
Fine Lady of Homewood, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Fine Meats, Flat Caps & TurpentineHilary Herbert 
Fine Square, ATom Hinds 
Fingerpost, TheGeof OwenDetails
Finish for 10Neil StuartDetails
Finistere to FitzroyHilary Herbert 
Finlarig Rant Details
FinneganSarah KaiserDetails
Fiona's FancyFried de Metz HermanDetails
Fiona's FollyElizabeth ZekleyDetails
Fire and BrimstoneJohn CoffmanDetails
Fire BellyDon Flaherty 
Fire DahliasBonnie Richardson 
Fire Hose Reel Details
Fire in the CreekJim KitchDetails
Fireball ContraDon Flaherty 
FirecrackerGene HubertDetails
FirefliesFried de Metz HermanDetails
Firefly PedicabsRick MohrDetails
Fireman's Dance Details
FireworksPeggy Hazell 
Fireworks, The Details
Firm FoundationsColin Wallace 
Firr Tree, The Details
First 100, TheElizabeth Goossen 
First and Last of the Brians, TheNeil StuartDetails
First Assembly, The  
First Baptist AssemblyVictor SkowronskiDetails
First BloomAl OlsonDetails
First BornGeof OwenDetails
First Corner, TheSeth Tepfer 
First Cuckold's Offspring, TheColin Wallace 
First DanceRob SibthorpeDetails
First DateSarah KaiserDetails
First Day of MayStew Shacklette 
First Day of Spring, The  
First Decade ReelFried de Metz HermanDetails
First Dog Hornpipe, The  
First Double ContraAl GreenDetails
First English JigBecky Hill 
First English RoarPaul BallietDetails
First English RoundaboutPaul BallietDetails
First Fifteen, TheNeil StuartDetails
First Figure of Overacker Suite  
First Fire of WinterGlen Morningstar 
First FlightDavid SmuklerDetails
First Fling of FallAl OlsonDetails
First Flutter, TheKen BonnerDetails
First FootingFried de Metz HermanDetails
First Hannover TripletHeiner FischleDetails
First HeyPaul BallietDetails
First ImpressionRobert MoirDetails
First Lady, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
First Mist of Autumn, TheNeil StuartDetails
First Night QuadrilleBob DalsemerDetails
First Night, TheCor HogendijkDetails
First Noel, TheJohn Garden 
First of April Fools, TheLou VosteenDetails
First of April, The Details
First of August, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
First of May, The  
First of October, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
First of September, The Details
First OutDon PrimroseDetails
First Person ViewJohn CoffmanDetails
First Snow, TheFried de Metz Herman 
First StarTed SteeleDetails
First Straw, TheChris PageDetails
First StringLoretta HolzDetails
First Swing of SpringDale Rempert 
First Thing in the MorningJohn TurnerDetails
First TimeStew Shacklette 
First Time for EverythingSteve ZakonDetails
First Trip to JacksonvilleOnie Senyk 
First TryLoren RamsayDetails
First Turn in MayTom HindsDetails
Fischers Allemand Details
Fischers Hornpipe Details
Fischers Hornpipe Details
Fish of St Regis, TheBarb KirchnerDetails
Fisher Boy's Dance Details
Fisher's Corn Cob PipeMike Boerschig 
Fisher's Hornpipe Details
Fisher's JigTom HindsDetails
Fisherman's Lot, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Fishin' Reel, TheMike Boerschig 
Fishing for ComplimentsDavid SmuklerDetails
Fishy Bridge, TheTed CraneDetails
Fit as a FiddleTed SannellaDetails
Fit as a FleaJohn CoffmanDetails
Fit for the FestivalGeof OwenDetails
Fit's come on me now, The Details
Fitting Pieces TogetherOnie Senyk 
Fittleworth Frolic, TheFrancis HawkinsDetails
Fitz Ugly Details
Fitzwilliam, The Details
Five AM ReelMichael McKernan 
Five Bar GaitDavid and Kathryn Wright 
Five Corner Waltz, TheBob Dalsemer 
Five Couple CircleAl GreenDetails
Five Foot Two Details
Five Foot Two Square, The  
Five for the Symbols at Your DoorFried de Metz Herman 
Five Gold RingsJune PerryDetails
Five Gold RingsNeil StuartDetails
Five Hand MedleyRob SibthorpeDetails
Five Hand Reel (2) Details
Five Hand(ed) Reel Details
Five in the MorningNeil StuartDetails
Five Ithaca SummersTed CraneDetails
Five Minutes More  
Five Minutes PeaceMark Elvins 
Five O'Clock CircleMargot Gunzenhauser 
Five PlusHeiner FischleDetails
Five Sisters, The Details
Five Star JigBarry Grant 
Five Times TrioHeiner FischleDetails
Five WeevilsBill BarritompaDetails
Five-Hand ReelJulian Pilling 
Five-Star Square, The Details
Five, Fifty-five, Fifty-fiveTom Hinds 
Fivepenny Bit Details
FivestonesHilary HerbertDetails
Fix ItJanet Holland 
Fix it YourselfHeiner FischleDetails
Fizgig Details
Flaherty will get you EverywhereBob IsaacsDetails
Flanders WeirJohn Wood (UK) 
Flank Guard, TheStew Shacklette 
Flapjack ExpressJoseph Pimentel 
Flapjack LocalJoseph Pimentel 
FlaresRob SibthorpeDetails
FlashBill OlsonDetails
Flashy Sorrell MareRich GossDetails
FlatworldColin Wallace 
Flea CircusSarah KaiserDetails
Flea Market, The  
FleabittenJohn CoffmanDetails
Fleet of FootFiona Birchall 
Fleeting VisitGeof OwenDetails
Fletcher's FollyAileen WillsDetails
Fleur de LisFried de Metz HermanDetails
Flevo Z-60Fried de Metz HermanDetails
FlickerDavid Michael Cottle 
Flight of Bonny Charlie, TheKaren Millyard 
Flight to FreedomMichael Barraclough 
Flight, The  
Flights of Fancy Details
Flighty Nymph, TheHazel MoirDetails
Flint Street Ga(l)lopHugh Rippon 
Flip a CoinBill BoyerDetails
Flip and CrossPeter FosterDetails
Flip Flop FrenzyGene HubertDetails
Flip-FlopCary RavitzDetails
FlippancySharon GreenDetails
FlippertyRob SibthorpeDetails
Flircle, TheTony ParkesDetails
Flirtation ReelTony ParkesDetails
Flirtation, ThePeggy Hazell 
Flirting Attempt, A or TheMaria(o)n Hepburn 
Flirting ConfusionDavid MandelbergDetails
Flirting Weaver, ThePeter Bixby 
Flirting with Bobbie JoSeth TepferDetails
Flirting with Love AgainCary RavitzDetails
Flirty AgainPeter FosterDetails
Flirty TurkeyDiane Silver 
Flitter FlutterHeiner FischleDetails
Flittermouse, The  
Flixton HouseBrian WedgburyDetails
FLK MixerFrank L. KaltmanDetails
Float Like a GnatDevin Nordberg 
Floating on a CloudBob OlsonDetails
Floating on AirJohn CoffmanDetails
Flock-DancingColin Wallace 
Flocking Good Time, ANicholas RockstrohDetails
Flodden Field Details
FloorplayPaul BallietDetails
FloorPlay New Year's Eve 2003Seth TepferDetails
Flora and Phaon  
Flora MacDonald Details
Flora MacDonald Details
Flora McDonald's Reel  
Floranthe Details
Flori's Flourish  
Florida CloverleafRob SibthorpeDetails
Florida RhapsodySeth TepferDetails
Florida/Virgina Commuters ReelOnie Senyk 
Floridian Gentleman, ABrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Flow, (The)Mogens Hansen 
Flower for PaulinePhilippe Callens 
Flower for Stephanie, AJohn Wood (UK)Details
Flower Girl's dance  
Flowers and Candy  
Flowers for BridgetBob GreenDetails
Flowers in JuneDale Rempert 
Flowers in MayStew Shacklette 
Flowers of April, (The)Gene HubertDetails
Flowers of ChirkPat ShawDetails
Flowers of Edinburgh Details
Flowers of Edinburgh (New England) Details
Flowers of Edinburgh 2 Details
Flowers of Edinburgh 3 Details
Flowers of Edinburgh 4Aaron ThompsonDetails
Flowers of Edinburgh 5 Details
Flowers of the ManorJohn Ritchie 
Fluid DriveTed SannellaDetails
FlurryDon Flaherty 
Flurry of Robins #1, AMartha WildDetails
Flurry of Robins #2, AMartha WildDetails
Flurry of Robins #3, AMartha WildDetails
Flutter RingJohn SweeneyDetails
Flutter SicilianEric LimetDetails
Flutter Star ContraSeth Tepfer 
Flutter-Star SquareHilary HerbertDetails
FlutterboysColin Wallace 
FlutterbyKen BonnerDetails
Fly Around, My Pretty Little MissDale WilsonDetails
Fly AwayRoberta KogutDetails
Fly Boat Details
Fly ByDale Rempert 
Fly by NightSarah KaiserDetails
Fly by Night Details
Fly Fisher's JigLinda LeslieDetails
FlycatcherRob SibthorpeDetails
Flying CarpetAl Olson 
Flying CircusErik Hoffman 
Flying ColorsMelanie Axel-Lute 
Flying Dutchman, The  
Flying EagleMogens Hansen 
Flying FlamingosCary RavitzDetails
Flying HighFrieda Gratzon 
Flying JuggernautDavid MandelbergDetails
Flying Pieman Details
Flying Scot Details
Flying Scotsman, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Flying Scotsman, TheHugh ThurstonDetails
Flying Scotsmen HornpipeDon ArmstrongDetails
Flying Sorceress, TheKalia KilbanDetails
Flying Through the StarsNeil StuartDetails
Flying Trapeze, TheChris PageDetails
Flynn's LegacyKeith WoodDetails
Foggy Sunday AfternoonHans KrackauDetails
Foiling the FlowColin Wallace 
Foley House Details
Folic FourTom Hinds 
Folk FestivalAudrey Laver 
Folklife FrolicLindsey DonoDetails
Folklife GypsyElinor PrestonDetails
Folkus PocusColin HumeDetails
Follow her close Details
Follow her close over the border Details
Follow Me  
Follow MeDavid SmuklerDetails
Follow Me Harry  
Follow me Lads Details
Follow SuitInga Morton 
Follow that StarErik HoffmanDetails
Follow the LadyDonna CalhounDetails
Follow the LeaderTed SannellaDetails
Follow the SkirtChris Kermiet 
Follow the StarMelanie Axel-Lute 
Follow the Willowy ShawColin Wallace 
Follow Your HeartColin Wallace 
Follow Your Lover  
Follow your ToesColin Wallace 
Fond Farewell, AJim HemphillDetails
Fondly Yours Details
Fontainblau Races Details
Fool Around for LoriChris PageDetails
Fool Crumb ReelAlan Davies 
Fool in the MiddleJulian Pilling 
Fool of Fortune, The Details
Fool's Cap and Bells, The Details
Fool's Progress  
Fooling the FlirtRob HarperDetails
Fools in Love, April WeddingErik Hoffman 
Foot it FeatlyBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Foot-Guard's March Details
Foothills Fancy MescolanzaBob Osgood 
Footloose (Contra)Don Flaherty 
Footloose and Fancy FreeErik Hoffman 
Footloose GypsyJohn Garden 
Footprints in the SandBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Foots Let GoGertie FordDetails
Fop's Fancy Details
For (Four) ShortsJudith VeeversDetails
For a Good Run (Für Gudrun)Alan DaviesDetails
For a Lovely LadyColin Wallace 
For BethanMark Elvins 
For Colin – A Dance with a DifferenceJulian HillDetails
For DianeFred FreuthalDetails
For FlorencePeggy HazellDetails
For Four ShortsJudith Veevers 
For Frieda, This and ThatRoger Whynot 
For GeorgeJune AzonDetails
For GrahamJohn StapledonDetails
For Greta  
For He's a Jolly Good FellowMichael BarracloughDetails
For JennieShirley Bunting 
For KayRon CoxallDetails
For MarjorieNicolas BroadbridgeDetails
For MaryJohn Wood (UK)Details
For Nancy HanssenSusan Elberger 
For NoraAudrey Laver 
For RebeccaJohn Wood (UK)Details
For Robert - A Southern GentlemanLoretta HolzDetails
For Those Who CaredTony ParkesDetails
For those who PairedLinda LeslieDetails
For You Shall SeeDick HoskingDetails
For YvonneSimone VerheyenDetails
Forbidden PleasureBill OlsonDetails
Forbidden Pleasure 2Bill OlsonDetails
Forbidden TreasuresTom Hinds 
Force of NatureDon VeinoDetails
Forced March MixerMogens Hansen 
Ford BrookGeof OwenDetails
Ford's FrolicCharles BoltonDetails
Foregone ConclusionsDale RempertDetails
ForellaJeff Hoyle 
Foremost FolliesEric Zorn 
Forest de Bondi (The) Details
Forest Grove Contra  
Forest Hills Revisited  
Forest HornpipeRob SibthorpeDetails
Forest Lodge ContraIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Forest of Bony, The Details
Forest of Bony, The Details
Forest of Bony, The Details
Forest WavesRob SibthorpeDetails
ForestedgeRob SibthorpeDetails
Forester's Wedding (The)Ted CraneDetails
ForestsideJohn MeechanDetails
Forget Me NotDon Flaherty 
Forget Me NotGary RoodmanDetails
Forget Your … but Remember MarianneInga MortonDetails
Forget-me-NotJan Dale 
Forgotten SwingJonathan SouthardDetails
Forgotten TravellerRob SibthorpeDetails
Forgotten TreasureBeth ParkesDetails
ForlanaIrene WrightDetails
Formation RotationCary RavitzDetails
Fornham Johnny  
ForsoothJ. Francis CarterDetails
ForsythiaDavid SmuklerDetails
ForsythiaIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Fort Flagler FlingWilliam WatsonDetails
Fort Flagler JigPenn Fix 
Fort Mountjoy Details
Forth DimensionGeof OwenDetails
Fortieth Foursome, ThePenny McLennanDetails
FortitudeHilary HerbertDetails
Fortune Teller, The Details
Fortune's FavorSarah KaiserDetails
Fortune's FoolMelanie Axel-Lute 
Forty BarsErnst van BrakelDetails
Forty Fourth at lastTed HodappDetails
Forty Mohr YearsSue RosenDetails
Forty Not OutIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Forty WinkersAlan DaviesDetails
Forty WinksBarrie Bullimore 
Forty Years of FunHan KindtDetails
Forty Years of MatchingToos HeesakkersDetails
Forty Years of Penguin PamSeth TepferDetails
Forty Years OnAlf MatthewsDetails
Forty-Bar Jig, The  
Forty-FourLarry Jennings 
Forty-second Street  
Forty-TwoDavid WilkinsDetails
Forum, The Details
Forward Five  
Forward Four in Line  
Forward Six (and Fall Back Six) Details
Forward Six and Back Details
Forward Six and Back Details
Forward Six and Baskets TwoAl OlsonDetails
Forward Six and Right and Left Four  
Fosse FollyElsie Watson 
Fosse Way Contra, TheGeoff CubittDetails
Fosse Way HornpipeWendy Crouch 
Fostering TraditionsGary RoodmanDetails
Fosters' FarewellKirston KothsDetails
Foul Weather Call  
Foula Reel Details
Foula Reel (variation) Details
Founder's DanceLinda MroskoDetails
Founder's DayDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
FountainsChris PageDetails
Four 'n AftCharles RothDetails
Four Alls Square, TheNeil StuartDetails
Four and MoreCharlie FentonDetails
Four and SixColin Wallace 
Four Around Four Details
Four Bachelor BoysChris Kermiet 
Four BasketsJohn GardenDetails
Four BitsDavid SmuklerDetails
Four by FourMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Four by ThreeJack BrownDetails
Four CornersMary DevlinDetails
Four Corners Trio MixerDon Armstrong 
Four Couple Hey Details
Four Cubed ContraMartha WildDetails
Four DecadesKen Bonner 
Four ElmsAudrey Laver 
Four for the Gospel MakersFried de Metz HermanDetails
Four Good TurnsTony ParkesDetails
Four Hand Reel  
Four Have SprungYoyo ZhouDetails
Four in a BedAileen WillsDetails
Four in a RowKen Alexander 
Four in Hand Details
Four Jolly SheepskinsJohn SweeneyDetails
Four Ladies Chain in LineJ.T. (johnny) TraftonDetails
Four Leaf CloverAl MacLeodDetails
Four Leaf CloverInga Morton 
Four Leaf CloverJohn KrummDetails
Four Leaf Clover SquareDon Armstrong 
Four Light WindsJohn SweeneyDetails
Four MarksFiona Birchall 
Four More YearsSteve Recchia 
Four on the FloorCary RavitzDetails
Four Rights and Lefts Don't make a WrongMichael FuerstDetails
Four Ring CircleGeoff CubittDetails
Four SaleRoland HigsonDetails
Four Score and TenGary Roodman 
Four Score YearsPeggy Samuel 
Four SeasonsKeith WoodDetails
Four Seasons, The  
Four Shoppers Everywhere  
Four SquareMary Devlin 
Four Square Details
Four to FourGary Roodman 
Four ValentinesGary Roodman 
Four WideJohn NanceDetails
Four WindsPat ShawDetails
Four Years LaterAl OlsonDetails
Four-Wheeled Tricycle, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Four, Forty-Four, Forty-FourTom Hinds 
Four, Let's GoTed SannellaDetails
Four's a CrowdChris PageDetails
Fourpence Half-Penny Farthing Details
Fourteenth of November, TheMargot GunzenhauserDetails
Fourth Assembly, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Fourth Figure of Overacker Suite  
Fourth FridayChris PageDetails
Fourth ProgressionMark Elvins 
Fourth Round Details
Fourth Time’s a CharmRon T BlechnerDetails
Fowl PlayAlan WinstonDetails
Fox Hollow FancyJacob BloomDetails
Fox Hunter's Jigg, The Details
FoxfireSteve SargentDetails
Foxhunter's Jig, (The)Colin HumeDetails
Foxy SecretsColin Wallace 
Fractal FlingCary RavitzDetails
Fractal FrolicCary RavitzDetails
FractionsSeth Tepfer 
Fran's Friendly FleamarketJohn CoffmanDetails
France's FancyMark Elvins 
Frances Ann's DelightGeorge MiddletonDetails
Franch Ambassador, TheFred FreuthalDetails
Franconia FestivalGeof OwenDetails
Franconia, The  
Frank and Easy Details
Frank PalmerKen SheffieldDetails
Frank's BirthdayDon ArmstrongDetails
Frank's DecisionDorothy Bradford 
Frank's Quadrille Details
Frannie's Alarm ClockLuke DonforthDetails
Fraser River EddiesPeggy Roe 
Fred Farkel's FollyAlbert A. BlankDetails
Fred Park's Long DriveErik Hoffman 
Fred PateHugh Rippon 
Fred Wilson's Clog Dance  
Fred's FancyRob SibthorpeDetails
Fred's FollyHarry Brauser 
Freda's FancyPat ShawDetails
Freda's FrolicTom CookDetails
Freda's StarsPeggy Samuel 
Freda's WaltzDave Kerridge 
Frederica Details
Frederica contraJonathan KingDetails
Frederick ContraTom HindsDetails
Frederick ReelTom HindsDetails
Frederick's FavoriteFried de Metz HermanDetails
Free Flowering FremontodendronChris Turner 
Free Knights, The Details
Free Mason, The Details
Free Masons, The Details
Free the French FourRoger DiggleDetails
FreebirdJim HemphillDetails
Freeford GardenDon Armstrong 
Freeford GardensDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Freeman's YardFried de Metz HermanDetails
Freemason's Hall Details
Freemason's Jig, The  
Freers FortificationHilary Herbert 
FreewayMogens Hansen 
Freeze the SoupErik WebergDetails
FreiaMargot Gunzenhauser 
Freighthoppin'Bob DalsemerDetails
French Ambassador, The Details
French Ambassador, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
French Connection, TheBob DalsemerDetails
French Connection, TheColin AndrewsDetails
French Eagle, The Details
French Four Details
French FrolicsColin Wallace 
French Italian ConnectionOnie Senyk 
French Lady, The  
French Peasant and Jigg Details
French Peasant DanceJohn Reay 
Frenchman's OakFiona Birchall 
Fresh Aire  
Fresh FieldsCharles BoltonDetails
Fresh TracksKeith WrightDetails
Fressinette, LaEric LimetDetails
Fret and RejoiceGary RoodmanDetails
Freudian SlipMike RichardsonDetails
Freya's FrolicJune Perry 
Friar and the Nun, The Details
Friday at the FoolSeth TepferDetails
Friday FlutterBarry Grant 
Friday Night Details
Friday Night AffairChrissy FowlerDetails
Friday Night FeverTony ParkesDetails
Friday Night Special (Mixer)Sam FlindersDetails
Friday Sicilian, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Friday T-G-I-FDon Flaherty 
Friday the Third SwingErik Hoffman 
Friday the ThirteenthTony SaletanDetails
Friday the ThirteenthSusan Elberger 
Friday the ThirteenthColin Wallace 
Fried ChickenRob SibthorpeDetails
Frieda's Curiosity  
Frieda's MaggotFrieda Gratzon 
Friend in Need, The Details
Friendly Brooke, TheChris SackettDetails
Friendly Sandwich CornersLinda LeslieDetails
Friendly Visit, The Details
FriendsDon Flaherty 
Friends and FamilyDale Rempert 
Friends and FlowersJacob BloomDetails
Friends for all SeasonsCharlene Thomson 
Friends ForeverLinda LeslieDetails
Friends in PennsylvaniaMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Friends Reel, TheTom Hinds 
Friends Without BenefitsPeter FosterDetails
Friendship BasketKaren MissavageDetails
Friendship for EverToos Heesakkers 
Friendship in Good CompanyJohn Garden 
Friendship, The Details
Fringe BenefitsFried de Metz HermanDetails
Frisian DuckCor HogendijkDetails
Frisian Duck, RevisitedFrieda Gratzon 
Frisian Duckling, TheAl OlsonDetails
Frisian Girl, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Frisian Hole, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Frisian Knot, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Frisky BehaviorCharley HarveyDetails
Frisky Jenny Details
FritillariaJan Dale 
Fritton FrenzyRob SibthorpeDetails
FrivolityMelanie Axel-Lute 
Frog in the Middle Details
Frog in the WellDavid SmuklerDetails
Frog Mouth RetroJohn CoffmanDetails
Frolic FourTom Hinds 
Frolick, The Details
Frolicking Friars, TheKeith WrightDetails
Frolics at Fritton  
From Aberdeen Details
From Among DragonsLeslie Lassetter 
From Dunchurch to SouthamElsie Watson 
From End to EndInga Morton 
From I to PInga Morton 
From Nelson to WellingtonFiona Birchall 
From Place to PlaceFried de Metz HermanDetails
From Room 915Heiner FischleDetails
From Sea to SeaMary Louise Chown and AQ 
From Side to SideMogens Hansen 
From the Earth to the MoonMichael FuerstDetails
From the First Hello to Last Good-ByeFrieda Gratzon 
From the Next StarKen Bonner 
From WandsworthJoseph Pimentel 
Front Door, First FloorColin Wallace 
Front Room FrolicHenry Garfath 
Frost on the PumpkinDon Flaherty 
Frosty FebruaryFrieda Gratzon 
Frosty Morning Details
Frozen FireFried de Metz HermanDetails
Frozen GooseMyrtle Wilhite 
Frozen LotionErik WebergDetails
Fruit and FlowersVictoria YeomansDetails
Fruit Cutter's Dance, TheJohn Wood (UK) 
Fruit Harvest ReelLuther BlackDetails
Fruit PunchDiane Silver 
Fruit Shop, The Details
Fruits of my Labour, TheGeoff CubittDetails
Fryar Bungy Details
Frymoor HouseTaco Sikkema 
Fryske TrijeCor HogendijkDetails
Fudge SwirlCary RavitzDetails
Fuerst Maggot, TheDon TheykenDetails
Fuerst Second Third Time's the Charm, AMichael FuerstDetails
Fugelmere FlutterFiona Birchall 
Full Deal, TheSarah KaiserDetails
Full MontyJohn CoffmanDetails
Full Moon FlingSarah KaiserDetails
Full Moon, The Details
Full Wind Up, TheChris PageDetails
Full-Moon Quadrille, TheJohn GardenDetails
Fuller Park FantasyPaul BallietDetails
Fully-Feminine Figures (-of-Eight)Colin Wallace 
Fumbler, The Details
Fun & Games  
Fun at Fleggburgh  
Fun at the FringeKen Bonner 
Fun Dance for MarjorieBob GolderDetails
Fun in New BedfordLinda LeslieDetails
Fun Time in KentuckyStew Shacklette 
Fun with AlexLinda LeslieDetails
Fun with FlipperDon VeinoDetails
Fundamental Difference, TheColin Wallace 
Fundy TidesCathy Campbell 
Funen SquareIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Funny, The Details
Furbelows and Apricocks Details
FurthermoreScott Higgs 
Fuzzy CosyLinda MroskoDetails
Fuzzy ThinkingBob OlsonDetails
Fye, Nay, Prithee John Details
G and ABurt Schwartz 
G is for GretchenCarol Ormand 
G.I. JigColin Wallace 
G'Day CaliforniaBarrie Bullimore 
G&T Sicilian CircleDottie WelshDetails
Gaberlunzie Man, The  
Gaffer Goosecap Details
Gail and Bob at MoosejawCarol Ormand 
Gail's MaggotGail Ticknor 
Gail's Making CopiesStacy RoseDetails
GalaxCary RavitzDetails
GalaxyFrieda Gratzon 
GalenaJo MortlandDetails
Gallant Enterprize, TheDaniel WrightDetails
Galley Hill RantClaire Kaley 
Galley Hornpipe, The  
GalleywoodRob SibthorpeDetails
Gallick Rant  
GallimaufryRob SibthorpeDetails
Gallop AcrossFried de Metz Herman 
Gallop SpeedChris PageDetails
Gallop, The Details
Gallop, The Details
Galloping GreenColin Wallace 
Galloping Nag Details
Galloway CottageRob SibthorpeDetails
Galloway House Details
Galop to Gretna GreenKen Alexander 
Galopede Details
Galvanized Becket, TheColin Wallace 
Galway Reel Details
Galway SwingJohn SweeneyDetails
GambolsJenna SimpsonDetails
Game of Four, TheDavid MandelbergDetails
GanderOrace Johnson 
Gang of Four, TheGene HubertDetails
GarbologyErik HoffmanDetails
Garden Assembly, TheNicolas BroadbridgeDetails
Garden by the Bay, TheNeil StuartDetails
Garden City SquareColin HumeDetails
Garden of EdenGeoff ShaulDetails
Garden of LifeRon T BlechnerDetails
Garden PartyGeoff CubittDetails
Garden Salad. TheJim Kitch 
Garden State of MindDawn WinskillDetails
Gardener's DelightHilary HerbertDetails
Gardeners, TheNeil StuartDetails
GardeniaInga Morton 
Gareth's GallopColin AndrewsDetails
Garey Owen Details
Garfield's EscapeRich BlazejDetails
Garland for Judi, AOrly KrasnerDetails
Garland of Roses, AKalia KilbanDetails
Garlic ClovesAl Olson 
Garman Spaw Waltz, The Details
Garnet Necklace, TheFrieda Gratzon 
Garter, The Details
Garthland Details
Garthland's House Details
Garty BarnBarry Grant 
Gary's GiftMark ElvinsDetails
Gary's OrbitTed Hodapp 
Gary's Reel TooDon VeinoDetails
Gas Fitters Ball, TheGeoff ToddDetails
Gasconne Details
Gaslight GirlSarah KaiserDetails
Gaspe ReelChris Kermiet 
Gate ExpectationsChris PageDetails
Gate ExpectationsMartha WildDetails
Gate IdeaMartha WildDetails
Gate of BunnikCor Hogendijk 
Gate to the Graveyard is One Way Only, TMichael BarracloughDetails
Gate-Crasher's Guest List, TheColin Wallace 
Gatekeeper, TheFred FreuthalDetails
Gates MillsElisabeth HallettDetails
Gates of Terpsichorea, TheJohn GardenDetails
Gateway to Julian #1Martha WildDetails
Gateway to Julian #2Martha WildDetails
Gateway to Julian #3Martha WildDetails
Gateway to Julian #4Martha WildDetails
Gateway to Julian #5Martha WildDetails
Gateway to the SouthJerome GrisantiDetails
Gathering of Peacocks, ASharon McKinleyDetails
Gathering Peascods Details
GaudeteJohn Garden 
Gaudi's DelightNeil StuartDetails
Gavin's QuadrilleGavin MartinDetails
Gavottina, The Details
Gay Gaddabout, ThePat ShawDetails
Gay Gordons Details
Gay Gordons (Progressive) Details
Gay Rory O MoorDon Flaherty 
Gay RoundCor Hogendijk 
Gay Young Squire, The  
Gaye Fifer's ContraTom Hinds 
Gaye's GrooveRick MohrDetails
Gear BoxAl Olson 
Geesetown CrossingHeiner FischleDetails
Geezy PeezyLarry EdelmanDetails
GeirionyddTom CookDetails
Gelding of the Devil, The Details
Gemini JigSharon GreenDetails
Gemini SixChris PageDetails
Gemini's Golden Gift  
Gems of Genius Details
GemstonesRon Coxall 
Gender Balance, TheColin HumeDetails
Gender BenderCharles BoltonDetails
Gender BenderAlan CheethamDetails
Gene's GambolOrly Krasner 
Gene's GeniusTony ParkesDetails
Gene's J & LGene Hubert 
Gene's TambourineSharon GreenDetails
Gene's ValentineDean SnipesDetails
Gene's VictoryGene Hubert 
General Abercrombie's Reel  
General Action Details
General Beresford Details
General Blucher Details
General Election, The Details
General EricTom Hinds 
General Graham Details
General Grooviness of the UniverseBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
General Hill Details
General Kutusoff Details
General Lake's Waltz Details
General Morrison Details
General Toast, The Details
General, The Details
GenerosityBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Generous Conquest Details
Genet's Recall Details
GenevieveVictor SkowronskiDetails
Genevieve's HealthFried de Metz HermanDetails
Genial Genealogist, TheJohn MeechanDetails
Genial GillColin WallaceDetails
Gent's in LeadMogens Hansen 
Genteel GillColin Wallace 
Gentle Annie HillNeil StuartDetails
Gentle on my MindGene Hubert 
Gentle PersuasionDale Rempert 
Gentle Shepherd, TheHugh Rippon 
Gentle Waltz, APeggy Hazell 
Gentleman Caller, TheHilary HerbertDetails
Gentleman's DelightPhilippe CallensDetails
Gentleman's Jig  
Gentleman's ReelRob SibthorpeDetails
Gentlemen GypsiesColin Wallace 
Gentlemen's CanyonMarilee StandiferDetails
Gentlemen's Pleasure Details
Gently Does ItRon Coxall 
Gents and CornersRalph PageDetails
Gents Cross OverTony ParkesDetails
Gents Give, Ladies TakeDavid SmuklerDetails
Gents Move LeftTed Sannella 
Gents Spin Chain ThroughColin HumeDetails
Gents Three-Quarter StarTed Sannella 
Geo Volente (Earth Willing)Carol Ormand 
Geoff's over the Hill and still ChasedGeoff CubittDetails
Geometric DiscretionMichael FuerstDetails
George Cross, TheAnne WelchDetails
George Washington's Favorite Cotillion Details
George's FollyGeorge Senyk 
George's Magot Details
George's Neat ReelMichael FuerstDetails
George's Something Or OtherGeorge Senyk 
Georgia Rang Tang Details
Georgian House, TheHilary HerbertDetails
Gerbil CarnageScott HiggsDetails
German Beau, The  
German Connection, TheColin Hume 
German Dance, (The) Details
German Lass, The  
German Polka  
German Polka Contra  
German SpaNancy ShepleyDetails
German Waltz  
Germanic PanicColin Wallace 
GerontiosRob SibthorpeDetails
Gerrie Well DoneToos HeesakkersDetails
Get me GoingLisa GreenleafDetails
Get on the TrainMogens Hansen 
Get Your Twirl OnDevin Nordberg 
Getting Out Of The Hole At NelsonRich Blazej 
Getting to Know YouJim Kitch 
Geud Man of Ballangigh, The Details
Geud Man of StauntonLou Vosteen 
Geud Man-Agers of Halsway, TheTom CookDetails
Gevu GirlsCor HogendijkDetails
Ghost DanceJulian PillingDetails
Ghost of a ChanceCal HowardDetails
Ghost of Michael Wiggins, The Details
Ghost Riders in the SkyErik Hoffman 
Ghost Town OrbitAlan CheethamDetails
Ghost TrainAudrey Laver 
Ghostie's JigKeith WrightDetails
GhostsAl OlsonDetails
Ghoul's GavotteEric ProbertDetails
Giant Robot DanceLinda LeslieDetails
Giant's Backbone, TheJohn Garden 
Giant's Staircase , TheJack PerronDetails
Gibbs Street MixerRobert Cromartie 
Gibraltar Details
Gibraltar ParadeRon Coxall 
Giddiness ReelMogens Hansen 
Giddy PromenadeJohn GardenDetails
Gift BoxRob SibthorpeDetails
Gift To-KenWendy Crouch 
Gifts to YouDon Flaherty 
Gig with the Wing Nuts, AChristine HaleDetails
Gigue for GennyDaniel HerrDetails
Gigue for GladysElsie Watson 
Gilbert and JaneFiona Birchall 
Gill's BirthdayAlan Davies 
Gill's MaggotChris Turner 
Gilliam Callum Details
Gillian's Jig  
Gillity JigsawGeof OwenDetails
Gilpin’s RoundaboutGeof Owen 
Gilston Park Details
Gin I was a Bonny Lad Details
Ginger BeerJeff KaufmanDetails
Ginger PigsHilary HerbertDetails
Ginger TeaRose KaufmanDetails
Ginger TuesdayPeggy HazellDetails
GingerbreadBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Ginny's GigueFried de Metz Herman 
Ginter Park StrollTom Hinds 
Gipsey Hornpipe  
Gipsy FarewellColin Wallace 
Gipsy Hill JigIrene HarcourtDetails
Gipsy Prince, The Details
Gipsy's PigColin Wallace 
Giraffe, The Details
Girl I Left Behind BeCarmen GiuntaDetails
Girl I Left Behind Me Details
Girl I left behind Me, (The) Details
Girl's Best Friend, AFried de Metz HermanDetails
Girl's Best Friend, AKeith WoodDetails
GirlbeastRon T BlechnerDetails
Girls from Urbana, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Girls in White DressesKeith WoodDetails
Girls of Belfast  
Girls of OakhillJohn SweeneyDetails
Girls of Saint Louis, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Gisburn Processional, The Details
Give and TakeLarry JenningsDetails
Give and Take 11th Street  
Give and Take IILarry JenningsDetails
Give and Taken AwayMelissa TaggartDetails
Give in to ProgressLuke DonforthDetails
Give it a WhirlJohn CoffmanDetails
Give the Scout a HandChris WeilerDetails
GivernyTerry Glasspool 
Glad to be HereCarol Ormand 
Glade RunnerRob SibthorpeDetails
Gladwyn's MarkNeil StuartDetails
Gladys's GalopPat ShawDetails
Glandyfi Details
Glasgow Kiss, TheJohn MeechanDetails
Glass House, The Details
Glass of Lemonade, A Details
Gleamham Hall Details
GleanersRon CoxallDetails
Gleeful Threesome, TheChristy KeevilDetails
Glen BecketBob GreenDetails
Glen Echo PromenadeBob DalsemerDetails
Glen Echo RacesWill MentorDetails
Glen Echo ReelTony Parkes 
Glen HelenPaul BallietDetails
GlendevenAlisa Dodson 
Glenlake ParkwayJohn NanceDetails
Glenloch InterchangePeter FosterDetails
Glenton Park Details
Glide, The Details
Glimpse of Beauty, ACharley HarveyDetails
GlintRich GossDetails
Glittering Sparkling 40th, ASeth TepferDetails
Global FlyerDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Globe Waltz Details
GloriaKeith WoodDetails
Gloria's MixerHeiner FischleDetails
Gloria's Star Thru MixerHeiner FischleDetails
Glorious first of June, The Details
Glorious Twelfth, TheGeoff CubittDetails
Glornovich's Hornpipe Details
Glory of the West, The Details
GlossaryAl GreenDetails
Glossary CircleTed Sannella 
Glossary Contra  
Gloster Reel, TheS & R Hunt 
Gloucester Reel, The Details
Gloucester, The Details
Gloup, TheHilary HerbertDetails
Glover's ReelDuke MillerDetails
Glowing SunsetGlen Morningstar 
Gluten-Free SquareTom Hinds 
Gnat Sass, ThePaul BallietDetails
Gnome, The Details
Go a RovingDon Flaherty 
Go at Brighton, The Details
Go AwayIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Go back the way you came, Dear!Ægle HoekstraDetails
Go George, I can't endure you Details
Go Halfway RoundRalph PageDetails
Go in PeaceCharlene ThomsonDetails
Go Slowly, Come Back Quickly Details
Go to Berwick Johnny  
Go to the Devil & Shake Yourself Details
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself Details
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself Details
Go to the Devil and shake yourself Details
Go with the FlowChris PageDetails
Go-Between ReelJohn Letheren 
Go-to-GoSarah KaiserDetails
Goathland Square Eight Details
Gobby O, The Details
God Rest You Merry GentlemenJohn GardenDetails
God-Bye-EeRob SibthorpeDetails
Goddess of the Chase Details
Goddesses Details
Godfather, TheHenry Garfath 
Godfrey's Galop  
Godriail Details
Goin' AroundLarry JenningsDetails
Goin' Down SouthDon ArmstrongDetails
Goin' Up & DownLarry Jennings 
Going at SixtyColin HumeDetails
Going DutchDavid SmuklerDetails
Going DutchKeith WoodDetails
Going for a SpinColin HumeDetails
Going for GoldJoyce WalkerDetails
Going for GoldGary Roodman 
Going into OrbitMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Going My Way?Jim HemphillDetails
Going Our Opposite WavesJim HemphillDetails
Going Out to DenverBecky Hill 
Going PlacesValerie Webster 
Going to Boston Details
Going to Goldhay  
Going to St PaulPaul BallietDetails
Going WestColin HumeDetails
Gold Chain, TheTom Hinds 
Gold for BerniceColin HumeDetails
Gold for BrendaColin HumeDetails
Gold for Lilian, A  
Gold for the MahieusPhilippe CallensDetails
Gold in Chaucer CourtTed Morse 
Gold RushDon FlahertyDetails
Gold Star WednesdayDale WilsonDetails
Goldberg RompAntony HeywoodDetails
Golden Age, TheKeith WoodDetails
Golden AlexandersFried de Metz HermanDetails
Golden AnniversaryPeggy MarshallDetails
Golden AnniversaryPeggy Hazell 
Golden Anniversary WaltzChristine HelwigDetails
Golden BeechNeil StuartDetails
Golden BrowneNicolas BroadbridgeDetails
Golden Celebration, AMargaret Franklin 
Golden ChainNick HawesDetails
Golden ChainGlen Morningstar 
Golden DalesJan Dale 
Golden Day, ADorothy BradburyDetails
Golden DaysDon Flaherty 
Golden DolphinsSue CarterDetails
Golden DreamsJoan SimpsonDetails
Golden GloryJanet PalmerDetails
Golden Goose, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Golden GreenPhilippe CallensDetails
Golden Grove Details
Golden GuilfordPeter Hopwood 
Golden HawkTed HarndenDetails
Golden IsleRosemary Hunt 
Golden KeyJoan WinsorDetails
Golden LimeAntony HeywoodDetails
Golden MemoriesToos Heesakkers 
Golden Opinions  
Golden OpportunitiesCarol HewsonDetails
Golden Primrose, TheGeof OwenDetails
Golden ReelsGeoff BradleyDetails
Golden Rose, TheEllen Taylor 
Golden SandNeil StuartDetails
Golden SeptemberFrances HoughDetails
Golden Slipper Reel  
Golden Slippers, (The) Details
Golden Square Details
Golden StemsJohn Wood (UK) 
Golden ThreadLannie McQuaideDetails
Golden Wonder, TheAnn Higley 
Golden Years Contra, TheChris Turner 
Goldie the Guy CatJohn CoffmanDetails
GondolaJohn RitchieDetails
Gondola, The Details
Gone a Rovin'Ralph PageDetails
Gone FishingSarah KaiserDetails
Gone for a BurtonJohn RitchieDetails
Gone RamblingAudrey Laver 
Gone to PotRob SibthorpeDetails
Good Advice Details
Good Book Makers, TheNeil StuartDetails
Good by ChathamDon Flaherty 
Good Feeling, ABill PopeDetails
Good Fellow, The Details
Good FellowshipCharles BoltonDetails
Good for the Tongue Details
Good FridayKirston KothsDetails
Good Girl Details
Good Girl, The Details
Good Girl, The Details
Good HopeDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Good HumourColin HumeDetails
Good King HenryJan Dale 
Good King WenceslasJohn Garden 
Good LuckStew Shacklette 
Good Luck at Last Details
Good Man of AntwerpGary RoodmanDetails
Good Man of CambridgeGary RoodmanDetails
Good Man's JourneyErna-Lynne Bogue 
Good Morning Mr SandersJeff KaufmanDetails
Good NeighborsMelanie Axel-Lute 
Good OmensSarah KaiserDetails
Good Queen VicMartyn HarveyDetails
Good SpiritMogens Hansen 
Good Things come in Small PackagesMargot GunzenhauserDetails
Good Time ContraDon Flaherty 
Good TimesAl OlsonDetails
Good TurnsColin HumeDetails
Good-Hearted GuildfordRob SibthorpeDetails
Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to BostonColin HumeDetails
Goodbye My Lady LoveDebbie GrayDetails
Goodbye SallyRyan SmithDetails
Goodbye SummertimeErnst van BrakelDetails
Goodfellows, TheRon BeesonDetails
Goodman GigueGary RoodmanDetails
Goodman's FancyRich(k) CastnerDetails
Goodness MeInga Morton 
Goodnight Kiss, TheCarol OrmandDetails
Goodnight MoonSharon McKinleyDetails
Goodnight Waltz Mixer  
Goodnight, LadiesKeith WrightDetails
Goodwife, ThePeggy Hazell 
Goody One ShoeRick MohrDetails
Goody Two ShoesMicah SmuklerDetails
Goose and Gridiron, The Details
Goose FairIan Whitehead 
Gooseberry Bush, The Details
Gooseberry PieAlan Davies 
GoosebumpsBob IsaacsDetails
Goossens No. IIIEric LimetDetails
Gordian Knot, The  
Gordo's QuadrilleJack MurthaDetails
Gordon Rant, The Details
Gordon Square ContraHenry Garfath 
Gordon's Dance  
Gordons, Jennings, and MoreAl Olson 
GorgesNeil StuartDetails
Gorleston Gallop  
Goss HallNeil StuartDetails
Gossip JoanHeffer and PorterDetails
Gossip's Reel, TheAnne WelchDetails
Gossipy Peasant Girl, The  
Got a Dance - by George!Fried de Metz HermanDetails
Got Nice NeighboursBill BoyerDetails
Gotham JubileeLoretta HolzDetails
Gothic Dance, TheElias HoweDetails
Gout for Ever Details
Gower WassailSol WeberDetails
Gower WassailJohn Garden 
Grab the Nearest GirlColin Hume 
Grace in MadtownMarilee StandiferDetails
Graces, The Details
Graces, The Details
Graces, The Details
Gracious LadyGeorge and Onie Senyk 
Gradely Lass, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
Graduate, TheMark ElvinsDetails
Graduate, TheColin HumeDetails
Graduation DayJohn Wood (UK) 
Graduation ReelCris Miller 
Graham CrackersDavid KirchnerDetails
Graham's CatchMark ElvinsDetails
Graies Inne Maske Details
Grampa GregDavid ZinkinDetails
Grampian Reel  
Granadier's Exercise Details
GrandRob SibthorpeDetails
Grand AllemandeAl OlsonDetails
Grand BeginningTony SaletanDetails
Grand Canyon StompMarilee StandiferDetails
Grand Chain Quadrille Details
Grand Circle Dance, The  
Grand Day Out, AChris PageDetails
Grand Dejeuner, Le Details
Grand FeteRob SibthorpeDetails
Grand GalaxyFrieda Gratzon 
Grand Illusion WaltzJohn Garden 
Grand Lancer's Double QuadrilleFrieda Gratzon 
Grand March  
Grand March VariationsRichard Chase 
Grand MomentsRob SibthorpeDetails
Grand Mother CircleGary RoodmanDetails
Grand NationalAlan Simpson-VlachDetails
Grand Netherwyke StrollRob SibthorpeDetails
Grand Netherwyke WeaveRob SibthorpeDetails
Grand New Square, AIan Whitehead 
Grand Old DukeAudrey Laver 
Grand PicnicRick MohrDetails
Grand Right and Left MixerChris PageDetails
Grand Right and Left the LineRod Linnell 
Grand SabbaticalTony SaletanDetails
Grand Slam Chain Details
Grand Slam ChangeJ.T. (johnny) TraftonDetails
Grand Slam, TheGene HubertDetails
Grand Square Details
Grand Square ContraJacob BloomDetails
Grand Square Lancers Details
Grand Square MelangeGeorge and Onie Senyk 
Grand Square Quadrille Details
Grand Square Quadrille I & IIFrieda Gratzon 
Grand Square ThroughColin Hume 
Grand Star CircleRod LinnellDetails
Grand Star of Sicily, TheInga Morton 
Grand Star SquareRod Linnell 
Grand Starry Night, ARon CoxallDetails
Grand TourColin Hume 
Grand TourFrieda Gratzon 
Grand TourKeith WoodDetails
Grand Turk's Dance, The Details
Grand Vizier's Flight, The Details
Grand Western CanalSue RosenDetails
Grand Windmill QuadrilleFrieda Gratzon 
Grandad's FavouriteAileen WillsDetails
Granddad's Old GuitarGeof OwenDetails
Grande Chaine, LaMogens Hansen 
Grande CosseNaomi Alexander 
GrandeurRob SibthorpeDetails
Grandfather's ClockGeof OwenDetails
Grandfather's PolkaGeof OwenDetails
Grandma Slid Down the MountainTod WhittemoreDetails
Grandma's Gallop  
Grandma’s BeadsGeof OwenDetails
Grandmother's Cabinet Details
Grandparents' Waltz, TheColin HumeDetails
Grange Hall, The  
Granny Smith AppleSeth TepferDetails
Granny Smith's MaggotColin HumeDetails
Granny's KnotAnne WelchDetails
Granny's KnotAudrey Laver 
Granny's Pearls Details
Grant's Give and TakeGrant GoodyearDetails
Granville, TheJohn RitchieDetails
Grape Escape, TheColin Wallace 
Grapefruit TwistInga Morton 
Grapevine JigDon Armstrong 
Grapevine Jig IIJohn SweeneyDetails
Grapevine PolkaJohn Garden 
GraphiteMelissa RunningDetails
Grass Valley Glide, TheRick MohrDetails
Gravel Bar ShuffleBrian DeMarcus 
Gray JayBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Gray's-Inn Mask  
Grease & GlueLinda MroskoDetails
Greasy ShrimpTed CraneDetails
Great Belt Bridge, TheInga Morton 
Great Escape, TheTony Parkes 
Great ExpectationStew Shacklette 
Great ExpectationsCharles Bolton 
Great ExpectationsPeggy Hazell 
Great Hall, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Great Heat Wave, TheGene HubertDetails
Great MeadowsNathaniel Jack 
Great Midwestern, TheFrieda Gratzon 
Great Mogul, The Details
Great Pond of Stubbing, TheNeil StuartDetails
Great Roundabout, TheJohn Garden 
Great ScottRob SibthorpeDetails
Great Scott! It's a RagLoretta HolzDetails
Great Tree, TheMelissa TaggartDetails
Great Turk, The Details
Great Urbana Barn Dance, TheMichael FuerstDetails
Great Western Four Step Details
Greeced LightningColin Wallace 
Greek GoddessRay GoodswenDetails
Green and Pleasant LandFiona Birchall 
Green Apple QuickstepCam(m)y Kaynor 
Green Apple QuickstepKeith WoodDetails
Green Eyed Girl Variation, TheJim KitchDetails
Green Goose Fair Details
Green GrocerSarah KaiserDetails
Green GyreneReine WoniteDetails
Green Hazel DazeBill OlsonDetails
Green House, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Green LeavesFried de Metz HermanDetails
Green Man, TheTerry GlasspoolDetails
Green Meadows  
Green Mountain Boys  
Green Mountain Jig Details
Green Mountain PetronellaDavid SmuklerDetails
Green Mountain Volunteers Details
Green MuseBob OlsonDetails
Green RevolutionRuss Cohen 
Green RiverAl OlsonDetails
Green River TrioStew Shacklette 
Green Sleeves Details
Green Sleeves and Pudding Pyes Details
Green StockingsMichael BarracloughDetails
Green Street RagRich Blazej 
Green WillowHeffer and PorterDetails
Green-Eyed Girl, TheJim KitchDetails
Green's ReelChris MadiganDetails
GreenacreTom CookDetails
Greenfield PetronellaChris RicciottiDetails
Greenfield ReelDavid Kaynor 
Greenfield StormLinda LeslieDetails
Greenfield TornadoDon VeinoDetails
GreengageBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Greenhill Grove Cotillon Details
Greenleaf WaveDon Flaherty 
Greenpeace ReelFried de Metz HermanDetails
GreensleevesClement WeeksDetails
Greensleeves Details
Greensleeves (Feuillet)Clement WeeksDetails
Greensleeves 2 Details
Greensleeves and Yellow LaceJames AlexanderDetails
GreenwaySarah KaiserDetails
Greenwich Hill Details
Greenwich HospitalFrancis WernerDetails
Greenwich Park Details
Greenwich Park 2 Details
Greenwich Pensioner Details
Greenwood Details
Greenwood SquareTom Hinds 
Greestone StairsElsie Watson 
Greeting, ThePat ShawDetails
GreetingsTori BaroneDetails
Greetings at the CrossroadsJohn GardenDetails
Greezy PeezyLarry EdelmanDetails
Gregg's Frolick Details
Grenadiers Exercise Details
Grendon RoundaboutJan D'HongersDetails
GretaMargaret Franklin 
Grey PantsJohn CoffmanDetails
Grey Stone CircleGeof Owen 
GreyhoundBronwyn WoodsDetails
Greyhound to HarrisburgColin HumeDetails
GribouilleElizabeth GoossenDetails
GridlockValerie Webster 
Grief AlamodeRobert Cromartie 
Griffith's FancyMarshall Martin 
Griffiths' Whim  
Grim Dolphin, TheChris Turner 
Grimes of PassionColin Wallace 
Grimsditch HallRod HordleyDetails
Grimstock Details
Grimstock GraduationsColin Wallace 
Grin & bear itWendy Crouch 
Grind that Meal Details
Grinder, The Details
Grindle, TheRon Coxall 
GringottsRob SibthorpeDetails
Grist to the MillColin Wallace 
Groombridge GardensGeof OwenDetails
Groovemongers ContraDon Flaherty 
Grosser Achter Double QuadrilleDon Armstrong 
Grosswood Hill Details
Grosvenor Square  
Groundhog DayDan Pearl 
Groundhog DayKeith WrightDetails
Groundhog DazeJim HemphillDetails
Grove(s), The Details
GrowianHeiner FischleDetails
Growian IIHeiner FischleDetails
Growing Old GracefullyFiona Birchall 
GryffindorRob SibthorpeDetails
Guaracia Details
Guardian AngelAl OlsonDetails
Guardian Angels Details
Gudrun's GoodbyeFried de Metz HermanDetails
Guest AppearanceGeof OwenDetails
Guiding Star ContraSusan KevraDetails
Guil(d)ford Assembly Details
Guilderoy Reel  
Guildford 40Ken Bonner 
GuildhallNaomi Alexander 
GuildhallGeof OwenDetails
Guilford Five-OJanet Walker 
Guilford Silver SicilianRon Charles 
Guinea Pig Details
Guinea Pig ContraBurt Schwartz 
Guinea Pig, The Details
Guinea Pig, The Details
Gun Fleet, The Details
Gun, The Details
Gun's WaltzAlan DaviesDetails
Gunpowder Treason and PlotGeoff CubittDetails
Gurkha SquareFiona Birchall 
Gushendall Bay Details
Gustavus Details
Gustavus Details
Gustavus AdolphusJohn RitchieDetails
GwenethBrian WedgburyDetails
Gypsey Dance, The Details
Gypsies at the GateMarilee StandiferDetails
Gypsies in the FieldsSeth TepferDetails
GypsophiliaJan Dale 
Gypsy A TroisJohn SweeneyDetails
Gypsy AroundMichael BarracloughDetails
Gypsy Around TwoTom HindsDetails
Gypsy at LastColin Wallace 
Gypsy BeauxAl OlsonDetails
Gypsy Bride, TheRobert CromartieDetails
Gypsy CampBob GreenDetails
Gypsy CircleAl Olson 
Gypsy Dancer, TheDavid ColestockDetails
Gypsy DervishBecky Hill 
Gypsy DreamNeil StuartDetails
Gypsy EightsCary RavitzDetails
Gypsy EveryoneSeth TepferDetails
Gypsy FeverJonathan SouthardDetails
Gypsy for AmyLinda LeslieDetails
Gypsy for Chris & SaraLinda LeslieDetails
Gypsy for Jessica, ATom LehmannDetails
Gypsy GaloreAl GreenDetails
Gypsy HeyPeter FosterDetails
Gypsy in the HeyJim HemphillDetails
Gypsy in the HeyJohn NanceDetails
Gypsy in the Hey, AJim Kitch 
Gypsy LamentJack BrownDetails
Gypsy O'MoreTom Hinds 
Gypsy O'MoreTom LehmannDetails
Gypsy O'StarPeter FosterDetails
Gypsy PinwheelCarmen Giunta 
Gypsy PoliceSarah KaiserDetails
Gypsy Quartet, TheColin Wallace 
Gypsy ReelJohn IvanDetails
Gypsy RoadSeth TepferDetails
Gypsy Round, TheEric LeberDetails
Gypsy SailorOrace Johnson 
Gypsy SquaredMark Richardson 
Gypsy StalkerPeter FosterDetails
Gypsy StarCary RavitzDetails
Gypsy StarAdam CarlsonDetails
Gypsy WavesCary RavitzDetails
Gypsy WeddingSeth Tepfer 
GypsylandJim HemphillDetails
GyrationsJim HemphillDetails
H-Fs.99Heiner FischleDetails
H.L. Humley's Submarine DanceDiane Silver 
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales' Favourite Details
H7 (Heptathlon Jig)Aase M&P ToxværdDetails
Haarlemmer WalsCor HogendijkDetails
Haasen Fusz Details
Hackin's HeyTom CookDetails
Hackney Coach, The Details
Hacksaw ReelKeith WoodDetails
Hag with the Money, TheGeof OwenDetails
Hagall TripletHeiner FischleDetails
Hagerstown ContraTom Hinds 
Hague Girls, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Haiku PathwayNeil StuartDetails
Hail O Happy MornJohn Garden 
Hail! Columbia  
Hailsham HopColin Wallace 
Hailston Jigg Details
Hair of the DogDavid Gilks 
Hair's Maggot(t), (The) Details
HairmusserHeiner FischleDetails
Hairpin BendJack Brown 
Hal's Quadrille  
Halcyon DaysJoseph Pimentel 
Hale BarnsCharles BoltonDetails
Hale-Bopp CircleFried de Metz HermanDetails
Hale-Bopp: A Re-BopReine WoniteDetails
Half a Becket'sColin Wallace 
Half a SliceBob IsaacsDetails
Half a Star's Better than NoneTom CalwellDetails
Half AcreJoan WinsorDetails
Half and HalfTom Hinds 
Half and HalfTed Sannella 
Half and HalfDon Flaherty 
Half and HalfLou HeiselDetails
Half AwakeMelanie Axel-Lute 
Half CenturyKen SheffieldDetails
Half Century 2Ian Whitehead 
Half Century HeyBob DalsemerDetails
Half Century, TheRoger Gifford 
Half ChasedAl OlsonDetails
Half Chassez PromenadeRod Linnell 
Half Figure 8Al GreenDetails
Half Grand Chain and Promenade Details
Half Grand SquareColin HumeDetails
Half HeydayAl Olson 
Half HolidayFiona Birchall 
Half MadMatthew 'Beadle' BealecombDetails
Half MeasuresRoland HigsonDetails
Half MeasuresGeof Owen 
Half Moon Details
Half Moon, The Details
Half Moon, The Details
Half NelsonPeter FosterDetails
Half Past SevenInga Morton 
Half SicilianInga Morton 
Half Term ContraHenry Garfath 
Half the FunChris PageDetails
Half Way HomeJohn CoffmanDetails
Half Way RoundRalph PageDetails
Half-Century HornpipeMichael PollockDetails
Halfe Hannikin Details
Halfway HouseAudrey Laver 
Halfway Hustle, TheAl Olson 
Halfway MeasuresScott HiggsDetails
Halfway Round the HeystackColin Wallace 
Halley's CometJohn Wood (UK)Details
HalliehurstGene HubertDetails
Hallo Mary Lou  
HalloweenAl OlsonDetails
Halloween ParadeLinda LeslieDetails
Halloween ShuffleLinda LeslieDetails
Halloween TriadFried de Metz HermanDetails
Halloween Twist (The)Melanie Axel-LuteDetails
Halloween VIIILinda MroskoDetails
Halls of Victory Details
Halsway AssemblyAlan DaviesDetails
Halsway Double Mad Robin Details
Halsway FriendsAnn HigleyDetails
Halsway HedgingSeth TepferDetails
Halsway Holiday  
Halsway MannersMary DevlinDetails
Halsway PassionJohn MeechanDetails
Halsway Roundabout, The  
Halsway SicilianPat ShawDetails
Halsway SurpriseAlan Davies 
Halsway to BicknollerTrevor MonsonDetails
Ham and ChipsNeil StuartDetails
Ham HoagieJohn KrummDetails
Hamadryad, TheWil van den Berg 
Hamble HornpipeRob SibthorpeDetails
Hambleton's Rant Details
Hambleton's Round O Details
Hambo Sandwich, TheJohn Garden 
Hamburger PattyDon Flaherty 
Hamburger SpecialPat ShawDetails
Hamburgh Waltz, The Details
Hamilton House Details
Hamilton's Rant Details
Hamiltonian, The Details
Hamlet, The Details
Hampshire Hunt, The Details
Hampshire Rose, TheFiona Birchall 
Hampstead Heath Details
Hampstead Heath Details
Hampstead Manor Details
Hampton CourtColin HumeDetails
HancockJim Brooks 
Hand in HandGary RoodmanDetails
Hand JiveGene HubertDetails
Hand PlayGeoff CubittDetails
Hand to HandJim HemphillDetails
Hand to my Left (HTML)Rich GossDetails
Hand-Organ Hornpipe  
Handel with CareGary RoodmanDetails
Handel without CareSharon GreenDetails
Handel's Hornpipe Details
Handel's March Country Dance Details
Handfasting HamboJohn Garden 
HandfulMichael McKernanDetails
HandiworkJohn CoffmanDetails
Handmaid's Tale, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
HandsDavid MandelbergDetails
Hands Across the BorderTom SiessDetails
Hands across the WaterColin HumeDetails
Hands Across WestminsterDevin Nordberg 
Hands FourplayBob IsaacsDetails
Hands of Brass, TheDavid Kaynor 
Hands Off Details
Hands Off WaltzJohn Garden 
HANDS OFF!!! IT'S HOT IN HERE!!!Steve HollandDetails
Hands up HighIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Handsome Couple, The  
Handsome Young MaidsSue RosenDetails
Handy AndyLou Dow 
Handy Hand Square  
Handyman, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Handyman's SpecialDavid SmuklerDetails
Hang Sorrow Details
Hanged Man's ReelGraham FosterDetails
Hangleton GalopDick Playll 
Hangman's Reel  
HangoverPeter FosterDetails
Hank's Dance  
Hank's HornpipeHenry Garfath 
Hannah's EnigmaGene HubertDetails
Hannah's ReelRobert CromartieDetails
Hannover Quadrille #5Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #10Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #10aHeiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #11Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #12Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #14Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #4Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #5Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #6Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #7Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #8Heiner FischleDetails
Hannover Triplet #9Heiner FischleDetails
Hanol Back Up StarMogens Hansen 
Hanover Square Details
Haphazard Details
Happily Emma AfterGary RoodmanDetails
Happily Ever AfterTony Parkes 
Happily Married Man, ThePaula KelleyDetails
Happiness at Halsway  
Happy Accident, TheDavid McMullenDetails
Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm MudMike BoerschigDetails
Happy Birthday !Peggy Hazell 
Happy Birthday Robbie BurnsFrieda Gratzon 
Happy Birthday to AnnColin Hume 
Happy Birthday Waltz, The  
Happy Birthday, JohnMargaret Franklin 
Happy Birthday, SusanErik HoffmanDetails
Happy BuskerRay GoodswenDetails
Happy Captive, The Details
Happy ClapperRob SibthorpeDetails
Happy Clown Details
Happy Clown, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
Happy Cobler, The Details
Happy Conclusion, The  
Happy Couple, The Details
Happy Dance, TheRod Linnell 
Happy Dance, TheSharon GreenDetails
Happy Dancer, TheElsie Watson 
Happy DaysRon BeesonDetails
Happy EndingChris WeilerDetails
Happy EndingsCarol Ormand 
Happy Feet  
Happy Go LuckyDon Flaherty 
Happy HareJohn CoffmanDetails
Happy HarryJohn CoffmanDetails
Happy Hit, The Details
Happy HoboGene HubertDetails
Happy HolidaysToos Heesakkers 
Happy Hours  
Happy Marriage Details
Happy Marriage, The Details
Happy Meeting Cotillion, The  
Happy Meeting, (The) Details
Happy Meeting, ThePeter FosterDetails
Happy MemoriesInga Morton 
Happy New Year  
Happy Pair, The Details
Happy RavenErik Weberg 
Happy Return, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Happy Return, The Details
Happy Skipper, TheGeof OwenDetails
Happy TogetherKatja HunnDetails
Happy TrailsBob IsaacsDetails
Happy Valley ReelRalph Page 
Happy Wanderer (The)Bob HowellDetails
Happy Wife Happy LifeJohn CoffmanDetails
Harbour Bridge QuadrilleKeith WoodDetails
Harbour LightsJohn MeechanDetails
Harbour SquareCathy Campbell 
Harbours Hornpipe Details
Hard Boiled EggJohn CoffmanDetails
Hard Cider BoysTom Hinds 
Hard HaughColin Wallace 
Hard TimesPat ShawDetails
Hard Times Details
Hard TurnJohn CoffmanDetails
Hard Work = HappinessMark Richardson 
Hardiman the FiddlerMike RichardsonDetails
Hare and the Hedgehog, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Hare Hatch Details
Haresfield Court  
Harewood CircleRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood FlipRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood GlenRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood HazeRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood JigRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood LändlerRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood LullabyRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood MinuetRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood ReelRob SibthorpeDetails
Harewood SquareRob SibthorpeDetails
Hark the Herald Angels SingJohn Garden 
Harke PlaneetCor HogendijkDetails
HarlequinPat ShawDetails
HarlequinDon Flaherty 
Harlequin Everywhere Details
Harlequin Humpo Details
Harlequin in the Mud Details
Harlequin Pedler Details
Harlequin's Museum Details
Harman's ReelDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Harmonica Player's JigDick ForscherDetails
HarmonyAl Olson 
Harmony Bunk BedJim Sax 
Harmony FoundDiane Silver 
Harmony HeyTom LehmannDetails
Harmony InventionErik Hoffman 
Harmony Supper Line (The)Jim SaxDetails
Harmony Supper Table (The)Jim SaxDetails
Harold and Barbara, sitting in a treeJohn NanceDetails
Harold HarefootRob SibthorpeDetails
Harold's DelightAlbert A. BlankDetails
Harold's Favourite Details
Harp, The Details
Harp, The (double) Details
Harp, The (single) Details
Harper's Frolick Details
Harriers' ReelDon ArmstrongDetails
Harris TweedKen Bonner 
HarrisvillePenn Fix 
Harrogate Assembly Details
Harrow ChainMark Elvins 
Harrow HoedownCharles BoltonDetails
Harrow Walks, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Harrowing Experience, ABarrie Bullimore 
Harry and Gillian's 50th  
Harry and Meghan's ReelKeith WrightDetails
Harry's Health Details
Harry's Hop  
Hart's 10th set of Quadrilles Details
Hart's 13th set of Quadrilles Details
Hart's 1st set of Scotch Quadrilles Details
Hart's 7th set of Quadrilles Details
Hart's 8th set of Scotch Quadrilles Details
Hart's Herz Quadrilles Details
Hart's Lanciers Details
Hartburn HopDave Turner 
Hartburn VillageDave TurnerDetails
Hartmann Reel, TheChart GuthrieDetails
Harvard SashayLinda LeslieDetails
Harvest HeyErik Hoffman 
Harvest HomeGeof OwenDetails
Harvest MoonJim Kitch 
Harvest MouseGeof Owen 
Harvest RoundFried de Metz Herman 
Harvest TideRob SibthorpeDetails
Harwood HallCharles BoltonDetails
Harwood's ReelSteve Schnur 
Hasard 13Eric LimetDetails
Hashed HeyAl Olson 
Hasta LivoniaKaren MissavageDetails
Haste to the DivorceTom HindsDetails
Haste to the TriverseTom Hinds 
Haste to the Wedding Details
Haste to the Wedding (Devonshire) Details
Haste to the Wedding (Herefordshire) Details
Haste to the Wedding (Surrey) Details
Haste to the Wedding (Sussex & Dorset) Details
Haste to the Wedding (Wilts.) Details
Hastings Reel, TheClaire Kaley 
Hat Polka, The Details
Hatfield HouseCharles BoltonDetails
Hats off to LarryPenn Fix 
Hattie ClairePenn Fix 
Hattie's Favorite  
Haughty Ladies, TheColin Wallace 
Haunch of Venison Details
Haunted House, The Details
Haunted SquareRob SibthorpeDetails
Haunted Village, The Details
Haunted Well, The Details
Havant a CluRob SibthorpeDetails
Have a Rest !Colin HumeDetails
Have at thy Coat old Woman Details
Have I Danced this Before?Nils FredlandDetails
Haven, TheRon Coxall 
Haven't Been There YetKaty HeineDetails
Haven't We Met Before?Michael FuerstDetails
Haverstock Hill Details
Haw River ExpressGene HubertDetails
Hawk HillRob SibthorpeDetails
Hawke's BayNeil StuartDetails
Hawthorne ContraDon Flaherty 
Hawthorns HornpipeMark Elvins 
Hay BoxKen Bonner 
Hay for HeatherMartha WildDetails
Hay for PokerGrant GoodyearDetails
Hay Ho!Ted CraneDetails
Hay in the BarnChart GuthrieDetails
Hay StackKen Bonner 
Hay to Coupar Details
Hayden's HeySarah KaiserDetails
Hayden's Maggot Details
Hayden's WheelErnest R. JessupDetails
Haydn, The Details
Haydns Delight Details
Haydon HuntKathy & Maurice Gamble 
Haygrove Circle DanceBrian ScowcroftDetails
Hayhead WoodGeof OwenDetails
Hayling HornpipeRob SibthorpeDetails
Haymakers (Jig) Details
Haymakers Jig 2 Details
Haymakers, (The) Details
Haystack RoundaboutMichael BarracloughDetails
HaywainRoland HigsonDetails
Hazel's HexagonColin Wallace 
Hazel's KnotJoan WinsorDetails
Hazelfern JigLiz Donaldson 
Hazelfern PlaceBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Hazelnut CoffeePeter FosterDetails
Hazelnut Waltz ContraFrieda Gratzon 
Hazelnut, (The)Jim HemphillDetails
Hazlitt MeltdownJohn SweeneyDetails
Hazy CircleAl OlsonDetails
Hazy DaysAl OlsonDetails
Hazy StarsLeonard EllisDetails
HCD Dancefest ReelChristine HaleDetails
He Said, She SaidJohn CoffmanDetails
Head Couples SeparateTony ParkesDetails
Head Gents and Corners Details
Head Men & Side Ladies  
Head of the BedNils FredlandDetails
Head Over HeelsColin Wallace 
Head Over HeelsRick MohrDetails
Headache in Six-EightDon Armstrong 
Heading for ZeroJenny BeerDetails
HeadlandsNeil StuartDetails
Headlong into the WaterInga Morton 
Heads Hornpipe Details
Heads or TailsÆgle HoekstraDetails
Heads will RollJim HemphillDetails
Heady StuffLaura Mé SmithDetails
Healing Touch, TheRon Coxall 
Health to all Good Dancers, AJoseph Pimentel 
Health to All Honest Men, A Details
Health to Betty, A Details
Health, The Details
Health, The Details
Heart of GlassCary RavitzDetails
Heart of Glass for GuysChris PageDetails
Heart of HampshireRob SibthorpeDetails
Heart of HungaryKeith WoodDetails
Heart of JoyChris PageDetails
Heart of the RockiesDon Armstrong 
Heart of the Village, TheFiona Birchall 
Heart's DelightBob NicholsonDetails
Heart's FancySharon McKinleyDetails
Heartbeat ContraDon FlahertyDetails
Heartbreak ContraDugan MurphyDetails
Heartbreaker, ThePete CoeDetails
HeartlandOrly KrasnerDetails
Heartland HeyDiane Silver 
Hearts and ArrowsKirston Koths 
Hearts and FlowersTed SannellaDetails
Heartsease Details
HeartsoreDavid SmuklerDetails
HeartstringsJohn CoffmanDetails
Heat Index ExpressGene HubertDetails
Heat is off, TheMartha WildDetails
Heat WaveMark ElvinsDetails
Heat WaveErik Hoffman 
Heat WaveTed SteeleDetails
Heat WavesErik Hoffman 
Heathcot's Horse Race Details
HeatherDon Flaherty 
Heather and BroomMelanie Axel-Lute 
Heather TowersLena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Heather's CookieMartha WildDetails
Heather's Cookie ReduxMartha WildDetails
Heather's Gold BadgePeggy Hazell 
Heather's HopMartha WildDetails
Heather's Hop ReduxMartha WildDetails
Heather's HornpipeMark Elvins 
Heather's JigKen Alexander 
Heatherfield VineRoger WhynotDetails
Heathfield Rag, TheColin HumeDetails
Heating up the HothouseJohn MeechanDetails
HeatwavePeter FosterDetails
HeatwaveNeil StuartDetails
HeavenDon Flaherty 
Heaven and EarthJohn CoffmanDetails
Heaven-HavenRob SibthorpeDetails
HeavenlyMariah FabryDetails
Heavenly BodiesAl GreenDetails
Heavenly BodiesPeter FosterDetails
Hebridean Weevil Details
Hedge Lane Details
Hedge on the CoastHans KrackauDetails
Hedgehog HelperMichael BarracloughDetails
Hedges and Ditches Details
Heel and Toe Polka Details
Heel-Turn ContraElsie Watson 
HeibrandTom CookDetails
HeidenrösleinPat ShawDetails
Heidi's WaltzColin HumeDetails
Heifers in the PeoniesCarol OrmandDetails
Heighington Reel, TheDave Turner 
Heiner's CircleHeiner FischleDetails
Heiner's Star BreakdownHeiner FischleDetails
Heinous Workshop, TheCor HogendijkDetails
Heir at Law, The Details
Helder Point Details
Helder's Point Details
Helen's Fancy Details
Helen's Hornpipe  
Helen's SeptenaryChris Turner 
HelenaColin HumeDetails
HeleneGary RoodmanDetails
Helene's Night OutClaudio BuchwaldDetails
Helga's BirthdayHeiner FischleDetails
HelicoptersRichard MasonDetails
Hell or High WaterAl OlsonDetails
Hell's Half-Acre ReelBob Weinstock-Collins 
HelloKaty HeineDetails
HelloJohn ChapmanDetails
Hello AgainKaty HeineDetails
Hello CambridgeAl BrozekDetails
Hello Corner !Aileen WillsDetails
Hello DollyDon Flaherty 
Hello Goodby ButterflyJim HemphillDetails
Hello GoodbyeEdith Goldman 
Hello GoodbyeJohn CoffmanDetails
Hello My BabyKen KernenDetails
Hello Partner  
Hello RoseDavid SmuklerDetails
Hello ThereInga MortonDetails
Hello, Mary LouJohn MeechanDetails
Help !Al OlsonDetails
Helsinki ExchangeHans KrackauDetails
Helston Flora, The Details
Helter SkelterNeil StuartDetails
Helter-Skelter, TheColin WallaceDetails
HelwiggeryPat ShawDetails
Hemel Hempstead RoundaboutÆgle HoekstraDetails
Hemp Hill RobinsJohn CoffmanDetails
Hemp-dressers' Dance  
Hemphill's ChicksJohn CoffmanDetails
Hen Run, TheBernard BentleyDetails
Hen's TeethJohn CoffmanDetails
Hendall's Hornpipe Details
Hendford Halt LamentGeoff ToddDetails
Henfield JigDick Playll 
Hengrave Hall '81  
HenhouseSarah KaiserDetails
Henly Park Details
Hennessy Reel, TheErik Hoffman 
Henrietta Details
Henry Every Maggot, TheBob OlsonDetails
Henry's CirclePeter FosterDetails
Henry's HornpipeGary RoodmanDetails
Henry's Other HornpipeGary RoodmanDetails
Henry's Round  
HepaticaIan R. WhiteheadDetails
HeptadWendy Crouch 
Heptathlon JigAlan WhiteDetails
Her Killing EyesCharles BoltonDetails
Her Own PhysicianWendy Crouch 
Her Own PhysicianCarolyn Parrott 
Heralds in Love/in Lust Details
Herbie's DelightRob SibthorpeDetails
Hercules UnmaskedNeil StuartDetails
Herder's Point Details
Here and ThereChris PageDetails
Here GoesMark ElvinsDetails
Here I am AgainJohn NanceDetails
Here it isStew Shacklette 
Here There and YonderJim HemphillDetails
Here We Are AgainStew Shacklette 
Here we come a-CarolingJohn Garden 
Here We Go AgainStew Shacklette 
Here's HarrietTom Cook 
Here's Howe !Charles BoltonDetails
Here's to 40 MoreMike RichardsonDetails
Here's to FredTom Hinds 
Here's to Good NeighborsMike Boerschig 
Here's to HankAileen WillsDetails
Here's to the FiddlerTony ParkesDetails
Here's to the LadiesChristine HaleDetails
Here's to the MenChristine HaleDetails
Here's to the NextKeith WrightDetails
Here's to the WomenAl OlsonDetails
Here's To You Mrs RobinsonBob DalsemerDetails
Hereditary Prince, The  
Herefordshire Lasses, The Details
Heritage ReelTony ParkesDetails
Hermit, The Details
Hermitage, The Details
Herne Bay Dance, The Details
Herne Hill Details
Heroes of Salamanca, The Details
Herringtown ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Hertfordshire Hop, TheMark ElvinsDetails
HesperisJan Dale 
Hessian Camp Details
Hessian DanceClement WeeksDetails
Heswall and West Kirby JubileePat ShawDetails
Hewett's Fancy  
HewlettKen SheffieldDetails
HexabavariaRob SibthorpeDetails
HexedKeith WoodDetails
Hexham Abbey Details
HexitationTom HindsDetails
Hexitation II III IV and V  
Hey - ManDon Flaherty 
Hey - What AgainGeorge and Onie Senyk 
Hey - Which Hey ?Peggy Samuel 
Hey 'Round the CornerBill Sudkamp 
Hey and More HeyGeorge and Onie Senyk 
Hey AwayPat WoodDetails
Hey Baby HeyBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Hey BeautifulPeter Stix 
Hey BobErna-Lynne Bogue 
Hey Boys up go we Details
Hey BreakerJim HemphillDetails
Hey De Gie Details
Hey Ding-a-Ding Details
Hey DownJohn SweeneyDetails
Hey down the MiddlePhilippe CallensDetails
Hey FeverTony ParkesDetails
Hey for FortyCarol OrmandDetails
Hey for JohnTom Hinds 
Hey for JohnAnn Fallon and John Wells 
Hey for K. & N.Ken Bonner 
Hey for ShadrackTony Parkes 
Hey for ThreeInge Aakilde 
Hey for Who?Dan Pearl 
Hey Glen Echo!David KirchnerDetails
Hey Gomer, Hey GooberJohn CoffmanDetails
Hey Half WayClaudio Buchwald 
Hey Hey, Max is on the WayEric ZornDetails
Hey HoInga Morton 
Hey Ho (for) my Honey Details
Hey in Need, ADiane Silver 
Hey in the BarnChart GuthrieDetails
Hey in the MiddleTom Hinds 
Hey It's my BirthdayLeonard EllisDetails
Hey Jim!Sarah KaiserDetails
Hey JuniorMark WidmerDetails
Hey LoftKen Bonner 
Hey Ma No HandsLeonard EllisDetails
Hey Maker's Dance, The Details
Hey Makers Dance in Dr Faustus, The Details
Hey MakingMargaret Franklin 
Hey ManPaul BallietDetails
Hey Man, ChainJim HemphillDetails
Hey Mania VariationRon BuchananDetails
Hey MarketInga Morton 
Hey Me Nancy Details
Hey Merrilees Details
Hey my Nancy Details
Hey Nonny NoMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Hey Nonny NonnyKen BonnerDetails
Hey on the CornerBarry Grant 
Hey on the fritzJonathan KingDetails
Hey on the SquareBecky HillDetails
Hey RideJohn CoffmanDetails
Hey RollersChris PageDetails
Hey the LineTom CalwellDetails
Hey the Other WayTom Hinds 
Hey ThereTom Hinds 
Hey there, Supermarket MissA. WeinstockDetails
Hey to the Camp Details
Hey to the CornersJanet Holland 
Hey to the Jubilee Details
Hey to the StarsAl Olson 
Hey Weaver ACary RavitzDetails
Hey Weaver BCary RavitzDetails
Hey While the Son ShinesPeter Stix 
Hey with Benefits, ABob GreenDetails
Hey your CornerTed SteeleDetails
Hey-ja VuJim HemphillDetails
Hey, a GypsyPeter FosterDetails
Hey, Aren't You with Me?Don VeinoDetails
Hey, Diddle, DiddleColin Wallace 
Hey, Gypsy, HeyColin Wallace 
Hey, Here we go againKeith WrightDetails
Hey, Hey ContraJerry HeltDetails
Hey, How are you?Jim HemphillDetails
Hey, Mary Cay!Don VeinoDetails
Hey, Moe!Robert CromartieDetails
Hey, Presto!Keith WrightDetails
Hey, Student UnionDavid MandelbergDetails
Hey, You Push Off!Ian R. WhiteheadDetails
Hey! RickKen Bonner 
Hey! That's my SliceJohn SweeneyDetails
Hey! Who's in the Middle?Tom CalwellDetails
HeybreakChris PageDetails
HeydazeBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
HeyllamandeJim HemphillDetails
Heymaker's Dance, The  
HeymaniaRon BuchananDetails
Heys AboutShirley Bunting 
Heys Both WaysAl Olson 
Heys in TimeLiz DonaldsonDetails
Heys on the MeadowGeof OwenDetails
HeystackGeorge WalkerDetails
HeywireFried de Metz HermanDetails
HeywireCary Ravitz 
HiDon Flaherty 
Hi there!Seth TepferDetails
Hi, Nellie Details
Hibernia Details
Hibernian Legacy, The Details
Hibernians Details
Hibiscus HoneyKeith WoodDetails
Hickman's Hey Details
Hicks' MaggotColin Wallace 
Hidden by LightBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Hidden Draw, TheChris PageDetails
Hidden Gem, TheNeil StuartDetails
Hidden in Plain ViewTed CraneDetails
Hidden Spring, TheNeil StuartDetails
Hide and SeekGene Hubert 
Hide and SeekTrevor MonsonDetails
HideawayGary RoodmanDetails
Hidebehind ReelChris PageDetails
High and LowInga Morton 
High BroomsAileen WillsDetails
High Church  
High Country MixerDon ArmstrongDetails
High ExpectationsBob OlsonDetails
High GearAl Olson 
High House JigArthur MartinDetails
High Jinks Details
High NoonSteven MéthotDetails
High PolishRob SibthorpeDetails
High Rocks, The Details
High SeasDiane Silver 
High Summer HeySarah KaiserDetails
High TideAudrey Laver 
High Voltage GypsyJohn CombsDetails
High Water on Briggs RunMike BoerschigDetails
High Water WaltzFried de Metz Herman 
High-Speed TrailColin Wallace 
HighfieldFried de Metz Herman 
Highland Fair, (The) Details
Highland FarewellPat PetersenDetails
Highland Fling  
Highland Lady Details
Highland Lass Details
Highland Lass 2 Details
Highland Lilt Details
Highland Plaid, The Details
Highland Reel Details
Highland Reel Details
Highland Wedding Details
Highlander, The Details
Highlanders Humour, The Details
Highly FlungPeter FosterDetails
Highway HypnosisDonna CalhounDetails
Highway SevenJohn Nash 
Hilary's Waltz  
Hilda's EncounterPeggy Samuel 
Hilda's FrolicHilda Spears 
Hill Country ReelDale Rempert 
Hill House  
Hill's Maggot Details
Hillbilly's Jig, TheHenry Garfath 
Hilliar and BrookFried de Metz HermanDetails
Hillingdon HeathCharles BoltonDetails
Hills and Dales of Wales, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Hills of AlvaGeof OwenDetails
Hills of Durham, TheColin Wallace 
Hills of HabershamF & M ColletteDetails
Hillsboro JigBill ThomasDetails
Hilside ReelJohn KrummDetails
Himazas Details
Hindringham Long Dance, The  
Hinge BingeBob IsaacsDetails
Hinky Dinky Parlez-Vous Details
Hint of RomanceJohn CoffmanDetails
Hinton's Circle of LoveJohn CoffmanDetails
Hinton's HintJohn CoffmanDetails
Hints of HarmonyGene HubertDetails
Hip Hip HoorayPeggy RoeDetails
Hippo BirdieTed CraneDetails
His Majesty's MaggotJohn Garden 
Historical EventsEric ZornDetails
Hit and Miss Details
Hit or Miss Details
Hit the DeckPeter FosterDetails
Hit the HayAlan WinstonDetails
Hit the HeyJohn CoffmanDetails
Hitchin Diamond, TheColin HumeDetails
Hitchin Long DanceBarry GoodmanDetails
Hitting the HeyColin Wallace 
Hive, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Hmmmm...................?Michael FuerstDetails
Ho Down, Hey DownErik Hoffman 
Ho Ho HoDon Flaherty 
Hob and his Nob Details
Hob or Knob  
Hobb Hill Details
Hobb's Wedding Details
Hobbies of their Times, The Details
Hobbit, TheMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Hobby Horse, TheColin HumeDetails
HobgoblinGeof OwenDetails
Hobo III, IV and VTom HindsDetails
Hobomock ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Hobson's Choice  
Hochsstet Battle Details
Hockley in the Hole  
Hockney Hornpipe, TheAnn Higley 
HoeRob SibthorpeDetails
Hoepertingen HornpipePhilippe CallensDetails
Hofbrau SquareAlan BroomDetails
HofstaddanceCor HogendijkDetails
Hog-Eyed ManBrian DeMarcus 
Hog's BackRob SibthorpeDetails
Hoghton TowerRoy McCulloughDetails
Hohnstock's Polka  
Hokey Pokey  
Holborn CircusChris Turner 
Holborn March Details
Holbrook ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Hold on TightMogens Hansen 
Hold the FortRon Coxall 
Holderness ReelByron RickerDetails
Holding CompanyJohn CoffmanDetails
Hole in the Floor, TheRon Coxall 
Hole in the NeckRon Coxall 
Hole in the WallDon Armstrong 
Hole in the Wall LightDon BellDetails
Hole in the Wall, The Details
Holiday Ball #9Marlin Whitaker 
Holiday Fellowship Reel  
Holiday HornpipeHilary HerbertDetails
Holiday in the WoodAl BrozekDetails
Holiday JigTed SannellaDetails
Holiday ScurryRichard Wilson 
Holland's Ginn Details
Hollied HallRob SibthorpeDetails
HollyKeith WoodDetails
Holly and the Ivy, TheJohn Garden 
Holly Berry II, TheWilliam LambDetails
Holly Berry, TheWilliam LambDetails
Holly HillChris Bischoff 
Holly in WinterCharley HarveyDetails
Holm's FancyRob SibthorpeDetails
Holmfirth CircleRob SibthorpeDetails
Holmfirth SquareEileen KeysDetails
Holstein Waltz, The Details
Holsteins PubAl OlsonDetails
Holt HouseT. BallardDetails
Holy Cannoli!Don VeinoDetails
Holy Cow MolyBrian DeMarcusDetails
Holy SmokeSarah KaiserDetails
Homage to HerbieCharles BoltonDetails
Homasassa Hornpipe Details
Hombey House Details
Home AgainBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Home at LastStew Shacklette 
Home BrewDale Rempert 
Home CookingDon FlahertyDetails
Home in PasadenaRick MohrDetails
HomecomingDavid Kaynor 
Homecoming, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Homeward BoundKen AlexanderDetails
Homeward BoundAndrea NettletonDetails
HomeworkBill OlsonDetails
Honble Charles Bruces Reel Details
Honble Miss Courtney, The Details
Honble Mr Lamb's Delight, The Details
Honble Mrs Andrew Ramsay's Strathspey, T Details
Honest Ending, AnAl Olson 
Honest JohnVan Orman FamilyDetails
Honest Men and Bonny Lasses Details
Honest Miller, The Details
Honest Thieves, The Details
Honest Yorkshire Man, The Details
HonestyErik Hoffman 
Honey BeeFrieda Gratzon 
Honey BeeGeof OwenDetails
Honey Bee's ReturnGeof Owen 
Honey HillRon Coxall 
Honey Moon, The Details
Honey RumPaul BallietDetails
Honey RunGreg McKenzieDetails
HoneycombJohn CoffmanDetails
HoneymoonBecky HillDetails
Honeypot, TheSteven MéthotDetails
Honeysuckle CottageGary RoodmanDetails
HoneyvilleJohn CoffmanDetails
Honeywell CircleAlan WilsonDetails
Honiton LaceColin AndrewsDetails
Honor among DancersTom Hinds 
Honor Among ThievesPenn FixDetails
Honor To Becky EastmanFrieda Gratzon 
Honour a lady, To Details
Honourable Partners, TheTom SiessDetails
Honourable Peace, The Details
Hoody's PeanutsJohn CoffmanDetails
Hooe Ribbon Dance, The Details
Hoop, The  
Hoop't Pett(i)(y)coat Details
Hoopla !Peggy HazellDetails
Hoops and Tops  
Hooray BoureeRob SibthorpeDetails
Hooray for HovetonPeggy Hazell 
Hoosier GirlKen GallDetails
Hoot, Toot, and WhistleHenry Garfath 
Hoots and ShoutsMichael FuerstDetails
Hop Garden, The Details
Hop Ground, The Details
Hop Picker's Feast, The Details
Hop Pickers, The Details
Hopatcong Hop, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
HopeJohn NanceDetails
Hope for the BestCharles BoltonDetails
Hopeful Afternoon, (A)Ted CraneDetails
Hopeless, The Details
Hopetoun House Cotillon Details
Hopkinton LassesGary Roodman 
Hopscotch ReelBob Isaacs and Chris PageDetails
Hopthalmologist, TheRon Coxall 
HoratioRob SibthorpeDetails
Horned Ram, The Details
Hornpipe PromenadeHugh Rippon 
Hornsey Dance, The Details
Hors d'oeuvreMelanie Axel-Lute 
Horse of a Different ColourPeter FosterDetails
HorseplayGary RoodmanDetails
HorseplayDon VeinoDetails
Horses Brawl  
Horseshoe HoedownBrian DeMarcus 
Horseshoe PassColin AndrewsDetails
HortensiaInga Morton 
Hortensia's CravatBronwyn WoodsDetails
HortensianaInga Morton 
HortoniaPhilippe CallensDetails
Hose SpecialIan Whitehead 
Host, TheTom Hinds 
Hot and ColdGene HubertDetails
Hot Buttered RollsBecky Hill 
Hot Buttered SconesRon T BlechnerDetails
Hot Cross BunnyMartha WildDetails
Hot Cross Bunny #2Martha WildDetails
Hot Cross Bunny #3Martha WildDetails
Hot Cross PolkaJohn Garden 
Hot Dog ContraDon Flaherty 
Hot Humid and HazyStew Shacklette 
Hot Modern MovesDavid SmuklerDetails
Hot Potato, TheKeith WrightDetails
Hot Socks  
Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight Details
Hot ToddyGeoff ToddDetails
Hot Tub RagSteve SchnurDetails
Hot TurkeyTom Hinds 
Hot Winter NightsBill PopeDetails
Hotch Potch, TheJaap KrugDetails
Hotel Washington, TheMartha WildDetails
Hothfield HeyJohn SweeneyDetails
Hotpoint SpecialJoseph Pimentel 
Houdini's HacksawColin Wallace 
Housatonic, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
House a Fire, A Details
House by the StreamVictoria YeomansDetails
House Husband's ReelEric ConradDetails
House of CardsJohn LetherenDetails
House of LoveDon VeinoDetails
House on Wake Street, TheJenny Beer 
House PartyFiona Birchall 
House Party SquareColin HumeDetails
HousewarmingTony SaletanDetails
Housewarming, TheEric Black 
Hove AssemblyDick Playll 
How do you doRon Coxall 
How Far DownAl Olson 
How Great is the PleasureColin HumeDetails
How Green is My MelbourneJeanette Mill 
How I Miss my Misplaced MissColin Wallace 
How Imperfect is Expression  
How Many Beans Make Five ?  
How Sweet It IsJim FownesDetails
How we DancedToos Heesakkers 
Howe's Army  
Howell's BreakBob Howell 
Howland SquareBecky HillDetails
Howlat the MoonNicholas RockstrohDetails
Hoxton Square Details
Hoy Ahoy!Rob SibthorpeDetails
Hubble Bubble Details
Huckleberry FriendTom CalwellDetails
Hudson BarnJacqueline Schwab and Charles HammondDetails
Hudson Creek Details
Hudson Guild TriadFried de Metz HermanDetails
Hudson HolidayJim KitchDetails
Hudson PorchAlisa CoffmanDetails
Hudson Valley TriadFried de Metz HermanDetails
Huffing and PuffingColin Wallace 
HufflepuffRob SibthorpeDetails
Huggers WaltzMichael Barraclough 
Hula HooplaJoseph Pimentel 
Hula LaMartha WildDetails
Hull's EncounterOrace Johnson 
Hull's FantasyTom HindsDetails
Hull's SurpriseTom Hinds 
Hull's Victory Details
HullabalooSarah KaiserDetails
HullbridgeRob SibthorpeDetails
Hullichan RoundaboutPeter Kennedy 
Hullichan, The Details
Human Race, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Human Touch, TheKen Bonner 
Humboldt BayReine WoniteDetails
Hume Fogg Reel, TheSusan Kevra 
Humors of the Priesthouse  
Humours of Boston, The  
Humours of Castlebar Details
Humours of Diendrum Details
Humours of Dublin, The Details
Humours of Kildare, The Details
Humours of Marybon Details
Humours of the Age Details
Humpty DumptyAudrey Laver 
Hung ParliamentJeanette Mill 
Hungarian, The Details
Hunsdon House Details
Hunsdon PorchAlisa CoffmanDetails
Hunt the HareRon CoxallDetails
Hunt the Squirrel (Surrey) Details
Hunt the Squirrel 2 Details
Hunt the Squirrel 3Clement WeeksDetails
Hunt the Squirril Details
Hunt the ThimbleIan Whitehead 
Hunt, TheAntony HeywoodDetails
Hunter's ConceptionGeoff CubittDetails
Hunter's MoonColin Hume 
Hunters HoedownMichael Barraclough 
Hunting of the Fox, The  
Hunting the GowkRob SibthorpeDetails
Hunting the Hare  
Hunting We Will Go, A  
Huntington ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Huntington's Maggot Details
Huntsman's Chorus Details
Huntsman's Chorus, The Details
Huntsman's Dance, TheMark ElvinsDetails
Huntsman's Hornpipe  
Huntsville's Queen BeeJane Ewing 
Hurd it Through the GrapevineBecky Hill 
Hurdle HelpDavid SmuklerDetails
Hurlothrumbo Details
Hurly Burly Details
Huron InnTed HodappDetails
Hurray for HilaryAgnes Raaff van Nieuwland 
Hurrican DanKen Bonner 
Hurricane DebbyTed CraneDetails
Hurricane HornpipeDon Armstrong 
HurrpocalypseJonathan KingDetails
Hurry Up and WaitStew Shacklette 
Hurst Castle Details
Huru's ReelJoe FelsenDetails
Hush-A-Bye BabyColin HumeDetails
Hussars Details
Hussy Bride, TheBill OlsonDetails
Hussy Queen, TheBill OlsonDetails
Huyton HornpipeEthyl AndersonDetails
Huzza My Boys Details
Hybrid, TheTom Hinds 
Hyde HallKeith WrightDetails
Hyde House Details
Hyde in the HeysElsie Watson 
Hyde Park Details
Hyde Park Waltz, The Details
Hyde Rant, TheDave Turner 
Hydon SeekColin AndrewsDetails
Hyla's FlirtAaron Weiss 
Hyper-Inflation ReelMichael Barraclough 
HyperinflationTony Parkes 
HypnosisMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Hypothetically MurderedAntony HeywoodDetails
I ♥ FaeriesDon VeinoDetails
I ♥ UnicornsDon VeinoDetails
I ♥ Devil DogsDon VeinoDetails
I beg you would not mention her Details
I Call FowlSarah KaiserDetails
I can't get over the Ditch Details
I Care not for these GentlemenCarmen GiuntaDetails
I Care not for these LadiesKitty Creel SkrobelaDetails
I Do Like to Be Beside the SeaKen Alexander 
I do like to be beside the SeasideJohn MeechanDetails
I Don't Know WhyLee HelselDetails
I Don't Know Why MixerPhilippe CallensDetails
I Don't Know YetSusan Elberger 
I Dulci JubiloJohn Garden 
I Flew Them FirstBill Johnston 
I Get AroundDevin Nordberg 
I have a song to singPat ShawDetails
I have Started, so you can FinishColin Wallace 
I Left My PartnerTony ParkesDetails
I Left My Sweet Girl Behind Me  
I Like BlueStew Shacklette 
I Like Mountain Music Details
I Lost my Partner!Cam(m)y Kaynor 
I Love HerWil van den Berg 
I Love You Too SweetheartOnie Senyk 
I Meant it all, every wordRyan SmithDetails
I often for my Jenny Strove Details
I only want a Buddy not a SweetheartGene Macemon 
I Pray God, Riches come to youColin Wallace 
I Prefer PiColin Wallace 
I Pushed one in, and another popped outColin Wallace 
I Saw Three ShipsChris KermietDetails
I saw Three ShipsJohn Garden 
I Think I CanStew Shacklette 
I Think I'm Going to Make It All the Way  
I Wanna DanceErik HoffmanDetails
I want a Gal just like … Details
I want to be near You  
I will follow himMartha WildDetails
I will have a Wife of my own Details
I wonder as I wanderJohn Garden 
I Wonder at itKen SheffieldDetails
I'd Rather Be in PhiladelphiaMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
I'll Follow You AnywhereMark Richardson 
I'll gang na mare to yon Town Details
I'll get you and your little dog, tooMartha WildDetails
I'll go no more to yon Town Details
I'll make ye be fain to follow me Details
I'll make ye be fain to follow me Details
I'll See You in my Dreams  
I'll take the High Road, and you'll…Martha WildDetails
I'm a Bum Details
I'm Going to BostonColin Hume 
I'm Gonna Lock my Heart and throw away …Joe LewisDetails
I'm not Dancing with YouIan R. WhiteheadDetails
I'm Over Here!Colin Wallace 
I'm the King of the SwingersColin Hume 
I've Been to Harlem Details
I've Got Your Shadow CorneredJim HemphillDetails
Ian's EnigmaIan Whitehead 
Iantha the Lovely Details
Ice Cream in the SinkKathy HirschDetails
Ice HouseDiane Silver 
Ice Princess Meltdown, TheTed Hodapp 
Iceni SquareRon Coxall 
Icing on the CakeFried de Metz Herman 
Icing on the CakeRick MohrDetails
Iconoclastic Druid, TheBecky Hill 
Ideal Husband, TheMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Identity ParadeRob SibthorpeDetails
Ides of March, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Idiot's DelightBrian DeMarcus 
Idle JackJohn Wood (UK)Details
Idle Noise, TheErna-Lynne BogueDetails
Idlewild JigRoberta KogutDetails
IfAl OlsonDetails
If a Body loves a Body Details
If all the World were Paper Details
If I had Maggie in the WoodColin HumeDetails
If it's Good enough for you…Colin Wallace 
If Love's a Sweet PassionScott HiggsDetails
If Love's a Sweet Passion 2Lise DyckmanDetails
If my Friends could see me nowGene Macemon 
If NotBrian DeMarcus 
If You Knew SusieAileen WillsDetails
If you will not have me, you may let me  
iFlirtLuke DonforthDetails
Iguana Go DancingGreg FrockDetails
Il est né, le divin enfantJohn Garden 
Illicit GoodsJohn MeechanDetails
Illini SpecialGeorge Lowrey 
IlloganChris Turner 
IlluminationsGeof OwenDetails
Illusion of Eight, TheChris PageDetails
Imitation is SincereTom LehmannDetails
Immature SalixRay GoodswenDetails
Immigrant's CircleFried de Metz HermanDetails
Imogen RoseJeff Hoyle 
Imogen's ChainRob SibthorpeDetails
Imperial Measure, TheAnn Higley 
Imperial Waltz Details
ImpertinenceFried de Metz HermanDetails
Impish ContraInga Morton 
ImpressionDon Flaherty 
Improper Apothecary, TheMarianne TaylorDetails
Improper Notion, AnBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Improper Notion, An(other)Brook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Improper Strip, TheIrene StephensDetails
ImproprietyBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
In a Pig's EyeCarol Ormand 
In Alice's Kitchen you may eat …Chris KellyDetails
In and OutJohn CoffmanDetails
In and Out Details
In CahootsRick MohrDetails
In Dulci JubiloRob SibthorpeDetails
In Jig TimeChris PageDetails
In Lucy Isaac's LocketColin Wallace 
In MemoriamIan R. WhiteheadDetails
In MemoryGeof OwenDetails
In my Dreams I go DancingJonathan SivierDetails
In Paul's HonorShelly JenkinsDetails
In Plain ViewTed CraneDetails
In ReverseIan Whitehead 
In StitchesAntony HeywoodDetails
In the BallparkJohn CoffmanDetails
In the Bleak MidwinterRobin HaydenDetails
In the Bleak MidwinterJohn Garden 
In the Fields in Frost & Snow Details
In the Firefly Light we DanceDon Flaherty 
In the Hey with HilaryMark Elvins 
In the Middle of DecemberInge Aakilde 
In the Midnight HourErik Hoffman 
In the MoneyJohn CoffmanDetails
In the Nick of TimeMike RichardsonDetails
In the PinesDavid SmuklerDetails
In the PinkRon Coxall 
In the Presence of FriendsDon TheykenDetails
In the Presence of MonarchsJoseph Pimentel 
In the Right CirclesAlan WinstonDetails
In the SereFried de Metz Herman 
In the Seventh Heaven  
In the SwimAudrey Laver 
In Variable InversionsColin Wallace 
In Wals om UtensCor HogendijkDetails
In with Both FeetMark ElvinsDetails
Inalienable RightsDavid KirchnerDetails
Inauguration DayGary Roodman 
Inauguration SquareInga Morton 
Inchyra ReelJohn MeechanDetails
Indecisive Flirt, TheNeil StuartDetails
IndependenceOrly Krasner 
Independence BoulevardBarry DupenDetails
Independence Cotillion  
Independence Day JigHerbie Gaudreau 
Independence ForeverJonathan SouthardDetails
Independence ReelRoger Gifford 
Indernyties Rant Details
Indian Creek BreakdownJonathan SouthardDetails
Indian PointRick Mohr 
Indian Princess, TheColin HumeDetails
Indian Queen Details
Indian River Figure EightsGeorge Senyk 
Indian School CircleDon Armstrong 
Indian StyleHerbie Gaudreau 
Indian SummerTom LehmannDetails
Indian SummerElizabeth GoossenDetails
Indian Summer SaunterRich BlazejDetails
Indian Summer Waltz ContraFrieda Gratzon 
IndianaWil van den BergDetails
IndianaDawn Winskill 
Indiana QuadrilleAl GreenDetails
Indoor GamesJohn GardenDetails
Indy Practice LapJerome GrisantiDetails
Infant Holy, Infant LowlyJohn Garden 
Infant, The Details
InfidelityJane Sekulski 
Infinity ContinuedJim HemphillDetails
Infinity MadnessTed CraneDetails
Inflation ReelTony ParkesDetails
Ingestre HallGeof Owen 
Ingrid's BirthdayLynn DouglasDetails
Ingrid's LamentJacob BloomDetails
Inklings RompRenée CamusDetails
Inner Harbour QuickstepFrieda Gratzon 
InnisfreeColin Wallace 
Innocent Maid, (The) Details
Innocent MerrimentFried de Metz HermanDetails
InnovationsGeof OwenDetails
Innsbruck LassLoretta HolzDetails
Innuendo (And Out Your Door)Brian DeMarcus 
Ins and Outs of ContraAdam CarlsonDetails
Ins and Outs, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Inside OutAnne WelchDetails
Inside OutJohn CoffmanDetails
Inside-Out CircleTed SannellaDetails
Insider TradingJohn CoffmanDetails
InsomniaInga Morton 
InsomniaRuss Cohen 
InsomniaJudy Goldsmith & Bill PopeDetails
Insomnia ReelRoland HigsonDetails
Insomnia ReelBeth MolaroDetails
Insomnia ReelPaul MooreDetails
Insomniac ReelDon TheykenDetails
Insomniac, TheMargot Gunzenhauser 
InspirationSusan AmesséDetails
Inspiration by AndrewAndrew SwaineDetails
Inspiring Couple, TheSusan KevraDetails
Installation, The Details
Installation, The Details
Instant BasketAl OlsonDetails
Instant ClassicDevin Nordberg 
Instant MixTom CookDetails
Instant Mixer modHans KrackauDetails
Institute, TheMichael BarracloughDetails
InstitutuMichael BarracloughDetails
Insurance City Promenade, TheJim GregoryDetails
Insurmountable OpportunitiesDavid SmuklerDetails
Intensity Reel, TheGene Hubert 
Inter City ReelGeoff ToddDetails
Interchange Freeway  
Interesting TimesGeof OwenDetails
Interface JigTony Parkes 
Interference PatternPeter FosterDetails
Intergenerational ReelBob DalsemerDetails
InterlocutorGeof OwenDetails
Interloper, TheColin Wallace 
Internal TurbulenceColin Wallace 
International Lancer Set  
InterruptionsMiriam NewmanDetails
Interspecies BondingJohn CoffmanDetails
Interstate 64Cary RavitzDetails
Interstate 75Cary RavitzDetails
Interstellar PhilanderingJohn MeechanDetails
Intimate InmatesDonna McAllisterDetails
Into Calm WatersColin Wallace 
Into the City and BackMelissa TaggartDetails
Into the DMZCary RavitzDetails
Intreague, The Details
Intrepid, TheJ & D Wickens 
Intrigue, The Details
Introduction, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Inversion Reel, TheJim HemphillDetails
InversnaidRob SibthorpeDetails
Inverted ExpressGene HubertDetails
Inverted VictoryBob Marr 
Invertro FlirtilizationJim HemphillDetails
Invisible Couple, TheDavid BrightDetails
Invisible Girl Details
Invisible LadyConnie CarringerDetails
Invisible MendingSue CarterDetails
Invisible Woman, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Invitation, TheGary RoodmanDetails
IOCA Reel, (The)Al(an) SmithDetails
Ionia BreakoutBob GreenDetails
Iowa City HornpipeFrieda Gratzon 
Ipswich RiverAl Olson 
Irene's PromenadeChris WestwickDetails
Irfôna's WaltzMary Williams 
IrisInga Morton 
Iris's WhirlingCor HogendijkDetails
Irish Boree Details
Irish Boy, The Details
Irish CoffeeInga Morton 
Irish Frolick, The Details
Irish Ground Details
Irish Hornpipe Details
Irish Hotel, The Details
Irish Howle, The Details
Irish Jig, The Details
Irish Lady, The Details
Irish Lamentation 1 Details
Irish Lamentation 2 Details
Irish Lamentation 3 Details
Irish Lawyer, The Details
Irish Lilt Details
Irish MaryKen AlexanderDetails
Irish Milk Maid, The Details
Irish New YearJohn SweeneyDetails
Irish Noddy, The Details
Irish Round Details
Irish Square Dance Details
Irish StarsOrace Johnson 
Irish Swing (reel), TheColin Hume 
Irish Trot Details
Irish Volunteers, The Details
Irish Waltz, The Details
Irish Wash Woman Details
Irish Washer Woman, The Details
Irish Washerwoman, (The) Details
Irish Washerwoman, (The) Details
Is It Proper?Bob DalsemerDetails
Is This B2?Ted Hodapp 
Is this Reel?Geoff CubittDetails
Is this Reel?Christine HaleDetails
Is This Right?Al Olson 
Is This Too Much?Devin Nordberg 
IsabelLou Vosteen 
Isington MillFiona Birchall 
Isla de Leon Details
Island in the SunStew Shacklette 
Island of Love Details
Island RoseAnn Schau 
Isle de France Details
Isle de France, The Details
Isle de France, The Details
Isle of Palms Roll AwayTom Hinds 
Isle of Sky, The Details
Isle of Skye Details
Isle of SkylgeCor HogendijkDetails
Isle of Wight, TheColin HumeDetails
Isobel's IdyllKeith WoodDetails
It came upon a Midnight ClearJohn Garden 
It is a Gallant TownDavid SmuklerDetails
It says 'ereDerrick DennisDetails
It Started on FacebookMichael FuerstDetails
It was a Fine DayInga Morton 
It's a DateStew Shacklette 
It's a Dog's LifeInga Morton 
It's a DrawGary Roodman 
It's A Girl!Penn Fix 
It's a Lady's PrerogativeColin Wallace 
It's a Long Way …Rob SibthorpeDetails
It's a Long Way to TipperaryEd GilmoreDetails
It's a SecretMargot Gunzenhauser 
It's All About Me!Chris PageDetails
It's Always SomethingBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
It's Contra Corners TimeDale Rempert 
It's Just a DanceDavid McMullenDetails
It's MagicIan R. WhiteheadDetails
It's not Rocket ScienceJohn NanceDetails
It's OKStew Shacklette 
It's Right on the LeftColin Wallace 
It's the Flow (Stupid!)Devin Nordberg 
It's Your TurnAl Olson 
Italian Disappointment, The Details
Italian Greeting, TheColin Wallace 
Italian HoundSarah KaiserDetails
Italian Momfrina, The Details
Italian Monfrena, The Details
Italian RantRob SibthorpeDetails
Italian TriadFried de Metz HermanDetails
Italian Waltz Details
Itchington Long Dance, TheHugh Rippon 
Itchy Bug Reel, TheJim HemphillDetails
Iva Lee, ThePenn Fix 
Ivan's First Dutch SummercampAgnes Raaff van NieuwlandDetails
IVC Contra  
Ives' Hornpipe  
Ivor's IdealFried de Metz HermanDetails
Ivor's SurpriseDave TurnerDetails
Ivy and a RoseJenny BeerDetails
Ivy Leaf, TheJan Dale 
IvydeneRob SibthorpeDetails
J & I ConnectionIvan AitkenDetails
J & T Special, TheFrieda Gratzon 
J is for JoelCarol OrmandDetails
J.D. (Just Dog)Stew Shacklette 
J2Ted Hodapp 
Ja Zuster, Nee ZusterRosemary HuntDetails
Ja, ik wil op 1 aprilKoen Daamen 
Jack & JennyFried de Metz HermanDetails
Jack a Lent Details
Jack be NimbleColin Wallace 
Jack by the HedgeJan DaleDetails
Jack DanceThomas GreenDetails
Jack I'll Tickle Thee  
Jack NorthMelissa RunningDetails
Jack of Both Sides Details
Jack of Newbury Details
Jack of the Green Details
Jack Pudding Details
Jack Turn BackSteve SchnurDetails
Jack-in-the-BoxColin HumeDetails
Jack's Alive Details
Jack's Back Details
Jack's ConfusionJack KeenDetails
Jack's DelightChris Turner 
Jack's DolphinChris TurnerDetails
Jack's Farewell, The Details
Jack's Health Details
Jack's LifeRalph Page 
Jack's Maggot Details
Jack's Own CircleCathy StephensDetails
Jack's Ramble Details
Jack's SparrowBob GreenDetails
Jack's the Lad Details
Jackdaw, The Details
Jacki's FavoriteLarry JenningsDetails
Jacki's JigColin HumeDetails
Jacki's JigLarry JenningsDetails
Jackie Bull Details
Jackie Tar  
Jackie's EightGeoff CubittDetails
Jackie's GemsElizabeth Goossen 
Jackie's JauntLarry JenningsDetails
Jackie's SeventhGeoff CubittDetails
Jackie's ThreeGeoff CubittDetails
Jackson at New Orleans  
Jackson FineJoseph Pimentel 
Jackson FourGlen Morningstar 
Jackson's Hornpipe  
Jackson's Morning Brush  
Jacky Bull  
Jacky Dalton's Whim Details
Jacob Hall's Jig Details
Jacob's LadderColin AndrewsDetails
Jacob's LadderKeith WoodDetails
Jacque(s) LatinGraham Christian 
Jaeger Horn, The  
Jail BirdStew Shacklette 
Jail House Jig Details
Jain's BalanceJohn RitchieDetails
Jakie's Hornpipe  
Jalapeno ContraDon Flaherty 
Jam DoodleChris PageDetails
Jamaica Details
Jamaica Plain JigLouise WinstonDetails
JambalayaDick LegerDetails
James and MarionFrederick ParkDetails
James Madison's HatSarah KaiserDetails
JAMIEDon Flaherty 
Jamie Allen Details
Jamie's JigChris PageDetails
Jan and DanTed SannellaDetails
Jan and NanetteBob DalsemerDetails
Jan Ulrich ChristianPat ShawDetails
Jan's JigTed Hodapp 
Jan's ReelCary RavitzDetails
Jan's WaltzAlan WinstonDetails
JanePhilippe Callens 
Jane 'n' Ted's Ruby ReelRon JohnsonDetails
Jane of York Details
Jane's ContraKen BonnerDetails
Jane's HornpipeIrene HarcourtDetails
Janet Murphy's DelightColin HumeDetails
Janet's Contra Details
Janet's GypsyCary RavitzDetails
Janet's JourneyCary RavitzDetails
Janet's Wedding  
Janey's QuadrilleElsie Watson 
JankersJan Dale 
Jannie's Babie Details
January ExpressGene HubertDetails
January GirlTom CookDetails
January JauntColin Wallace 
January JigGene Hubert 
January JiveMargot Gunzenhauser 
January MixerBob DalsemerDetails
January PetronellaAl GreenDetails
January QuadFrieda Gratzon 
January Seventh JigDon ArmstrongDetails
January Waltz ContraGlen Morningstar 
Jaque Latin Details
JarnaRob SibthorpeDetails
Jarvis GoldGeof OwenDetails
Jasan's TravelMogens Hansen 
JasmineInga Morton 
Jay & DeeBarrie Bullimore 
Jay, The Details
Jay's SquareGeoff CubittDetails
Jaydee'sNeil StuartDetails
JaywalkingWendy Crouch 
JB's TeaseLarry JenningsDetails
JCB SwingRob SibthorpeDetails
JDK's FestivalLambert WeelinkDetails
Je ne veux pas Details
Je suis Constant Details
Je vous prends sans verd Details
Jealous Lover, TheDonna CalhounDetails
Jealous on all sides Details
Jealous SallyKeith HuntDetails
Jean de Paris Details
Jean de Paris Details
Jean de Paris Details
Jean's FlingStew Shacklette 
Jean's Jig  
Jeane's SuccessMark ElvinsDetails
Jeanne's JoyDavid SmuklerDetails
Jeanne's JubileeGene Hubert 
Jed's HeartbeatLinda LeslieDetails
Jed's ReelPenn FixDetails
Jeff's GypsyPaul WildeDetails
Jeff's JigSusan Elberger 
Jeff's Third DanceMartha Wild 
Jefferson and Liberty Details
Jefferson and LincolnJohn TetherDetails
Jefferson Gone WildBob GreenDetails
Jefferson ReelDudley BriggsDetails
Jefferson RevisitedBob DalsemerDetails
Jefferson's RemorseBob GreenDetails
Jeffro's TreeDon Flaherty 
Jelle and JolyCor HogendijkDetails
Jelly RollDon Flaherty 
Jelly RollsGene HubertDetails
JellyfishRob SibthorpeDetails
Jennie & Howard's Promenade #2Jane Sekulski 
Jennifer's DanceJames Hutson 
Jennifer's QuadrilleFrieda Gratzon 
Jennifer's ReelBill OlsonDetails
Jennings JubileeAl OlsonDetails
Jenny Come PlayGreg Reynolds 
Jenny Dang the Weaver  
Jenny Goes to CampSteve Zakon 
Jenny hits a TreeJessica Ritts and Tom Wimmer 
Jenny in PairsChris PageDetails
Jenny JenkinsSarah KaiserDetails
Jenny Lind Polka Details
Jenny NettleDon ArmstrongDetails
Jenny Pluck Pears Details
Jenny Sutton's Reel  
Jenny, Come Tie My Cravat Details
Jenny's Baw-bee Details
Jenny's JigsawIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Jenny's MythColin Wallace 
Jenny's RustleChris Turner 
Jenny's StarAileen Wills 
Jenny's StarRoger WhynotDetails
Jenny's Taste Details
Jenny's Trip to SeattleRich GossDetails
Jenny's WaltzKen Alexander 
Jensen's HornpipeGary Roodman 
JerbourgGeoff ToddDetails
JeromeGeof OwenDetails
Jerri's New HallDavid ColestockDetails
Jerry Goes to CampMarilee StandiferDetails
Jerry's ContraJerry Rosseau 
Jerry's IdeaStew Shacklette 
Jerry's No Swing CircleJerry Hall 
Jerry's ReelFrank KanopasakDetails
Jerry's Swing ContraTom Hinds 
Jersey RoundaboutChris PageDetails
Jersey TwirlDon Flaherty 
Jersey, The Details
Jess's ReelChris PageDetails
Jessica's MarchMelanie Axel-Lute 
Jessica's RideTom LehmannDetails
Jessica's WhirligigRob SibthorpeDetails
Jessie Polka Square  
Jessie's RosesFrieda Gratzon 
Jest-er Job for JimAlan DaviesDetails
Jet Lag RagJon GreeneDetails
Jet Propelled  
Jet Teeth Details
Jeunesse Cotillion, La  
Jew of Mogadore, The Details
Jew, The Details
Jeweller's Delight, TheClaudio BuchwaldDetails
Jeye's FluydeNorris WinstoneDetails
JezebelAudrey Laver 
Jiffy MixerJerry HeltDetails
Jig a Jig SquareMartyn HarveyDetails
Jig for JaniceElsie Watson 
Jig Her, Drive Her, Push Her, Spank HerColin Wallace 
Jigg it E Foot Details
Jigg it on foot Details
Jiggilywig, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Jigsaw ReelTaco Sikkema 
Jilky Double, TheKen BonnerDetails
Jim and Cindy's WeddingChristine HaleDetails
Jim Jam JumpRob SibthorpeDetails
Jim Morris-On, ThePat ShawDetails
Jim's DanceKaty HeineDetails
Jim's FavoriteInga Morton 
Jim's ReelSteve Schnur 
Jim's Runey RugJo MortlandDetails
Jim's SquareMichael BarracloughDetails
Jim's WhimRich MacMathDetails
Jimmy Allen  
Jimmy the One's Delight  
Jimmy's JigPeggy Hazell 
JingleKeith WoodDetails
Jingle Bells Details
Jingle BellsRod Linnell 
Jingle BellsSol Gordon 
Jingle BellsJohn Garden 
Jingle BellsColin AndrewsDetails
Jingle Bells 2Jaap KrugDetails
Jingle Bells 3 Details
Jingle Bells 4 Details
Jingle Bells QuadrilleColin Hume 
Joan at the KeysRon Coxall 
Joan Sanderson Details
Joan's AnniversaryPeggy HazellDetails
Joan's Placket Details
Joanie's Basket SwingSteve HollandDetails
Job Hunt Jig #1 & #2Martha WildDetails
JoboInga Morton 
Jockey and Jenny Details
Jockey Has Gotten a Wife Details
Jockey of the Green Details
Jockey to the Fair Details
Jockey, The Details
Jockey's Jig Details
Jocus ContraHeiner FischleDetails
JodyFrederick ParkDetails
Joe & Jeni's WeddingGrant GoodyearDetails
Joe Paris Details
Joe Taylor's DanceCathy LesurfDetails
Joe Taylors Details
Joe the PlumberTed CraneDetails
Joe's RoundTom Hinds 
Joel and Louise 30th AnniversaryPaul BallietDetails
Joel's in the KitchenSue RosenDetails
Jog On Details
John and MaryKen Bonner 
John Birch ReelTed SteeleDetails
John Black's Daughter Details
John Brown's BodyIrene HarcourtDetails
John Brown's Body Details
John Drewry, TheFrieda Gratzon 
John Gilpin  
John Guy's March into CupidsNoreen MaclennonDetails
John H. Gow's 2nd set Details
John Keats' CottageJo TrapnellDetails
John Mullich's ReelMartha WildDetails
John O'Neal's ContraTom Hinds 
John PinkertonFiona Birchall 
John RaymondPat ShawDetails
John Shaw's MaggotJoseph Pimentel 
John Tallis's CanonPat ShawDetails
John Tallis's SquareKeith WoodDetails
John the Mad Man Details
John Walker SquareDave Turner 
John's AlterationsJack Brown 
John's Back AgainBarrie Bullimore 
John's BygonesChris Kermiet 
John's Ceilidh Dance  
John's FancyFried de Metz HermanDetails
John's FavoriteJohn KrummDetails
John's FollyColin HumeDetails
John's Joy RideJim HemphillDetails
John's Jubilee Waltz  
John's Out the Door ContraJohn Vakarietis 
John's Road HomeHenry Garfath 
John's Schottische  
John's WaltzJohn Armstrong 
Johnnie FaaDan Seppeler 
Johnny Cock Thy Beaver Details
Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back Details
Johnny Oh Polka Mixer Details
Johnny Pringle Details
Johnny Raw Details
Johnny's a Coming Details
Johnny's QuadrillePat ShawDetails
Johnson City CircleGary RoodmanDetails
Johnson's Reel  
Johnson's SpecialRickey HoldenDetails
Johny Too Details
Joie de VivreSharon McKinleyDetails
Joined at the HipRussell OwenDetails
Joined up ContraChris Turner 
Joint EffortBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Jola's InvitationFried de Metz HermanDetails
Jolie Cotillion, La  
Jolies Dames Cotillion, Les  
Jolly Breeze Details
Jolly Company, The  
Jolly Cooper, TheW. RandallDetails
Jolly Drummer  
Jolly FoolRay GoodswenDetails
Jolly Holly Jig, TheAnn Higley 
Jolly is the MillerRod LinnellDetails
Jolly Jack  
Jolly Milkmen, TheBrian WedgburyDetails
Jolly Navy, TheRay GoodswenDetails
Jolly Roger Details
Jolly Roger, TheJean ButlerDetails
Jolly Skipper TriadDick ForscherDetails
Jolly Trolley TriosColin Wallace 
Jolly Young Waterman  
Jonathan's JigColin HumeDetails
Jone's Ale  
Jonjak's Jaunty JauntJohn CoffmanDetails
Jonjak's JourneyJohn CoffmanDetails
Jordan is a Hard Road  
JosephDon Flaherty 
Joseph's IdyllVictor SkowronskiDetails
Joseph's JigPat ShawDetails
JosephineNaomi AlexanderDetails
JosephineSarah KaiserDetails
Josette's DelightMike HeadDetails
Josh's BeckettDavid ZinkinDetails
JostyMogens Hansen 
Jove's GoldHilary Herbert 
Jovial Beggars, The Details
Jovial Beggars, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
Jovial Butler, TheKen Alexander 
Jovial Tinker, The  
JoyLannie McQuaideDetails
Joy after Sorrow Details
Joy in JonesboroughDiane Silver 
Joy of Dance, TheCam(m)y KaynorDetails
Joy of Eighteen, TheMyra HirschbergDetails
Joy of It! TheDavid McMullenDetails
Joy of Six, TheRick MohrDetails
Joy of Six, TheMyra HirschbergDetails
Joy to the Person of my LoveFried de Metz HermanDetails
Joy to the WorldDon Flaherty 
Joy to the WorldJohn Garden 
Joy(ce) of the TownGary RoodmanDetails
Joyce Skips TownGlen Morningstar 
Joyce's Jig Details
Joyeux NoelGeof Owen 
Joyful Forty YearsTaco Sikkema 
Joyful JaneJoseph Pimentel 
Joyful ReturnElizabeth Goossen 
Joyous NightDon Flaherty 
Joyous Occasion, AFried de Metz HermanDetails
JoyrideErik WebergDetails
Joys of HannoverHeiner FischleDetails
Joys of MilfordEd BugelDetails
Joys of QuebecRich(k) CastnerDetails
Joys of Quebec 2Chip HendricksonDetails
JT's SicilianJack BrownDetails
Jubilant SolsticeDiane Silver 
JubilationBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Jubilation (Reel)Gene HubertDetails
Jubilation VariationCary RavitzDetails
Jubilee at EindhovenPhilippe CallensDetails
Jubilee Dance, The Details
Jubilee Dance, The Details
Jubilee in Ireland, The Details
Jubilee JewelsPeggy Samuel 
Jubilee JigFried de Metz HermanDetails
Jubilee Jigg Details
Jubilee JoyGene Macemon 
Jubilee Quadrille, The  
Jubilee Rag  
Jubilee RantAntony HeywoodDetails
Jubilee ReelLeonard LuckwillDetails
Jubilee RoundaboutFreda BurfordDetails
Jubilee SicilianCor HogendijkDetails
Jubilee Sovereign, TheJeff Hoyle 
Jubilee Square-AboutElizabeth Goossen 
Jubilee StraightawayElizabeth Goossen 
Jubilee TripletDon Armstrong 
Jubilee TriumphPeter SpensleyDetails
Jubilee WaltzFried de Metz HermanDetails
Jubilee, TheTom CookDetails
Jubilee, The Details
Jubilee, The Details
Jubilee, The Details
JubileeWaltz, The Details
Judah JigCharlie FentonDetails
Judge, TheBob IsaacsDetails
Judge's Jig, (The)Charles MerrillDetails
Judges' ChoiceColin Wallace 
Judi's JigFried de Metz Herman 
Judi's PearlsGlen Morningstar 
Judith's WaltzRob SibthorpeDetails
Judy's JourneyCary RavitzDetails
Judy's JoyJohn CoffmanDetails
Jug of PunchColin HumeDetails
Juggling Chainsaws, (Like)Don VeinoDetails
Juggling PartnersJohn GardenDetails
Juice of Barley (The) Details
Juice of Barley LightDon BellDetails
Juicy ThemesRick MohrDetails
JuliaColin HumeDetails
Julia D!Mike RichardsonDetails
Julia's Cottage Details
Julia's Frolics Details
Julia's HeymakerDave Balestracci 
Julian Sleigh RideMartha WildDetails
Julian's JollyMichael BarracloughDetails
Juliana Details
Juliana Details
Juliana Details
Juliana Details
Juliana 2 Details
Juliana 3 Details
Juliana 4 Details
Julie's ContraLeif HetlandDetails
Julie's GypsiesMark HillegondsDetails
Julie's JauntMark ElvinsDetails
Julie's ReelPenn FixDetails
Julie's ScandalBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Julien's Cottage Details
July 12 Birthday TripletsDavid McMullenDetails
July 13thTom SeniorDetails
July HeyColin Wallace 
July in AugustaTony Parkes 
JumbleMogens Hansen 
Jumblie's Jig  
Jump and ShoutDon Flaherty 
Jump at the Sun Details
Jump at the SunJohn RogersDetails
Jump at the Sun VariationDiane Silver 
Jump for JoyMichael Barraclough 
Jump for JoyGreg Reynolds 
Jump Frogs Jump Details
Jump Jim Joe VariationDiane Silver 
Jump over the HedgeHans KrackauDetails
Jump StartCary RavitzDetails
Jump the TracksCary RavitzDetails
Jump to the StarsAl OlsonDetails
Jump UpStew Shacklette 
Jumpers Chase  
Jumping CactusTom Hinds 
Jumping CrackerColin HumeDetails
Jumping JackMogens Hansen 
Jumping Joan Details
Jumping Joan / Jeanne Details
Jumping Joe FelsenJohn CoffmanDetails
Jumping the QueueColin Wallace 
JunbugsSarah KaiserDetails
June AppleMichael BarracloughDetails
June BugFrieda Gratzon 
June MoonColin Wallace 
June Waltz, ThePeter FosterDetails
June's Guzz ShunshineRosemary Hunt 
June's JauntRob SibthorpeDetails
June's JourneyFlip AlpernDetails
JuniataSharon GreenDetails
Juniper JigDon ArmstrongDetails
Junket JackpotGene HubertDetails
Junket SquareJeff KaufmanDetails
Juno and Pallas Details
Junta of Seville, The Details
Jupiter and VenusElsie Watson 
Jurassic RedheadsCarol OrmandDetails
Jürgen's TurnHeiner FischleDetails
Just a FewCarolyn Parrott 
Just a Going Details
Just a Little MoreColin Wallace 
Just a Splash Details
Just a ThoughtMark ElvinsDetails
Just a TouchColin Wallace 
Just Another ContraStew Shacklette 
Just Another WhimChrystal Gallacci JonesDetails
Just Around the CornerPeggy HazellDetails
Just as GoodStew Shacklette 
Just BecauseDuke MillerDetails
Just Born, More LaterDavid SmuklerDetails
Just Bull-Headed, I GuessMargot Gunzenhauser 
Just Do ItInga Morton 
Just EleganceChris PageDetails
Just for FunStew Shacklette 
Just for NEFFALinda LeslieDetails
Just for RobinStew Shacklette 
Just for the HalibutJohn CoffmanDetails
Just in TimeStew Shacklette 
Just in Time Details
Just Keep TurningDavid MandelbergDetails
Just One ChangeJoe PeidleDetails
Just One More !Peggy HazellDetails
Just Passing ByJack BrownDetails
Just Passing ByAl Olson 
Just Passing ThroughGary RoodmanDetails
Just Passing ThroughNeil StuartDetails
Just RainStew Shacklette 
Just SkylarkingRhodri DaviesDetails
Just that Bit ExtraIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Just the Thing Details
Just You and MeStew Shacklette 
Justa ContraHarold Harton 
Justice Busy Details
Jyllinge Yacht Club ReelSeth Tepfer 
K & EPat ShawDetails
K & E CircleAl OlsonDetails
K & E for EightAl Olson 
K & MAl OlsonDetails
K & S JigMark ElvinsDetails
Kadie's KontraDon ArmstrongDetails
Kaiser's TurnstyleSarah KaiserDetails
Kaiti's FancyBrian DeMarcus 
KalanchoëInga Morton 
KaleidoscopeColin HumeDetails
Kaleidoscope QuadrilleKeith WoodDetails
Kaleko MillIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Kalgan Queen, TheSarah KaiserDetails
Kalia's SaturnaliaMike RichardsonDetails
Kangaroos in the RainKeith WoodDetails
Kansas City Reel  
Karen & Greg Tie the KnotMerri RuddDetails
Karen, Daron, Burning BrightColin Wallace 
Karen's BeginningErik Hoffman 
Karen's CapriceSharon GreenDetails
Karen's Kool KurlsJohn CoffmanDetails
Karen's ParrotJohn SweeneyDetails
Karen's TreasureJames Hutson 
Karen's TubaColin HumeDetails
Karin's QuadrilleRoger WhynotDetails
Karla's Waltz  
Karlstad SquareIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Kate of the Dale Details
Kate's ComebackRob SibthorpeDetails
Kate's Delight Details
Kate's Hornpipe Details
Kate's Last ReelEric Conrad 
Kate's WhimsyOrly KrasnerDetails
Katerina QuadrilleFrieda Gratzon 
Katherine Street Details
Kathie's DelightStew Shacklette 
Kathleen's JigBert EcclesDetails
Kathy & WalterDavid Wilkins 
Kathy's ContraKathy ShimbergDetails
Kathy's ConundrumJohn CoffmanDetails
Kathy's KontraDon ArmstrongDetails
Kathy's MaggotTed Hodapp 
Kathy's SmileDavid SmuklerDetails
Kathy's Smiling EyesDon Flaherty 
Katie Andante  
Katie JayneGeoff ToddDetails
Katie the NuisancePat ShawDetails
Katie's Birthday BashTed CraneDetails
Katie's JoyGeoff ToddDetails
Katie's Trip to Starbase TwelveMerilee KarrDetails
Katrina's DanceNorm Ellis 
Katy's Rambles  
Katy's Wedding DaySue Rosen 
Kaylee DigraphDavid MandelbergDetails
Kedge RunaroundRod Linnell 
Keel Row, TheGeorge MitchellDetails
Keene QuadrilleRod Linnell 
Keep a Lid on itJohn CoffmanDetails
Keep it Up Details
Keep MovingRoger WhynotDetails
Keep StaringDavid MandelbergDetails
Keep Taking the TabletsAl GreenDetails
Keep Your Arm Around Your LadyInga Morton 
Keep Your Eyes on the BallDevin Nordberg 
Keep Your OwnMogens Hansen 
Keep Your Sunny Side UpRalph SweetDetails
Keepers CottageShirley Bunting 
Keeping 'em in StitchesRoger Diggle 
Keeping on TrackKeith WrightDetails
Keeping up with the Joneses  
Keeps You Goin'Glen Morningstar 
Keith's BanjoKeith HuntDetails
Kelly's 8 French Country Dances Details
Kelly's CombinationGene HubertDetails
Kelsey Hartman's Footloose & Fancy FreeSeth TepferDetails
Kelso Weathervane  
Kelsterne GardensDon ArmstrongDetails
Kelston House Details
Kemp's Jigg Details
Kemp's ReelRob SibthorpeDetails
Kempish GoldRob SibthorpeDetails
KemponologyRob SibthorpeDetails
Kempshot Hunt Details
Ken's 60th Birthday BashDonna HuntDetails
Ken's DanceShirley Bunting 
Ken's Double Swing ContraKen BonnerDetails
Ken's DreamKen BonnerDetails
Ken's ReelKen Bonner 
Ken's StarterKen BonnerDetails
Kendal Caller, The  
Kendal Ghyll Details
Kendal GuildJulian Pilling 
Kendall House Details
Kendall's Hornpipe  
Kenmure's On and Awa Details
Kennebec ContraTed SannellaDetails
Kennebec ContraryNancy RaichDetails
Kennedys' Rant, ThePat ShawDetails
Kennet Circle DancePauline WilsonDetails
Kensington Court Details
Kent Short DanceMichael BarracloughDetails
Kentish Bowmen I, The Details
Kentish Bowmen II, The Details
Kentish Cricketers, The Details
Kentish Cricketters Details
Kentish Freeholders, The Details
Kentish Ramble I, The Details
Kentish Ramble II, TheKeith UttleyDetails
Kentish WindmillsAl GreenDetails
Kentucky Circle Details
Kentucky Reel Details
Kerlee-Q, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Kernan's ContraKernan's ContraDetails
Kerry Set Details
Kerry Square Details
Keswick Galopede  
Kettering Assembly Details
Kettle Drum Details
Kevin's Celebration WaltzColin HumeDetails
Kevin's ConfusionWil van den Berg 
Kevin's KapersColin Wallace 
Kevin's Reel  
Kew GardensRob SibthorpeDetails
Kew Gardens  
Key of the DoorCarolyn HardwickDetails
Key of the Door, TheJohn Wood (UK) 
Key to the CellarJenny BeerDetails
Keymer ClompMichael Barraclough 
Keys in the FridgeGary RoodmanDetails
KiboshRob SibthorpeDetails
Kick Start ContraColin Wallace 
Kick the World before me Details
Kick Up the RowMogens Hansen 
Kickin' up the Dust  
Kicking OffJohn MeechanDetails
Kid from KadokaSarah KaiserDetails
Kidlington Knight, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Kielder Schottische, The Details
Kilham CapersKathleen MitchellDetails
Kill Him with Kindness Details
Killishandra Details
Kiltie Ball, TheDennis Darke 
Kim's GameColin HumeDetails
Kimberley Black Diamond Run, TheKeith WrightDetails
Kimberley's SicilianBert EcclesDetails
Kimberly's Labor Day ReelMartha WildDetails
Kimberly's Road Trip ReelMartha WildDetails
Kimbolton CastleRob SibthorpeDetails
Kimly Park Details
Kimmswick 90Aaron Weiss 
Kimmswick ClipMyrtle Wilhite 
Kimmswick ContraGene Hubert 
Kimmswick DiamondsJerome GrisantiDetails
Kimmswick ExpressGene HubertDetails
Kimmswick FixxMarilee StandiferDetails
Kimmswick GirlsMarilee StandiferDetails
Kimmswick KinneticsJohn CoffmanDetails
Kimmswick ReunionJim HemphillDetails
Kinaesthetic UndergirdingColin Wallace 
Kind and Easey Details
Kind StartGlen Morningstar 
Kind WaveGlen Morningstar 
Kinder Two YaGlen Morningstar 
Kindly Keep it ContraHenry Garfath 
Kindly ShepherdPat ShawDetails
Kindred SpiritsChris PageDetails
Kindred SpiritsDavid SmuklerDetails
Kinematic Dolphin VorticityLiz DonaldsonDetails
Kinematic VorticityCarol OrmandDetails
King & Queen Details
King Alfred's ReelDiana Triplow 
King Alfred's StepsPat WoodDetails
King and Constitution Details
King at the Camp, The Details
King Bee HeyMartha WildDetails
King Charles' MistressRay GoodswenDetails
King for a DayCharles BoltonDetails
King George SquarePhil Wilson 
King John's CastleFiona Birchall 
King KontraGeoff CubittDetails
King of CaliforniaTom Senior 
King of Denmark's Favourite, The Details
King of Hearts Waltz, The Details
King of Poland Details
King of the FairiesFrances HoughDetails
King of the KeyboardTed SannellaDetails
King Solomon's DelightRay GoodswenDetails
King Street TrystFried de Metz HermanDetails
King's ChaseRob SibthorpeDetails
King's CottageMark ElvinsDetails
King's FrolicJill Lawrence 
King's MaggotFrank van CleefDetails
King's Penny, TheHeffer and PorterDetails
King's QuadrilleTony Parkes 
King's RansomDavid ZinkinDetails
King's Reel, TheTom Hinds 
King's Return, The Details
Kingcombe RejuvenatedAlan DaviesDetails
Kings Arms Assembly Details
Kings Silver Jig  
Kingsail Details
Kingston BridgeChris Turner 
Kingston House Details
Kingston HuntKeith WoodDetails
Kingston QuickstepRich BlazejDetails
Kinloch of Kinloch Details
KinreeceHenry Garfath 
KiritinatiRob SibthorpeDetails
KirkholtBernard BentleyDetails
Kirsty LouiseJudith Veevers 
Kiss a ConservativeBrian DeMarcus 
Kiss JigMark ElvinsDetails
Kiss of a Lifetime, ThePeter Stix 
Kiss Quick, Mothers a comeing Details
Kiss the BrideJeffrey SperoDetails
Kiss the GroomRick MohrDetails
Kiss Upon the Head, AJoe PeidleDetails
Kiss Your GrannyRalph PageDetails
Kiss, The Details
Kissing CousinsSteve Zakon 
Kit 'n Kat Went a Courtin'Erik Hoffman 
Kit Cat Club 1 Details
Kit Cat Club 2 Details
Kit QuitsErnst van Brakel 
Kit's ContraFried de Metz HermanDetails
Kitch as Kitch canBob IsaacsDetails
Kitch's ReelMogens Hansen 
Kitchen Hornpipe, TheRalph PageDetails
Kitchen JunketDon Flaherty 
Kitchen Junket Lancers Details
Kitchen Sink SquareMac McKeeverDetails
Kitchen StompBecky HillDetails
Kitchen Symmetry GroupLarry CopesDetails
Kitchen TriadFried de Metz HermanDetails
Kith & KinFried de Metz HermanDetails
Kitty AlonePat ShawDetails
Kitty at the DoorGary RoodmanDetails
Kitty Corner  
Kitty Grogan Details
Kitty Kickaway Details
Kitty-CornerChris PageDetails
Kitty, Will You Marry Me? Details
Kitty's Cottage Details
Kitty's Rambles Details
Kitty's WaltzJaap KrugDetails
KittyhawkDavid and Kathryn WrightDetails
Kittyhawk 2David and Kathryn WrightDetails
Kittyhawk HornpipeDon ArmstrongDetails
Kiwi RingIain BoydDetails
Kiwi's KavortMariah FabryDetails
KJ's Birthday WaltzJohn SweeneyDetails
Klara SquareIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Kleine Aarde, DeAntony HeywoodDetails
Klezmer MixerMartha WildDetails
Klinten SquareIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Klose's Six New French County Dances Details
Knave's QuadrilleTony ParkesDetails
Knebsworth PlaceJ & D Wickens 
Kneeland RompGary RoodmanDetails
Knife Grinder, The Details
Knight Errant, The Details
Knight LanceDon Flaherty 
Knight MaknoeuvresColin Wallace 
Knight MistDan Seppeler 
Knights of Snowdown, The Details
Knights Who Say NeeTom Hinds 
Knightsbridge Quadrille Details
Knit the KnotRich GossDetails
Knit Two, Pearl ThreeHeiner FischleDetails
Knitted TogetherVictoria YeomansDetails
Knitting Dance, TheMichael BarracloughDetails
Knitting Hearts and HandsMary DevlinDetails
Knitting PatternAudrey LaverDetails
Knives and Forks Details
Knoby KnaveHeiner FischleDetails
Knoby KnightStew Shacklette 
Knock on WoodDon Flaherty 
Knole Park Details
Knole Park Details
Knole Park I Details
Knole Park II Details
Knot à TroisJohn Garden 
Knot in the CircleHeiner FischleDetails
Knot Unties, TheGeoff ToddDetails
Knot, The Details
KnotsRob SibthorpeDetails
Knots of May, TheDick Playll 
Knotted Square, TheJohn GardenDetails
Knotted TogetherVictoria Yeomans 
Knowlemere ChaseJeff Hoyle 
Knoxville MemoryAaron Weiss 
Koala's PicnicPatricia EarlyDetails
Koepoort GalliardPat ShawDetails
KolibriFried de Metz HermanDetails
Kon Tiki Square DanceKeith BaxterDetails
KontratanzCor Hogendijk 
Kopp's on the LooseBecky HillDetails
Kor en F, DeCor HogendijkDetails
Korinna's FavoriteHans KrackauDetails
KorinthIan R. WhiteheadDetails
KraftMargot Gunzenhauser 
Krasnaya Bulba I and IIFrieda Gratzon 
Kudzu CastlesGene Hubert 
Kym and AaronColin Towns 
L for LeatherColin Wallace 
L.R.W. ContraGene Hubert 
L' AtterrissageBill OlsonDetails
L' Escapade  
L'Academie Details
L'Alina Details
L'Allegrante Details
L'Amour Fidelle Details
L'AtterissageBill OlsonDetails
L'Bon Ton  
L'Enjoué Details
L'entrée du Bal  
L'Espagnol Details
L'Esperance Details
L'Esprit de Contradiction Details
L'Ete Cotillion Details
L'Impromptu Details
L'Indiscrette Details
L'Ordre de la Jartiere Details
La Ba ContraLinda MroskoDetails
La Bagatelle Details
La Ballet Hollandoise Details
La Baronie de Breda Details
La Baronne Cotillion  
La Baroque Details
La BastringueMaria TaylorDetails
La BastringueAnne WelchDetails
La Bastringue ContraLinda MroskoDetails
La BathurstHubert Collinet 1823Details
La Bella Alliance Details
La Bella Assemble Details
La Belle Annette Details
La Belle Catherine Details
La Belle Catherine Details
La Belle Fille Details
La Belle Isabell Details
La Belle Laitiere Details
La Belle Nicol Details
La Belle Poulé Details
La Bienfacile Details
La Bonne Femme Details
La Bonne Mère Details
La Boulanger  
La Boulangère Details
La Bouquette Details
La Brillante Details
La Brunette Details
La BubbleSortJeff KaufmanDetails
La Calypso Details
La Cascade Details
La Cassette Verte Details
La Chasse Details
La Chasse  
La Colinette Details
La Comm'ere Details
La Conservatoire  
La Constante Details
La Cornemuse Details
La Culotte Details
La D'Orvilliers Details
La Dame Blanche Details
La Dame Francoise Details
La Dance pour CorinneBrian DeMarcus 
La Debonaire Details
La Deliberation Details
La Diligence Details
La Duc de Berry Details
La Fantaisie Details
La Favourite de la Reine Details
La Fête de Regent  
La Fête de Regent Details
La Fête du Village Details
La Flora Details
La FressinetteEric Limet 
La Galante Details
La Gallarde Details
La Gavre Details
La GirandoleRob SibthorpeDetails
La Grande ChaineMogens Hansen 
La Grotesque Details
La HabañeraMike RichardsonDetails
La Hier au Soir Details
La Jalousie Details
La Jolie Flamande Details
La Joyeuse Details
La Liberté Details
La MadrinaPeggy Hazell 
La Maison du Bois Details
La Matelotte  
La Mélange Details
La Mode a l'Enver Cotillion  
La Montanverd Details
La Mozart Details
La Norah Details
La Nouvelle Angloise  
La Nouvelle Bohemienne Cotillion  
La Nouvelle Coulon Details
La Nouvelle Mahonne Cotillion  
La Nouvelle Promenade Details
La Nouvelle Royalle Cotillion  
La Nouvelle Vergne Details
La Pantomime Details
La Parisienne  
La Pastorale Details
La Penelope  
La PercheEric LimetDetails
La Perrier Details
La Petite Allemande Cotillion  
La Petite Paisanne Cotillion  
La Petite Province Cotillion  
La Petite RonfleuseTed Crane 
La Pie Voleuse Details
La Pie Voleuse Details
La Pintievre Cotillion  
La Pipe de Tabac Details
La Plongeuse Details
La Pomurge Details
La Poule Anglaise  
La Poule QuadrilleJack HamiltonDetails
La Poussette CotillionJim HemphillDetails
La Precieuse Details
La Promenade a Quatre Details
La Reverie Details
La Rohanne Details
La Ronde de l'AmourPat ShawDetails
La Rose Details
La Rose  
La Rosignol Details
La Royale Details
La Russe Quadrille Details
La Sage Femme Details
La Semilla HornpipeDon Armstrong 
La SerpoletteEric LimetDetails
La Sorcière Details
La String BeanRon T BlechnerDetails
La TambourineColin HumeDetails
La TartignyEric LimetDetails
La Tem(p)s Perdû Details
La Tempête  
La Tête de RichardTom SiessDetails
La Theresia  
La Timide Details
La TriolinaSteve SchnurDetails
La Triumphe Details
La Va CroisséJohn Garden 
La Va MelangéeJohn Garden 
La Va OuvertJohn Garden 
La Vaudreuil Details
La Vaudreuil Cotillion Details
La Verdure Details
La Vertigo Details
La Victoire  
La Viellesse Details
La Visite Details
La Wellington Details
Labor Day DanceMartha WildDetails
Labor Day QuadrilleGeorge RainneDetails
Labor of LoveKathy AndersonDetails
Labour in Vain  
Labyrinth 2, TheJohn GardenDetails
Labyrinth, The Details
Labyrinth, The Details
Labyrinth, The Details
Labyrinth, The Details
Labyrinth, The Details
LaceAl Olson 
Lace Two and ThreeAl Olson 
Lacemaker, TheGeoffrey MendhamDetails
Laces for a LadyFiona Birchall 
Lacework Mazurka, TheJohn Garden 
LaceysRob SibthorpeDetails
Lacy UnawaresCharley HarveyDetails
LaddieStew Shacklette 
Laddie's ChainChris PageDetails
Ladies AllemandeMargot Gunzenhauser 
Ladies BoomerangPaul RosenDetails
Ladies Chain MixerChris PageDetails
Ladies Chain, TheNick Hawes 
Ladies ChoiceHal Barnes 
Ladies Conveniency Details
Ladies CourchaineMike RichardsonDetails
Ladies Farewell  
Ladies FirstJim Kitch 
Ladies FirstEd BugelDetails
Ladies FirstNeil StuartDetails
Ladies First Men on the EndsColin Hume 
Ladies from the East, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
Ladies from the WestCor HogendijkDetails
Ladies from Wall, TheColin Wallace 
Ladies in LeadMogens Hansen 
Ladies in MixerHeiner FischleDetails
Ladies Joy, The Details
Ladies LeadDavid Kaynor 
Ladies LeadThomas ChristopherDetails
Ladies Lead Left, TheAl Olson 
Ladies MixerAl GreenDetails
Ladies Night OutPenn FixDetails
Ladies of KildareRalph Page 
Ladies of London Details
Ladies of NewcastleDave RickerDetails
Ladies of the Vale, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Ladies Pull off Your Hoops Details
Ladies RevengeGlen Nickerson 
Ladies Round the Men Details
Ladies Spin Chain ThroughColin Hume 
Ladies StarTony ParkesDetails
Ladies Stay Home  
Ladies SwitcherooTed SannellaDetails
Ladies to the Right Details
Ladies Triumph Details
Ladies Tunnel Through  
Ladies Turn BackPaul RosenDetails
Ladies with Adjustable LegsColin Wallace 
Ladies, WhirledDon VeinoDetails
Ladies' Fancy Details
Ladies' Heyday, The #1 & 2Al OlsonDetails
Ladies' Star TurnTony ParkesDetails
Ladies' Strain, TheInga Morton 
Ladies' Trip to NowhereDale Rempert 
Ladies' Whirligig Details
Lads from Foelas, TheGwyn WilliamsDetails
Lads of Ayr, The Details
Lads of Dunce Details
Lads of KildareRalph PageDetails
Lads of OhioRick MohrDetails
Lady Abergavenny's Fancy Details
Lady Agnes Percy's Hornpipe Details
Lady Amelia Murray's Choice  
Lady Anne Hamilton's Reel Details
Lady Anne Stewart's Strathspey Details
Lady Anne Stewart's Strathspey Details
Lady Baird's Fancy Details
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe Details
Lady Barbara Ashley Coopers Strathspey Details
Lady Barry's HornpipeHeiner FischleDetails
Lady Be GoodEd GilmoreDetails
Lady Be GoodDavid SmuklerDetails
Lady Berkeley's Whim  
Lady Bogart's ReelReuben MerchantDetails
Lady Buckley's Whim  
Lady Burdett Details
Lady Burdett's Waltz Details
Lady C. Campbell's Reel Details
Lady Carberry's Reel Details
Lady Caroline Berkley Details
Lady Caroline Bertie Details
Lady Caroline Lee Details
Lady Caroline Lee Details
Lady Caroline Montagues Details
Lady Carr Glynn's Fancy Details
Lady Catherine HydeGeoff ToddDetails
Lady Catherine of MontaiguGreg Reynolds 
Lady Catherine Stewart's Fancy  
Lady Cawdors Favorite Details
Lady Charlotte Bentincks Reel Details
Lady Charlotte Bentincks Waltz Details
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Fancy Details
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Reel Details
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Waltz Details
Lady Charlotte Campbells Details
Lady Charlotte Gordon's Allmand Details
Lady Charlotte Percy's Fancy Details
Lady Cholmondley's Waltz Details
Lady Clementina Details
Lady Clinton's Fancy Details
Lady Dainty Details
Lady Day Details
Lady Derby's Waltz Details
Lady Doll St Clair's Reel Details
Lady Elizabeth Percy's Fancy Details
Lady Emily Percy's Waltz Details
Lady Fairford's Delight Details
Lady Fiona's DelightNeil StuartDetails
Lady Flora Macdonald Details
Lady Freda Zena Del PelizeRob SibthorpeDetails
Lady from Lowestoft, The  
Lady from the other Star, TheHeiner FischleDetails
Lady George Murray's Reel Details
Lady Go RoundTed Sannella 
Lady Godiva's GalopBill ThomasDetails
Lady GreyFiona Birchall 
Lady Hamilton Details
Lady Hampden's Fancy Details
Lady Hampdon's Reel Details
Lady Harriet Clive's Favorite Details
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel Details
Lady Harriet Leslie's Waltz Details
Lady Harriot Cavendish's Trip Details
Lady Harriot Hope's Reel Details
Lady in Red, ThePeggy Samuel 
Lady in the Dark Details
Lady is a Tramp, TheGene Macemon 
Lady JaneFried de Metz Herman 
Lady Jane's MaggotDavid SmuklerDetails
Lady John Thynne Details
Lady Keinnard's Reel Details
Lady LuckJohn CoffmanDetails
Lady Lucy Rumsey's Favo(u)rite Details
Lady Madelina Sinclair's Strathspey Details
Lady Madelon Sinclair's Fancy Details
Lady MadonnaMartha WildDetails
Lady Mary Details
Lady Mary Details
Lady Mary Details
Lady Mary Bentinck's Fancy Details
Lady Mary Bentinck's Return Details
Lady Mary Douglas's Reel Details
Lady Mary Montagu's Reel Details
Lady Mary Murray's Fantaisie  
Lady Mary Ramsay Details
Lady Mary Ramsay Details
Lady Mary Ramsay Details
Lady Mary Ramsey Details
Lady Mary's Courant  
Lady Matilda Bruce Details
Lady Mexborough Details
Lady Mildmay's Waltz Details
Lady Milton's Favorite Details
Lady Moncrieff's Reel Details
Lady Moncrieff's Waltz Details
Lady Montgomery Details
Lady Montgomries Reel Details
Lady MouseCorinne HolroydDetails
Lady Nelson's Waltz Cotillion Details
Lady of the Lake Details
Lady of the Lake, (The) Details
Lady Olivia Sparrow's Hornpipe Details
Lady on DiamondHans KrackauDetails
Lady on the LeftAl Olson 
Lady Oriole's WalkCor HogendijkDetails
Lady Pentweazle's Maggot Details
Lady Remembered, AJohn Wood (UK)Details
Lady Ross Details
Lady Sarah Stuart Details
Lady Seymour's Waltz Details
Lady Shaftesbury Details
Lady Shaftsbury Details
Lady Simcoe's VisitLorraine Sutton 
Lady Sophia Cecil's Fancy Details
Lady Spellor Details
Lady Susan Hamilton Details
Lady Virginia Murray's Fancy Details
Lady Walpole's Reel Details
Lady Washington's Reel Details
Lady Wellington Details
Lady Williams' DelightRich GallowayDetails
Lady with Enchanting Eyes, TheJohn Wood (UK)Details
Lady-Day Details
Lady, Lie Near Me  
Lady's Breast Knot Details
Lady's Breast Knot 2Clement WeeksDetails
Lady's Breast Knot 3 Details
Lady's Choice, The Details
Lady's Favourite Details
Lady's MantleJan DaleDetails
Lady's Triumph Details
Ladybird, TheRon Coxall 
LadybugJohn CoffmanDetails
Lafayette Details
Lafayette Cotillion  
Lafayette, M.  
Lage Vuursche MixerPhilippe CallensDetails
Lager's DownRon Coxall 
Laiks of AzkabanRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of CutonRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of DalriadaRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of DanburyRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of GarmanaRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of GeneveRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of KawaguchiRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of MarcotisRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of NymphemburgRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of PeaceRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of West Wycombe ParkRob SibthorpeDetails
Laiks of WudanRob SibthorpeDetails
Laisteridge LaneGary RoodmanDetails
Lake Village ReelCor Hogendijk 
Lakes of Beith, The Details
LakesideHilary HerbertDetails
LakesideTom Hinds 
Lakewood Six, TheBecky HillDetails
Lalah's Triskadeka ManiaSeth TepferDetails
Lama Lama Ding DongDon Flaherty 
Lambert's WalkLambert Weelink 
Lambertville MenAl Olson 
Lambertville WomenAl Olson 
Lambeth Ferry Details
Lambeth WalkAdele EnglandDetails
Lamble Double Longways, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Lambs on Green HillDan SeppelerDetails
Lambs' Fold, The (Welsh)  
Lamp's LightPeter Stix 
Lampbrush LoopMartha WildDetails
Lamplighter's Hornpipe Details
LamppostsKeith WoodDetails
Lancash Barn Dance Details
Lancashire Angel, TheRon Coxall 
Lancashire ReelJohn Wood (Nova Scotia)Details
LancasterTed CraneDetails
Lancaster Invention, TheMelanie Axel-Lute 
Lancaster Lasses Details
Lancaster LiteMelanie Axel-Lute 
Lancer's Reel, The Details
Lancers "Oriental" , TheDon Armstrong 
Lancers (Windmill Figure) Details
Lancers, The Details
Lanchester LarksCharles BoltonDetails
Land Below the Waves, TheHilary Herbert 
Land of LibertySarah KaiserDetails
Land of Mist and WonderGary Roodman 
Land of Sweet Erin Details
Land's End Lady, TheColin Wallace 
Landgirl, The  
Lane's MinuetJames AlexanderDetails
Lanesborough House Details
Lang Yellow Broom, TheElsie Watson 
Langford's RequestSue RosenDetails
Lannigan's BallDon Armstrong 
Lanny's BackErik WebergDetails
Lansdown Place Details
Laplanders, The Details
Larchmont Figure 8Fried de Metz HermanDetails
Lardner's Reel  
Large Figure EightHeiner FischleDetails
Large Figure Eight #1 & #2Heiner FischleDetails
Largo's Fairy Dance Details
Lark DuoAlan WinstonDetails
Lark for Louise, AFried de Metz Herman 
Lark in the Clean Air, TheColin HumeDetails
Lark in the OvenRobert CromartieDetails
Lark Rise to LiphookFiona Birchall 
Lark TrioAlan WinstonDetails
Lark, The  
Lark's HealthAlan WinstonDetails
Larkin GraceBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Larkin, The Details
Larks Rise, Larks FallColin Wallace 
Larry Grogan 1 Details
Larry Grogan 2 Details
Larry O'Gaff  
Larry's ApprovalRobert Cromartie 
Larry's BecketLarry JenningsDetails
Larry's BirthdayTed Sannella 
Larry's BirthdaySue Rosen 
Larry's DanceGeoff CubittDetails
Larry's Grand MixerPeter FosterDetails
Larry's InspirationLinda LeslieDetails
Larry's JigAlan WinstonDetails
Larry's LeadershipRick Mohr 
Larry's ListeningRick MohrDetails
Larry's LuckAl OlsonDetails
Larry's MixerLarry Jennings 
Larry's NightmareLarry JenningsDetails
Larry's Other MixerPeter FosterDetails
Larry's SquareLarry EdelmanDetails
Larry's Triplet # 2Larry JenningsDetails
Larry's Triplet # 7Larry JenningsDetails
Larry's WayAl OlsonDetails
Las Cruces StompErik ErhardtDetails
Las Empanadas Details
Lass of Livingstone, The Details
Lass of Perth, The Details
Lass of Petty's Mill, The Details
Lass of Richmond Hill, TheDave Martin 
Lass of Richmond Hill, TheKate RileyDetails
Lasses of Charing Details
Lasses of Portsmouth, The Details
Last Bus to ComillasNeil StuartDetails
Last ChanceStew Shacklette 
Last Chance GulchJohn MeechanDetails
Last Dance, ThePeggy HazellDetails
Last Gasp, TheLarry JenningsDetails
Last Goodbye, AJim HemphillDetails
Last Hurrah, AErik HoffmanDetails
Last Laugh, TheMargot GunzenhauserDetails
Last Maggot, TheNeil StuartDetails
Last Minute ContraSeth TepferDetails
Last Minute JigTony Parkes 
Last New Vagaries, The Details
Last Night at LarkErik Hoffman 
Last Night of FunHenry Garfath 
Last Night, TheToos Heesakkers 
Last Nighthawk, TheAl OlsonDetails
Last of England, TheColin HumeDetails
Last of the Beeches, TheStew Shacklette 
Last of the HitchhikersGeoff CubittDetails
Last of Twenty, The Details
Last Resort, TheKathy AndersonDetails
Last Rose of SummerNeil StuartDetails
Last Swim of Summer, TheEric RoundsDetails
Last Syllable, TheColin WallaceDetails
Last TimeStew Shacklette 
Last Time I Checked this was still a DemAmy CannDetails
Last Waltz for Flo, AVictoria YeomansDetails
Last Wednesday, TheRich GossDetails
Lasteridge LaneGary RoodmanDetails
Lastrum Pone Details
Latch Hook ContraDevin Nordberg 
Late ArrivalStew Shacklette 
Late Crop, TheColin Wallace 
Late Night at BrownLinda LeslieDetails
Late Night Hornpipe, The  
Lateral ThinkingIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Lathrop HouseGary Roodman 
Latitude and LongitudeNeil StuartDetails
Laughing GullEric AronsonDetails
Laughing Vicar, The  
Launceston Polka, TheJohn RitchieDetails
LauraToos Heesakkers 
Laura Details
Laura and FilonColin HumeDetails
Laura Mae's JigHarold Newton McMichaelDetails
Laura Mé I Dance With You?G.E. Perceval Hornblower 
Laura Place Details
Laura Suzanne's ContraTom Hinds 
Laura's ContraDevin Nordberg 
Laura's Cross StitchBill PopeDetails
Laura's LeapNicholas RockstrohDetails
Laura's LiltCary RavitzDetails
Laura's Third-Quarter CenturyBob SteinDetails
Laura's Waltz Details
Laura's ZigzagRick MohrDetails
LaurelDon Flaherty 
Laurel Hill  
LaurelhurstFried de Metz HermanDetails
Lauren and GeorgeLarry JenningsDetails
Lauren Hill Details
Lauren's LagniappeJohn CoffmanDetails
Lauretta Details
Laurette Details
Laurie's ReelJane Sekulski 
Laurus nobilis, now and againErik ErhardtDetails
Lavena Details
LavenderBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Lavender and GoldJim HemphillDetails
Lavender and LilacJohn CoffmanDetails
Lavender BlueStew Shacklette 
Lavender MoonGene HubertDetails
Lavender's BlueCharles BoltonDetails
Law Firm of Rob and SueSeth TepferDetails
Lawson's Frisk Details
Lawyers in a DownpourPeter Stix 
LazarusJohn CoffmanDetails
Lazy DaisyValerie Webster 
Lazy DaysNaomi Alexander 
Lazy HEd GilmoreDetails
Lazy LakeStew Shacklette 
Lazy Man I Won't MaintainJohn CoffmanDetails
LBC ContraMark Elvins 
Le Basque  
Le Biberon Details
Le Blanc Chapeau Details
Le Bois de Boulogne Details
Le Boulanger Details
Le Brandy Details
Le Brasselets Details
Le Camping Car ReelNeil StuartDetails
Le Carillon d'Oxfort Details
Le Carousel du Mont-RoyalArduina Alonzo 
Le Castor from d'ArvidaDudley Laufman 
Le Danse pour CorinneBrian DeMarcus 
Le Débauché Details
Le Deroute de Palatine Details
Le Deroute des Palatines Details
Le Diable Details
Le Diable Boiteaux Details
Le Diable Boiteaux Details
Le Diable Boiteaux Details
Le Garçon Volage Details
Le Jupon Rouge Details
Le Las d'Amour  
Le Moulin RougeAnne WelchDetails
Le Noel PremierRob SibthorpeDetails
Le Papillon  
Le Pauvre Capagi Details
Le Petit Ballet Cotillion  
Le Petit Bois Details
Le Petit PrancePeter Stix 
Le Petit Savoyard Details
Le Petre's Hornpipe  
Le Point du Jour Details
Le Pouvoir de la Beauté Details
Le Reproche  
Le Retour de Paris Details
Le Rhinoceros Cotillion  
Le Rouét à filer Details
Le Soldat Details
Le Tableau Parlant Details
Le Tamerlane Details
Le Tourbillion Details
Le Vainqueur Details
Le VoyageurDavid SmuklerDetails
Lead Mines, The Details
Lead to GoldErik Hoffman 
Leading LadiesGene HubertDetails
Leading Lady, TheAl Olson 
Leading ManLoretta HolzDetails
Leading MenJim Kitch 
Leadville ContraHenry Garfath 
Leaf On The WindRon T BlechnerDetails
LeahRob SibthorpeDetails
Leah Price and the ImpalaDavid MandelbergDetails
Leah's WaltzFried de Metz HermanDetails
Leah's Waltz #2Michael Barraclough 
Leamington Dance, The Details
Leamington Quadrilles Details
Leamington SpaColin Wallace 
Lean Tango, ABob GreenDetails
Leaning on a Lamp PostPeter DurberDetails
Leap DanceTed CraneDetails
Leap DayPeter FosterDetails
Leap of FaithOrly Krasner 
Leap Year Details
Leap YearRoger Gifford 
Leap Year Details
Leap Year JigTony Parkes 
Leap-FrogColin Wallace 
Leaps and BoundsGary RoodmanDetails
Leather Lake House Details
Leave Her Alone  
Leave the WineRick MohrDetails
Leave them HangingLuke DonforthDetails
Leaves of AutumnBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Leaving for BarbadosPhil ThorogoodDetails
Leaving HomeAl Olson 
Leaving of Aebinga, TheTaco Sikkema 
Leaving of LiverpoolDan SeppelerDetails
Leaving our LoveysJaap KrugDetails
Leaving WantageTom Hinds 
Led AstrayAudrey Laver 
Lee (Lea) Rigg(s), The  
Lee Non-TourDon Armstrong 
Lee ReelColin Wallace 
Leeds Airport CoffeeAl GreenDetails
Leeds Airport Coffee Mark 2Al GreenDetails
Leer at a ReelColin Wallace 
Leesburg Assembly TooMichael BarracloughDetails
Left Footer's One Step  
Left Hand RingsJim Sax 
Left Hand SquareChris Turner 
Left Hand, TheMerilee KarrDetails
Left Lying AroundKeith WoodDetails
Left OutChris PageDetails
Left Out StarJim HemphillDetails
Left Turn at AlbuquerqueChris PageDetails
Left-Diagonal MixerAl OlsonDetails
Left-hand GypsyErik ErhardtDetails
Left-Hand Star BreakdownTony Parkes 
Left, Right and CentreGeoff ToddDetails
Leftish Fetish, TheMyrtle Wilhite 
Leftover GypsiesLarry StoutDetails
Lefty ReelTom Hinds 
Lefty's ChainGlen Morningstar 
Legacy of Love, AJens DillDetails
Legacy ReelTony ParkesDetails
Legacy WaltzChristine Helwig 
Legal Formality, AFried de Metz Herman 
Legend of Montrose, The Details
Lego PeopleMelanie Axel-Lute 
Leiberts' Wedding, ThePat ShawDetails
LeicestershireChris Turner 
Leigh RoadGeof Owen 
Leipsic Allemand, The Details
Leipsic Waltz Details
Leith Races Details
Lemington Spa Details
LemniskatingChris PageDetails
Lemon SquaresDonna CalhounDetails
LenaJessie BenhamDetails
LenaJan Dale 
Lend Me Some Sugar I Am Your NeighborMaggie Jo Saylor 
Lene's PuzzleMargot Gunzenhauser 
Lennox Love to Blantye Details
Les Colisée Details
Les Contes des Fees Details
Les Delies de Windsor Details
Les Echos  
Les Egarments du Cœur  
Les Fleurs de Prentem(p)s Details
Les Fleurs FrancaisesJohn RitchieDetails
Les Folies a la Mode  
Les Graces  
Les Jolie Dame Details
Les Marionettes Cotillion, Les  
Les Ombres Chinois Details
Les Oubliées  
Les Pantalons Details
Les Plaisirs de Flore Details
Les Plaisirs des Anglois Details
Les Quatre Nimphes Details
Les Quatre Saisons Details
Les Rendezvous Details
Les Soirées Amusantes Details
Les Trois Amis Details
Leslie's MaggotVictor SkowronskiDetails
Leslie's ValentineScott HiggsDetails
Less is MoreMelanie Axel-Lute 
Lesser Weevil, The Details
Lesson, TheMichael BarracloughDetails
Let me come between youColin Wallace 
Let me Out!Victoria YeomansDetails
Let Sleeping Dogs LieInga Morton 
Let's Be Adroit In Contra DancingFrieda Gratzon 
Let's CelebrateInga Morton 
Let's Celebrate the DayLinda LeslieDetails
Let's DanceStew Shacklette 
Let's Git DizzyAlex FunkDetails
Let's Go AgainStew Shacklette 
Let's Play TwoJonathan SouthardDetails
Letter, The Details
Leven TenMark Elvins 
Levi Jackson RagPat ShawDetails
Levi Jackson RoseBernard ChalkDetails
Levi's JigAntony HeywoodDetails
LevitationSimone VerheyenDetails
LevittyMartha WildDetails
Lewes Races Details
Lewis Castle Details
Lewis Setting SwitchesJoseph Pimentel 
Lexington GreenKirston KothsDetails
Lexington ReelHerbie GaudreauDetails
Lexington's LossCarol OrmandDetails
Leyland Ladies, TheTerry FarrellDetails
Liberated Ladies, TheCharles BoltonDetails
Liberated Librarian, TheSharon GreenDetails
LiberationHenry Garfath 
Liberty Details
Liberty Boat, The  
Liberty Square DanceRod Linnell 
Libertymen's Polka, The  
Libra BoysJerome GrisantiDetails
Library GardensRob SibthorpeDetails
Library Jig, The  
Libzi JigRob SibthorpeDetails
Libzi LoopRob SibthorpeDetails
Lichfield Four-OKen Bonner 
Lichfield SundaysFried de Metz Herman 
Lichfield Tattoo  
Lichfield's Ruby SurpriseGary RoodmanDetails
Liesbeth's Double FiveCor HogendijkDetails
Life is a Bowl of Perry'sMichael BarracloughDetails
Life is but a Melancholy FlowerJohn SweeneyDetails
Life Let Us Cherish  
Life LineAlan Davies 
Life on the Ocean WaveRod LinnellDetails
Life, the Universe and EverythingCarol OrmandDetails
Life's PorpoiseKeith WoodDetails
Lifeguard ReelRichard Fisher and Jane FinlayDetails
Lifetime of DancingToos Heesakkers 
Liffey OutflowKeith WoodDetails
Light and Airy Details
Light and Airy Details
Light Artillery  
Light BlueStew Shacklette 
Light Bob, The  
Light Dragoon  
Light GreenStew Shacklette 
Light Heart, The Details
Light House, The Details
Light in the WindowDorothy Stott ShawDetails
Light o' Foot at AlstonBrian WedgburyDetails
Lighted SconceGlen MorningstarDetails
Lighter Than AirSusan English and Dave SeboltDetails
Lighthouse, TheStew Shacklette 
Lightly Trip Details
Lightning Bolt SquareGene Hubert 
Lights & ShadowsMelanie Axel-Lute 
Lights at DawnCharlie FentonDetails
Ligrum Cus Details
Like a RecordSarah KaiserDetails
Like Sunner Time  
Lil Liza Jane  
LilacsFrieda Gratzon 
Lilburn's Trott Details
Lille Details
Lilli Burlero Details
Lilliburlero LightDon BellDetails
Lilly, The Details
LilyChris Turner 
Lily of the ValleyInga Morton 
Lily, TheClement WeeksDetails
Lilypad IslandLeslie LassetterDetails
Limbic Resonance or (Resonance)Bob OlsonDetails
Limited ActionStew Shacklette 
LincludenColin Wallace 
Linco Details
Lincoln Details
Lincoln CastlePat Wood 
Lincoln or BoltonFried de Metz Herman 
Lincoln's Inn Details
Lincoln's Inn Garden Details
Lincolnshire Lady, (The) Details
Lincolnshire Poacher, TheEllen TaylorDetails
Linda's DelightTom Hinds 
Linda's FlightCary RavitzDetails
Linda's Gifts (of Time)Don VeinoDetails
Linda's Lovely SmileJohn CoffmanDetails
Linda's LuckFried de Metz HermanDetails
Linda's PromenadeLinda LeslieDetails
Linda's WaltzEric G. KitchenerDetails
Linda's WeddingChristine Helwig 
Lindi-LouMark ElvinsDetails
Lindrindod Lasses Details
Lindsay Rant, ThePat ShawDetails
Line ManiaDevin Nordberg 
Lines EntwinedGeoff CubittDetails
Lines of DesireHilary HerbertDetails
Ling Besom Details
LingwoodRob SibthorpeDetails
Links in the ChainBob IsaacsDetails
Linnet, TheRon Coxall 
Linton Ploughman  
Linton Rocket, TheAndrew Swaine 
Lion House Details
Lirboulaire, La Details
Lisa Gets CozySargon de JesusDetails
Lisa's ContraTom Hinds 
Lisa's MaggotCarmen Giunta and David SmuklerDetails
Lisa's Sourdough WafflesJeanette Mill 
Lison Dormait  
Lissome Lass, TheSharon GreenDetails
Listen to the Mocking Bird Details
Lister SpecialHeiner FischleDetails
Litchfield SundaysFried de Metz Herman 
Literary LindseyColin Wallace 
Little AgnesPat ShawDetails
Little Ballet, The  
Little Ben Details
Little Bird SpeakJohn CoffmanDetails
Little Bit Longer, AStew Shacklette 
Little Bit More Love, AStew Shacklette 
Little Bit More, AStew Shacklette 
Little Bit of IrishRob SibthorpeDetails
Little Bit of Love, AStew Shacklette 
Little Bit of Sunshine, AStew ShackletteDetails
Little Black DressMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Little Bob Details
Little Book of Rules, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Little BoxesIan Whitehead 
Little BuddyRich GossDetails
Little Bug ReelGary RoodmanDetails
Little Chef Special, The  
Little Colonel, TheStew Shacklette 
Little Compton FairLinda LeslieDetails
Little DipperStew Shacklette 
Little Drummer Boy, TheJohn Garden 
Little Farmer's Wife, TheTaco SikkemaDetails
Little German Girl, The  
Little Girl  
Little Green Heron, TheJoseph PimentelDetails
Little HunsdonPat ShawDetails
Little Ingrid's WaltzTom AndersonDetails
Little JohnEd JamesonDetails
Little John Scramble Details
Little Kate's ContraBob DalsemerDetails
Little LändlerJohn Garden 
Little Log Cabin Details
Little Log Cabin in the Lane Details
Little Lost ElephantKeith WoodDetails
Little Mary's Eye Details
Little MixerMargot Gunzenhauser 
Little Neck BayDan PearlDetails
Little NellWalter DavesDetails
Little NightingalePat ShawDetails
Little Old Log Cabin (in the Lane) Details
Little Peasant Lass, The  
Little Peggy's Love Details
Little Plaid Riding HoodLeal Whitehead 
Little Ramsay Divey, ABob GreenDetails
Little Red Devil  
Little Red HenJohn CoffmanDetails
Little Red Wagon Details
Little Rover Details
Little Sir IsaacSharon GreenDetails
Little Six-O, ThePeter Stephens 
Little State, The Details
Little Taste, AGlen Morningstar 
Little Tawny Moor, The Details
Little TickleMary Ann TracyDetails
Little Tinkers, TheAntony HeywoodDetails
Little Too Late, AStew Shacklette 
Little VeniceColin HumeDetails
Little Waist, The Details
Little Warbler, The Details
Little-Good HarborAl OlsonDetails
Live Long and ProsperMike Richardson 
Live StreamDavid SmuklerDetails
LivelongWendy Crouch 
Lively Lilian  
Lively Sophie, The Details
Liverpool FarewellRob SibthorpeDetails
Livin' it up at the Hotel CharlotteConnie CarringerDetails
Living in ZenCary RavitzDetails
Liz's Steady HandJohn CoffmanDetails
Lizard Research Institute, TheCarol OrmandDetails
Lizard WalkRuth Ungar 
Lizy-Sur-OurcqRob SibthorpeDetails
Lizzie's DelightDavid ColestockDetails
Lizzie's ImproperDavid ColestockDetails
Ljouwerter SkotsCor HogendijkDetails
Llanthony Abbey 1 Details
Llanthony Abbey 2 Details
Lloyd's Whim Details
Load of Hay, AKen Bonner 
Load your Hankies, GentlemenColin Wallace 
Loading Dock ReelMike Richardson 
Loafer's ReelTod Whittemore 
Lobelia 1Tom CookDetails
Lobelia Lawn, TheBernard BentleyDetails
Lobelia TwoJan DaleDetails
Lobster QuadrillePeggy Hazell 
Lobster QuadrilleJohn Garden 
Lobster RollDon VeinoDetails
Loch Levern Details
Loch Ranachei Side Details
Lochiel Details
Lock errock side Details
Lock Keeper, TheRon CoxallDetails
Lock, TheTom CookDetails
Lockdown ReelVictoria YeomansDetails
Locked out AgainJenny Beer 
Lockitt ReelBarry MouleDetails
LockstitchPaul BallietDetails
Lockstitch v1Paul BallietDetails
LocomotionDean Bolton 
Locomotion SquaredCarol OrmandDetails
Locust LaneJim Kitch 
Lofoten, TheIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Loftus JonesBarbara LukeDetails
Log CabinColin Hume 
Log Cabin, TheRobin Rogers-BrowneDetails
Log Driver's WaltzPeggy Roe 
Logan Airport ContraHeiner FischleDetails
Logan's FancyBrian DeMarcus 
LolaMogens Hansen 
Lona RangerTed CraneDetails
Londestein or LondesteynCor HogendijkDetails
London Assembly, The Details
London Bridge Details
London BroilCam(m)y KaynorDetails
London ForeverAl OlsonDetails
London Gentlewoman, The Details
London Hornpipe  
London House, The Details
London is a Fine Town Details
London Reel, The Details
London Scotch Measure Details
London TransportRob SibthorpeDetails
London Waltz, The Details
London's Glory Details
London's Loyalty Details
Lone PinesStew Shacklette 
Lonely Dandelion, TheNeil StuartDetails
Lonely Lady, TheKeith WrightDetails
Lonesome Bluebonnet II  
Lonesome RoadJohn NanceDetails
Lonesome ShepherdJack McKay 
Long and Short of it, TheJim HemphillDetails
Long and Winding Road, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Long Branch ReelStew Shacklette 
Long Courtship, ADon VeinoDetails
Long Distance CallSarah KaiserDetails
Long DriveStew Shacklette 
Long Eight, The Details
Long Haul, TheColin Wallace 
Long Hello, TheJonathan KingDetails
Long Island TripletFrank Kanopasak 
Long JohnJohn Wood (UK) 
Long JohnColin AndrewsDetails
Long Journey Home, TheMargot Gunzenhauser 
Long LinesStew Shacklette 
Long Live LondonPat ShawDetails
Long Live Pat ShawCarmen Giunta and David SmuklerDetails
Long Live the Prince Regent Details
Long may he (she) waveNicholas RockstrohDetails
Long May It WaveMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Long Meg Details
Long Needle PineStew Shacklette 
Long Needle ReelStew Shacklette 
Long Odds Details
Long PondPat ShawDetails
Long Pond ChainRod LinnellDetails
Long Road, TheKathy AndersonDetails
Long Room AssemblyAlan DaviesDetails
Long Room of Scarborough  
Long Time Hall, ADon TheykenDetails
Long ValleyDon ArmstrongDetails
Long Way from HomeHeiner FischleDetails
Long Way Home, TheJohn GardenDetails
Long Way Home, TheGeof OwenDetails
Long Wood Drill, TheSeth Tepfer 
Longborough 2Ken SheffieldDetails
Longbrook Gallop, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Longest Day, TheFiona Birchall 
Longest Knight, TheColin Wallace 
Longest Night, TheBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
LongevityOrly KrasnerDetails
Longfellow WinkClaudio BuchwaldDetails
Longways California  
Longways OxoColin Hume 
Loo QueueTed CraneDetails
Loo Queue BecketTed CraneDetails
Look at Both SidesInga Morton 
Look Before You LeapPeter FosterDetails
Look Both WaysRich JacksonDetails
Look But Don't TouchPeter FosterDetails
Look ParkGary Roodman 
Look, Don't TouchBill PopeDetails
Look, No Hands!Colin Wallace 
Looking for Love AgainCary RavitzDetails
Looking for NectarJohn CoffmanDetails
Looking Forward to FayeMark Elvins 
Looking Glass, The Details
Looking UpInga Morton 
Loon Dance, TheBill OlsonDetails
Loon on the LakeNathaniel Jack 
Looney McWalter's Wedding Details
Loop the LoopJohn SweeneyDetails
Loop the LoopMichael BarracloughDetails
Loops and LinesChris PageDetails
Loose Cannon Galop, TheJohn GardenDetails
Loose ChangeGeof OwenDetails
Loose ChangeDavid SmuklerDetails
Loose EndsPat CrippsDetails
Loose EndsAudrey Laver 
Loose EndsColin Wallace 
Loose MarblesRich GossDetails
Lord Albemarle's Delight  
Lord and Lady of the RingsGreg Reynolds 
Lord Anson for Ever Details
Lord Anson Forever 2 Details
Lord Anson's PeaHilary Herbert 
Lord Bath's Gate Details
Lord Burghersh's Favorite  
Lord Bute's Race Details
Lord Byron's Delight Details
Lord Byron's Jig  
Lord Cathcart Details
Lord Cathcart's welcome to Scotland Details
Lord ChesterfieldRob SibthorpeDetails
Lord Clinton's Welcome to England Details
Lord Cochrane Details
Lord Collingwood Details
Lord Cornwallis' Trip to Castlebar Details
Lord Dalkeith's Reel Details
Lord Delhousie Details
Lord Duncan's Fancy Details
Lord Duncan's Favorite Details
Lord Duncans Victory Details
Lord Eglington's Reel Details
Lord Elgin's Strathspey Details
Lord Erskine's Whim Details
Lord Frog Details
Lord Gosford's Triumph Details
Lord Grantham's Whim  
Lord Heathfield's Hornpipe Details
Lord Help the MisterRob SibthorpeDetails
Lord Hereford's Delight Details
Lord Home's Reel Details
Lord Home's Reel Details
Lord How's Jig Details
Lord Howe's Fleet  
Lord Hume's Reel Details
Lord Kilmurray's Delight Details
Lord Lotherdale Favorite Details
Lord MacDonald's Reel  
Lord Mayor's Delight  
Lord Mayor's Waltz, The Details
Lord Moira's Hornpipe Details
Lord Moira's Welcome to Scotland Details
Lord Nelson Details
Lord Nelson's Hornpipe Details
Lord Nelson's Waltz Details
Lord Nelson's Whim Details
Lord Nelsons Victory Details
Lord North's Jigg Details
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig Details
Lord of the Isles, The Details
Lord of the LakeEric ConradDetails
Lord of the RingJohn Wood (UK)Details
Lord Phoppington, The Details
Lord Robert  
Lord Saint Oswald Details
Lord St Croille Details
Lord St Orville Details
Lord St Orville Details
Lord St Vincent's Glory Details
Lord Stanhope's Whim Details
Lord Sydney's Fancy Details
Lord Thomas of WinchburyPat ShawDetails
Lord Wallington Details
Lord Wallington Details
Lord Wallington's Vagaries Details
Lord Wallington's Waltz Details
Lord Wallington's Waltz Details
Lord Wallingtons Hornpipe Details
Lord Walpole's JigHeiner FischleDetails
Lord What's Come to my Mother Details
Lords and LadiesJan DaleDetails
Lords and Ladies 2John Wood (UK)Details
Lori's Trip to La GrandeRich GossDetails
Loring Rant, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Los AmigosJohn CoffmanDetails
Losing WeightMichael BarracloughDetails
Lost and FoundErnst van BrakelDetails
Lost and FoundTom HindsDetails
Lost and FoundPeter FosterDetails
Lost and FoundGary Roodman 
Lost and Found and Lost AgainIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Lost and Fount (Again)Neil StuartDetails
Lost at CPeter Stix 
Lost Brew, TheLarry JenningsDetails
Lost ChangeStew Shacklette 
Lost ChildJim Morrison 
Lost in FogIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Lost in SpaceTod Whittemore 
Lost in SpaceKeith WrightDetails
Lost in the FogMargot Gunzenhauser 
Lost in the Interstellar HeysRoger DiggleDetails
Lost in the MistIan R. WhiteheadDetails
Lost in the StarsTom Hinds 
Lost in the StarsMogens Hansen 
Lost Lake, TheKeith WrightDetails
Lost LoveTed SannellaDetails
Lost LuggageGeof OwenDetails
Lost MemoriesErik HoffmanDetails
Lost Millennium, TheElsie Watson 
Lost on Mount StromboPeter FosterDetails
Lost Trail ContraHenry Garfath 
Lost TreasuresTom Hinds 
Lots of HelpStew Shacklette 
Lots of HopeStew Shacklette 
Lots of LuckStew Shacklette 
Lots of WindStew Shacklette 
Lotsi's SpellJohn GardenDetails
Lottery, The Details
Lou PrivoulatEric LimetDetails
Loughborough PolkaGeoff CubittDetails
Louis' Cincy BusVarious authorsDetails
Louis's OmnibusNicholas RockstrohDetails
Louisiana SwingMike MichelleDetails
Louisville SluggerBob GreenDetails
Louisville SpecialDick ForscherDetails
LovageJan Dale 
LoveJohn NanceDetails
Love 'em and Leave 'em ContraMartha WildDetails
Love 'em and Leave 'em MixerMartha WildDetails
Love a la Mode Details
Love AlwaysBrook Friendly and Chris SackettDetails
Love and a Bottle Details
Love and a Bottle 2 Details
Love and CherishChristy KeevilDetails
Love and Come Again  
Love and Friendship Details
Love and Honour Details
Love and InnocenceCharles BoltonDetails
Love and Innocence 2Charles BoltonDetails
Love and KissesTed SannellaDetails
Love and Opportunity Details
Love and Whiskey Details
Love Blender, TheDevin Nordberg 
Love For Love Details
Love Forever Details
Love in a Hop-Yard  
Love in a Mask Details
Love in a MistJan DaleDetails
Love in a Storm Details
Love in a VillageNancy ShepleyDetails
Love in a Village Details
Love in the Highlands Details
Love is KindJohn CoffmanDetails
Love is KingJohn CoffmanDetails
Love is LittleColin HumeDetails
Love Lies A-bleeding Details
Love Me like a LoverJohn CoffmanDetails
Love of my LifeDan PearlDetails
Love Pirate, TheDon VeinoDetails
Love Shack, TheMichael BarracloughDetails
Love StingRick MohrDetails
Love Swinger #2Mogens Hansen 
Love thy NeighborFried de Metz HermanDetails
Love Thy NeighborBill PopeDetails
Love Thy NeighborSeth TepferDetails
Love Waits NearJohn Wood (UK)Details
Love, Port and SherryRon JonesDetails
Love, Port and Sherry Details
Love's LabourJohn GardenDetails
Love's ScoreSteve Zakon 
Love's Triumph Details
Loveliest of TreesHilary HerbertDetails
LovelornJohn Wood (UK)Details
Lovely Collin Details
Lovely Fanny Details
Lovely Ladies, The  
Lovely Lane ChainBob DalsemerDetails
Lovely Nancy Details
Lover in Distress, The  
Lover Swinger # 2Mogens Hansen 
Lover's CircleDon Flaherty 
Lover's EyesDon Flaherty 
Lover's Farewell, ThePat ShawDetails
Lover's Garland, The Details
Lover's Knot, TheJim KitchDetails
Lover's WaltzJohn SweeneyDetails
Lovers Luck, The Details
Lovers of Canterbury, The Details
Lovers' BowerRay GoodswenDetails
Lovers' LeapPeter Stix 
Lovers' TaleRob SibthorpeDetails
Low Bounce TiresJohn CoffmanDetails
Low Flyers  
Low GearAl Olson 
Low TideJim HemphillDetails
Lowdon, The Details
Lowdown HoedownStew Shacklette 
Lowdown, TheAlan WinstonDetails
Lower Forty, TheEd BugelDetails
Lower Hall, TheAl OlsonDetails
Lowthers' Hornpipe Details
Loxley Figure Eight Details
Loyal Cobbler, The Details
Loyal Volunteers, The Details
Lu LuDon Flaherty 
Lucia's Square ThroughErik ErhardtDetails
Luck Be a LadyJohn CoffmanDetails
Luck of the MorrisJacob BloomDetails
Lucky AllemandeTom Hinds 
Lucky CharmMelanie Axel-Lute 
Lucky EightWm LelerDetails
Lucky in LoveJohn CoffmanDetails
Lucky JohnnyHenry Garfath 
Lucky Linslader, TheMark ElvinsDetails
Lucky One, TheTom Hinds 
Lucky Ones, TheInga Morton 
Lucky PennyMartha WildDetails
Lucky Seven Details
Lucky SevenStew Shacklette 
Lucky SevenHeiner FischleDetails
Lucky SixGene HubertDetails
Lucky StarTom Hinds 
Lucky StardomTom Hinds 
Lucky StarsAl OlsonDetails
Lucky Waltz ContraStew ShackletteDetails
Lucretia Details
LucyColin HumeDetails
Lucy Gray Details
Lucy's DanceGene HubertDetails
Lucy's HereRich BlazejDetails
Lucy's LeadScott HiggsDetails
Lucy's Sound AdviceBrian DeMarcus 
Ludlow Castle Details
Luke DillonKen SheffieldDetails
Luke, You're not my FatherBob GreenDetails
Lull me beyond Thee Details
Lullaby for ChloeOrly Krasner 
Lullaby for LewisJudith Veevers 
Lullaby of the SwingMyrtle Wilhite 
Lulworth Cave Details
Lumps of Pudding Details
Luna in the LibraryRon T BlechnerDetails
Lunar EclipseElizabeth SnowdonDetails
Lunner WalsCor HogendijkDetails
Lusty Gallant, The  
Luton Town Details
Luv O' WindhillFrieda Gratzon 
Luxenburgh Details
Lydia's JigHenry Garfath 
Lydia's QuestionsSeth TepferDetails
Lyme Park Details
Lynn Grove Lancers  
Lynn ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Lyre, The Details
Lytchett BayRob SibthorpeDetails
LytteltonBill BaritompaDetails
M & M TreatsPeggy Samuel 
M & M's ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
M-JoyableMelanie Axel-Lute 
M.A.D. about DancingRobert CromartieDetails
Ma! He's Making Eyes at MeKen AlexanderDetails
Mac's BirthdayHerbie Gaudreau 
Mac's FavoriteHerbie GaudreauDetails
Mac's Hornpipe Details
Mac's Wise DecisionJohn CoffmanDetails
Macademia NutJim Hemphill 
Macaroni Details
Macaroni, The  
MacArthur's ReelRalph Page 
Macbeth Details
MacDonald's March Details
MacDonald's Rant Details
MacDonald's WaltzKeith WrightDetails
MacFrisian WaltzCor HogendijkDetails
Machine without Horses, The Details
MacHinery's ReelBill KinsmanDetails
Macho ManJim HemphillDetails
Mack and Mabel  
Mackintosh's MaggottNicolas BroadbridgeDetails
Maçon's AdieuElsie Watson 
MacQueen’s JigBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Macwilliam's FancyFrieda Gratzon 
Mad about YouJim HemphillDetails
Mad AdamColin Wallace 
Mad Captain, (The) Details
Mad Dancers, TheMartha WildDetails
Mad Dog, The Details
Mad Dogs and EnglishmenNeil StuartDetails
Mad Dogs at Willow BankRosemary Hunt 
Mad FolkErik Hoffman 
Mad for OgontzDon VeinoDetails
Mad FrederickJonathan KingDetails
Mad Frolic, The  
Mad GypsyBecky Hill 
Mad Gypsy, TheJohn SweeneyDetails
Mad Hey for ShadrackMartha WildDetails
Mad Mad WorldAl GreenDetails
Mad Mason, The Details
Mad MaxCary RavitzDetails
Mad Moll Details
Mad MoneyJohn CoffmanDetails
Mad Poussette, TheCarl DreherDetails
Mad Quadrille  
Mad River SpecialBill BartonDetails
Mad Robin Details
Mad Robin ImaginationBill BaritompaDetails
Mad Robin in LoveGreg FrockDetails
Mad Robin Landing #1Will MentorDetails
Mad Robin Landing #2Will MentorDetails
Mad Robin MigrationJim HemphillDetails
Mad Robin SwingTom LehmannDetails
Mad Robin's Happy Ending, TheJim HemphillDetails
Mad ScatterRick MohrDetails
Mad SliceRick MohrDetails
Mad TeacupsChris Kermiet 
Mad TimesKaren OppDetails
Mad Tom  
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to KnowPeter FosterDetails
Mad, Mad WorldMartha WildDetails
Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldMartha WildDetails
Madam Anglioni Details
Madam Betty Details
Madam Catalani's Favorite Details
Madam Catalani's Waltz Details
Madam Del Caro's Reel/Hornpipe Details
Madam Fifer's InaugurationJoseph PimentelDetails
Madam I'm AdamMartha WildDetails
Madam, You Are the One Details
Madame Angiolini's Waltz Details
Madame Cordé's Frolic Details
Madame Dedelot's Hornpipe Details
Madame Deshayes's Hornpipe Details
Madame Lavalette Details
Madame VasnierRob SibthorpeDetails
Madams not at HomeColin Wallace 
MadawaskaSusan Bunting 
MadcaptainsColin AndrewsDetails
Made in the ShadeRick MohrDetails
Made in USACarmen GiuntaDetails
Made up TonightErik HoffmanDetails
Madeira CoastlneJohn Wood (UK)Details
Madeira DreamTom SeniorDetails
Madeline Maud Steps OutMike Richardson 
Madenwell and Tenter LaneElsie Watson 
Madge on a Tree Details
Madison AvenueJim Kitch 
Madley Figure Eight, The Details
Madly in Love (with Mermaids)Don VeinoDetails
Madm Buonaparte's Waltz Details
Madrina, La  
Mae's MazeJohn CoffmanDetails
MaelstromIan R. WhiteheadDetails
MagdalenaAntony HeywoodDetails
Mage on a Cree Details
Mage up a CreekBob GreenDetails
Magenta CambridgeHugh StewartDetails
Maggie MixerNibs and Jean MatthewsDetails
Maggie's FavoriteMike HeadDetails
Maggie's Ginger JigTom CalwellDetails
Maggie's HobbyBob DalsemerDetails
Maggie's MaggotMartha WildDetails
Maggie's Militia  
Maggie's TwirlMark HillegondsDetails
Maggie's Waltz SquareColin HumeDetails
Maggot for Anthony, ACharles Bolton 
Maggot for Jonathan, AFred FreuthalDetails
Maggott for Mr Purcell, ANicolas BroadbridgeDetails
Maggoty ReelNaomi Alexander 
Magic 60Rosemary Hunt 
Magic Box, TheJim HemphillDetails
Magic Eight BallSarah KaiserDetails
Magic Fiddler, TheJane Sekulski 
Magic Mirror, The  
Magic Pipe, The Details
Magic Roundabout, ATom Hinds 
Magic Roundabout, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Magic TimeOnie Senyk 
Magical Mystery TourPeter FosterDetails
Maginel's Magic MushroomJohn CoffmanDetails
Maginel's Mushroom MakeoverJohn CoffmanDetails
Magnetic ResonanceTed HodappDetails
Magnificent Seven, TheBob ArcherDetails
Magnificently-Melodious Masquerade, TheColin Wallace 
Magnolia WaltzRobert Layden 
Mago and Dago Details
Magone's Maggot 1Martha WildDetails
Magone's Maggot 2Martha WildDetails
Magone's Maggot 3Martha WildDetails
Magpie and the Seal, TheDavid ZinkinDetails
Magpie, The Details
Magpie's Nest, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Magpie's Original Nest, TheJohn CoffmanDetails
Magruder Volunteer, TheBob Weinstock-Collins 
Maguire's Irish CoffeeRick Goldman 
Maid in the Moon, The Details
Maid in the New MoonAlan Davies 
Maid in the Pump Room  
Maid Marian’s FancyDavid SmuklerDetails
Maid of Avenel, The Details
Maid of Bath, The Details
Maid of Bath, The Details
Maid of Bristol, The Details
Maid of Seville, The Details
Maid of Snowden, The Details
Maid of the Mill Details
Maid of the Oaks Details
Maid peeped out at the Window, The Details
Maid with a Bosom of Snow Details
Maid's Delight Details
Maid's Last Wish, The Details
Maiden Lane Details
Maiden MoorTom CookDetails
Maiden's Blush, The Details
Maidens of Kent, The Details
Maidens' CarouselJack AtkinsonDetails
Maids All in a RowNeil StuartDetails
Maids of March, TheJudith Veevers 
Maids' Morris Details
Maidstone Hall Details
Maine ChanceMarty Fager 
Maine Circle ContraRod LinnellDetails
Maine Sail, TheCarol Ormand 
Maine SpecialRod Linnell 
Maine Stay Triad, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Mainlanders '97Jack BrownDetails
Maison de GlaceTed CraneDetails
Maison RougeJeff Hoyle 
Major HeyErik HoffmanDetails
Major O'Flaherty Details
Major Spicer Details
Major, The Details
Mak's MayhemMark Elvins 
Make a Bustle Details
Make A Liar out of George OrwellRich Blazej 
Make the Sun DanceBrook Friendly and Chris Sackett 
Makin' Hay ForeverRich Blazej 
Making Hay (Hey)Roger Diggle 
Making HeysNeil StuartDetails
Making the BedJohn GardenDetails
Malachite Necklace, TheFrieda Gratzon 
MalarkeyColin HumeDetails
Malbrò Details
Malcolm's ChoicePat CrippsDetails
Malcolm's StarErik Hoffman 
Malcolm's XErik Hoffman 
Malden Reel, TheHerbie GaudreauDetails
Malden SquareTony Parkes 
Male Chauvinist JigRobert CromartieDetails
Maliza's Magical Mystery MotionCary RavitzDetails
Mall Peatly Details
MallomarsMartha WildDetails
Mallory SquareRich Blazej 
Maltese Dance Details
Malthouse, TheRoger WatsonDetails
Mambo!Andrea NettletonDetails
Mamprina Details
Man from Canterbury, TheKen SheffieldDetails
Man in her Bed, ARon Coxall 
Man Tiger Details
Man was for Woman Made Details
Man who broke the bank at…  
Man, The  
Mañana Details
ManawyddanElizabeth GoossenDetails
Manches Vertes, Les Details
Manchester RollawayChristine HaleDetails
Manchester SlideJanet Holland 
Mandane Details
Mandarin, The Details
Mandible Joe JohnstonJohn CoffmanDetails
Mandolin ContraGlen NickersonDetails
Mandy's CommentDavid KirchnerDetails
Manet ReelHerbie Gaudreau 
Mange TakRon BuchananDetails
Manhattan ChowderBeverly FrancisDetails
Manhattan PattycakeLinda LeslieDetails
Manning's Mixer Details
Manor HallLena Rees and John LagdenDetails
Mansfield FriendsLinda LeslieDetails
Mantle, The Details
Manton LaneCharles BoltonDetails
Manual TransmissionDiane Silver 
Manzanita TwilightChris Sackett 
Maple and CedarBob GreenDetails
Maple Leaf Jig (Rag)Ralph PageDetails
Maple Sugar GalRod LinnellDetails
MarabouMargot Gunzenhauser 
Marble ArchColin HumeDetails
Marc's WaltzVictor SkowronskiDetails
March FoursBob GreenDetails
March Hare, TheBrian WedgburyDetails
March in Bluebeard  
March of St TimothyMartha WildDetails
March of the Coffee ZombiesCary RavitzDetails
March of the MugglesRob SibthorpeDetails
March of the PenguinsPeter FosterDetails
March of the Three KingsVictor SkowronskiDetails
March Variation #1Barb KirchnerDetails
March Variation #2Barb KirchnerDetails
March Variation #3Barb KirchnerDetails
March Winds  
March, The Details
Marching Through GeorgiaRod LinnellDetails
Marching to NetherwykeRob SibthorpeDetails
Marching to PraetoriusGary RoodmanDetails
Marching to PretoriaBob Brundage 
Marchioness of Abercorn's Waltz Details
Marchioness of Tavistock's Waltz, The Details
Marchioness of Wellington Details
Marco's ReelMelanie Axel-LuteDetails
Marcus March, Contra Quad No. IIIFrieda Gratzon 
Mardi Gras ContraHeiner FischleDetails
Maren To GoTed Hodapp 
Mares PondLinda LeslieDetails
MargaretVictor SkowronskiDetails
Margaret's a GrandmaDawn Winskill 
Margaret's FancyAileen WillsDetails
Margaret's Real PriorityWendy Crouch 
Margaret's WaltzPat ShawDetails
Margate Assembly I Details
Margate Assembly IIBurnett and RawlinsDetails
Margate Assembly III Details
Margate Assembly IV Details
Margate Cliffs Details
Margate Hoy, The Details
Margate Pier Details
Margate Rout, The Details
Margate Wash Details
Margherita's WaltzGary RoodmanDetails
Margo's DelightCor HogendijkDetails
Margo's SquareTom Hinds 
Margo's WaltzAndrea van der ReijdenDetails
Margot's Caterpillar WalkInga Morton 
MargueriteJan Dale 
Maria AnnaFried de Metz Herman 
Mariah's CookiesRich GossDetails
Marian Details
Marian's Alter EgoJohn CoffmanDetails
Marian's DelightCarol KoppDetails
Marian's Waltz  
Marian's Waltz Details
MarianneDick LegerDetails
Marianne the MagnificentSusan ElbergerDetails
Marianne's InspirationToos HeesakkersDetails
Marianne's Waltz  
Marie's DarlingHeiner FischleDetails
Marie's FavoriteDon Armstrong 
MariëtteAntony HeywoodDetails
MarigoldInga Morton 
Marijke's WeddingToos HeesakkersDetails
Marilee's II  
MarilenaRob SibthorpeDetails
Marilyn's MeasureAlan DaviesDetails
Marilyn's PleasureAlan DaviesDetails
MarinaElizabeth ZekleyDetails
Marina's MotionKeith WoodDetails
Marine GardensJudith Veevers 
Marine ParkLeif Hetland 
Marine Park HeyMary Judson 
Mariners Compass is Grog, The Details
Mariners Compass, The Details
Mariners, The Details
Marinhull DanceWendy Knight 
Marion's DelightCarol KoppDetails
Marion's DelyteGreg Reynolds 
Marion's PleasureSteve Stevenson 
Mariposa RoseBurt Schwartz 
Mariposa, The Details
Maritimer, TheMaurice Henninger 
Marjorie's Half Century BurnMarilee StandiferDetails
Marjorie's MixEd PotterDetails
Marjorie's Sou'westerCor HogendijkDetails
Mark and Robin's NestDonna HuntDetails
Mark of Distinction, TheFried de Metz Herman 
Mark of Zorro, TheTerry GlasspoolDetails
Mark Ward's ReelSue Rosen 
Market DayCécile Laye 
Market HillCarolyn Parrott 
Market Lass Crossed Details
Market Lass, The Details
Market RasenGeof OwenDetails
Market SquareAudrey Laver 
Marlb(o)rough, (The) Details
Marlboro Country CircleRich BlazejDetails
Marlboro Country ContraRich Blazej 
Marlboro HeysHeiner FischleDetails
Marlborough, The Details
Marlborough's Victory Details
Marlbrouk Details
Marli Water Works Details
Marlin LaneRosemary Hunt 
Marmaduke MixerAl BrozekDetails
Marmalade Polka Details
MarMignonetteJan Dale 
Marmion Details
Marple Bridge Rose, ThePhilippe CallensDetails
Marquis of Cornwallis's Return, The Details
Marquis of Harlington, The Details
Marquis of Huntley's Highland Fling, The Details
Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey, The Details
Marquis of Queensbury, The Details
Marquis of Wellington, The Details
Marquis Wellington Details
Marquiss of Blandford's Waltz Details
Marri-gold, TheWendy Crouch 
Marriage Hater Details
Marriage, The Details
Married Andrews, TheGary Roodman 
Married Man's Favorite  
Mars & Hymen Details
Mars and Venus Details
Marseillois, The  
Marshal's Election Details
Marshall Blucher Details
Marshes of MallowCal HowardDetails
Marshmallow SurpriseDan PearlDetails
Marta in the JungleErik Hoffman 
Martelly, The de  
Martha and the Steel PennyBob GreenDetails
Martha Dakota's ReelMark Richardson 
Martha Washington, The Details
Martha's Breakup BreakdownCary RavitzDetails
Martha's ChoiceGene HubertDetails
Martha's FiddleJohn CoffmanDetails
Martha's Hot and SpicyJohn CoffmanDetails
Martha's MischiefDon TheykenDetails
Martham Mixer, The  
Martial Baron, ThePat ShawDetails
Martial Dance, The Details
Martin Lane  
Martin's JigEllen Taylor 
Martini, TheBob GreenDetails
Marton MirrorNeil StuartDetails
Marty Stouffer's Wild AmericaFried de Metz HermanDetails
Marty's WaltzFred FreuthalDetails
Martyred Monk, TheJim HemphillDetails
Marvel Arch, TheColin AndrewsDetails
Mary and Dorothy, The Details
Mary Ann's WaltzGary RoodmanDetails
Mary Cay's ReelDavid KaynorDetails
Mary GaryBecky Hill 
Mary J's JigGene HubertDetails
Mary KGary RoodmanDetails
Mary Keith's HarmoniumCary RavitzDetails
Mary Loo's ReelChris PageDetails
Mary MaryMelanie Axel-Lute 
Mary Rose, TheJean ButlerDetails
Mary's BackBob ThompsonDetails
Mary's BalanceInga Morton 
Mary's ChallengeAlan DaviesDetails
Mary's Delight  
Mary's FavoriteGeorge Lowrey 
Mary's GardenElizabeth Goossen 
Mary's JigAlan WinstonDetails
Mary's MalteaserAlan DaviesDetails
Mary's MemoriesFiona Birchall 
Mary's MixerRoger Gifford 
Masala ChaiSeth TepferDetails
Mash-up MixerChris PageDetails
Mask, The Details
Masked Batt, The Details
Mason and GardenAl OlsonDetails
Mason Dixon LineRoland HigsonDetails
Mason's Apron Details
Mason's Delight, The Details
MasqueradeColin HumeDetails
Masquerade Royal Details
Massai's Favorite  
Massive Bill in Lynchberg Town MassiveErik Hoffman 
Master Barton's ArrivalDavid SmuklerDetails
Master JacobPat ShawDetails
Master Mac Cloud Details
Master Setwell Details
Master Setwell Details
Masterful Potter, TheElizabeth Goossen 
Masters in this HallJohn Garden 
Masters' QuadrilleTony ParkesDetails
Match for Madam, A  
Match Me Now if you Can Details
Matching Pair, TheGary RoodmanDetails
Matelot, The Details
Matheney's MagicSarah KaiserDetails
Mathew Briggs Details
MatildaEugenia Eremina-SolenokovaDetails
MatildaKeith WoodDetails
Matiz LadyRosemary HuntDetails
Matlots' Hornpipe, The  
Matriarchal ContraDevin Nordberg 
Matthew J.John Wood (UK)Details
Matthew Just in TimeDavid Kaynor 
Maturing MorlandJulian Hill 
Maul and MangleColin Wallace 
Maunganui WildfireNeil StuartDetails
Maverick Waltz Circle ContraEde ButlinDetails
Mavis Sweely Sings, TheFried de Metz HermanDetails
Maximum FlirtationJeffrey Spero 
Maxwell's Rant  
May Apple StomperPaul BallietDetails
May DanceEthyl AndersonDetails
May DayTed SannellaDetails
May Day !Bob DalsemerDetails
May Day GalopDerek Jones 
May Day HeyJudith Veevers 
May Day MixerTony ParkesDetails
May Fair Details
May Faire FantasyChris PageDetails
May FliesLinda LeslieDetails
May I Insert myself here, Dear?Colin Wallace 
May in The HaguePat ShawDetails
May MixerBob DalsemerDetails
May the 5th be with youJim HemphillDetails
May the Fourth Be With YouJim Sax 
May-HemColin Wallace 
Maya's MixerLinda LeslieDetails
Maybe I Never WillSusan Elberger 
Maybe MozartGary Roodman 
Maybe You Should Write an Easy DanceMichael FuerstDetails
Maybird, ThePeggy Hazell 
MayfairColin HumeDetails
MayfieldGeof OwenDetails
Mayflower, TheJan Dale 
Mayhem and BrowniesHugh StewartDetails
Mayor and Corporation, The Details
Maypole Tax, TheDoug EatonDetails
MayroseRob SibthorpeDetails
Maze, TheJohn Garden 
MazurkatÆgle Hoekstra 
Mazy Dance, The Details
MC2Mark ElvinsDetails
McCann's ReelDave HallDetails
McCarthy's ReelRalph Page 
McContraJohn CoffmanDetails
McDonald's Reel  
McGraw TowerErran Seaman 
McIntyre's MaggotIan R. WhiteheadDetails
McKenzie RiverWilliam WatsonDetails
McKinley AirTerry Glasspool 
McQuillen FancyTony Saletan 
McQuillen's SqueezeboxDon ArmstrongDetails
Me and my GirlDennis Darke 
Me and My ShadowsDavid KirchnerDetails
Me and my Two ShadowsDon Flaherty 
Meade County FairStew Shacklette 
Meadow SweetBernard BentleyDetails
Meadowbrook ContraDavid SmuklerDetails
Meadowlark, TheKaty HeineDetails
MeanderMary DevlinDetails
Meander with MollieBarry Grant 
Meandering HomeBill PopeDetails
Meandering MatildaLoretta HolzDetails
Meandering MyrmidonsColin Wallace 
Meaning of Life Plus TenGillian StewartDetails
Meanwhile Mescolanza, The  
Measure for Jean, AJohn StapledonDetails
Measure for Margaret, ACharles BoltonDetails
Measure for Measure Details
Measured ObsessionFried de Metz HermanDetails
Mechanic's NightmareErna-Lynne Bogue 
Meddlesome Monks, TheKeith WrightDetails
Medieval LatinRob SibthorpeDetails
Medlars and MulberriesElsie WatsonDetails
Medly Details
Medway Details
Medway, The Details
Meet and GreetChris PageDetails
Meet for a SwingJim HemphillDetails
Meet in the MiddleLoretta Holz 
Meet Me in St LouisW.S. HollycrossDetails
Meet me on two cornersColin Wallace 
Meet Your NeighborsDonna HuntDetails
Meeting 60sCorina OosterveenDetails
Meeting AgainAlan DaviesDetails
Meeting and PartingAlan WinstonDetails