Country Dance Formations

Multiple selection is possible

  LW duple
  LW duple improper
  LW triple
  LW duple option imp.
  LW triple or 3C set
  LW triple or duple
  LW duple (2C improper)
  1C LW
  Double Becket
  Double longways
  LW quadruple
  Circular Becket
  Quadruple circle
  Cross contra (1st cnrs crs)
  Quadruple Becket
  2C circle
  2C LW
  Dorset 4-hand set
  2C mixer
  2C LW improper
  4 dancers + 1 in centre
  LW all improper
  3C sets radiating
  3C plus 1 dancer
  3C LW (was triple minor)
  3C circle
  3C LW
  Trios in LW set
  Two trios facing
  Square of trios
  Two triads
  Trios in a circle
  3C square
  2M facing 4W
  4C LW
  4C Becket
  4C Tempest
  4C or 5C LW
  4C Beckets radiating
  Squares in grid
  4C special
  Square with spare
  5C circle
  5C LW
  Square with extra C
  Levi Jackson set
  4x5C in star
  5 dancers
  5 dancers in diamond
  2 rows of 5 people
  5C special
  5C LW with extra W
  6C circle
  6C LW
  6C Becket
  6C hexagon
  6C in 3 parallel sets
  6C cross
  6 dancers
  Square with 2C in middle
  6C special
  Sicilian circle
  Sicilian cir rotated
  Sicilian with extra C
  Sicilian triads
  Double Sicilian
  7C special
  Sicilian with extra person
  7 dancers
  7C LW
  Circle with extra Man
  8C circle
  8C LW
  Double square
  3C special
  2x4C Becket
  16 dancers
  Interlocking triads
  8 dancers
  Interlocking LW sets
  Glen Becket
  Line of dancers
  xC LW
  9 couples in horseshoe
  10C circle
  Cross Contra (ptn on corner)
  Phobia proper (W ch pl)
  Becket circle
  Couples anywhere
  Double circle
  9 dancers