Country Dance Sources

12 Traditional Country Dances   dance list
21st Century Contras   dance list
24 Early American CD   dance list
24 New Country Dances 1715   dance list
24 New Country Dances comp. by a Person of Quality   dance list
4 Potatoes and a bit more   dance list
4 Welsh Barn Dances   dance list
5 Popular Country Dances   dance list
6/3 more Dances of the Yorkshire Dales   dance list
7 Midland Dances   dance list
9 Country Dances danced at Selling, Kent 1840   dance list
A Cook's Tour   dance list
A Frolick   dance list
A Royal Galliard 1986   dance list
A. Simons Pamphlet   dance list
AADS News   dance list
Airs 'n' Dances 1, 2 & 3   dance list
All Join Hands   dance list
Allen Country Dances 1799   dance list
Amer Ladies 1796   dance list
Amer Ladies 1799   dance list
Amer Ladies 1802   dance list
America Commerce and Freedom 1816   dance list
American CD of the Revolutionary Era 1775-1795   dance list
American Dancing Master 1858   dance list
American Squares   dance list
American-English CD Compendium 1730-1825   dance list
Among the Pines   dance list
An Alternative Pie of Maggots   dance list
An Enchanted Place   dance list
An Essex Celebration   dance list
Ancient Dances and Music   dance list
Anders van Anders   dance list
Another Contra*Bution   dance list
Another Look at Playford   dance list
Antwerp Antics   dance list
Arnold Foster Journal   dance list
Asa Willcox 1793   dance list
Ashover Book   dance list
Assembly Ball Instructions   dance list
Assembly Dances   dance list
Assembly Players CDs   dance list
Astor 1800   dance list
Bad Hair Decade   dance list
Balance and Swing   dance list
Balans   dance list
Ball-room Instructer 1941   dance list
Barely Legal   dance list
Barn Dance for Children   dance list
Belgian Boutades   dance list
Benjamin's Beginning   dance list
Between Two Ponds   dance list
Bishop 1788   dance list
Bland 1792   dance list
Bland and Weller 1797   dance list
Bland and Weller 1798   dance list
Bland and Weller 1799   dance list
Blowzabella   dance list
Blue and Yellow Spaghetti   dance list
Blue Sky Thinking   dance list
Bolsterstone Books   dance list
Bolton's Return   dance list
Boston Playford Ball Booklet 1990   dance list
Both Feet Again   dance list
Both Sides of the Atlantic   dance list
Bray 1699   dance list
Bride   dance list
Bride 1766   dance list
Bride 1769   dance list
Bride c. 1775   dance list
Brief Encounter   dance list
British Library MSS c. 1640   dance list
Brown MS 1782   dance list
Budd 1791   dance list
Budd 1795   dance list
Burnett and Rawlins 1782   dance list
Button and Whitaker 1813   dance list
Button and Whittaker's CD for 1810   dance list
Button and Whittaker's CD for 1814   dance list
Cahusac 1788   dance list
Cahusac 1791   dance list
Cahusac 1793   dance list
Cahusac 1794   dance list
Cahusac 1798   dance list
Cahusac 1799   dance list
Cahusac 1800   dance list
Cahusac c. 1790   dance list
Calculated Figures Books   dance list
California Twirls   dance list
Caller's Choice   dance list
Caller/Teacher Manual for Contras   dance list
Calling the Tune   dance list
Campbell 4th Collection of Country Dances   dance list
Cantelo 1785   dance list
Cantii Collection   dance list
Captain's Ceilidh   dance list
Cardinal Collection, The   dance list
CD/tape cover or call   dance list
CDSS News   dance list
Chappell 1859   dance list
Charles Bolton Collections   dance list
Cheviot Barn Dance   dance list
Christmas Carol Dance Book   dance list
Claire-Voyant, The   dance list
Clancy Brothers Book   dance list
Clementi 1801   dance list
Clementi 1836   dance list
Come and Dance   dance list
Come Let's be Merry (again)   dance list
Community Dance Manuals   dance list
Community Dances 1826   dance list
Complete Elizabethan Dancing master 1733   dance list
Concise Flora   dance list
Continental Capers   dance list
Contra Comments   dance list
Contra Dance Book   dance list
Contra Dance Calling   dance list
Contra Dance Choreography   dance list
Contra Dances by Cary Ravitz, Dance Symmetry   dance list
Contra*Bution, another, 3   dance list
Contrabande   dance list
Contradancing in the Northwest   dance list
Contradictions   dance list
Contras as Ralph Page called them   dance list
Country Bumpkin and other ECD   dance list
Country Capers from Norfolk   dance list
Country Dance Book (Tolman and Ralph Page)   dance list
Country Dance Club Book   dance list
Country Dance Collection 1803 (US)   dance list
Country Dance Favourites   dance list
Country Dances of Colonial America (John Millar)   dance list
Creative Dances   dance list
Crossing the Cascades   dance list
Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of Doom   dance list
Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of Doom   dance list
Cutlers Collection   dance list
Dales Collection of Reels and Dances 1798-1803   dance list
Dance a While   dance list
Dance All Day, too!, Night 1,2,3   dance list
Dance Search   dance list
Dance the Winter Away   dance list
Dance through the Night   dance list
Dance to the Music of Time   dance list
Dance With-in Tent   dance list
Dance Workbook   dance list
Dances by the Dozen books 1-4   dance list
Dances for a Party   dance list
Dances from Around Berkshire   dance list
Dances from around Britain   dance list
Dances from Barnes Two   dance list
Dances from Shakespeare's Time   dance list
Dances from the Court of James I   dance list
Dances in Time   dance list
Dances of Early California c. 1840   dance list
Dances to Avoid Wallflowers   dance list
Dances with a Difference   dance list
Dancing across the Atlantic   dance list
Dancing Every Day   dance list
Dancing for Fun   dance list
Dancing Master 1788-1833, John Griffiths   dance list
Dansnieuws (NVS)   dance list
David Anderson 1890   dance list
De Meiboom   dance list
Decade of New Assembly   dance list
Dedications   dance list
Dick's Dozen   dance list
Dizzy Dances, 1,2, more   dance list
Dodd 1795   dance list
Don Armstrong's Syllabus   dance list
Down Back o't' Shoddy   dance list
Down Under Contra   dance list
Dr Bowser's A Good Run for your Money   dance list
Dreamy Dances   dance list
Dutch Callers' Choice   dance list
Dutch Crossing   dance list
Early Georgian Dances 1714-1760   dance list
Early One Morning   dance list
ECD Sea to Sea   dance list
Eighteenth Century Dances   dance list
Elegant Collection of Contras   dance list
Elephant's Stairs   dance list
Elizabethan Country Dances   dance list
Elmwood Collection   dance list
Emperor of the Moon (Andrew Shaw)   dance list
End of the Century, SD Century   dance list
English Dance and Song   dance list
English Dances for the Dutch Court 1755   dance list
English Dancing Master   dance list
English or Double Dutch   dance list
Essex 1710   dance list
Essex MS 1830   dance list
Everybody Dance   dance list
Everybody Swing   dance list
Everyday Dances   dance list
Excel-a-Bration   dance list
Fallibroome   dance list
Fallibroome Garden   dance list
Farnicle Huggy (Andrew Shaw)   dance list
Favourites for Four Settings (Lost Dances Vol. 2)   dance list
Fentum 1791   dance list
Fentum 1799   dance list
Fentum 1810   dance list
Ferryin' with Lucy Beyond the Mist   dance list
Feuillet 1706   dance list
First Variations   dance list
Flights of Fancy, Further…   dance list
Flora Janica   dance list
Flowers of the Manor   dance list
Folk   dance list
Folk Dancing in the Primary School   dance list
Folk Music Journal   dance list
Footnotes   dance list
For Fried   dance list
Fried de Metz Collections   dance list
From a Belgian Yankee Caller   dance list
From a Confused Calles PDA   dance list
From Two Barns   dance list
Full Swing   dance list
Gedge 1800   dance list
Gems   dance list
Gent & Lady's Stn 1798   dance list
George Washington, a Biography in Social Dance   dance list
Give-and-Take   dance list
Goldcrest Collection, The   dance list
Gosnold 1775   dance list
Goulding 1801   dance list
Goulding 1820   dance list
Grand Master Dancing Master   dance list
Graupner 1808   dance list
Gray 1799   dance list
Gray 1812   dance list
Great Contras and Squares   dance list
Grumbling Old Woman   dance list
Guide to Contra Dancing   dance list
Guilford Folk Dancers Gold & Pearl   dance list
Half a Dozen from East Sussex   dance list
Half Century   dance list
Han Kindt Quartet 1986   dance list
Handel ECD   dance list
Hands Four … and Square Your Sets   dance list
Heathfield Dances   dance list
Hen a Newydd   dance list
Here, There and Everywhere   dance list
Heritage Dances of Early America   dance list
Hey, Diddle, Diddle   dance list
High Jenks   dance list
Hilary's Humours   dance list
Hill Country Contras   dance list
Hodsoll Fash Country Dances 1810   dance list
Hoghton Band Record Sleeve   dance list
Holland as seen…   dance list
Home Brewed   dance list
Honor Your Partner   dance list
Hoop-La!   dance list
Houses Halls and Parks   dance list
How and What to Dance, William Lamb 1904   dance list
Hudson Barn   dance list
Hunter's Moon   dance list
I See America Dancing   dance list
Impropriety   dance list
In House Dances   dance list
In with Both Feet   dance list
Internet   dance list
J. Johnson   dance list
J. Power 1822   dance list
Jack be Nimble   dance list
James Alexander Notebook 1730   dance list
Joan Winsor 1910 - 1992   dance list
Jogs to the Memory   dance list
John Griffiths 1788-1833   dance list
John Paine's Annual Coll. 1807   dance list
Johnson 1730   dance list
Johnson 1742   dance list
Johnson 1748   dance list
Johnson 1749   dance list
Johnson 1751   dance list
Johnson 1753   dance list
Johnson 1756   dance list
Johnson 1757   dance list
Johnson 1766   dance list
Johnson c. 1733   dance list
Johnson c. 1740   dance list
Johnson c. 1750   dance list
Johnson C18   dance list
Johnson III 1744   dance list
Johnson Vol. 6   dance list
Johnson Vol. 7   dance list
Johnson Vol. 8   dance list
Johnson Vol. V   dance list
Jurassic Redheads and other dances   dance list
Just for Fun   dance list
Kauntze 1795   dance list
Keep on Swinging   dance list
Ken's Contras 1,2,3   dance list
Kentish Hops   dance list
Kindly Keep it Contra!   dance list
Kitchen Junket   dance list
Kynaston (date?)   dance list
Kynaston 1710   dance list
Kynaston 1711   dance list
Kynaston 1713   dance list
Kynaston 1716   dance list
Kynaston 1717   dance list
Kynaston 1718   dance list
La Fresinette   dance list
Ladies Companion 1800   dance list
Ladies Mirror 1796   dance list
Lavenu 1798   dance list
Lead a Merry Dance   dance list
Legacy   dance list
Les Contredanses Anglaises   dance list
Let's Dance   dance list
Let's Dance Country Style   dance list
Linkes   dance list
Lizard Research Inst.   dance list
Lloyd Scott Foundation Wokshop   dance list
London Magazine 1751   dance list
London Magazine 1756   dance list
Longman 1771   dance list
Longman 1801   dance list
Longman and Broderip 1790   dance list
Longman and Broderip 1791   dance list
Longman and Broderip 1796   dance list
Longman and Broderip 1798   dance list
LP label   dance list
Lullaby of Swing   dance list
Made to Measure   dance list
Maggot Pie   dance list
Magwitch   dance list
Mainly Miss Anderson   dance list
Margaret's Mementoes   dance list
Martin's Miscellaneous Correspondence 1757   dance list
Mawgan's Measures   dance list
Merrill MS 1792   dance list
Merrill MS 1793   dance list
Merry Medley 1804   dance list
Michael Barraclough Books   dance list
Midwest Folklore   dance list
Millar 1799   dance list
Modern Contra Dancing   dance list
More of Whynot   dance list
More Pure Invention, much   dance list
Mr Kynaston?s Famous Dance   dance list
MS at Trois Rivières, Quebec c. 1765   dance list
MS VW Library   dance list
Munson Country Dances 1808   dance list
Muschamp's Mushrooms   dance list
Music to my Spirit   dance list
Muzzey MS (USA) 1790   dance list
Muzzey MS (USA) 1793   dance list
Muzzey MS (USA) 1795   dance list
My Family   dance list
My Friends   dance list
Naomi's Tunes and Dances   dance list
Neal c. 1726   dance list
New Academy 1795   dance list
New Century Collection, The   dance list
New Country Dances from Maine   dance list
New Dances for Old   dance list
New England Quadrilles   dance list
New Ladies 1793   dance list
New Series   dance list
New Shoots   dance list
New Wine in Old Bottles   dance list
Nichols Guide 1810   dance list
Nineteenth Century Dance   dance list
No Kissing Allowed in School   dance list
No Reels   dance list
No Rest for the Wicked   dance list
Noch mehr Englische Taenze   dance list
Norfolk Capers   dance list
Northern Junket   dance list
Occasional Dances   dance list
Odd Delights   dance list
Oe Moe Me Noe?   dance list
Okay, Let's try a Contra   dance list
Old collection   dance list
Old Square Dances of America 1925   dance list
One Good Turn?   dance list
Orchesographie 1588   dance list
Other Blackburne Tunes, The   dance list
Otsego MS 1808   dance list
Packington's Pound   dance list
Pearson and Young 1718   dance list
Penna Historical Society MS 1790   dance list
Penson and Robertson's CD for 1814   dance list
Pikes MS (USA) c. 1800   dance list
Pinewoods Fund   dance list
Platt 1798   dance list
Playford Ball 1990   dance list
Playford with a Difference   dance list
Pleasures for Four Seasons (Lost Dances Vol. 1)   dance list
Preston 1786   dance list
Preston 1787   dance list
Preston 1790   dance list
Preston 1791   dance list
Preston 1792   dance list
Preston 1793   dance list
Preston 1794 Preston 1795   dance list
Preston 1795   dance list
Preston 1796   dance list
Preston 1798   dance list
Preston 1799   dance list
Preston 1800   dance list
Preston 1801   dance list
Preston 1803   dance list
Preston 1810   dance list
Preston 1813   dance list
Preston 1826   dance list
Prompter's Pocket Instruction Book 1892   dance list
Purcell Playford   dance list
Purcell's Dancing Master   dance list
Pure Invention   dance list
Quartet   dance list
Ralph Page Book   dance list
Ralph Page Legacy   dance list
Ramblings of a London Gentleman   dance list
Randall 1773   dance list
Retreads   dance list
Rhonda's Romance and other modern contras   dance list
Ring o' Bells Party Books   dance list
Rob Haskell's Booklet   dance list
Roles   dance list
Rosen Hill Collection   dance list
Ross of Mull   dance list
Rutherford 1760   dance list
Rutherford 1772   dance list
Rutherford 1775   dance list
Rutherford I 1756   dance list
Rutherford II   dance list
Rutherford II 1759   dance list
Rutherford III c. 1775   dance list
Sadlers Salad 1, 2, 3   dance list
Saltators MS 1807   dance list
Sandy's Fancy   dance list
SD from a Yankee Callers Clipboard   dance list
Seasons of Invention   dance list
Selections   dance list
Serendipity (Fried de Metz Herman)   dance list
Set and Turn Single   dance list
Seven CD from The Dancing Master   dance list
Shadrack's Delight, Son of Shadrack   dance list
Shepley MS 1794   dance list
Sibby Dance Books   dance list
Sidmouth Collections 1 & 2, The   dance list
Six Easy Dances (Walsh)   dance list
Six English Set Dances   dance list
Six Simple Country Dances   dance list
Skillern 1780   dance list
Skillern 1781   dance list
Skillern 1782   dance list
Skillern 1795   dance list
Skillern 1796   dance list
Skillern 1799   dance list
Slapping the Wood   dance list
Social Dances Collected in the Southern Counties   dance list
Social Dances from the American Revolution   dance list
Something Old and Something New   dance list
Sound of Jura? and other Sounds   dance list
South to Southam   dance list
Spoil the Broth   dance list
Square D and Contra D Handbook, and Fair   dance list
Square Dance Century   dance list
Squares with a Difference   dance list
Stafford FDC Collections   dance list
Step This Way   dance list
Stew's Folly   dance list
Sussex Folk Harvest   dance list
Swing Partners   dance list
Swing the Next   dance list
The Apted Book   dance list
The Ball 1814   dance list
The Barn Dance Book   dance list
The Blind Harper Dances   dance list
The Clerics' Delight (Keith Wright)   dance list
The Compleat Dancing Master 1718   dance list
The Contrarian   dance list
The Contrary Contra   dance list
The Country Dance Book   dance list
The Dances of Brian Wedgbury   dance list
The Dancing Master 10th Ed. 1698   dance list
The Dancing Master 11th Ed. 1701   dance list
The Dancing Master 11th Ed. App. 1702   dance list
The Dancing Master 12th Ed. 1703   dance list
The Dancing Master 13th Ed. 1706   dance list
The Dancing Master 14th Ed. 1709   dance list
The Dancing Master 15th Ed. 1713   dance list
The Dancing Master 16th Ed. 1716   dance list
The Dancing Master 17th Ed. Vol. I 1721   dance list
The Dancing Master 1st Ed. 1651   dance list
The Dancing Master 2nd Ed. 1652   dance list
The Dancing Master 3rd Ed. 1657   dance list
The Dancing Master 3rd Ed. App. 1665   dance list
The Dancing Master 4th Ed. 1670   dance list
The Dancing Master 5th Ed. 1675   dance list
The Dancing Master 6th Ed. 1679   dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. (3rd Suppl.) 1689   dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. 1686   dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. App. 1687   dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. App. 1688   dance list
The Dancing Master 8th Ed. 1690   dance list
The Dancing Master 9th Ed. 1695   dance list
The Dancing Master 9th Ed. App. 1697   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol II 1696   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. I c. 1728   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 1st Ed. 1710   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 2nd Ed. 1714   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 3rd Ed. 1718   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 4th Ed. 1728   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. III 1728   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. III c 1719   dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. III c. 1726   dance list
The Dancing Year   dance list
The End of the Century   dance list
The First/Second Eleven   dance list
The Knot Unties   dance list
The Lovers Luck   dance list
The Merry Month of May   dance list
The Oak Tree   dance list
The Pat Shaw Collections   dance list
The Road to Halsway   dance list
The She Favourite   dance list
The Sudbury Collection C18   dance list
The Sudbury Collection, Johnson 1750   dance list
The Twirling Dervish Returns   dance list
Thompson   dance list
Thompson 1754   dance list
Thompson 1758   dance list
Thompson 1759   dance list
Thompson 1760   dance list
Thompson 1764   dance list
Thompson 1765   dance list
Thompson 1767   dance list
Thompson 1768   dance list
Thompson 1769   dance list
Thompson 1770   dance list
Thompson 1773   dance list
Thompson 1774   dance list
Thompson 1775   dance list
Thompson 1776   dance list
Thompson 1777   dance list
Thompson 1778   dance list
Thompson 1779   dance list
Thompson 1780   dance list
Thompson 1781   dance list
Thompson 1782   dance list
Thompson 1783   dance list
Thompson 1784   dance list
Thompson 1785   dance list
Thompson 1786   dance list
Thompson 1788   dance list
Thompson 1789   dance list
Thompson 1791   dance list
Thompson 1792   dance list
Thompson 1793   dance list
Thompson 1794   dance list
Thompson 1796   dance list
Thompson 1797   dance list
Thompson 1798   dance list
Thompson 1814   dance list
Thompson 1816   dance list
Thompson I 1757   dance list
Thompson II 1765   dance list
Thompson III   dance list
Thompson V   dance list
Thos. Budd 1781   dance list
Three Dances for the Millenium   dance list
To Live is to Dance   dance list
Traditional (Thomas Hardy Collection?)   dance list
Tried and Trusted   dance list
Triple Dutch   dance list
Turner MS 1788   dance list
Tuzzy Muzzy   dance list
Twaalf Contredansen, Amsterdam 1771   dance list
Twenty n' Twenty   dance list
Twice as Nice   dance list
Twirling Dervish, returns   dance list
Two dances from Walsh   dance list
Tykes News 1979   dance list
Tyne Flows On, The   dance list
Under No Illusions   dance list
Under the Greenwood Tree   dance list
Under the Influence   dance list
Unidentified Collection 1776   dance list
Unidentified Collection 1790-1800   dance list
Unidentified Collection 1820   dance list
Unidentified Collection c. 1751   dance list
Unidentified Collection c. 1772   dance list
Unidentified Collection c. 1800   dance list
Unidentified Source 1733   dance list
Unidentified, undated source   dance list
Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure 1754   dance list
Unknown Collection   dance list
Unnamed Coll. VW Library   dance list
Up Spirits   dance list
US MS   dance list
Vesey Collection   dance list
Vodawiko News   dance list
Voigt 1809   dance list
Wall 1764   dance list
Walpole Country Dances 1799   dance list
Walsh   dance list
Walsh 1706   dance list
Walsh 1707   dance list
Walsh 1708   dance list
Walsh 1710   dance list
Walsh 1711   dance list
Walsh 1712   dance list
Walsh 1713   dance list
Walsh 1715   dance list
Walsh 1717   dance list
Walsh 1718   dance list
Walsh 1719   dance list
Walsh 1730   dance list
Walsh 1732   dance list
Walsh 1733   dance list
Walsh 1736   dance list
Walsh 1740   dance list
Walsh 1745   dance list
Walsh 1748   dance list
Walsh 1750   dance list
Walsh 1753   dance list
Walsh 1755   dance list
Walsh 1758   dance list
Walsh 1760   dance list
Walsh 1763   dance list
Walsh 1766   dance list
Walsh c. 1698   dance list
Walsh c. 1728   dance list
Walsh c. 1731   dance list
Walsh c. 1735   dance list
Walsh's Caledonian CD c. 1735   dance list
Weeks MS 1790   dance list
Welch 1767   dance list
Welsh Folk Dances   dance list
Werner Book 1785   dance list
West Kirby Band Books   dance list
Wheatstone 1814   dance list
Wheatstone c. 1811   dance list
White (undated)   dance list
Whynot Dance with me   dance list
Wilson 'Companion to the Ballroom'   dance list
Wilson 'Pleasures of Terpsichore' 1809   dance list
Wilson 'Pleasures of Terpsichore' 1810   dance list
Wilson 'Treasures of Terpsichore' 1816   dance list
Wilson 1808   dance list
Wilson 1816   dance list
Wilson 1817   dance list
Wilson 1820   dance list
Wilson 1825   dance list
Wilson c 1815 (?)   dance list
Wright   dance list
Wright 1738   dance list
Wright 1740   dance list
Wright 1750   dance list
Wright I 1742   dance list
Wrights' Humours   dance list
Young 1710   dance list
Young 1737   dance list
Young c. 1713   dance list
Young c. 1727   dance list
Young c. 1728   dance list
Young's Vocal 1793   dance list
YouTube   dance list
Zany Contras   dance list
Zesty Contras   dance list