Country Dance Sources

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12 Traditional Country Dancesdance list
17th & 18th Century English Country Dancesdance list
18-12 by Rob Sibthorpedance list
20-12 by Rob Sibthorpedance list
21st Century Contrasdance list
24 Early American CDdance list
24 New Country Dances 1715dance list
24 New Country Dances comp. by a Person of Qualitydance list
4 Potatoes and a bit moredance list
4 Welsh Barn Dancesdance list
5 Popular Country Dancesdance list
6/3 more Dances of the Yorkshire Dalesdance list
7 Midland Dancesdance list
9 Country Dances danced at Selling, Kent 1840dance list
9 English Country Dances by Tom Siessdance list
A Cook's Tourdance list
A Frolickdance list
A Hampshire Garlanddance list
A New Collection of Dances for Jane Austendance list
A Royal Galliard 1986dance list
A Tribute to Bettydance list
A. Simons Pamphletdance list
AADS Newsdance list
Across or Beside?dance list
Airs 'n' Dances 1, 2 & 3dance list
All Join Handsdance list
Allen Country Dances 1799dance list
Amer Ladies 1796dance list
Amer Ladies 1799dance list
Amer Ladies 1802dance list
America Commerce and Freedom 1816dance list
American CD of the Revolutionary Era 1775-1795dance list
American Dance Circle 2005-1dance list
American Dancing Master 1858dance list
American Squaresdance list
American-English CD Compendium 1730-1825dance list
Among the Pinesdance list
An Alternative Pie of Maggotsdance list
An Enchanted Placedance list
An English Assortmentdance list
An Essex Celebrationdance list
Ancient Dances and Musicdance list
Anders van Andersdance list
Annual Cambrian Trifles for 1812dance list
Another Contra*Butiondance list
Another English Assortmentdance list
Another Look at Playforddance list
Antwerp Anticsdance list
Arnold Foster Journaldance list
Ashover Bookdance list
Assembly Ball Instructionsdance list
Assembly Dancesdance list
Assembly Players CDsdance list
Astor 1800dance list
Astor 1807dance list
At Home with Deo Volentedance list
Bad Hair Decadedance list
Balance and Swingdance list
Balansdance list
Ball-room Instructer 1941dance list
Barely Legaldance list
Barn Dance Book, Thedance list
Barn Dance by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Barn Dance for Childrendance list
Barnes 1dance list
Barnes 2dance list
Barnes 3dance list
Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazettedance list
Belgian Boutadesdance list
Benjamin's Beginningdance list
Between Two Pondsdance list
Bishop 1788dance list
Bishop 1790dance list
Blackburn Tunes, Thedance list
Bland & Weller 1797dance list
Bland & Weller 1798dance list
Bland & Weller 1799dance list
Bland & Weller 1803dance list
Bland 1792dance list
Blowzabelladance list
Blue and Yellow Spaghettidance list
Blue Sky Thinkingdance list
Bolsterstone Booksdance list
Bolton 1808dance list
Bolton's Returndance list
Boston Playford Ball Booklet 1990dance list
Both Feet Againdance list
Both Feet Plus Onedance list
Both Sides of the Atlanticdance list
Box Set by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Bray 1699dance list
Bridedance list
Bride 1766dance list
Bride 1769dance list
Bride c. 1775dance list
Brief Encounterdance list
British Library MSS c. 1640dance list
Broderip & Wilkinson c. 1806dance list
Brown MS 1782dance list
Bruckfield c. 1786dance list
Budd 1781dance list
Budd 1791dance list
Budd 1794dance list
Budd 1795dance list
Budd 1801dance list
Burnett and Rawlins 1782dance list
Butler 1820dance list
Button & Purday 1807dance list
Button & Purday 1808dance list
Button & Purday c. 1806dance list
Button & Whitaker 1815dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1808dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1809dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1810dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1811dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1812dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1813dance list
Button & Whitaker c. 1814dance list
Button, Whitaker & Co 1816dance list
Cahusac 1788dance list
Cahusac 1790dance list
Cahusac 1791dance list
Cahusac 1792dance list
Cahusac 1793dance list
Cahusac 1794dance list
Cahusac 1795dance list
Cahusac 1796dance list
Cahusac 1797dance list
Cahusac 1798dance list
Cahusac 1799dance list
Cahusac 1800dance list
Cahusac 1801dance list
Cahusac 1802dance list
Cahusac 1803dance list
Cahusac 1804dance list
Cahusac 1805dance list
Cahusac 1809dance list
Cahusac 1811dance list
Cahusac 1813dance list
Cahusac 1814dance list
Cahusac 1817dance list
Cahusac 1818dance list
Cahusac 1820dance list
Cahusac 1821dance list
Calculated Figures Booksdance list
California Twirlsdance list
Call Centre by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Caller's Choicedance list
Caller/Teacher Manual for Contrasdance list
Calling the Tunedance list
Campbell 10th Collection of Country Dances c. 1795dance list
Campbell 11th Book of New & Favorite CD 1796dance list
Campbell 12th Book of New & Favorite CD 1797dance list
Campbell 13th Book 1798dance list
Campbell 14th of Country Dances c. 1799dance list
Campbell 16th Collection of Country Dances c. 1801dance list
Campbell 17th Collection of Country Dances c. 1802dance list
Campbell 18th Collection of Country Dances c. 1803dance list
Campbell 19th Collection of Country Dances c. 1804dance list
Campbell 1st Book of New and Favorite CD 1786dance list
Campbell 1st Collection of Country Dances c. 1786dance list
Campbell 20th Book of New & Favorite CD 1805dance list
Campbell 21st Book of New & Favorite CD 1806dance list
Campbell 22nd Collection of Country Dances c. 1807dance list
Campbell 23rd Collection of Country Dances c. 1808dance list
Campbell 24th Collection of Country Dances c. 1809dance list
Campbell 25th Collection of Country Dances c. 1810dance list
Campbell 2nd Collection of Country Dances 1787dance list
Campbell 3rd Collection of Country Dances c. 1788dance list
Campbell 4th Collection of Country Dances c. 1789dance list
Campbell 5th Collection of Country Dances c. 1790dance list
Campbell 6th Collection of Country Dances c. 1791dance list
Campbell 7th Collection of Country Dances c. 1792dance list
Campbell 8th Collection of Country Dances c. 1793dance list
Campbell 9th Collection of Country Dances 1794dance list
Campbell c. 1780dance list
Campbell's 15th Book of Strathspeys etc. c. 1800dance list
Cantelo 1785dance list
Cantii Collectiondance list
Captain Cook's Country Dancesdance list
Captain's Ceilidhdance list
Cardinal Collection, Thedance list
Carter 1794dance list
CD/tape cover or calldance list
CDSS Newsdance list
Celebrationsdance list
Century Rolls On, Thedance list
Chappell 1859dance list
Charles Bolton Collectionsdance list
Cherry 1826dance list
Cheviot Barn Dancedance list
Chivers 1821dance list
Chivers 1823dance list
Christmas Carol Dance Bookdance list
Claire-Voyant, Thedance list
Clancy Brothers Bookdance list
Clementi 1801dance list
Clementi 1836dance list
Clementi c. 1817dance list
Club Sandwich by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Cobalt by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Colonial Social Dancing for Childrendance list
Come and Dancedance list
Come Let's be Merry (again)dance list
Community Dance Manualsdance list
Community Dances 1826dance list
Complete Elizabethan Dancing master 1733dance list
Concise Floradance list
Continental Capersdance list
Contra Commentsdance list
Contra Dance Bookdance list
Contra Dance Callingdance list
Contra Dance Choreographydance list
Contra Dances by Cary Ravitz, Dance Symmetrydance list
Contra Dances from New Hampshire 1783dance list
Contra*Bution, another, 3dance list
Contrabandedance list
Contradancing in the Northwestdance list
Contradictionsdance list
Contras as Ralph Page called themdance list
Cooke, Bartlett 1797dance list
Corri, Duseck & Co. 1797dance list
Country Bumpkin and other ECDdance list
Country Capers from Norfolkdance list
Country Dance Book (Tolman and Ralph Page)dance list
Country Dance Club Bookdance list
Country Dance Collection 1803 (US)dance list
Country Dance Favouritesdance list
Country Dances of Colonial America (John Millar)dance list
Country Dancing made Plain & Easy 1764dance list
County Route by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Creative Dancesdance list
Crossing the Cascadesdance list
Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of Doomdance list
Cumbriana Jones and the Theatre of Doomdance list
Cutlers Collectiondance list
Dabney 1774dance list
Daisies in the Winddance list
Dale 1797dance list
Dale c. 1800dance list
Dale c. 1802dance list
Dale c. 1804dance list
Dale c. 1805dance list
Dale c. 1809dance list
Dale c. 1810dance list
Dale c. 1812dance list
Dale's Collection of Reels and Dances c. 1810dance list
Dales Collection of Reels and Dances 1798-1803dance list
Dance a Whiledance list
Dance All Day, too!, Night 1,2,3dance list
Dance Music of Ignatius Sanchodance list
Dance Searchdance list
Dance the Winter Awaydance list
Dance through the Nightdance list
Dance to the Music of Timedance list
Dance With-in Tentdance list
Dance Workbookdance list
Dances by Peggy Samueldance list
Dances by the Dozen books 1-4dance list
Dances for a Partydance list
Dances from 1792dance list
Dances from Amagerdance list
Dances from Around Berkshiredance list
Dances from around Britaindance list
Dances from Barnes Twodance list
Dances from Shakespeare's Timedance list
Dances from the Court of James Idance list
Dances in Timedance list
Dances of Early California c. 1840dance list
Dances to Avoid Wallflowersdance list
Dances with a Differencedance list
Dancing across the Atlanticdance list
Dancing Every Daydance list
Dancing for Fundance list
Dancing Master 1788-1833, John Griffithsdance list
Dancing Musicians & other dancesdance list
Dansnieuws (NVS)dance list
David Anderson 1890dance list
Davies 1808dance list
Davies c. 1802dance list
Davies c. 1805dance list
De Meiboomdance list
Decade of New Assemblydance list
Dedications/More Dedicationsdance list
Dick's Dozendance list
Didn't we have a Lovely Time?dance list
Dizzy Dances, 1,2, moredance list
Dodd 1795dance list
Don Armstrong's Syllabusdance list
Down Back o't' Shoddydance list
Down Under Contradance list
Dr Bowser's A Good Run for your Moneydance list
Dreamy Dancesdance list
Dunois 7th set of Quadrilles 1827dance list
Dutch Callers' Choicedance list
Dutch Crossingdance list
Duval, The Lancers Quadrilles 1817dance list
Early Georgian Dances 1714-1760dance list
Early One Morningdance list
ECD Sea to Seadance list
Eighteenth Century Dancesdance list
Elegant Collection of Contrasdance list
Elephant's Stairsdance list
Elizabethan Country Dancesdance list
Elliston, Les Variétésdance list
Elmwood Collectiondance list
Emperor of the Moon (Andrew Shaw)dance list
End of the Century, SD Centurydance list
English Country Dance Partydance list
English Dance and Songdance list
English Dances for the Dutch Court 1755dance list
English Dancing Masterdance list
English or Double Dutchdance list
Essex 1710dance list
Essex MS 1830dance list
Everybody Dancedance list
Everybody Swingdance list
Everyday Dancesdance list
Excel-a-Brationdance list
Falkner & Christmas 1813dance list
Fallibroomedance list
Fallibroome Gardendance list
Fan print 1791dance list
Farnicle Huggy (Andrew Shaw)dance list
Favourites by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Favourites for Four Settings (Lost Dances Vol. 2)dance list
Fentum 1791dance list
Fentum 1795dance list
Fentum 1799dance list
Fentum 1803dance list
Fentum 1810dance list
Ferryin' with Lucy Beyond the Mistdance list
Festival Fare by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Feuillet 1706dance list
Few for my Friends (Pupils Amberley H. Sch.)dance list
Fireworks (Peggy Hazell)dance list
First Variationsdance list
Fishar 1778dance list
Fishar c. 1773dance list
Flights of Fancy (Greg Reynolds)dance list
Flights of Fancy, Further…dance list
Flora Janicadance list
Flowers of the Manordance list
Folkdance list
Folk Dancing in the Primary Schooldance list
Folk Music Journaldance list
Footnotesdance list
For Frieddance list
Forster 1791dance list
Frasier, The Scholar's Companion 1796dance list
Fried de Metz Collectionsdance list
From a Belgian Yankee Callerdance list
From a Confused Calles PDAdance list
From Two Barnsdance list
From Utrecht's Dance (Cor Hogendijk)dance list
Full Swingdance list
Gail's Maggotsdance list
Gallimaufry by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Gallini 1770dance list
Gedge 1800dance list
Gemsdance list
George Washington, a Biography in Social Dancedance list
Give-and-Takedance list
Go with the Flowdance list
Goldcrest Collection, Thedance list
Gosnold 1775dance list
Goulding & Co's Collection c. 1813dance list
Goulding 1797dance list
Goulding 1801dance list
Goulding 1808dance list
Goulding 1811dance list
Goulding 1820dance list
Goulding, Dalmaine, Potter & Co 1814dance list
Gow 1788dance list
Gow 1821dance list
Gow 1822dance list
Gow 1823dance list
Gow c. 1796dance list
Gow c. 1801dance list
Gow Complete Repository Pt 4 1817dance list
Gow, New Selection of Quadrilles c. 1817dance list
Gow's 2nd Favorite set of Quadrilles 1821dance list
Gow's Sets of Favorite French Quadrilles 1817dance list
Grand Master Dancing Masterdance list
Graupner 1808dance list
Gray 1799dance list
Gray 1803dance list
Gray 1805dance list
Gray 1812dance list
Great Contras and Squaresdance list
Green Jay Collectiondance list
Griffiths, Gent & Lady's Companion 1798dance list
Grumbling Old Womandance list
Guide to Contra Dancingdance list
Guilford Folk Dancers Gold & Pearldance list
Half a Dozen from East Sussexdance list
Half Centurydance list
Hammond: Parry's Original CD 1802dance list
Hampshire Garland, Adance list
Hampshire Harvestdance list
Hampshire Rose, Thedance list
Han Kindt Quartet 1986dance list
Handel ECDdance list
Hands Four … and Square Your Setsdance list
Harbour 1798dance list
Hare 1825dance list
Harewood Collection by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Harewood Haze by Rob Sibbthorpedance list
Harewood Heights by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Harrington 1797dance list
Hart Annual Cambrian Trifles for 1812dance list
Hart's 13th set of Quadrilles 1825dance list
Hart's 1st set of Scotch Quadrilles 1821dance list
Hart's 3rd set of New Quadrillesdance list
Hart's 8th set of Scotch Quadrilles 1827dance list
Hart's Herz Quadrilles 1829dance list
Hart's Les Lanciers 1820dance list
Hart's sets of Quadrilles 1823dance list
Heathfield Dancesdance list
Hen a Newydddance list
Here, There and Everywheredance list
Heritage Dances of Early Americadance list
Hewett 1st set of Leamington Quadrilles 1824dance list
Hey, Diddle, Diddledance list
High Jenksdance list
Hilary's Humoursdance list
Hill Country Contrasdance list
Hime & Son c. 1815dance list
Hime & Son, Spanish Dances c. 1820dance list
Hime 1799dance list
Hodsoll Coll. Of Fashionable CD 1806dance list
Hodsoll Coll. of Fashionable CD 1810dance list
Hoffman 1796dance list
Hoghton Band Record Sleevedance list
Hogwarts' Assembly by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Holland as seen…dance list
Home Breweddance list
Honor Your Partnerdance list
Hoop-La!dance list
Houses Halls and Parksdance list
How and What to Dance, William Lamb 1904dance list
Hudson Barndance list
Hunter's Moondance list
Hurst 1769dance list
I See America Dancingdance list
Improprietydance list
In House Dancesdance list
In with Both Feetdance list
Inscape by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Internetdance list
J. Johnsondance list
Jack be Nimbledance list
James Alexander Notebook 1730dance list
Jansen 1794dance list
Jansen, Draper's Collection of Waltzes 1818dance list
Jenkins La Fantaisie set of Quadrilles 1822dance list
Joan Winsor 1910 - 1992dance list
Jogs to the Memorydance list
John Griffiths 1788-1833dance list
John Paine's Annual Coll. 1807dance list
Johnson 1730dance list
Johnson 1742dance list
Johnson 1748dance list
Johnson 1749dance list
Johnson 1751dance list
Johnson 1753dance list
Johnson 1756dance list
Johnson 1757dance list
Johnson 1766dance list
Johnson c. 1733dance list
Johnson c. 1740dance list
Johnson c. 1750dance list
Johnson C18dance list
Johnson III 1744dance list
Johnson Vol. 6dance list
Johnson Vol. 7dance list
Johnson Vol. 8dance list
Johnson Vol. Vdance list
Johnston, 12 Favourite CD & 6 Cotillions c. 1772dance list
Jones 1788dance list
Jurassic Redheads and other dancesdance list
Just for Fundance list
Kauntze 1795dance list
Kauntze c. 1799dance list
Keep on Swingingdance list
Kelly 8 French Country Dances 1804dance list
Kempolnology by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Ken's Contras 1,2,3dance list
Kentish Hopsdance list
Kindly Keep it Contra!dance list
Kitchen Junketdance list
Klose & Bertram 1824dance list
Klose 1815dance list
Kotswara 1802dance list
Kynaston (date?)dance list
Kynaston 1710dance list
Kynaston 1711dance list
Kynaston 1713dance list
Kynaston 1716dance list
Kynaston 1717dance list
Kynaston 1718dance list
La Fresinettedance list
Ladies Companion 1800dance list
Ladies Mirror 1796dance list
Lady's Magazine Vol 3 1772dance list
Latest News by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Latitude and Longitudedance list
Latter Day Laiks by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Lavenu 1798dance list
Le Repertoire des Bals 1762dance list
Lead a Merry Dancedance list
Legacydance list
Lemaire 1783dance list
Lemaire c. 1773dance list
Lemaire c. 1776dance list
Les Contredanses Anglaisesdance list
Let's Dancedance list
Let's Dance Country Styledance list
Linkesdance list
Lizard Research list
Lloyd Scott Foundation Wokshopdance list
London Magazine 1751dance list
London Magazine 1756dance list
Longman & Broderip 1781dance list
Longman & Broderip 1786dance list
Longman & Broderip 1789dance list
Longman & Broderip 1790dance list
Longman & Broderip 1791dance list
Longman & Broderip 1793dance list
Longman & Broderip 1796dance list
Longman & Broderip 1798dance list
Longman & Broderip 1799dance list
Longman & Broderip c. 1795dance list
Longman 1768dance list
Longman 1770dance list
Longman 1771dance list
Longman 1779dance list
Longman 1781dance list
Longman 1801dance list
Longman XXIV New Cotillons 1768dance list
LP labeldance list
Lullaby of Swingdance list
Madame Vasnier by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Made to Measuredance list
Maggot Piedance list
Magwitchdance list
Mainly Miss Andersondance list
Major 1820dance list
Margaret's Mementoesdance list
Martin's Miscellaneous Correspondence 1757dance list
Mawgan's Measuresdance list
McFarren 1808dance list
Merrill MS 1792dance list
Merrill MS 1793dance list
Merry Medley 1804dance list
Metralcourt 1793dance list
Michael Barraclough Booksdance list
Michael Dabney 12 Minuets & 12 Dances 1774dance list
Michau 2nd set of New Quadrilles c. 1818dance list
Midwest Folkloredance list
Milhouse 1801dance list
Millar 1799dance list
Modern Contra Dancingdance list
More Dances for Jane Austen (THDS)dance list
More of Whynotdance list
More Pure Invention, muchdance list
Morland 25th Anniversary 2010dance list
Mr Kynaston’s Famous Dancedance list
MS at Trois Rivières, Quebec c. 1765dance list
MS VW Librarydance list
Munson Country Dances 1808dance list
Murray's La Dame Blanche Quadrilles 1825dance list
Musard 1818dance list
Muschamp's Mushroomsdance list
Music to my Spiritdance list
Muzzey MS (USA) 1790dance list
Muzzey MS (USA) 1793dance list
Muzzey MS (USA) 1795dance list
My Familydance list
My Friendsdance list
Mysteries by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Naomi's Tunes and Dancesdance list
Nathan 1808dance list
Neal c. 1726dance list
Nearer and Farther (Rebecca King)dance list
Netherwyke Dances by Rob Sibthorpedance list
New Academy 1795dance list
New Century Collection, Thedance list
New Century, Adance list
New Contra Dances in the Feeling of the C21dance list
New Country Dances from Mainedance list
New Dances for Olddance list
New England Quadrillesdance list
New Ladies 1793dance list
New Seriesdance list
New Shootsdance list
New Wine in Old Bottlesdance list
Nichols Guide 1810dance list
Nineteen to the Dozen by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Nineteenth Century Dancedance list
No Kissing Allowed in School (1784)dance list
No Reelsdance list
No Rest for the Wickeddance list
Noch mehr Englische Taenzedance list
Norfolk Capersdance list
North American Winter Memoriesdance list
Northern Junketdance list
Not Quite Golddance list
Not Quite the Two of usdance list
Noverre 1780dance list
Now and Then by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Obliging Deliadance list
Occasional Dancesdance list
Odd Delightsdance list
Oe Moe Me Noe?dance list
Okay, Let's try a Contradance list
Old collectiondance list
Old Square Dances of America 1925dance list
One Candle (Trevor Monson)dance list
One Good Turn…dance list
Orchesographie 1588dance list
Other Blackburne Tunes, Thedance list
Otsego MS 1808dance list
Packington's Pounddance list
Paine & Hopkins 1829dance list
Paine of Almack 1816, 1817 & 1818dance list
Parry, The Royal Cambrian Quadrilles 1822dance list
Passion Fruit by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Pavilion Quadrilles, T.T.B. c. 1821dance list
Payne's Original Quadrilles c. 1815 - 1818dance list
Pearson and Young 1718dance list
Penna Historical Society MS 1790dance list
Penson and Robertson's CD for 1814dance list
Pikes MS (USA) c. 1800dance list
Pinewoods Fund Dance Collectiondance list
Platts 1780dance list
Platts 1787dance list
Platts 1788dance list
Platts 1791dance list
Platts 1792dance list
Platts 1796dance list
Platts 1797dance list
Platts 1798dance list
Platts 1799dance list
Platts 1809dance list
Platts 1810dance list
Platts 1811dance list
Platts 1812dance list
Platts 1813dance list
Platts 1814dance list
Platts 1820dance list
Platts c. 1815dance list
Platts c. 1816dance list
Playford Assembly, Thedance list
Playford Ball 1990dance list
Playford with a Differencedance list
Pleasures for Four Seasons (Lost Dances Vol. 1)dance list
Pollock Mid Lothians Quadrilles c. 1825dance list
Power 1822dance list
Preston 1786dance list
Preston 1787dance list
Preston 1790dance list
Preston 1791dance list
Preston 1792dance list
Preston 1793dance list
Preston 1794 Preston 1795dance list
Preston 1795dance list
Preston 1796dance list
Preston 1798dance list
Preston 1799dance list
Preston 1800dance list
Preston 1801dance list
Preston 1803dance list
Preston 1804dance list
Preston 1805dance list
Preston 1810dance list
Preston 1813dance list
Preston 1826dance list
Pride and Prejudice Collectiondance list
Prompter's Pocket Instruction Book 1892dance list
Purcell Playforddance list
Purcell's Dancing Masterdance list
Pure Inventiondance list
Quartetdance list
Ralph Page Bookdance list
Ralph Page Legacydance list
Ramblings of a London Gentlemandance list
Randall 1771dance list
Randall 1773dance list
Reel to Reeldance list
Retreadsdance list
Rhonda's Romance and other modern contrasdance list
Richmond Assemblies 1790-1797dance list
Riley 1798dance list
Riley 1820dance list
Ring o' Bells Party Booksdance list
Rob Haskell's Bookletdance list
Robinson 24 Fashionable Country Dances for 1811dance list
Robinson's 24 Fashionable Country Dances 1807dance list
Rolesdance list
Rolfe 1799dance list
Rosen Hill Collectiondance list
Ross of Mulldance list
Rotherwood Assembly, Thedance list
Rutherford 1760dance list
Rutherford 1772dance list
Rutherford I 1756dance list
Rutherford IIdance list
Rutherford II 1759dance list
Rutherford III c. 1775dance list
Sadlers Salad 1, 2, 3dance list
Saltators MS 1807dance list
Sancho, Ignatius 1767dance list
Sancho, Ignatius 1779dance list
Sandy's Fancydance list
Sausage Casserole by Rob Sibthorpedance list
SD from a Yankee Callers Clipboarddance list
Seasonal Sibby by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Seasons of Inventiondance list
Second Favourites by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Second Helpings by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Selectionsdance list
Serendipity (Fried de Metz Herman)dance list
Set and Turn Singledance list
Seven CD from The Dancing Masterdance list
Shade's 3rd Collection of Quadrilles c. 1817dance list
Shadrack's Delight, Son of Shadrackdance list
Shepley MS 1794dance list
Sibby Seven by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Sidmouth Collections 1, 2 & 3, Thedance list
Silver Service by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Simon Senior 1816dance list
Siret 1770dance list
Six Easy Dances (Walsh)dance list
Six English Set Dancesdance list
Six Simple Country Dancesdance list
Skillern & Challoner 1809dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1806dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1807dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1808dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1810dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1812dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1813dance list
Skillern & Challoner c. 1814dance list
Skillern 1775dance list
Skillern 1780dance list
Skillern 1781dance list
Skillern 1782dance list
Skillern 1795dance list
Skillern 1796dance list
Skillern 1799dance list
Slapping the Wooddance list
Smart 1796dance list
Social Dances Collected in the Southern Countiesdance list
Social Dances from the American Revolutiondance list
Something Old and Something Newdance list
Sound of Jura… and other Soundsdance list
South to Southamdance list
Spoil the Brothdance list
Square and Fairdance list
Square D and Contra D Handbook, and Fairdance list
Square Dance Centurydance list
Square Dance Saturday Nightdance list
Squares and Double Contrasdance list
Squares with a Differencedance list
Stafford FDC Collectionsdance list
Step and Honourdance list
Step This Waydance list
Stew's Follydance list
Straight & Skillern 1768dance list
Straight & Skillern 1770dance list
Straight & Skillern 1776dance list
Straight 1779dance list
Straight 1783dance list
Straight 1784dance list
Straight, Thomas & Skillern 1772dance list
Straight, Thomas & Skillern 1774dance list
Straight, Thomas & Skillern 1775dance list
Suite Sixteen by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Sussex Folk Harvestdance list
Swing Partnersdance list
Swing the Nextdance list
The Apted Bookdance list
The Ball 1814dance list
The Barn Dance Bookdance list
The Blind Harper Dancesdance list
The Clerics' Delight (Keith Wright)dance list
The Compleat Dancing Master 1718dance list
The Contra Number Seriesdance list
The Contrariandance list
The Contrary Contradance list
The Country Dance Bookdance list
The Dances of Brian Wedgburydance list
The Dancing Master 10th Ed. 1698dance list
The Dancing Master 11th Ed. 1701dance list
The Dancing Master 11th Ed. App. 1702dance list
The Dancing Master 12th Ed. 1703dance list
The Dancing Master 13th Ed. 1706dance list
The Dancing Master 14th Ed. 1709dance list
The Dancing Master 15th Ed. 1713dance list
The Dancing Master 16th Ed. 1716dance list
The Dancing Master 17th Ed. Vol. I 1721dance list
The Dancing Master 1st Ed. 1651dance list
The Dancing Master 2nd Ed. 1652dance list
The Dancing Master 3rd Ed. 1657dance list
The Dancing Master 3rd Ed. App. 1665dance list
The Dancing Master 4th Ed. 1670dance list
The Dancing Master 5th Ed. 1675dance list
The Dancing Master 6th Ed. 1679dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. (3rd Suppl.) 1689dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. 1686dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. App. 1687dance list
The Dancing Master 7th Ed. App. 1688dance list
The Dancing Master 8th Ed. 1690dance list
The Dancing Master 9th Ed. 1695dance list
The Dancing Master 9th Ed. App. 1697dance list
The Dancing Master Vol II 1696dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. I c. 1728dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 1st Ed. 1710dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 2nd Ed. 1714dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 3rd Ed. 1718dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. II 4th Ed. 1728dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. III 1728dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. III c 1719dance list
The Dancing Master Vol. III c. 1726dance list
The Dancing Yeardance list
The Devonian Double Circledance list
The End of the Centurydance list
The Exe Setter's Balldance list
The First/Second Elevendance list
The Knot Untiesdance list
The Lovers Luckdance list
The Manchester Fan 1790dance list
The Manchester Fan 1790dance list
The Merry Month of Maydance list
The New Dance Fan 1797dance list
The Oak Treedance list
The Pat Shaw Collectionsdance list
The Road to Halswaydance list
The She Favouritedance list
The Silver Fern, Neil Stuartdance list
The Sudbury Collection, Johnson 1750dance list
The Twirling Dervish Returnsdance list
The Walls of Lugodance list
Thomas 1802dance list
Thompsondance list
Thompson 1754dance list
Thompson 1758dance list
Thompson 1759dance list
Thompson 1760dance list
Thompson 1764dance list
Thompson 1765dance list
Thompson 1767dance list
Thompson 1768dance list
Thompson 1769dance list
Thompson 1770dance list
Thompson 1771dance list
Thompson 1772dance list
Thompson 1773dance list
Thompson 1774dance list
Thompson 1775dance list
Thompson 1776dance list
Thompson 1777dance list
Thompson 1778dance list
Thompson 1779dance list
Thompson 1780dance list
Thompson 1781dance list
Thompson 1782dance list
Thompson 1783dance list
Thompson 1784dance list
Thompson 1785dance list
Thompson 1786dance list
Thompson 1787dance list
Thompson 1788dance list
Thompson 1789dance list
Thompson 1791dance list
Thompson 1792dance list
Thompson 1793dance list
Thompson 1794dance list
Thompson 1796dance list
Thompson 1797dance list
Thompson 1798dance list
Thompson 1799dance list
Thompson 1802dance list
Thompson 1803dance list
Thompson 1804dance list
Thompson 1805dance list
Thompson 1810dance list
Thompson 1811dance list
Thompson 1814dance list
Thompson 1816dance list
Thompson 1819dance list
Thompson 1822dance list
Thompson I 1757dance list
Thompson IIIdance list
Thompson Vdance list
Three Dances for the Milleniumdance list
Time of the Signs by Rob Sibthorpedance list
To Live is to Dancedance list
Totally Thompsondance list
Tracy 1795dance list
Traditional (Thomas Hardy Collection?)dance list
Tried and Trusteddance list
Trifolia by Rob Sibthorpedance list
Triple Dutchdance list
Turn of the Centurydance list
Turner MS 1788dance list
Tuzzy Muzzydance list
Twaalf Contredansen, Amsterdam 1771dance list
Twelve Dances for Three Villagesdance list
Twenty n' Twentydance list
Twice as Nicedance list
Twiddles, Twists and Conundrumsdance list
Twirling Dervish, returnsdance list
Two dances from Walshdance list
Tykes News 1979dance list
Tyne Flows On, Thedance list
Under No Illusionsdance list
Under the Greenwood Treedance list
Under the Influencedance list
Unidentified Collection 1776dance list
Unidentified Collection 1790-1800dance list
Unidentified Collection 1820dance list
Unidentified Collection c. 1751dance list
Unidentified Collection c. 1772dance list
Unidentified Collection c. 1800dance list
Unidentified Source 1733dance list
Unidentified, undated sourcedance list
Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure 1754dance list
Unknown Collectiondance list
Unnamed Coll. VW Librarydance list
Up Spiritsdance list
US MSdance list
Vesey Collectiondance list
Villeneuve Junior 1769dance list
Vodawiko Newsdance list
Voigt 1809dance list
Walker c. 1811dance list
Wall 1764dance list
Walls (Ron Coxall)dance list
Walpole Country Dances 1799dance list
Walshdance list
Walsh 1706dance list
Walsh 1707dance list
Walsh 1708dance list
Walsh 1710dance list
Walsh 1711dance list
Walsh 1712dance list
Walsh 1713dance list
Walsh 1715dance list
Walsh 1717dance list
Walsh 1718dance list
Walsh 1719dance list
Walsh 1730dance list
Walsh 1732dance list
Walsh 1733dance list
Walsh 1736dance list
Walsh 1740dance list
Walsh 1745dance list
Walsh 1748dance list
Walsh 1750dance list
Walsh 1753dance list
Walsh 1755dance list
Walsh 1758dance list
Walsh 1760dance list
Walsh 1763dance list
Walsh 1766dance list
Walsh c. 1698dance list
Walsh c. 1728dance list
Walsh c. 1731dance list
Walsh c. 1735dance list
Waylett 1759dance list
Weeks MS 1790dance list
Weippert 1823dance list
Weippert c. 1793dance list
Welch 1767dance list
Welsh Folk Dancesdance list
Werner 1780dance list
Werner 1783dance list
Werner 1784dance list
Werner 1785dance list
West Kirby Band Booksdance list
Wheatstone & Voigt 1809dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt 1811dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt 1814dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt 1816dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1804dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1806dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1807dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1808dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1810dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1812dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1813dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1815dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1817dance list
Wheatstone & Voigt c. 1818dance list
Wheatstone's Elegant & Fashionable Coll. 1814dance list
White (undated)dance list
White 1814dance list
White 1816dance list
Whynot Dance with medance list
Willcox 1793dance list
Willow Tree, Thedance list
Wills 1800dance list
Wilson 'Companion to the Ballroom' 1820dance list
Wilson 'Pleasures of Terpsichore' 1810dance list
Wilson 'Treasures of Terpsichore' 1809dance list
Wilson 'Treasures of Terpsichore' 1816dance list
Wilson 1808dance list
Wilson 1812dance list
Wilson 1813dance list
Wilson 1816dance list
Wilson 1817dance list
Wilson 1820dance list
Wilson 1825dance list
Wilson L'Assemblé 1814dance list
Wilson L'Assemblé 1815dance list
Wilson L'Assemblé 1819dance list
Wilson, Le Sylphe 1818dance list
Wilson, Quadrille Instructor 1817dance list
Wilson, The Danciad 1824dance list
Wilson, Whittaker & Co's 24 CD for 1824dance list
Wrightdance list
Wright 1738dance list
Wright 1740dance list
Wright 1750dance list
Wright I 1742dance list
Wrights' Humoursdance list
Wybrow 1825dance list
Young 1710dance list
Young 1737dance list
Young c. 1713dance list
Young c. 1727dance list
Young c. 1728dance list
Young's Vocal 1793dance list
YouTubedance list
Zany Contrasdance list
Zesty Contrasdance list

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